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  1. FOS had satellite internet a few years ago and didn't sucked as much as it does now with starlink...
  2. If your are looking for a calm place I would recommend the South Beach Day Beds. They're even cheaper than the Chill Island ones and are exactly the same.
  3. Any place can be dangerous in deed. I've just been on Miami for a short cruise and decided to go with my wife for an evening walk on Lincoln Road just to be trapped in the middle of a fight that almost turned into a shootout.
  4. Just got off Freedom and had the same experience, It's UNUSABLE, at least you could do a Speed Test, int FOS they've blocked Fast.com and Speedtest.net, why? I just can't understand why. The Voom internet desk manager had zero options besides the paper shown above, but al least he agreed with me, restricting the speed doesn't work at all. I've been on FOS before/after Starlink and I can say that now it's just garbage.
  5. I've always thought that it's pretty much inspired by the "Dumb ways to die" video and characters:
  6. Some people thinks that one should know everything about prices and cruise planner sales. If you see something you're interested with a good price and you buy it it's NOT your fault they made a mistake pricing it with a lower cost. Simple as that. They sold you something and they should honor it.
  7. Wow! This is bad! My sail is in 4 days, I haven't received the email yet and I hope I don't get it. Why should I have to pay for someone else mistakes? $50 does nothing to help with my plans. It would be terrible to mess with my plans when nothing else is available in this short notice.
  8. That's right, now everyone gets the cheaper and slower internet.
  9. Deck 3 has plenty of those. https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/category-detail.php?c=3180
  10. Bigger ships like Odyssey docks in the new port, smaller ships could dock on the old port or use tenders. It depends on when and what ship you will be. You can download a Cruise Schedule for 2023 here: https://mykonosports.gr/en/programma_krouazieras_01-03-23/
  11. Princess have updated almost all their ships to Active RFID Tech. You unlock your door only getting closer to it with your medallion, they also added a little screen that welcomes you. Door (and almost all) tech on Royal seems to be stucked in the XX century.
  12. Either way I think it's a good price compared with the usual $250 price.
  13. I don't know but I've just booked! Highlights of AquaAdventure $65 Daypass (on RC site): Atlantis Paradise Island: Your full-day waterpark pass at this sprawling resort includes a complimentary lounge chair and pool towel. Aquaventure: Splash your way around this massive waterpark's sky-skimming waterslides, kid-friendly water-play forts, and flowing river tube routes. Marine Habitat: Follow underground paths lined with a series of lagoon aquariums teeming with 50,000 aquatic animals. Highlights of Atlantis $250 Daypass (on Atlantis site): The Atlantis Day Pass is required for non-Atlantis guests to access and enjoy Aquaventure, a one-of-a kind water park with thrill slides, refreshing pools, miles of white sandy beaches, marine habitats and more! . So, it looks like the only difference is the beach access but it's unclear.
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