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  1. Just run around in circles in all that open space! I swear it's HUGE when you're in it by yourself! Definitely partake of the free room service - breakfast on the balcony is a major win. And if you are likely to get up before 10 take advantage of free breakfast in chops. Much quieter and nicer than Windjammer. And of course - enjoy it! GS is such a great category and you're gonna get SOOOOO many c&A points
  2. We never had a real go-to before. Our first cruise, we ended up getting on just before muster, then our luggage came and we were so hungry and exhausted we just ordered room service. For our second and 3rd I think we did Windjammer and Sorrento's respectively. But on our 4th cruise we were on Odyssey and had access to Coastal Kitchen. It was so nice to sit back in a calm atmosphere and enjoy being waited on that I'm pretty sure it has become an instant go to if the ship has one. And fortunately we're on Allure this year!
  3. If it makes you feel better, I have taken my soda package cup, filled from other venues, to the MDR. It does stand out on the fancy tables but they care 0 percent lol
  4. noooooo T_T_T_T_T I hope you guys aren't feeling it too bad
  5. Horseback riding should still be offered - last I had a stop in Jamaica, I would say a quarter of the offered excursions were horseback related. I highly recommend any Ride and Swim because you'll ride along a trail then they'll take you into the sea. The one I did back in 2015 or so, was run by Chukka and was fantastic. They really made sure everyone had a great time and clearly cared for the animals. The horses used for the trail ride were given time to cool down, eat and rest and refreshed horses were pulled out for the swim. Funnily enough, one of the horses from the trail also fancied a dip and just went and stood in the water on its own and after realizing that it was fine, the guides just chuckled and let it do what it wanted. Eventually, it calmly came back out and they playfully chided it for being stubborn. As someone who loves animals, this was also nice to see on top of the fun of the excursion. I'd say it's pretty good for beginners. They use a step to help mount and dismount and spend time leading everyone in a controlled circle so you can get used to the feeling of the reins and the horse. I admit, I got bored of it for a moment and took my horse on a light trot in the circle but they asked me to get back in line (at least until later when I told them I did have some experience on horseback).
  6. It's funny - when my mom and I were debating our next cruise, St. Maarten was a stop at one of iten. we were looking at and the NExt Cruise agent just kept talking about how you can watch the planes take off and land. And I just politely nodded like "okay lady, I've been to an airport before." I had no idea until I saw an unrelated video that they passed THIS crazy close. There is certainly a thrill to it though I think the noise would drive me away fairly quickly, it does seem like a cool think experience at least once.
  7. Thanks! I don't recall seeing one in the room on our last sailing but we also have all of the suite perks paperwork to go through that maybe it got jumbled in with that. Good to know that Guest Services will have them too.
  8. Assuming that the price went down due to the current sale, it unfortunately means your time to grab at this lower price is limited. There's no guarantee the next cruise planner sale will offer the same discounts. Obviously I'm not certain of your specific financial situation so my suggestions may not apply, but can you put the new purchase on a credit card? You can pay it off with the refund as soon as it is applied. Maybe you can also have your travel partner (if you're going with someone) shoulder the new cost until the refund processes. I hope you're able to find a way to grab the new lower price,it'd suck if you have to rebook at a potentially higher rate. And yeah - for sure onboard will not be better. According to the Drink Package info page the deluxe (which is what I assume we're talking about here) can run "...$63.00 - $89.00/per day for 2021-2022 sailings."
  9. *fingers extra crossed this really happens* The 27th seems soooo far away!
  10. Thanks for these! Where can one find these on board? With C&A discounts, Suite perks, and on-board offered discounts it's hard for me to keep up with everything we could take advantage of without seeing it written down in front of me
  11. so now that we know what it will be - an American Southern restaurant - what are people feeling about the potential menu? https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2022/01/19/royal-caribbean-will-offer-southern-food-restaurant-wonder-of-the-seas As a fan of southern food, I feel like it's a safe proximation of southern foods. Safe staples like chicken n waffles, shrimp and grits and po'boys make sense but I found myself frowning a bit at sweet potato fries as I guess I think of that as more Northern America and the inclusion of that vs just..sweet potatoes or "candied yams" makes me wonder if the rest of the menu will really nail the southern tastes or just be close enough.
  12. Thanks for the reminder - just ordered mine. Don't know if they'll be taken by the cruise and I kinda doubt the expiration will last through August '22 but I think it will be overall good to have on hand just in case I have potential exposure in my day-to-day life.
  13. And here I was thinking our over $600 in OBC (next cruise promo + TA promo) was the top of the mountain! go you!!
  14. man I really hope it's opening back up....I miss seeing Labadee pictures
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