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  1. Wow, it is hard for me to think of 2024 now But yes, this was an amazing deal. We booked in March and got one of the panoramic suites - not as good a deal as the balconies for sure, but still not close to what we would expect for a Christmas cruise! Welcome to the roll call
  2. I only referred to the large metro area in which I live.
  3. Please note that I did not say the orange status was new or not new. I simply added the fact that there were several ships that were in orange in addition to the information regarding the uptick in cases in our area. My information was not inaccurate. It appears that you misread my post.
  4. Maybe it was just a couple of nights I tried their blender was down or something, I normally don’t ask for frozen ones but did this last cruise. I don’t honestly recall what I ordered on our S2S symphony - allure post Covid (Nov).
  5. Wasn’t trying to impress you. I was just adding that onto the other information in reply to the OP. You do you.
  6. Post - last time mid April on Symphony
  7. I don’t know if it was just bad luck for us, but most of the suite’s lounge bartenders tell us they can’t do frozen drinks. Maybe that changed very recently?
  8. I am afraid that you are right. My PCP stated there had been quite an uptick in cases recently in their large primary care practice and a few ships are in the orange. Hopefully the rate will go back to a decline before long.
  9. Ah okay, I didn’t realize it was fully referring to an unvaccinated situation (the cruise lines we sail on have all been requiring vaccinations except for younger children who do have to have several tests); I read it as the cost was the reason the poster didn’t want to get tested unrelated to cruising vaccinated or unvaccinated.
  10. Sorry, but I am confused. You can get testing free in the U.S. Also why would you be taking 3 tests for one cruise vs. 1 test? Are you referring to test requirements from another country?
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