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  1. Welcome to the boards! I have not been on Odyssey myself, but as far as I know the skating rinks are all ice skating, not roller skating. Hopefully someone else can chime in.
  2. Day 4 - At Sea I will say that if you tend toward seasickness, an itinerary in the North Sea might not be for you. Last night we had 30 foot swells most of the night. Several passengers actually switched rooms in the middle of the night because their cabins were “too loud, with lots of creaking and popping”, including the one directly below us. Personally I feel it just sounded like a ship at sea, but maybe they were more used to larger ships. Dunno. Morning saw much smoother sailing. There was a Blue Nose ceremony at 10:30am, a champagne toast at 5pm, and a balloon drop at 5:15pm. We also got certificates for crossing the Arctic Circle. There have been lots of activities, including various trivia, bingo, art auctions, and the like. I will send in the Cruise Compasses at the end. I’ve gotten behind already in posting food pictures, so here’s a bunch, in no particular order, to catch up! Lunch at Izumi, but we mostly failed at getting photos. Here’s karaage and potstickers: From the MDR or room service: Pepper Steak Pie: Classic Cheesecake: Seafood cake: Braised Short Ribs: Chicken Schnitzel: Classic chocolate cake: Steak Oscar: Jaffa cake: And here’s a jaunty hippo!
  3. Welcome to the boards! No certificate, the passport is sufficient. Enjoy your cruise!
  4. D+ is currently not allowed in the Concierge Club on Jewel, at least on this sailing (June 20-July 2).
  5. We crossed over the Arctic Circle today (Thursday) at 10am. The Captain announced that sunset will be at 11:48pm. On Monday.
  6. There are 1792 passengers aboard. It’s fun to hear all the different languages and accents! A very international crowd for sure. Crown and anchor numbers: 356 Gold 79 Platinum 56 Emerald 197 Diamond 213 Diamond Plus 79 Pinnacle The highest point count was 4000. Definitely an itinerary that draws experienced cruisers!
  7. Day 3 - Molde Sunrise was at 349am. I did not get up for it. We arrived at Molde at 8a, after a leisurely entrance to Moldefjord. Some entrance shots: We had company coming in, but the Perla wandered off and didn’t come to Molde until much later in the day: Our tour was in the afternoon, called Hiking Varden. We rode up to the top of the hill outside of town and walked back to the ship. From the top: And then on the way down: Then we stopped for coffee and lefse at the Romsdahl Open Air museum. They had moved historic house examples from all over the county: A couple more shots of Molde on our way out of town:
  8. Day 2 - At Sea I set a “just in case” alarm for this morning because I had a massage at 8a. I needed it! Jumped up at 745a and booked it to the spa. MisterZ slept until I got back, so I guess we were both tired! The rest of the day was pretty casual, just drifting wherever things looked interesting. We had dinner in the MDR. We have a table to ourselves right against the window. It’s quite nice. MDR shots: Pumpkin soup: Tenderloin: Chicken and Asparagus Pie: Duck a L’Orange: Carrot cake: Apple pie: As you can see from the chicken pie and the actual apple pie (not an Apple Blossom), we recently left the British Isles and have some leftovers Looking down the center of the Centrum from the Loyalty Desk on deck 11: We saw the Jack Pack, a swing group that did well on Britain’s Got Talent in 2014. They were decent: Our studious towel animal:
  9. We love cruising over the holidays. Much less stressful than trying to see all the family all at once. I’d rather visit them at different times of the year when things are not so crazy. We will be on Allure for Christmas and New Years in 2023. A 4 day and 7 day back to back from Orlando. This will actually be our first time on Oasis class, but we loved Spectrum over Christmas right before the pandemic so I’m sure we will enjoy Allure.
  10. I believe Pinnacles are allowed in the Concierge Club. I’ll ask for sure and let you know!
  11. To recap boarding day, we were onboard before noon. We went directly to Chops to book our BOGOs. We intended to eat at Chops that night and Giovanni’s the second (MisterZ and I each have a BOGO to use, so MomMe’s dinner was covered each night. Yes, I am an excellent daughter ) However, Chops was completely sold out on nights 1 & 2! So we ended up at Giovanni’s on day 1 and Chops on day 3. They were able to honor our BOGO for Wednesday by us paying for it ahead — apparently the ability to use the Diamond + BOGO disappears from the system after the second day but pre-charging get around it. Fine by me! Next we did our safety brief and checked in at our muster station. Took less than 5 minutes total. Finally I went to Guest Services to see about our balance due. It was a shortage in the cruise fare payment somehow. They offered to let me call Sharla at no charge to check on it, but she was probably still sleeping Also, since we paid for this trip with three FCCs plus some new money, and then applied 5 other FCCs (transfers from relatives) after final payment, I’m not surprised something got messed up. So they charged the last bit to our room and we went on our way. I’ll look into it when we get home. We then swung by the Windjammer for a lunch snack. It was packed, and they were making the “eat and get out” announcements. Fortunately most people don’t know about the tables outside Izumi that you can access from the stairs inside the Windjammer. We headed up and have a lovely view for our lunch. Helped that the weather was lovely as well! By then it was just past 1p and the rooms were ready. Our suitcases arrived about 10 minutes after we did. After unpacking I went to the spa to book a massage and then scouted out the Diamond Lounge and the Concierge Club. Dinner at Giovanni’s was nice, and the view was terrific during sailaway. Still a bit jetlagged, we were in bed before 10p.
  12. I knew there were more photos The pier: The science museum next to the pier: Starboard views while still docked: Passing a Delft porcelain ad: Windmill parts: Pretty! Ossobuco and prawns from Giovannis:
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