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  1. Not worth the $5000 fine, felony charge and potential jail time... To fake a card...
  2. With 500,000 recent passenger sailings (including 75,000 RCL in Singapore there have been a hand full of positives... Every last one false... Thinking that the case here?
  3. https://gangwaze.com/blog/royal-caribbean-ships-by-size
  4. https://www.fox13news.com/news/report-desantis-nearing-compromise-on-cruise-vaccination-requirements?utm_campaign=trueanthem&utm_medium=trueanthem&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR2wvo_KnzsS3DWxvlzYluVtPiRJ65mFpaM4D1x_nFMTQZw9QW-iriRlUzg
  5. 12 is fed waters, 3 is state... However like an embassy it can be considered foreign soil when entering a foreign owned and operated facility that is floating. Then fed takes precedence over state . None of this means much I don't think cause Desantis is busy crafting a cruise ship exemption in that law... https://www.forbes.com/sites/suzannerowankelleher/2021/05/30/florida-governor-ron-desantis-cruise-line-exemption-vaccine-passport-ban/?sh=6ab793785ed5
  6. The "official booking" will be 1 kid 1 adult per room. Do as you please but I would try to move them closer. Mine are 18 and 17 and next door...
  7. Gonna go "horizontal". Seems most boarding go straight for the top decks "vertical" . I prefer to go maybe a deck up to the promenade then walk its length taking the stairs or elevator at the far end to the top decks second... Once up top do the windjammer then cut the kids loose to explore....
  8. Its written above that the Sun Sentinel "says"... My feelings is one of the worst most biased trash news sources in the country. Yes second only to Miami Herald. I'm really trying to stay a- political but I have more trust in week old gas station sushi than anything they write... Again... I'm in various ports... Yes some are run down at county level then others I answer to the feds, not the state. Desantis is very much pro cruise... He has gone to great lengths to get us this far and he will not be the source of great impediment as suggested by some...
  9. SOunds more like RCL IT at it again... My last cruise was a 7 nighter and it showed as a 2 night right before going. Had it happen a few times.
  10. My point is that the state should have no say over what happens in that port or a business not BASED in Florida. AND Many ARE FED operated!!! I know for certain Miami and Lauderdale are. Fed rule past the gate not just the water which is USCG governed. The res of the port past the gates is Fed as well. Thats why I have to carry two sets of Fed ID as a captain when in those ports. I don't operate Commercially from Canaveral so I'm not sure there but lokely is as well. Port Liberty is run by fed and then joint state entity "Port authority" shared by NY and NJ. Again I have to have both sets o
  11. If the injunction does play out and cdc order nullified, that would affect the need for vaccination... I'm still curious what authority Florida would have within the ports them selves... As a captain I have to carry two sets of federal credentials to operate in a port. Nothing state related.
  12. Sorry... Somewhere along the way somebody who doesn't actively participate on the boards but watches asked me if these were test trips as well... I answered here instead of directly to her... As for the app, like any RC IT , it
  13. I didn't notice! Wow... Where did this even come from in that case? I do know the test run was slated for the 20th... Assumed these were pay dates but makes zero sense now...
  14. The test cruise is June 20 these I believe are paying trips...
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