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  1. Welcome to the Boards! You may only bring water and soda on board if your cruise is starting in Puerto Rico. If it is just a stop in the middle of your cruise, no.
  2. There was a bottle of port in the Music Hall bar on Spectrum last month. Leads me to believe there will be some options on Harmony as well. No promises about quality... 😉
  3. And I wanted to know what new shore excursion this was! 😄
  4. There's actually a pretty reliable (and adorable!) public bus system. Search it up on Google or go to explorecayman.com to learn more.
  5. Wifi is not included with any of the Golden Suites on Spectrum. Yes, there is a reserved seating section for the shows. You just have to get there more than 10 minutes prior -- at 10 minutes they release the seats for anyone to use. Enjoy!!
  6. Welcome to the boards! You can check this thread for who else might be on your ship:
  7. Personally that sounds like a lot to try to cram in to 8 hours. I don't think you would have much time to enjoy your resort, especially since if sail away is 3p, you'll want to be in line for the tender by 2p (final tender likely at 230p). We have ridden bikes around Cayman, but only when we were on a land-based vacation and could avoid the heavy traffic around the downtown when the ships were in. Also, you have to have a valid motorcycle endorsement on your license to rent anything bigger than a 50cc scooter (and be 18+). Grand Cayman is one of my favorite places in the whole Caribbean. Have a fantastic time!
  8. You could, but they would be taken and held until the end of your trip. There isn't a way to "supplement" the allowed boarding allowance, unfortunately.
  9. No walk-in closets in the JS on Spectrum either.
  10. It depends. Often if it sells out on the planner you can check onboard and they will add dates/times. If your ship has a Vintages, ask there. If not, ask in the MDR and they'll direct you to whichever sommelier is hosting and you can ask. Or sometimes they don't offer one at all, if the demographics and/or cruise itinerary don't favor having one.
  11. You need local currency in the smaller ports you sail to in the region. In Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the like, a credit card works fine. In Bali, Philippines, Noumea, Vanuatu, etc, you need local currency. A few places will also accept Australian, but USD can be hard to use.
  12. I personally kind of enjoy the kumquats-and-sauerkraut-for-breakfast kind of pre-travel meals! 😄
  13. You could also consider a back-to-back. Do any of the larger ships do 3 or 4 day trips during your time frame?
  14. I don't recall ever seeing shampoo for sale on any ship. There will be some basic body wash/shampoo in your room, but you might want to pick up something better now. Enjoy your cruise and welcome to the boards!
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