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  1. Thanks very much for sharing. It looks beautiful
  2. Exactly the same amount, down to the last crumb of pumpkin pie. Caveat: I have only ever eaten one Thanksgiving dinner and that was on a cruise.
  3. Thanksgiving dinner last year, on board Adventure of the Seas, which we booked without realising it was a holiday sailing, since we don't celebrate Thanksgiving on this side of the Pond. What a great experience! Wishing all my US forum buddies as happy and as safe a Thanksgiving as possible this year. Here's to next year's holiday being a "normal" one again.
  4. @Baked Alaska, I third it. I cancelled my cruise planner purchases on the 8th of May, the day before L&S-ing the cruise in question. The refund did not come through until the 24th of August and only after @michelle intervened on my behalf. I did look to see if there were any amazing deals that might entice me to get my credit card out but the only thing that was any cheaper than in the previous yo-yo sales over the past 6 months was The Key (by a whole dollar), which I would only be interested in if they dropped the price below $10! I can't help thinking this is a missed opportun
  5. I'm inclined to agree with you. I'm hoping our Harmony cruise will actually happen in September 2021 but not counting on it. Luckily that was purchased as refundable so I will still be able to switch it to something further down the line but I'd really hate to lose the amazing price I got it at.
  6. So, yes, my crystal ball was spot on and The Key has been "discounted" to $18.99. Admittedly that is the cheapest it's been - by a whole dollar! Nothing else is any cheaper than the regular yo-yo sale prices so no spending spree for me.
  7. Once the sale does go live, be sure to check the bottom line only and ignore any "spending-inducing" percentages. On my Harmony cruise for next September The Key has been systematically alternating between $19.99 and $24.99 for months. In the last 2 days it has jumped to $31.99! This is the highest it has been since I first started checking back in May and is clearly in preparation for being "discounted" by however-much-percent in the forthcoming sale.
  8. Hi @Moira, welcome to the boards. As @WAAAYTOOO says, this is common practice in Europe, not so much on Royal, but very, very common on MSC and Costa, who often have boarding at 3 or even 4 ports on a 7-night itinerary. The oddest thing about it in practice is that all the onboard events are out of kilter unless you board in what is considered the "main" departure point. So, for example, if the main departure point is Barcelona then, for those boarding in Rome, the welcome aboard party will not be on the first day and the farewell party will not be on the last night. I'm not sure w
  9. I would be kind of nervous about that one. A lot of the ships are out of position right now and Anthem is one of them. She's currently lurking in the Southampton area so to do your TA she'd have to cross back over the Pond first. I'm not sure I can see that happening. It's a fantastic itinerary (had my eye on it myself) so I really hope you are lucky and get to go.
  10. That would be right. Harmony's inaugural season was summer 2016. We sailed on her then and are booked on her again next summer having lost this summer's cruise on Allure to Covid.
  11. Do those CDC rules about cruise length apply to all cruises operated by the American lines, even when the sailings in question are wholly in European (or other non-US) waters?
  12. I could see lots of governments around the world implementing this measure, in much the same way as, for example, yellow fever vaccinations, in order to potentially avoid imported cases.
  13. This would be great at it is precisely what suits us best. Basic fare with no extras and then add in (in our case) grats, streaming wifi package and a couple of excursions. But the whole thing smacks to me of a ploy to ensure a minimum "spend" per passenger, effectively suckering folks like us who are the cruise line's least-desired passengers, i.e. the ones who spend very little on top of their basic cruise fare. I've been following the discussion over on CC too and there are always though who say, well if you don't drink alcohol you can always take advantage of the juices and specialty
  14. We did a self-guided walking tour in Nassau. I think we got it from Frommers. See the PDFs attached. It took us a leisurely couple of hours and we enjoyed it a lot. The pics are the Queen's Staircase and Fort Fincastle. walking tour nassau.pdf walking tour nassau_map.pdf
  15. This is the FAQ list that someone posted over on CC: http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/CEL_Always_Inlcuded_FAQs.pdf #11 gives you Celebrity's calculation as to the retail value of the various AI levels. Having done the sums this would make me a very unhappy camper as it would effectively mean we would be paying close to $60 for the one soda/beer we would normally purchase nightly to drink at dinner. AND we would likely have to pay extra on top to upgrade to the streaming internet option. I really liked the look of the Celebrity itineraries going forward and I sus
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