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  1. Sounds a little fishy, the picture of her banging on glass at the hockey game has her "standing on the ground" banging the glass, on Freedom, the glass on the pool deck goes all the way to the ground so why could she have not stood on the ground and bang on the glass there as well? Why did the grandfather lift her up and place her on the ledge or through an open window before letting go? How can she bang on an open window? Very fishy!
  2. Iv'e read in some of the articles that the young girl had serious health issues at birth. Could there be more to the story than has been made public? Could there have been continuing health issues and possibly this wasn't an accident after all? As has been stated before, it's almost impossible to understand how the grandfather didn't know the window, where he placed the girl on the ledge or through, was open. Perhaps the significant charges are indicative that this wasn't the accident we've been led to believe it was.
  3. The family was very quick to demand justice, justice has been properly served!
  4. Why is Jim Walker posting this on his website? Is he implying that it's a safety hazard to cruise passengers? Is he implying that there could possibly be a terrorist attack on a cruise ship using such a tactic? Jim is the first one to point out what he feels are wrong doings and liable acts by cruise lines and make's a living off of suing them, by highlighting such possible act is he not inciting violence and would he not be liable if such an act were to occur? Isn't there a more ethical line of work Jim?
  5. Michael Winkleman, the family’s attorney, has challenged a Puerto Rico police report that says Chloe Wiegand’s grandfather dropped the toddler out of a window July 7th when the Freedom of the Seas was docked in Puerto Rico. Winkleman has said Chloe asked her grandfather to lift her up so she could bang on the glass in a children’s play area and that she fell through the window that had inexplicably been left open. Correct me if I'm wrong here but don't the windows on the pool deck go all the way down to the floor? If she liked to stand and bang on the glass, why wouldn't she have stood on the pool deck and banged on the glass (just like the picture shows her doing at the ice rink!)? Why would "she" have asked the grandfather to lift her up where there was a railing in the way and an open window! While this is a horribly tragic accident, it's sad that many people's first reaction is to find someone else to blame for their own mistakes/actions and try to profit off of the death of a loved one as well.
  6. I'm hoping it was just the cruise you were on, we love the chilled fruit soups.
  7. Due to people not taking responsibility for their own actions and bringing frivolous lawsuits forward such as this, next the cruise lines will be forced to install eight foot high Plexiglas behind the outdoor railings!
  8. Now that Cuba is off limits again, RC should move the Majesty to Cali to do the Mexican Riviera and the Empress to Philly or Baltimore to do Bermuda sailing into Hamilton and St. George instead of the touristy Navy Yard.
  9. Definitely best for all involved. For a supposed "executive level communications professional", your numerous ranting, tit for tat posts demonstrate a significant degree of immaturity.
  10. It can, we sailed on the Empress out of Phila to Bermuda (Hamilton & St George) several times a few (well many) years back. That was one of our favorite itineraries, much nicer than sailing into the generic Naval dockyard. If they can no longer sail to Cuba maybe they can use the Empress for the Phila to Bermuda run again!
  11. The Bahamas are really getting bad, now even the cruise ships are being assaulted!
  12. Very good point but having sailed on the Quantum class and Oasis class, I would take the Oasis class hands down, the Quantum class was a major step backwards and can't compare to an Oasis class ship. Just my opinion.
  13. Yes, the cabin steward can open the dividers on the Anthem. We were on the Feb 2016 hurricane cruise, it worked great for going between cabins until the 150 mph winds hit and the ship started listing! LOL
  14. We've been cruising with Royal since the 80's and watched them nickel and dime their loyal repeat passengers (their "bread and butter" as they like to say) and have also cut back loyalty perks. The final straw was this last May when we sailed on the Adventure and the Loyalty Ambassador completely overlooked us, we didn't receive a single communication or invite from him (even after we stopped off at the Diamond Lounge and mentioned to him that it was our first cruise as Diamond Plus). So now we show Royal the same loyalty they show us, we're booked on the MSC Seaside in February, MSC actually matches passengers loyalty status from other lines (see link below). The best part, we're paying for the cruise 100% with our Royal dividends we recieve! Like Royal obviously thinks about it, nothing personal, it's just business! https://www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/MSC-Voyagers-Club/Loyalty-Match-Program.aspx
  15. Anyone want to guess how long it will be before Jim Walker has this story prominently displayed on the front page of his website!
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