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  1. The Effectors has a childish and simple story, superheroes vs the bad guy. But the production is incredible! I've never seen anything like it on sea or land. Other of my favorite shows was The Beautiful Dream on Ovation of the seas.
  2. It looks like a mix between a Celebrity Edge Class and a Quantum class, the bow it's almost identical to Celebrity Edge.
  3. It helps to know a little history of the archaeological place you'll be visiting. In my case I took a Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, Positano and Pompeii tour and it was great! Having a knowledgeable tour guide changes the Pompeii visit a lot. Too bad you couldn't enjoy your visit.
  4. Usually what happens is that the page will show you an error message when you try to purchase those items. It happened to me several times, and after calling RC, the solution was to delete them from the cart and add them again.
  5. Princess has dropped the ball recently regarding cancelled cruises and compensations...
  6. Now you can only do this if you have "The Key"
  7. A few weeks ago in Rome (Civitavecchia) they didn't even ask me for my test results, only the vaccine cards.
  8. Before January 21 2011, RC awarded "cruise credits" to cruisers, not points. 1 credit for every sailing 1 additional credit if sailing in a JS or higher On January 21 2011 RC converted all of those "cruise credits" into "cruise points". So this was the conversion table for credits to points If you had 1-4 credits = # of credits x 7 + 1 If you had 5-7 credits = # of credits x 7 + 3 I had 2 sailings (one 7 night, and one 3 nights) previous to 2011. They only gave me 7 points even that I should got 15.
  9. It depends on your OS phone. For example, if you use iPhone and your phone language settings are in Spanish, then the app is going to be in Spanish. I'm not familiar with Android. Depende del sistema operativo de tu celular, en el caso de iPhone si el lenguaje en configuración está en español entonces la app se mostrará en español, no estoy seguro de como funcione en Android.
  10. She not only hates cruising, she hates traveling. Everything about travel upsets/annoys her. It's ironic considering she's a travel blogger.
  11. Or AirTags in case you're iPhone User
  12. You will probably get an answer from someone of his staff. I've solved several issues this way.
  13. So you tested positive before, after or during your cruise?
  14. They don't ask you for another CC when you modify your bids.
  15. When I have made offers it ask me for a CC number every time I make a new bid. It doesn't take the CC you have on file with RC as they are different companies.
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