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  1. Yup only 2. The only time more are allowed are back-to-backs and they will take the additional 2 bottles and keep them until turnaround day.
  2. In my opinion Coastal Kitchen is MDR+. It has some great options, a calmer atmosphere than the MDR and beautiful views on Odyssey but it's very similar in fare-genre to the MDR. I think it's a good substitute for the MDR but there are some GREAT additional cost restaurants (LOVED Teppanyaki and SO worth it in quantity).
  3. Actually did Aruba and Curacao last year but unfortunately can't offer too much on excursions. In Aruba we did the DePalm & Lunch but that was sold out last I checked. It was a great island off the island with 3 fun waterslides, free snorkel, included lunch and 2 free booze drinks per person. They have some flamingos to look at and take photos with. The water was pretty rocky and, even with the warning before time, I saw a couple people get banged up from the stones in the water. It's an overall 3.5/5. They also do a salsa lesson but we unfortunately missed out on that because it started as our boat was leaving. We didn't get any excursions in advance at Curacao but we did grab a local taxi tour drive. It was nice and the person was really friendly. We actually ran into some of her friends while driving around which was something I think you only get with a local. She took us to some really nice spots and enjoyed talking about the way of life and history. This year we're taking some touristy tours around Aruba and getting a resort day-pass for Curacao (so...kinda swapping them from last year lol)
  4. Stare into the void of the sea below and wonder about the world under the churning waves.... O.O then fall asleep in the balcony chair
  5. We always tip at the end but primarily to the attendant. Haven't utilized the concierge(s) enough to tip them
  6. I did find it impressive that the app had updated so quickly especially considering everything else was so slow. Good luck! Hopefully they can explain what happened.
  7. It's possible the ship/itin was changed and when that happens they cancel everything. When our Independence was shifted to Odyssey last year, I first found out because I got an email about our excursions being cancelled. I then went to look at the info in the app and saw they had changed the ship. The email about the ship change came a couple hours later and the website took over a week to update as they waited to see if anyone was going to refuse the switch. Maybe give royal or your TA a call and see if that may have happened.
  8. Tony ( I assume you're referencing the below video) is usually pretty careful about where he gets his news from - official sources or multiple eyewitness accounts only - so I wouldn't doubt what's being said. That said, I did pop around on the Celebrity site and for South Hampton, Barcelona, Italy, and Amsterdam : "As of June 8, 2022, all guests ages 18 and older must be fully vaccinated" appears on the Vaccine policy page. This aligns with what Tony reports. CRUISE NEWS - CRUISE LINE ENDS VACCINE MANDATE FOR SOME and MORE
  9. It's back up and... Guess I don't win a prize lol For Allure sailing Aug 20, 2022
  10. Anecdotally...I've only encountered the plastic bag on the past 3 cruises on which the service was offered. I didn't even know they had a paper option...I wonder if you could ask for the plastic bag?
  11. There is also another Oasis class being built right now so this might be that.
  12. I think I'm in the same boat (ha!) but we're on a mission to do a lot of new things this cruise and we want to make it at least once. Then..it's back to Suite room service!
  13. Found this via the roudnabout way of googling for the bag which led me right back here:
  14. Thanks! Hopefully we have about the same time so I can actually try it for once.
  15. Reviving this thread to ask...what are average times for MDR breakfast?
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