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  1. Could increase internet speeds by a lot SpaceX Working to Bring Starlink to Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships | PCMag
  2. Many countries they sail to require vaccines and/or negative tests before visitors are allowed.
  3. Starts Sunday US will end Covid-19 testing requirement for air travelers entering the country - CNNPolitics
  4. Royal supplies everything you need including paddles. At least they did on Odyssey
  5. Depends on the day and time. I was on the Odyssey transatlantic cruise. Every "At sea" day, there was picketball in all 3 courts from 8am-10am then open sports play from 10am - 11am or 12noon which they left 1 or 2 courts open. When the ship was at ports, the times varied but there was picketball every day of the cruise. There were also a few afternoons they had 1 picketball court up
  6. I have a coupon for buy one specialty restaurant, get one free. How does this work if you are cruising solo?
  7. Until every person heads to the adults only area and it overfills...
  8. Navigating the channel in and out of New Orleans isn't so easy (Tampa and Baltimore have the same problem) If they do go back, it would probably be a smaller ship to start with
  9. iPhones connect to iCloud and backup your phone on a pretty frequent basis (at least once a week) I just got a new iPhone, logged into my account then waited for everything to download to my new phone from the iCloud backup. It was pretty easy and all my pictures were there I'm not familiar with Google phones but I would imagine it's pretty similar
  10. Sitting outside of Port Everglades waiting to get in
  11. Credit to Cruise Habit for snip from live stream pulling into Port Everglades
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