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  1. Not sure why but today more optimistic than ever. May add a booking or two even... Need an eastern Caribbean, a southern, Fiance needs and Alaska for her bucket list. Then Trans Atlantic straight into a Med. Then when they are all done a Trans Pacific just so I can say I went to Tahiti and Bora Bora...
  2. I recently did two L+S for cancellations. One was almost three times the price we paid and we got it with jus a couple hundred upcharge for taxes and port fees. The other I consider to be a slight down grade (Indy to Mariner) and I trade Jamaica for Nassau... That trip was a few hundred more than the one I had but they honored as well ...
  3. I was very optimistic heading into the fall . I saw and heard things to make me think it was gonna open. The COVID numbers soared and the cancellations continued. The numbers are coming back down earlier than last year so maybe this is "it". I should be barding next week then again later in the month wont happen but I have one in November I'm counting on...
  4. We will likely do that on our spring runs. For now though this next run is her and her brother...
  5. That will likely happen for next spring cruises... We left little brother home a couple years ago so he needs to go this time. She is class Valedictorian. He is opposite end and really deserves to be benched but fair is fair...
  6. Ahem!... That might be closer to me if you toss in fishing off my balcony, planting "pirate coins" at Coco Cay, bringing my own real gold nuggets to those "Panning excursions in Alaska" or dragging a fishing lure off the stern . She's top of her class type. Previous trip she had a fantastic time at the teen club . Not so much the club itself but it was a point she could meet people and then go make the most of the ship. By day she did day things(And loved em) but this is more about the night life... Just a simple meet and greet would go a ling way. Why not? They have em for alternative l
  7. The good lord knows I tried to get my Fiance's two teens out before 18 happens. Sadly next week we lose that battle with one. When we finally board (hopefully November) she's gonna be trapped in that dark "tween zone" . Can't hang at the teen club and can't drink in the adult clubs. Finding stuff to do on a shop the size of Symphony isn't as much of an issue as how or where she can meet others also in that "void" . Do they have meet and greets for that forgotten demographic? Little brother will still qualify for teen club in November and they are really close. Splitting them up is gonna suc
  8. The vaccination doesn't prevent you from carrying the virus and being potentially contagious to others... Thats why they require the other test...
  9. While not what I really wanted my Indy 5 nighter in March went away... I think what hurt most was how great of a price I got it at. FCC even at 125% wouldn't come close to buying another . Looked around and 5 night next march were few and far between . None on the class ships I want, from any of the ports I can easily get to, and the itineraries not really good. Still to buy something any other time that would be nicer would have involved a cash transfusion big time. Asked nicely if I could L+S into something less than perfect and the agent was happy to help. I downgraded a little to Mari
  10. Just because you don't have it don't think for a second you can't give it. It rides on your hair, clothes, hair, skin etc... To your question about other vaccines, Measles comes to mind. I was one of the early recipients of that vaccine from a Dr. Peebles (The Originator of the Vaccine) in Boston as a toddler. I still contracted the disease and carried it to the neighbors family. I would venture a guess there are many such stories for a myriad of vaccines and diseases...
  11. No Agent though... I had to do it on bended knee begging and using my impossibly average looks... I'm seeing no 5 nights in the time frame so shoot for 6?
  12. I was pleasantly surprised before so I guess you're right. Hit a home run on another one I did... Can't hurt to ask... I would cry if I lost the "deal" I got on this one...
  13. I like most of you have been cancelled, rebooked, lifted +shifted, refunded, FCC'd and run around over these last few months. RCL catches a lot of heat but I still give them a thumbs up. This is a fluid situation for them as well. With each cancellation I have been able to make clear informed and wise decisions. I have been able to head off trouble by planning well in advance and making my moves when appropriate. Well...... I have a booking in harms way 5 night March run on Indy. This actually is the re booking of the very original that started this roller coaster. The original itself morphed
  14. In my case just one of several... Why bother... But it kind of adds insult to other injury that only a few of my cruises remain showing the same way as limited part of my cancellations shows...
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