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  1. My pleasure. I'm glad I was able to help and hope you'll be able to find a suitable alternative.
  2. My pleasure. I really hope you can make it work. Fingers, legs and eyes crossed for you!
  3. Fred, are you not able to move the trip a year out? Royal are not placing any restrictions on when you switch to and Odyssey is sailing those 9 night itineraries next year as well, starting in May and going through to October, so you could pick any date that's available in that time frame.
  4. Royal are offering a special version of Lift and Shift for those affected by the cancellation of Odyssey's inaugural season from Rome: "• If your sailing was cancelled on: - March 1st, 2021, please contact your Travel Advisor or call us by March 18th, 2021 to move to a new sailing. And remember, since you were booked on an inaugural Odyssey of the Seas sailing, you can Lift and Shift to any sailing with a similar sailing length (+1/-1 day) in 2022 to a like for like category on any open sailing! We will price protect your original cruise or refund any price difference." @Mturk y
  5. This exactly. Us too! We intended to get out and about last summer and do some of the things that the many tourists who visit the area do... Did we? Nope. Not even one.
  6. I'm still on the fence about the mask. But a staycation just doesn't cut it even though we're lucky enough to live in a place with good weather and gorgeous beaches... My biggest concern about vaccination possibly being mandatory is that there is a very good chance I will not be able to get it in time for our cruise on Harmony in September, whereas there is a decent chance the other 3 people travelling with me will. I'm glad we are covered under CWC in the event that we would have to cancel because I couldn't meet the vaccination requirement.
  7. Well Anthem is a cold weather ship and I understand she's currently in Southampton... Although someone on the other site did raise the question of whether she is too big to get into any other UK ports, to which I don't know the answer. And then there would have to be the political will on the part of BJ and his government.
  8. I was thinking this too. Depending on the virus/vaccine situation and political will on the part of various governments, I could potentially see the start-up as being a number of very localised cruises for very restricted target markets. E.g. British Isles cruises for Brits, Spain/Italy maybe for Schengen area, etc.
  9. Two posters over on cc have just reported receiving emails cancelling their Odyssey cruises out of Rome and informing them that the ship is being homeported in Israel for residents only.
  10. I would like to know too. I'm waiting to see what they'll do with Anthem's spring 2022 TA.
  11. Looks like there's been another tweak to the release dates: 7 night Caribbean and Northeast phase 2 is now week of 1st March, and week of 8th March is now Other/Long Caribbean.
  12. Would that mean going through the Panama Canal? Can Navigator get through the Panama Canal? Where do I sign up?
  13. I only have Harmony out of Barcelona at the end of September currently booked and looking at it logically I would think there is a reasonably good chance it could sail: - Harmony HAS to come over to this side of the pond for her dry dock, so she will be in position - As an Oasis-class ship, she is one of the ones with a break even point of 30% capacity, which should be possible to achieve even with only European cruisers - Her western Med itinerary encompasses mostly ports in two countries that are very keen to get their tourism industry up and running again (Spain and Italy)
  14. As I understand it from the "other" thread, the new format currently only applies to Mariner bookings from October 2021 onwards. I don't know if that clarifies?
  15. Apparently starting with Mariner from October 2021. There's a new "hot" thread about it over on CC.
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