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  1. And you can also log off the wifi and log in on one of the desktop computers that are available on board.
  2. It's been on my cruise planner for ages. This is their replacement for the now-demised BOGO. Price-wise, it's cheaper than booking two specialty meals separately but in my case I got the 3-night package cheaper during a sale.
  3. On one occasion we did a post-cruise excursion (to Sawgrass Mills) where they returned b2b cruisers to the ship before continuing to the airport but I couldn't say if that was a one-off or if it happens on a regular basis. If you don't decide before sailing you could check with the shore excursions desk on board.
  4. We did that 9-night ABC itinerary this time last year when Navigator was doing it, just before she got amped. It's a great itinerary. We were in a promenade view cabin on deck 7 too - 7279, across from the pub.
  5. Thanks so much for sharing your impressions and all of the amazing pics. DH went through the canal on numerous occasions back in the days when he worked on the old Sitmar line but I have never been and it's bucket list for me too. Aiming for three years from now to celebrate a landmark anniversary.
  6. Better to check on board how many punches per coffee because there have been reports of some ships using a one punch for each shot of espresso, which means if you like a large beverage it is not cost-effective. There appears to be considerable inconsistency from ship to ship on this matter so since the coffee card is normally sold at the same price both pre-cruise and on board, you have everything to gain by waiting.
  7. [Not so] patiently waiting to see what's going to replace Anthem out of NY in April 2021...
  8. It would probably be worth your while bringing some kind of document with you (e.g. from her coach or doctor or whatever is appropriate) to say that she's supposed to do this cardio training. There's a good chance nobody will raise any questions about it on board but given the inconsistency I mentioned before it would be useful to have.
  9. How old is your child? The minimum age to use the fitness centre is 16 years, although there is some (inconsistent i.e. may vary from ship to ship) allowance for 13+ if accompanied by an adult.
  10. It's not just you. European cruises have unfortunately been stupidly expensive for the last 3 or 4 years now. It's almost like Royal are trying to price themselves out of the market. We are actually able to cruise more cheaply by flying across the Atlantic to the Caribbean than we are to sail in our own backyard.
  11. See Matt's article here: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2019/11/13/royal-caribbean-releases-2021-europe-sailings He says that Adventure OTS will be doing 7 - 11 night itineraries out of Stockholm, Sweden, with overnight in St. Petersburg. Those itineraries are due to be released the week of December 9.
  12. Not unusual. Oasis class ships have done this on that standard 7-night western med itinerary for some years now. It's apparently called "inter-porting". It works fine but it does mean that for the folks embarking and disembarking at the minor port, the onboard activities are out of kilter. So the Captain's welcome aboard party will be several days into their cruise because it's based around the main embarkation port, which historically on these itineraries has been Barcelona. MSC take this to a whole different level, with people embarking and disembarking at practically every port!
  13. My pleasure. I did too the first time I saw the post. All credit to @twangster for the hard work in compiling it.
  14. According to @twangster's absolutely amazing Voom comparison, for a 9-night cruise if the cruise planner price is $15.99 you are cheaper to wait and buy on board on day 2. This is assuming you have cell coverage that you can use prior to sailing and can do without being connected for the first few hours after sail-away. From the moment the price hits $14.99 or less you are cheaper to buy pre-cruise. If you do this you should monitor the cruise planner daily for discounts. I re-priced mine down twice to get a final price of $11.99, so I think you can fairly safely assume that yours will go down at some point.
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