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  1. My mom uses JetBlue. It's not always the cheapest, but it is about the quickest and much more comfortable than Spirit.
  2. Technically they could sleep in the suite with you, but they would not get any of the perks like lounge access or reserved seating at shows.
  3. You get to the payment page and there will be an option to change it to refundable (unless it's a GS or higher, I think?)
  4. I have a friend who is not on this board who was on Quantum last month. He said the did a Diamond Nightly Event in the conference center. So not as nice as the lounge, but still a separate area.
  5. When we last had stops in Vietnam, the ship arranged for our visas day-of for a $6 fee. Granted, we are Americans, but at least at the time the visa requirements are the same. It was listed in our cruise docs. However, if you want to be totally certain, the e-visa process for Vietnam is very simple. It just costs more.
  6. I waved! Did you see me?? Haha!! Really enjoying this -- thank you!
  7. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2019/09/26/hall-oates-headline-royal-caribbeans-50th-birthday-presidents-cruise
  8. I've actually only ever done the linking online, and we've always been seated together. The only time I had to call was when someone booked last minute and we wanted to add him to our dining group but our time was sold out.
  9. If you have an online account with Royal and can see your reservation, there is a spot to "link" another reservation. You'll need the reservation number, last name, and birth date of the primary person on the other reservation. Otherwise, just call and ask for linking. Likely your cousin will then have to call to "authorize" the link. Finally, you can all go to the dining room immediately on boarding and ask for what you want.
  10. Earliest I've ever seen it was on Day 2 of a 7-night cruise. Usually it is Day 4 or later. Sometimes not at all. Or sometimes it is offered but not advertised -- twice I have gotten it mid-cruise and never saw it in the Compass or on the bar promo boards. Basically it's a unicorn 😉
  11. We stayed at the Four Seasons and had a lovely time. We even walked to the ship (only because it was downhill!)
  12. Are you by chance on Spectrum? We depart in less than 90 days and have only 7 excursions total for 2 ports, and the third port has 0. When I asked Royal a couple of months ago they said they were “looking for vendors that met their high standards” and would “update the shore excursion offerings as soon as possible”. We’ll just have to keep checking!
  13. I suspect you will be fine. You have the old one for photo ID, and the new one as “proof” you didn’t just pick the old one up off the street. If the DMV didn’t punch your old one, likely no one will even notice it is expired.
  14. Likely your best solution will be for the adults to sleep on the sofa bed and have the big bed split into twins. Then there is no cramming an extra bed (that very likely will not be available anyway) into the room.
  15. It is not a downgrade, it is comparable. You're welcome to call and see if they have something different, if you don't like it, but there is no certainty they will have anything different.
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