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  1. That was the original plan but I think they had an issue installing it and it didn't work out. I could be mistaken though.
  2. So what names would others like to see Royal use for Icon 2 & 3? I don't think they would do it, but how about Sovereign OTS? What better a name for a revolutionary (iconic) ship than to honor the first mega cruise ship who revolutionized cruise ship design in her own right. I'd also like to see Royal or Royalty OTS as a nod to Royal's just past 50th anniversary. It would be interesting if they created a restaurant or lounge with memorabilia from the early years and first few ships. Admittedly though, that probably wouldn't appeal to the younger generation. This may be a good fit if (and I know it's a long shot and not the direction they are moving) if they ever come out with a smaller class to replace the Vision and Radiance class ships.
  3. Rest assured, Royal saves the competent people to operate the ships!
  4. Also interesting, if you zoom out on the Marine Vessel Traffic map the Empress shows up as she is still sailing for an Indian cruise line. She may not be as big or have all the bells and whistles but she'll always be one of my favorite ships along with the Sovereign!
  5. They even show up in the following listing with all of the other existing and under construction RC ships: https://www.marinevesseltraffic.com/ROYAL-CARIBBEAN-INT/cruise-ships-tracker My best guess is they were actual planned names for Quantum Class ships and were changed at the last minute (after keel laying but before reveling the name (most likely)) or possibly the names for a sixth and/or seventh Quantum Class ship which was/were never ordered due to the class never really being as popular as RC had hoped.
  6. What's odd with these is that an IMO number was actually assigned: Passion ots IMO number is 1112098 Pulse ots IMO number is 1112145 https://intlreg.org/2019/12/27/why-imo-number-is-important-for-vessels/#:~:text=In particular%2C the IMO number,construction%2C generally upon keel laying. Based upon the last time Trademarks were applied for, it does appear these are no longer being considered, it just odd an IMO was assigned.
  7. Actually looks to be old outdated information. It looks like these names were discussed back in 2017.
  8. Apologies if this has already been discussed. I just noticed that RC has Passion ots and Pulse ots registered to it. Both ships have IMO numbers assigned to them. Would they have IMO numbers assigned if they were just possible future names? I know it's a stretch, could these be the names of ICON 2 and 3?
  9. The big question is did she get Crown and Anchor points for the sailing?!
  10. Just my personal opinion, I would choose Wonder, the Oasis Class is amazing. I've never really cared for the Quantum Class, the ships just seem too cramped and don't have enough public spaces. That opinion is based solely on ships, you need to consider the itinerary also but it would need to be a significantly better itinerary for me to choose a Quantum Class over an Oasis Class ship.
  11. Has the Solstice been through her Revolution? It was scheduled for 2021 but I believe it was postponed due to COVID. I've heard rumors that she'll get a fairly basic (mostly mechanical) drydock in 2023 since her last drydock was 2016 but I haven't been able to confirm that. Some folks that have been on her recently report that she's in good shape, others say she's showing signs of wear and tear since it's been 6+ years since her last drydock. We'll be sailing on her in 2024 to Alaska but we're getting concerned what she'll look like if no dry dock is performed between now and then.
  12. It sounds like it has and possibly? continues to vary by ship. We were on the Enchantment in September 2022 and the Symphony in November 2022 and both had the menus attached to boards. It sounds like others have been on other ships where they didn't use the boards. It is what it is I guess, most importantly, we have a couple sailings coming up in the next few months and one on Celebrity. Fingers crossed, I have no issues with change, as long as it's for the better (or at least doesn't diminish the experience).
  13. Are the new menus not in covers any longer? The last couple cruises they were attached to a board with rubber bands but with the new menus it appears they are just handing you a piece of paper? I know it sounds like I'm complaining but the MDR experience is one of the main draws for us. If I want a flimsy paper menu with a choice of four entrees (excluding the vegan and Indian items) I could go to the local Applebee's. Can't Royal find a way to cut cost without totally cheapening and destroying the MDR.
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