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  1. Hi! I think back on almost every circumstance I ever had that was similar (since unfortunately most of us have had our card numbers compromise a few times…) the vendor (whether Amazon or someone else) always reached out about the card being declined and asked for an updated card. I would think there should be someone, somewhere, to contact at RCL to get the card updated as cc issues have become a rather common occurrence in our current society. But if there’s not, surely they will reach out to you! Don’t give up hope we’re all sending super positive vibes your way.
  2. Yes, there is unfortunately a limited menu. I ran into the problem once on Allure (polite and there’s not a lot I want to drink, so limiting me makes it a problem). On the positive side, I now have a list of drinks that should qualify for “free” in the suite lounge (and happy to share it with anyone who might be interested).
  3. We are thinking tht we will get a policy that is a medical one. The airlines give a voucher for a year, so not compensable, and for the cruise only a non-covid cancellation for in the last 48 hours would apply regarding “loss” in terms of the cruise. That would be then $300-500 for the non-medical part alone. And existing conditions, most likely to be the problem if there is one, aren’t covered unless you get the insurance closely after your deposit is made (which was done long ago for all our cruises). I have been trying to compare those policies. Anyone else get a medical (non-cancellation) policy?
  4. We have made a big move of residences recently and still trying to get it our straight and I’m really wondering if we’re going to be able to pull together all our usual cruise stuff and then if we’re going to be able to remember how to pack it!
  5. It is on the app for our November Allure and Symphony.
  6. Happy side note - active military and military retirees can earn a MLife Pearl status for their service via any MLife associated casino (there is a similar program through the Caesars group). I know this is true for the US military, it may include others. Hooo-rah!
  7. We always struggle with this port. The first time I went I was nine years old on one of the early cruise ships (my parents were early cruisers, back when people truly dressed for dinner and the pool was a dark, yucky large hole back in the olden days - I never thought I would follow them). It wasn’t much then in my opinion, not much now once you have seen the basic historical parts of the island. That said we did a really high-quality foodie tour a couple years ago that we really liked. Glad to Provide information on that if you’d like. We’re either going to stay onboard or go over to the Atlantis Casino (since we cannot always avoid a stop here). Not trying to be negative, just not a lot of options. But if you’ve never been to this port, a good history tour would probably be interesting. And note that the walking foodie tour includes some historical aspects.
  8. Glad to have you all We are excited and feel optimistic about a cruise for the first time in what now feels like forever! 🛳
  9. Thank you! You need to meet our cruising friend Chris, I think you two would totally get one another. He uses these kind of graphs to choose cruises and developed a program he uses to help him now. I love having cruise friends with the kind of data you two produce! We are careful with money hoping for a acceptable retirement years out from now, but we do the opposite with cruising and usually cruise in suites. The prices on those can definitely be wonky. * fair disclosure - the next cruises two were lift and shifts and we have zero latitude to complain about our prices on those two as we were going to do our first Empress cruises. It is the three additional ones that are more a concern.
  10. So glad I am not the only one who finds the craps table problematic in that way! On that cruise it was my first time throwing the dice and this old guy (I was 28 at the time) said in a snarky way “you throw like a girl.” Well no sh*t you Do a lot of things like a girl (and wanted to say that probably no “girls” get near you so you likely wouldn’t know ). We will just make our own table!
  11. We are a family of healthcare providers, so we were in line fairly early and had a booster last week… but honestly I would REALLY love to have you there! Just want to be clear on that you are going to have to brush up on the 3 card poker though, I need you! I once was good at the online version of texas hold’em, does that count? When I took a Disney cruise in graduate school with my late husband on the rare break, I played blackjack and I lost money so fast I like the way you never looked back. My $$$ disappeared down that slot I did like craps, but I seem to always find the tables with old aggressive men wearing overly large cluster diamond rings Save me!
  12. @WAAAYTOOO listen, you are going to have to figure out a way to be onboard - I found a new (for me) casino table game (3 card poker) and I will be needing some help and supervision
  13. In other words, possibly not sol and dreams do come true, it could happen to you thanks!
  14. We are on Symphony 11/6 and Allure 11/4 - our next two up. We have another in April 2022, on the August 2022 and the one booked for Dec 2022. Partsay through all 0d that we will pass Diamond and reach d+. it may be somewhere along the line those cruise Rakestraw, the first two definitely won’t since those were left in shifts over to larger ships/
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