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  1. Oh, I see what you're asking. I suspect the answer will be no, but maybe someone else has organized a group and can answer authoritatively. Is your group an actual group sailing? If so you might ask the group coordinator at Royal for some assistance. If not, your best bet is a past, recent compass for the same itinerary. Activities will vary every sailing to some extent, based on the demographics of the cruisers and the availability of various crew members and staff to run them. Sorry I don't have more for you.
  2. +1 for this. We did the Med in October a few years ago. It was sunny, but two of the days were very chilly (like 3C). We still had a great time, but wore a lot of layers those days πŸ™‚
  3. Hi! There is a link in the list across the top of the page called 'Cruise Compass'. You can then select for Navigator specifically. There are lots of past ones to browse through. Hope that helps!
  4. You cannot smoke on your balcony. There is a smoking area, usually on the pool deck. You can smoke in the casino on most ships/itineraries. A few ships have a cigar bar-type room you can smoke in as well, although these are being removed.
  5. If you noted this during your booking, the will already have something set up. Check with your waiter just in case. If you didn't, they can probably do something anyway as long as you let them know at the start of dinner.
  6. Ah, yes, I should clarify this only works for Traditional Dining, and best done right at two weeks prior to the cruise.
  7. Once upon a time we did a cruise just like this (it was in fact on Majesty, back when she was considered a *huge* ship), but with 4 unrelated adults. Our cabin attendant giggled a little when we first got there and opened the cabin door. It was TIGHT. However, we still had a great time -- we just spent almost no time in the room. As long as you understand what you're getting it's manageable πŸ™‚
  8. Yep! Only one device can use the Voom login at a time, but it doesn't matter what device. Just go to logoff.com on the first device and you'll be able to log in another right after that.
  9. Hi! I will know for sure after December 22, when I am on Spectrum also in J4. However, I understand that they are hosting the Diamond Happy Hour in the Silver Lounge, which would lead me to believe that everyone who has Silver Lounge access will have happy hour drinks. If true, this is a nice perk for Junior Suites on Spectrum -- normally JS doesn't get access to the Concierge Club or Suite Lounge for happy hour. I plan to blog my trip so I'll be sure to let everyone know. Yes, you get double points with WS.
  10. Just keep checking the planner -- there are usually a number of excursions offered for Okinawa, but they've all been pulled in order to sort out the fire damage reconstruction schedule. Otherwise, I'd recommend Gyokusendo Cave and surrounding area as a spot I found surprisingly interesting.
  11. There may or may not be photo evidence of me as a tiny human using a bidet as a tiny human bath tub... So there you go! 😁😜
  12. That's fantastic! It's always wonderful when things work out!
  13. You know yourself best. I tend to lay stuff out that I think I will need and then put about a third of it back in my dresser before I pack. Even then I end up going home with things I didn’t wear. I will re-wear clothes shamelessly, however β€” I don’t care one bit if my table mates have seen this blouse before or not πŸ˜„ Honestly on a first cruise, don’t sweat it too much. Just make yourself some notes on what did or didn’t work for you so you can pack smarter for your SECOND cruise!
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