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  1. C+A and I have a pretty long history of love/ hate... I first sailed this company aboard Song of Norway and Song of America. They had no loyalty program back then. Enter the "mid years". I sailed Monarch, Sovereign and Legend... (All in Suites) They lost one of my Sovereign's and the Monarch and I don't keep receipts that long. They also didn't award suite time. Juts flat rate one point a night... That adds up to a lot of points... Sent an email and no response. Called and got a nasty one unwilling to even look. Not worth the fight. I know where my loyalty lies even if I feel shorted. Modern day they have my sailings and points for them correct. Tonight I noticed my cruise count different. My "points" stayed the same but they have one of my cancelled trips listed? No points for it or no mention of the other three cancelled? Glitch? Mistake? While I'd be delighted to have what I feel is my proper points or the other missing cruises found, I wouldn't feel right getting points for something I didn't earn. Like I said they list the one cruise that didn't happen but not the nights/ points at this time... Thoughts?
  2. Buddies of mine in a Bruce Springsteen tribute band. Actually prefer them to Bruce... More accessible and no politics... Any way... They are booked to be on an Oasis 7 night next year as I take it a "private group" attraction. They have been asking me about cruises and the stuff to do in the ports we visit in general. That I can help with. They sound blown away when I describe the size of Oasis. Their head man , Willy, is business savvy but asking certain questions I don't have answers to. The event must be booked through a specific agent. They are a little more than if guests booked themselves but they provide three nights worth of exclusive shows, meet and greets, etc. On Matt's blogcast on FB tonight he explained that this is normal and provided explanations that I felt were very sound ones. One thing I didn't discuss with Matt that I was asked about by the band guys maybe you could answer. The booking agency is adamant that general public will have no access to any of the shows. I get that it keeps the "private part of this package exclusive" . It however limits exposure not only for the band but for the booking agents themselves... Thoughts? Input? Info?
  3. No Idea... When I do these mock booking it doesn't give me the option... I don't think going RCL direct that option has ever been presented up front.
  4. I got jerked all over the place on four trips worth. Two FCC and Two Refund. One blatant lie after another were tossed at me and each one fended off. I rode them like a rusty ten speed bike but finally got satisfaction. Even when booking if find I frequently need to call more than once to get somebody on the same page... Perseverance pays...
  5. After the ordeals I went through with previous refunds and fccs and all the lies, I'm cautious about moving too far ahead. That being said, I booked two more once all the other stuff was sorted out... Then I find myself circling a third like a shark. As I tighten the circle I am noticing price swings all over the place. It gets me looking at the ones I booked to see if any breaks but they are both steadily higher each time I check. This third one is farther out (date wise) and wondering if I should grab it before it does smooth out and go up?
  6. I was unable to keep the OBC on a reprice last year... My experience with Next Cruise was very disappointing...
  7. It appears that they didn't use up my full FCC and the amount difference they are asking me to pay is that amount... Guess more in taxes and fees than there was?
  8. Now that I have been refunded and FCC'd and back into good cruising shape its got me shopping around . For a very long time I did four of us in a outside view room with a couple pull mans. That goes back to long ago on Sovereign when I could get four of us in a OV with the pull mans for the price of two. ... Having teen boy and girl its just not right tossing them in a sleeper sofa together.and never even dreamed of changing The draw back to the pull man OV cabins are they are jammed up tiny. I never really considered Adjoining Balconies as they certainly had to be way way way more? Right? I never looked or even considered trying a mock booking... Well. Eventually I did and found it to be almost the same price... Somewhere along the way they changed their emphasis of charging per room to charge per passenger. Now, I do get that they charge by the person so I guess it does make sense to some degree pricing would be pretty close. .Move ahead to today... I'm shopping, exploring, expanding my horizons... It dawned on me that I have not seen any of those "family" or "ultra spacious" rooms available. I did notice panoramic suites that had the little extra bunk room but there was a disclaimer "Panoramic suites are not available on this ship/ sailing. So it got me wondering. How does one go about finding pricing and availability for these type rooms?
  9. No this was RCCL direct... Couple dozen really bad ones along the way... In the last week I had a mix of bad ones I did like, bad ones I didn't . Good ones I didn't like and good ones I liked... The last gal that I worked with got this 99% right. After all I went through I will call it a win even if not perfect... So much better that what I had been through for months...
  10. After being run around for months. I thought it was all ok the other night as we reached agreements, refunds and FCC's were made then put right back into fresh paid in full bookings... I verified several times that everything was paid in full and the agent said yes, Then she went on to say that my emails would come last night verifying everything. We'll the emails came but didn't reflect paid in full... A couple were balance due of about $100 each... Had to find that in the fine print. I don't mind the extra couple hundred. I do mind that if I hadn't been very careful and read the whole pdf's that I might have been burnt on two of the bookings for "non payment". This is not a complaint as much as it is a heads up to really pay close attention and accept nothing as gospel verbally from them...
  11. Sloth and monkey sound like the two teens were toting along......😄 I don't mind rough. I'm up for most anything... Kids may just want to snorkel the day away... The girl and my Fiancee spent 4 hours at Coco Cay just snorkeling around...
  12. Now that I'm back in the game officially I have a stop on my itineraries I havn't made yet, Roatan... Its my understanding that its world class for snorkeling. That for me is great because my Fiancee and her kids live to snorkel... Any one package better than others or is there off the shore near the port opportunities worth exploring? How is the port itself ? Other must see-must do things there? I'm over the top tickled to be back . Need to go over and study floor plans on Harmony so I look like I know my way around on her as well... 🙂
  13. Like I said, the deposits went back to main fund source and refunds went back to deposit source and no notifications anywhere along the way... The FCC's they seemed not wanting to part with them even more... I think I heard the agent sigh when I did as I said I would and made my new bookings paid in full as I said I would... They worked with me on the one booking price which was brutally tough and long to get done. The second booking price had not changed in weeks and was easy... I'm positively ecstatic about finally getting this settled and gonna spend countless hours in the cruise planners...
  14. I believe so but need to verify with the bank tomorrow. First they tried to tell me I was all refunded when it was just one deposit... Then they tried after just taxes on one one. Then after one was finally done...Not til before night before last did the do the other one (supposedly... but they read off all correct amounts ). All those transactions were sent to the wrong cards . The deposits went to the main card and the rest went to the deposit card... At least the money is (supposedly) right. They botched the FCC's twice and came up with some really creative attempts to get stuff past me but by last night it was all good and they went into the new bookings... .
  15. I think it surprised them that a "gold" on the edge of "platinum" member could navigate around the system as well as I could... Part of it was due to the fact I have a lot more sailings that C+A couldn't find (thats a different topic for a different day). Then part of it is gaining information from this group... I don't comment in each thread I read but I often take notes that do come in handy. Thank everybody for sharing that info and tanks Matt for having this group...
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