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  1. They made exceptions for Ulu's at least a few years back. I have returned 3 times with them. .. The souvenir ones are pretty dull but ornate. They also for most part are under 4". A real one is pretty sharp and I could see that as potential problem.
  2. Goes fine in checked. Carry on they might grumble....
  3. Just looking forward to this run. If that loyalty ambassador does the right thing for me I'll likely book a few before I get off. Trans Atlantic, Alaska, Western with Roatan in the cards then an ABC with a possible Trans Pacific if I can figure how to touch Bora Bora (bucket list thing). I'll turn up the heat as I'm semi retiring after this Jersey season. When a couple more things fall in place I'll get really busy cruising ,like a week a month...
  4. I come over here to discuss some very twisted problems I see with RCL from time to time. Little fun things like taking 100 days to get a refund or screwing up FCC so bad that it took 30 hurs total phone time and I still don't know if its really fixed... That or C+A losing 14 years and about 40 points. No receipts or sea passes to prove my case but some photos momentos and previous Platinum and Emerald pins to present to a loyalty ambassador... ... . Happened around time of friendly divorce from ex. She had her points slashed as well but she just switched cruise lines... So I am lucky enough to have done gold twice and second time at Platinum . I'll do a second emerald (where I should be) and eventually I will be "The one" that took 148 days to diamond ... I dont really care, not missing much, I dont drink or wear bathrobes ....
  5. yes I am... I just posted a pic of her I took while fishing (at work) yesterday...
  6. At one end. Still the same "lightning plug" at the other. I 12
  7. Yep... I had a 1/2 hour to hour on edge that I had it yesterday... Not since on Edge, Safari, Chrome, 6 devices no love... Monmouth County...
  8. Still no love for me on Chrome or phone. Finally got on with Edge just long enough to see my pricing same as I paid on the reprices a couple weeks ago. Looking at an OV Alaska that is priced way right but dates are really not what we can do. The balconies are out f my price range right now... I have been up there and get how a balcony is a wonderful thing... If it were next year or we didn't have a September cruise already booked this year, I'd gobble it up. 7 day western I want to burn up my fcc early 2023 still way high... Seems the insides though are dirt cheap everyhere I look.
  9. Next booking probably... Some of the groups I'm in describe problems with theirs so no perfect world I guess. When I do switch I will use the ones recommended here...
  10. I tried phone and still got white...
  11. Killing me cause I'm seeing stuff I'd lock down right now.... Seeing 3-4 day quickies dirt cheap that I could do B2B, or 7 Western Carib, or Alaska.... I have FCC to burn and this would take care f that if I could only get to see what the real prices would be...
  12. Justt checked and still blank...
  13. Looked over at the site and the price on one of my cruises dropped a whole bunch. I wanted to do a mock booking to see if my particular class had dropped so I could possibly do a reprice. All I get is a blank page. I found several of the ones I have been shopping showing what appears to also be big drops and was ready to drop the hammer on a few but same thing happened. When I go to see or enter details a white page. Same thing on all my computers. Some on my September cruise reporting same thing. How about for any of you away from metro NYC/ NJ area...????
  14. I had $150 usd appear out of seemingly nowhere. Looked close and only 450 of my 500 deposit was applied to fare.... That explains 50????? I did a reprice and they took $50 back???? I get so confused with them!
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