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  1. I have done these tests a number of times using my Nicaragua cellphone, in Nicaragua, with no problems. You can also do them on a tablet or laptop with no cell number/service. No phone number access needed.
  2. Windjammer bar will be open when the Windjammer is open for breakfast
  3. It depends. Flying nonstop does make it less problematic. Are there later flights on your chosen airline that will get you to Orlando in time if your flight cancels? Where does the plane come from for your flight — does it overnight in DC so you’re more likely to depart on time-ish, or does it fly in that morning? How’s the fog in DC this time of year? I used to be pretty blasé about flights, but when a 90 minute delay made us the Very Last People on our Med cruise back in the day it turned me into a “day before” convert. Personally I’d take the late night flight and just get a hotel right at the airport that night.
  4. That's normal. Same as Negative.
  5. Take this one and you can fly right into GSP, arriving at 331p -- no driving needed!
  6. Be flexible about when you want to go, and just keep checking availability. You never know when there will be some weird deal. First time we were ever in a GS was because it happened to be priced lower than a JS about 90 days out. It was all down hill from there...
  7. I glanced at this photo and assumed you were going to be making a joke about Bud Light = water
  8. Your math is correct. Only additional thing to consider is if you want to do lunches in specialty venues. Depending on how many port days there are (when specialty dining is usually closed) you may be adding 3-4 more meals.
  9. July is a really long time from now. I suspect many things will change, many times over between now and then. Try not to worry about it yet!
  10. 70% plus crew would be close to 6000 Actually it's pretty accurate. 48/6000 = about 0.8%
  11. Welcome to the Boards! Unfortunately Android 6 is old enough that it is no longer supported (no security updates), so the app is restricted from working on it
  12. Welcome to the boards! it depends on what he considers a large file, and if timeliness is important, and what region you’re sailing in (for satellite connection).
  13. Oh, yes, that's good! I still like B
  14. Not out yet. Hopefully there will be some -- it will likely depend on how sales of the current available itineraries go.
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