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  1. While they might protest. Its incumbent on people to show up healthy. Getting bumped would be part of that. Better than exposing a few thousand others. I would think for the one who tests positive that their focus might shift from "Oh rats, I'm gonna miss my cruise" to "Oh, crud... I have a potentially deadly disease... "... Its not the cruise lines fault you were exposed.
  2. Saw posts today that Miami commissioners are ticked off at CDC for dragging feet...
  3. Mine popped up while cruise shopping and I didn't have time to lay the flogging they deserved on them. Trying to impress fiancee's kids is tough when they are at the age of tech savy and the site glitches are too many to count. Much of whats on there appeared to be done by an orangutan and a crayon . Our next booking for example is a 7 night on Harmony. The trip description was right then became 2 nights Nov.1 - Nov.2. Cruise planner purchases had to be done by room as it wouldn't recognize us as one group in two rooms. The second trip booked is smooth as silk and shows as it should. Even the
  4. 4 package for me made great sense for the next few bookings. First off it was priced about the same as a 2 device package usually is. Then we do have 4 of us. The biggie though is that flexibility to sign out and in on different devices. Our kids will be virtually schooling. We had picked dates not in school and they just changed on us this week. So that kicked the necessity up a notch to go to surf and stream which is faster...
  5. Though this blog is the one place I go to get real info, I do follow and see chatter elsewhere. Yesterday I saw a few posts fro people who supposedly have friends in the game that were asked to be ready to come back late this month and early next month. Normally I dismiss stuff I have no way to verify but two of the reports came from people who got crew departures correct some time back. I made mention a few weeks ago when I booked another spring run I was making small talk about upcoming cruises likely to cancel. The agent was probably the very best I ever had the pleasure of dealing with.
  6. I learned recently that some of the sailings do have "Group bookings". My buddies have a band and have been hired to do a group thing on Oasis in may... Like a charter group within the ope boat. If I want to get in on the special shows and "stuff" I have to book at a premium through their group agency... Otherwise I could get on the same cruise for a lot less... As for the message I'm getting similar in a regular sailing saying "Sailing on a Charter? Details of your adventure will be on board. " I think generic "IF"...
  7. I'm on the same one... I recently booked another cruise later in 2021 not related. As I had done with other booking I made chit chat with the agent (RCL) about upcoming ones most likely cancelling. In the past they were pretty much in agreement that they would cancel. This date though the agent was adamant that she didn't think this one would cancel. The way I look at it is sooner or later the extensions will quit and sailing will begin again. No reason for this not to be that one... What I am bothered about is the cruise planner on line and n the App is showing only 2 days?????? I don
  8. Hadn't considered the time changes as being that significant. I guess they are. I should know... I used to go back and forth between USA and South Africa and even the flights were exhausting... I recall doing an Alaskan trip years back. The time change did mess us up some but not as much as near round the clock daylight... I'm glad to hear they don't run out of stuff to do on the TA cruising days/nights... The one we have picked only has one stop so most is cruising. The TA will be the first "experiment" as noted its a little less $$$... The TP we want is Oahu to Sydney with my all important
  9. Thinking about one or the other or both. Always wanted to say I did Tahiti and Bora Bora for the one and want to do the Atlantic where I'm not the one doing the driving... Anyone done em both? Compare and contrast? The Atlantic one looks like several nights of just sailing. Is there enough stuff going on to keep it interesting with all that cruising time?
  10. Last week I tried to check in. It took info but wouldn't complete. Then I got all logged in and a day later this junk... I'm not really good with what I call "slop". I'm a boat captain myself and like things to be orderly.
  11. Nope... Same thing showing day one and two only...
  12. I've had most every type glitch I can imagine and this was the first I have seen like this...
  13. Yeah yeah yeah... I know not likely to happen. In fact I'm more likely to get pregnant than it going. Had a couple days glitch trying to check in... While just looking at my account I noticed that this trip which is supposed to be a 7 night is now showing Nov 1- Nov 2 ?????
  14. I'm dealing with moderately similar... The one paying the bills should have full fcc control. If we use her FCC for the Nov1 trip that likely wont go we're all set. Since its not likely to go. Next years trip she would have to take off from college to join us and at that not use but about half for that trip... I am hoping that something goes right soon...
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