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  1. Here's hoping you are her favorite child!
  2. They offered it on Spectrum when we sailed her. There was at least one session each day. It was very popular in the Asian market!
  3. Well, sure, but lounging onboard the ship while everyone else is off cooking in the sun? I'll take it!
  4. OHMYGOODNESS YES. I can't wait. Working is overrated
  5. Wait... so you're saying it's more likely she'll have some rare, fantastic repo route to get her to her new home port in LA??
  6. Let me try again... no, not normally. Unless you're all in a JS or above, in which case the Diamond status doesn't matter.
  7. @Traveler, will you be on the inagural cruise now, and do one of your great blogs for us??
  8. I actually see the same change on my Radiance booking in Dec'21, so it's not just Mariner.
  9. I suspect they changed their mind when you asked for a permanent cabin as your “licensing fee”
  10. I gotta say, UDP is always way too much food for us. I prefer a 3-night package myself. Or even just doing ala carte as we go, especially since you can usually get a good price at lunchtime in most venues.
  11. The face shield is only a supplement to a mask. CDC recommends it only in addition, not in place of, cloth face coverings. I’ll bet no will be the answer.
  12. Welcome to the boards! While expensive, the only way I can recommend seeing ruins from Cozumel is to do Chichen Itza by air. This gives you maximum time at the ruins and avoids the long bus rides that you'd have to take to other sites.
  13. I've sailed on 9 different Royal ships and have loved them all... EXCEPT Legend. And she's gone, so nothing to worry about
  14. I did an Ensenada run in the mid-90s on Viking Serenade. Is that what you're thinking of?
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