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  1. While police and law enforcement officers around the country fight the battle to earn the respect they deserve, I've lost all respect for the South Bend Indiana Police Department for continuing to support Alan Wiegand given that he and his wife (a prosecutor herself) continue to sue Royal Caribbean when the video footage clearly shows the step-grandfather leaning his upper torso OUT the open window and then holding the child OUT the window for 34 seconds before dropping her! How can anyone in South Bend, Indiana rely on the police or Alan Wiegand to properly determine if a crime has been committed and how can a court of law rely on their judgement and testimony when they have clearly demonstrated that their judgement is impaired and seriously flawed!
  2. Royal's cruise contract includes a forum selection clause which requires that all lawsuits against Royal Caribbean, irrespective of the nationality of the passengers or the location of the accident, be filed in Federal District Court for the Southern District of Florida. I assume that is where the parent's lawsuit has been filed. Proceedings will be in English.
  3. The Carnival ship was moving way too fast if it was coming in to dock! Did you see all of the preexisting missing paint all over the Glory? Looks like Carnival is still skimping on maintenance!
  4. It's surprising the family didn't thank him for his concern and support and then retain an experienced, successful attorney. This guy's credentials are laughable, he's definitely third tier and surely no match for the firepower of Royal's internal / external counsel.
  5. Absolutely true, 50 is not old period! Also, as an IT professional he uses computer monitors all day long so apparently his "color blindness" wasn't all that debilitating if he's able to use a computer monitor. Besides, that excuse is just as much out the window as his head was (twice) on the video tape! Reminds me of that show that was popular when grandpa was young, "Smile you're on candid camera!"
  6. It was reported early on that the little girl had significant health issues at birth, perhaps there is something to that theory?
  7. I can't confirm this is true, but I read on another website that Sam Annello appears to have numerous tickets over the last few years (around 10) for speeding and not wearing a seatbelt. If this is true, it clearly displays a pattern of recklessness and willingness to disregard safety rules. You would think a man who's married to an attorney, who's stepdaughter is an attorney and who's stepson is a police officer would have more respect for the law and his and other people's safety. Didn't any of them ever ride with him while he was driving? If so, how do they justify their entrusting him with the care and safe keeping of their daughter / granddaughter?
  8. So in Royal's Guest Conduct Policy that the parent and grandfather all (electronically) signed and agreed to prior to boarding the ship, it clearly states the railings are "protective barriers". How many protective barriers/measures is the cruise line required to have in place? Should they assume the first protective measure (the railing) will be ignored like it was by the grandfather when he lifted the child up over it, and have a second, third, fourth... protective measure such as safety stickers or windows with limits on how far they can open? Also, one could argue that the railing already was the second protective measure as the window tinting was the first protective measure. As for understanding Royal's Guest Conduct Policy and the implied warnings, the mother is a attorney/prosecutor, she clearly understood and knew what she was agreeing to and she is the one who left the child with someone who, WE now know, was not capable and should not have been placed in the position of supervising the child.
  9. Excellent point, if the grandfather was colorblind to the point where he couldn't tell if a window was open or closed he was not capable of supervising a child, basically, the parents left an 18 month old child unsupervised! I'm sure this is not the first time, how many other times did they leave their child without proper supervision? If we really are looking to uncover the truth and raise peoples awareness, I think we need to uncover all the facts. I'm sure RC's internal/external counsel is already investigating all pertinent facts and most likely has their own investigators looking into things such as this but it doesn't hurt to post questions here because I guarantee you the company has boards like this monitored on a regular basis. If you think it may help, post it!
  10. BTW, shouldn't an adult know better than to let a child (or anyone) bang on a window 11 stories above a public pier/walkway? While not likely (although we now know unlikely things happen), what if the window would have broken (glass or even dislodged from it's frame) and fallen 11 stories onto the people below walking on the pier? The grandfather was grossly negligent in so many ways!
  11. While no one is denying that the grandfather is grieving, the state has an obligation to enforce the law and the rights of the victim. The little girl who had an entire lifetime stolen from her is the victim who deserves justice! While the grandfather may be grieving, he is NOT the victim and has and will continue to life a full life.
  12. I'm not sure if safety is still an issue with the Mexican west coast ports but if not, it would be a great ship to startup the Mexican Riviera run from LA or San Diego.
  13. You were expecting someone to have the authority to grant you a full refund?
  14. Maybe it was an issue with the supplier, maybe they were sold out of the hot, only had cold water in stock! It's still wet right?
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