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  1. What do you call a fish with no eyes? FSSSHHHH.
  2. Haiti is the one that requires a 6 month validity, of those ports. The other two are "a U.S. passport valid for the duration of your stay" only.
  3. The tour is absolutely worth it, BUT ONLY if you fly there from Cozumel. It is too far for the bus tours. You don't get nearly enough time at the ruins.
  4. If the ban ends up worded like the earlier China travel restrictions, it will not apply to US citizens anyway.
  5. Another advantage is having the same waitstaff every night, if you enjoy that kind of dining experience -- where they get to know your name, preferences, etc.
  6. Depends on the region you're sailing, too -- Asian rules have final payment 60 days prior.
  7. I would definitely bring your own, and carry the bottle with you into the dining venues. If you use the hand holding the bottle to wave off the washy washy people you should be just fine.
  8. It depends on the ship. Only Oasis and (some) Quantum class come with Voom. All ships will have either a suite lounge or a concierge lounge, where select beverages are complimentary during set hours (430pm to 8pm, give or take 30 minutes). Room service will be free, and you will be able to order from the Main Dining Room menu for room service (during meal times). A GS stateroom is an excellent size, usually with an actual tub in the bathroom. You will also have upgraded bath amenities (shampoo, lotion, soap). There will be robes for use onboard. There will likely be a suite welcome/cocktail party with ship officers in attendance; you will get an invitation in your cabin. Also, depending on the ship you may be offered a free behind the scenes entertainment tour or bridge tour. I'm probably forgetting something, but I'm sure others will chime in!
  9. You'll be able to view them about 30 days out from sail date (sometimes as far out as 90 days, but less common). You will either get an email or you can go to the Royal Up link on the main Royal page.
  10. Until the Kids Sail Free special comes around again... then it’ll be β€œit’s 4 of us in a suite for the price of 2!” πŸ˜„
  11. Also make sure the amount didn't just get refunded to your form of payment for the cruise. That happens sometimes.
  12. This is also a good one, but mostly if you're American -- they don't always keep up with the things that don't impact us πŸ™‚
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