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  1. In my case just one of several... Why bother... But it kind of adds insult to other injury that only a few of my cruises remain showing the same way as limited part of my cancellations shows...
  2. Im Symphony for 7 nights in November... A couple times my trip vanished. Last night all my bookings and even past trips vanished. I'm hearing and seeing more of that with 8 night runs. Right now is fluid situation... Deep breaths everybody...
  3. If I can be a part of helping get the industry back to normal I will do what I can... I'm of the firm belief that cruising can be safer than being on land. I'm semi retired and its the least I can do to help...
  4. The endless stream of glitches I've grown used to. The loss of those nights and status level has always irritated the living heck out of me though. I don't think I have it in me to go through the steps a third time to climb the ladder. I should be within reach of diamond before too long, instead I'm treated like trash at gold which I passed through before and am in process of second time and were it not for these covid cancellations I'd be at least Platinum for the second time. Hard to stay loyal but its the kind of guy I am. Have spent too much time scoffing at other lines to turn back now..
  5. Came back on after a while... The paid offs and remaining balances are in tact... On past trips. I ham showing a lone cancellation in that area . One of six that were cancelled on me (No fault of RCL either) . No points awarded (didn't deserve any). Wonder why that would have that lone cancellation there in MY C+A stuff but not the others. And why have any but not figure out what happened to 14 years worth...
  6. Their site going haywire is nothing new. Tonight's "Glitch" has me twisted though... None of my cruises booked showing. One I was going to final payment it. If I type the res number on it I CAN get to Cruise planner but really no other details. Was able to find final payment amount but with system in mid hiccup I don't feel comfortable doing it. Its not due til after Christmas any way. The ones I have paid off nothing comes up ? Thats a bit bothersome as they are fairly high dollar ones (at least to me) paid in full... those ones are 7 night and after next Nov 1, so they should be safe f
  7. I went same itinerary, different ship and different port... Got the one I wanted. What I paid was only about half of what the new one would have cost...
  8. I had one of my 7 night bookings show closed a few days ago and was wide open to bookings last night. Updated: Checked and they are still taking bookings but wow the price is going way way up. Matt answered above the answer to that 9 nighter...
  9. In response to something I saw about an Oddessy sailing (9 nights so. car.) in Nov2021 being cancelled, on another site , I decided t check. Had no problem doing a mock booking right to where it wanted my deposit... So I really don't know whats going on. I have 3 x 7 and a 5 night in 2021 and all are still showing a go...
  10. I'm on one of those 7 nighters, in fact on the first ,,, I've talked a few of RCL agents on other things recently and slip this cruise in the conversations. They have all told me its looking like a go. In the past on the ones that did end up cancelling, they were more apprehensive about them actually going. I did a lift and shift for part of our group on it just a few days ago and they were curious why, as its still being shown as a go.
  11. Ouch... They were great with us... Same class but different ship , same itinerary, different departure port and even snuck in a holiday the original didn't have... Cabins actually a little better but not a lot different.
  12. I did mine by phone after researching as close to apples to apples. I found options that worked and they did as well. One was a dream option . I asked on that one and they granted my wish!
  13. I really had no intention of using it but with pandemic and kids virtual schooling the school board took away vacation dates that would have been for one of our bookings. I researched other sailings that might work and gave them a call. I had a "favorite" in the list of potentials but figured "not in a million years". The agent read off the three most likely that would match up and then "Oh one more. Yes it qualifies" ! It was my dream trip. We locked it down. It cost me about $80 in extra taxes. But saved me over half of what I would have had to pay if I had tried to book without the L+S...
  14. While they might protest. Its incumbent on people to show up healthy. Getting bumped would be part of that. Better than exposing a few thousand others. I would think for the one who tests positive that their focus might shift from "Oh rats, I'm gonna miss my cruise" to "Oh, crud... I have a potentially deadly disease... "... Its not the cruise lines fault you were exposed.
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