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  1. I want to start collecting magnets or ornaments or something of the like for each new ship...but honestly they never quite scream to me when I'm on board. BUT...I do always buy photos and somehow end up always buying something from the "street" sales.
  2. Just googled and saw that, with these two gone, Grandeur is now the oldest ship (being built in 1996) and the smallest (being about 60 tons smaller than it's sister ship Rhapsody) so yeah....it's most likely that Grandeur is next in line for the chopping block. That said, I don't know that they would have a reason outside of money to get rid of her. Empress and Majesty lost a HUGE portion of their purpose with the loss of Cuba so between that and the pandemic, it was just the right time to let those classics go. I've never been on either ship and only saw one in person once on my la
  3. Room service! I know this probably sounds crazy given the embarkation day hecticness, but (and maybe it's cuz we get a suite) the food comes fairly quick and is always yummy. Plus we can unpack while waiting for the food to arrive (if luggage has made it to us) or just chill after the adventure of getting on the ship without bumping into the EVERYBODY. lol. In fact, in all 3 past cruises, we rarely left our room before muster because the boarding process just crowded all the halls.
  4. comparing daily (since thanksgiving is only one day), I think I eat more on a cruise. Mainly because I don't have to cook the food so I have plenty of time to eat and eat and eat on a cruise.
  5. (I haven't been on it but) Mariner is a Voyager class ship meaning it will be larger than the Vision class by quite a bit. It's closer to the freedom class in size and structure but older so not as flashy.
  6. After the article today, just confirmed my 8-night on Indy for September '21 no longer shows up. Hoping it's not going to be cancelled.... It's the only time I could realistically take time off of work....
  7. Don't touch my French Onion Soup! MDR = French Onion!
  8. Any tips on how to check possible price changes on a sold out room type? Apparently all suites are sold out for the 9/2021 cruise I have booked....
  9. When I tried this morning to get to the Cruise Planner from my Upcoming Cruises page, I was getting stuck in a loop. The link on the Upcoming page would lead me to the cruise planner asking me to sign in...and when I signed in again it led me back to the Upcoming page. I was able to get around it by coming in from the drop down menu of the home page.
  10. Last cruise memory was being back in the Western and seeing how much Cozumel had expanded since our first visit. It was also the first cruise where we opted to stay on board while in a port and I really enjoyed the day of chill relaxation. Got to get in the main pool and sun bathe and eat without elbowing people for space. But...my favorite memory and the thing that makes me miss cruising so much is still from the first cruise we ever took back in 2015. I still get chills thinking about every part of it. My favorite story to tell about it is on boarding. We went through Securi
  11. This reminds me...anyone know if I can combine the MyVegas OBC with OBC from my travel agent? Free cruises and OBC was the only reason I bothered "playing" those games to begin with...and I'm quite a ways away from a free cruise....
  12. I have to imagine - just by seeing the ports as we pull in - that they don't have the infrastructure in place to handle the load of work you mentioned required to get a cruise ship ready to sail. And it would take longer than worth it to build something to make it happen. Just thinking about the new terminal in Galveston to get an idea and it seems unfeasible. Plus I'm sure there is something to do with the flags or local laws that would prohibit them doing cruises like that.
  13. I've had this brand in a Grand suite (liberty) as recent as 2019. It's a good one and I always throw the daily refills in my bag so I have a week's worth to take home. I have super dry skin, so I'm generally pretty picky about the washes I use. For a few uses, this works fine and isn't too drying. The hand bar is a different story and I highly recommend bring a bottle of liquid soap from the dollartree instead. Can't speak too much to the shampoo and conditioner save for scent as I've only used those on synthetic wigs >.>
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