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  1. Can I sign up too? my need to know all the particulars of all the things at all the times is really insane!
  2. I can't speak for the exact room (as I don't remember which one we had back in 2015) but I do know we were also directly underneath the pool deck and I don't remember hearing a thing ever. I was often in the room late into the morning (not an early riser) and in middle of the day at random times. And I am fairly sensitive to bumping and thumping after years of poorly insulated apartments.
  3. Okay! I did more searching online; anyone have any experiences at Fairfield Inn & Suites OR Hampton Inn & Suites
  4. OMG that's awful! I hope she's okay... But yeah...seeing and hearing about this on a daily basis really made me so angry when the CDC first said vaxxed folks could drop the masks because I immediately knew it was opening the door for anyone and everyone who wanted to stop wearing them to do so, regardless of vaxxed status. *sigh* here's hoping the cruisers are a more honest and respectful bunch...
  5. I just really hope it's not the honor system....the honor system is bunch of bull. But I also have to wonder if people will fight the staff on the cruise like they do in stores or on public transit...here in Chicago, most bus drivers and train operators have decided it's not worth their personal safety to enforce the FEDERAL mask mandate because people get nasty about being told to do it... I hope not...the crew is already putting up with so much...
  6. I agree! Or maybe more threads like the all about Galveston one? With hotel, restaurant, car rental, and attractions recommendations
  7. Thanks - I'll check these out! I'm certainly not against it (and would love your recommendations if you have any for further hotels or what not). My main concern is flight + hotel + car rental/ uber can get pricey and starts to feel like we're spending as much as the cruise fare (per person) just to be there one night. We don't have a choice but to fly (coming in from Chicago) so I try to save on the lodgings, ground transportation and food where I can without ending up in a cardboard box I've done some looking on expedia (our go to) but I figured other
  8. Hello! My Sept '21 was switched from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale and I've never been. Looking for hotel recommendations meeting all or most the following criteria: $120 / night after taxes MAX 2 beds In-room fridge and microwave Complimentary breakfast (hot is preferred, continental is acceptable) Max 5 minute walking distance to grocery/7-11 or walgreens/cvs stores Max 5 minute walking distance to restaurants/fast food Shuttle to/from Airport OR Port OR both I normally book Airbnb's but with the pandemic and all I'd rather stay somewhere containe
  9. I tried to think of this if i was in your shoes and it really is a rock and a hard place. I'm assuming your kids are too young for you to feel okay with them being that far on their own and the only other option would be to split the adults one with half the kids one on deck and the other with the rest. Certainly not at all ideal, but an option. I think, if I was in your place, I'd try my darndest not to cancel primarily because being on this ship for the cost of the Independence is a massive steal (spoken as one who was also switched) and with prices currently being much higher than
  10. Thinking we would probably never do a cruise again, my mom and I booked a Grand Suite for our first one ... And now we cannot give up the perks and tub and space. You will struggle to go back. Lol.
  11. Watched the video AND found out my Sept 8-night got shifted to her all on the same day! It's a good Monday!
  12. I'm looking for a cruise that goes to several ports in South Korea - Incheon, Busan, ulsan, Jeju etc. The current cruises listed only make 1 stop in South Korea and a million stops in Japan or China. I want the reverse.
  13. Ooooh. I wish the chart also confirmed that these were approved. I've gotten burned so much I'm scared to get my hopes up without a million sources. Lol
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