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  1. That definitely sounds like tight window and really hopes for everything to go right. At best, you need to be off the ship as soon as it's cleared taking all of your luggage with you - do NOT leave it in the hallway the night before (this is for people who want the porters to take the luggage off the ship). And hopefully you are all using passports for your security and not birth certificates. I also have to imagine there can be a backup of traffic getting off the island of Galveston back onto mainland Texas especially on a turnaround day...
  2. There will definitely be prom-esque backdrops and these are popped up every night around dinnertime. The most will pop up on formal night and they will also usually stake out a spot by the prettiest stairs, the promenade bridge (on freedom and Voyager class), and the car (on oasis class). Off the ship, there are guaranteed photographers at the port stops right in the debarkation area that will either be set up to get the ship in the background or the cityscape. There will also be roaming photographers in the main dining room. But the most interesting photos are the ones roaming around the pool, coco cay beach, the carousel, or other activities on board. There is *no* schedule for them and no way to know when or where they will be which makes it like a fun game of where's waldo. Also! photographers at port tend to get ignored and if two happen to spot you, the one that doesn't take your room number directly will often have fun candid shots in black in white!
  3. same to me. I just capitalized a letter so I didn't have to try to remember something new lol
  4. Hitting the pool as your first stop when boarding is actually a tip @Matt recommends almost all of the time. I've never done it - something about being wet while waiting for my room to open just doesn't sit right with my brain - but it is a great time to hit the pools because most people either don't pack a swimsuit or think like me and don't want to dive in right away.
  5. I love watching these in time lapse with funny carnival music Also...wonder what happened on that MSC?NCL? that started to leave then went back before Oasis left.
  6. I had the same issue and just changed my password. Now I'm in and all is well. Hope they fix whatever it is that's not recognizing perfectly valid users though....
  7. I can't comment too much on the laundry as we've not yet had any issues but we don't really send anything too fragile out either. BUT I can comment on being picky about clothes, flying, and having to pack wisely. Being from Chicago where the weather can 100% give me all 4 seasons in a single day AND hating to be cold I always like to have options with whatever I wear, so I generally try to pack light layers and dresses over things that require multiple components to make an outfit. That said, I do still pack some separates as well and try to have a bottom that can go with at least 2 of the tops I'm packing. And second is packing cubes. While they don't magically make things weigh less, they do help a lot in getting the best use of space in your luggage. I've attached a photo of one of my last piles in their packing cubes. Rolled and tightly nestled and for a 7-nighter lol
  8. Theron, I hope it helps to realize that what's more likely is that the stateroom attendant cleaned the safe (as is their job) after you left the room and the officers weren't able to locate them at the time when they were searching. Turnaround day is hectic, fast and very very busy and the stateroom attendants are in and out of rooms and staff areas like crazy getting rooms stripped and re-set for the next passengers. Please don't think the worst of the attendant just because the safe was empty and instead file a lost and found asap. The cash may be gone (it is after all hard to keep tabs on whose cash is whose even in the best of circumstances) but I'm sure the documents and wallet and other non-loose items will be returned to you.
  9. Filling out the lost and found with as much detailed information as possible as soon after debarkation is your best bet. BUT, it is important to note, that even if it's located quickly, it can take some time (up to a month I think is what I've heard) for the company that handles Lost and Found items to actually drop it in the mail. So, depending on how soon is "soon" regarding your wedding, you may want to prepare yourself that it won't come in time.
  10. 1 - There was scheduling?! I guess that makes sense considering how many people would be trying to use it at any given time but wow that seems like a bit of a hassle.... 3 - so glad to hear the food was changed up and delicious. I definitely did think they would have to switch up the menus (one can only have so much "royal night" lol) and it sounds like they planned ahead based on the stops. It never dawned on me that there would be laundry facilities on more than the lower decks. I know I've seen the rooms filled with towels and sheets up on deck 10, but I just assumed they were staging areas to fill the carts....now I wonder if they machines in there.... Good to know about the contracts. It would have been a more interesting social experiment to see how the crew got on if they were stuck with the same people for 9 straight months!
  11. So now that the rabid interest in the world cruise has calmed down, I'm curious about some things and wonder if anyone knows or can guess on them: Passenger laundry facilities: it came to my attention that Serenade offers coin laundry facilities for passengers on the world cruise (not sure if for all passengers or just people doing the whole length) and I wonder how this came about. Obviously, we all know that the only non-industrial laundry on board is in the crew area for the crew. If passengers are using this does this mean crew have to compete with passengers for limited space? Did Royal build a second laundry area for passengers? did the crew one become a passenger one and the crew was given free pick-up drop off laundry? Crew contracts: 9-months is a pretty typical crew contract so I'm curious if Royal brought on new contracts specifically for this sailing or if they are still switching people in and out like normal. Food, water and gas: on a standard week long cruise, the ship is stocked on turn around day. but even the segments are in 3 month periods...so when and where are they stocking up on food, water and gas, and where are they dumping the black and brown water that can't be flushed back into the ocean? These questions have been bopping around in my head since day one and I was hoping the algorithm on TikTok would have brought me to a crew member who could answer...but it hasn't so now you guys get to deal with it lol. Bonus question: I have family on an Oceania world cruise right now, and she mentioned that, as the ship diverts to avoid war areas and piracy, they have a couple days where the passengers are asked to conserve water and some foodstuffs until the ship can restock (limiting showers, not as robust menus). Now obviously Serenade is bigger than any Oceania ship but, also curious if anyone has heard of Serenade doing the same?
  12. I think you should feel lucky that they found the items. If you search lost and found on even this forum, you'll see that more often than not, the items aren't ever found, since turnaround is so fast and hectic. They were found, you have proof of that in email and now they need to get to you. be patient, I'm sure they're coming.
  13. I don't do the seminar ones, but I do like to go to the stores in port. So far, I've never been pressured to look at anything. I go up to a person and say "I'm here for the charm" and they dig one out of a box and hand it to me without any pressure or upsell. Even if I linger and admire the other shinies, they tend not to bother me. But it is just a charm with a loop to go on a bracelet you should already have. I have so many at this point that this year, Im planning to take them on board and see if I can find a "gold cut by inch" to make into a bracelet for them
  14. It's not a cabana but we did the Beach Beds at Breezy Bay last year. I thought I'd hate them but they were quite comfortable and nice to chill on. Plus you still get two chairs under an umbrella, two floating mats and a cooler of water. The curtains close if you want some semi-privacy. We enjoyed them well enough, and it was very nice that the bed we had was right in front of a snack shack. and the cost, at the time at least, was bout $150 or $200
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