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  1. Those are all great to know. We didn't experience any of those issues (except the lack of excursions in Barcelona), so my hope is that they figured it out and are doing a better job with it now...we can hope!
  2. I'm so glad it helped. You're going to have such a great time. If you really want to go out of Rome, I imagine you could change it pretty easily. Either way, I have no doubt it's going to be a great trip. One thing I highly recommend, wherever you board, is to get in at least a couple days prior to your cruise.
  3. Hi friends! So we just got back from a med cruise out of Rome, and yes, I'm still feeling those post cruise blues. I wanted to let you know what I thought about the interporting cruise to help you make an informed decision before booking yours (or to help put your mind at ease if you're already booked on it). When we booked our cruise, we had no idea we were on an interporting cruise and quite frankly, had no idea it was even a thing. About one month prior to sailing, when we couldn't get our app to work, we finally heard from RC that it would not work since we were traveling out of Rome instead of Barcelona. Truthfully, my husband and I were a little irritated by it, and although I still don't understand why it's so difficult, we would totally book this cruise again. Here's why: Since the amount of people embarking in Rome was so small comparatively, it was a complete breeze to get on the ship. As soon as we took care of show and dinner reservations, we were allowed into our staterooms and our luggage was already waiting. Since most people were visiting Rome when we embarked, the ship was practically empty. In fact, when we got to Barcelona and the next set of travelers embarked, we saw a huge difference in how packed the ship was. Please don't mistake me... Royal Caribbean does a great job of controlling the crowds, but it was noticeable. The crew members were fantastic and made us feel just as special as we would have embarking in Barcelona. We could still use the app on the ship to help us get around, as well as get the information we needed. We just couldn't use it to make reservations, which was no big deal. We had all our shows and dining reserved in about 20 minutes. (About 3 days before disembarking, we started getting notifications about upcoming reservations. I have no idea why the app started working, but it was nice.) When it was time for us to disembark, we walked right off the ship. Absolutely no lines! When we left our room, we were off the ship and met our driver in less than 10 minutes. I highly recommend the interporting cruise and my husband and I both agreed, we will definitely do it again. So for those of you who are interporting, I hope this helped you see the great advantages to booking this cruise. And for anyone considering it, BOOK IT! It was awesome!
  4. We're just back from our cruise and I used a lanyard some of the time and a waterproof phone case on others. When we were at the pool, I'd put my phone and my Sea Pass card in the waterproof case. That way I could use my phone right in the case without it getting wet and when I needed to use the Sea Pass card, it worked right in the case without having to remove it. I got them on Amazon.
  5. Thanks again, @Matt. My husband ran up and got it from CVS.
  6. Oh my gosh. This is so cool. Unfortunately, we're on an interporting cruise, and can't use the app. Enjoy your cruise.
  7. I hope you are all feeling better soon. Good luck and keep us informed. I've been self-quarantining as best as I can. We test on Tuesday and I'm so dang nervous about it.
  8. So my husband lost his original vax card. He went online and printed them off so they're all on one piece of paper. The printed one should work fine, correct?
  9. Not sure if that was me you're asking about...I did ask that question in last night's YT live. Unfortunately, we're on the interporting cruise out of Rome (which we had no idea was a thing) and have been told by Royal Caribbean that it will not be available to those of us boarding in Rome. We'll have a great time, but I must admit, we're just a little frustrated by this.
  10. We do the same thing! I can't stop watching YouTube, but you mentioned a few that I haven't seen before. I'll have to check them out. Glad I'm in good company.
  11. Thank you @wordell1 and @10-42 I appreciate it!!
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