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  1. My guess is this is a bit of old code that resurfaced. I seem to recall when Oasis was brand new she had her own searchable tag.
  2. Welcome to the boards! Start here with your Galveston questions: Enjoy your cruise!
  3. As of right now, no. I'm on the cruise right before yours, so I'm interested in knowing what the change might be too!
  4. We've done one of these before, and it was actually barely noticable. For people who get on at the first embarcation point, the second one is just a port day like any other. You do see suitcases in the halls for departure the night before, at bit, but all that did was give me a "hooray, I'm not leaving yet!" feeling
  5. You'll be fine -- they'll understand you (even if they think you sound like a yokel). But you may struggle to understand them, depending on where in Spain! Most of the touristy port cities there will be English speakers, picture menus, signs in multiple languages, stuff like that. Enjoy!
  6. My guess is they're all full. Or "full", if capacity is being limited.
  7. We always bid when it's available, and always the minimum. We're at 50% success rate over 6 cruises, always from a JS to a higher suite of some kind. We treat it as a "oh how cool!" rather than a "drat!" if we win. Anything else will just lead to disappointment. Definitely call your TA if the upgrade is important to you!
  8. And first on/off the plane, and not having to sit next to a stranger…
  9. $55 a night is very steep. I have found that specifically for internet packages, checking regularly matters most. The past few years, every time I've gotten a good deal it has been when there was no official sale. For point of reference, I consider $18-$24USD per night a good price for 4 devices. Hope that helps!
  10. The only one out there right now (on Royal) having more than one stop in South Korea is the announced Wonder route on November 25, 2022 -- it stops in both Jeju and Busan.
  11. As long as the particular bar you're at has a blender, they will be happy to make them for you!
  12. I've stayed there. It was a minute ago (read: like about 15 years ago), but it was a perfectly acceptable hotel. I would stay there again. Location is actually pretty good.
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