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  1. Yesterday I booked a cruise for 9 people on the Brilliance to Alaska on July 30, 2023. I did not pay that much more than I did for a similar Alaska sailing on the Disney Wonder 7 years ago. For 2 people. Seriously. (Took advantage of the Cyber Monday Sale and the Kids Sail For Free promotion)
  2. July 30, 2023- Brilliance- Alaska via Vancouver
  3. Sailed out of Bayonne twice last month, bought the water package both times. The first time the brand was True. Second time it was Poland Springs. It was also in plastic bottles, not in cans like the pictures on the Cruise Planner. Also they were 16.9 oz, not 12 as quoted when purchased.
  4. Those that I didn't like that much (and there have been a few) were well performed but just dumb and confusing. My favorites were We Will Rock You and the Journey cover band DSB who were awesome.
  5. Filed well in advance, got it exactly 1 week before sail date. That being said check your spam. I heard they like to hide in there sometimes.
  6. I like them too! The wife doesn't drink but she does enjoy the virgin Lava Flow.
  7. My wife has a SERIOUS dairy allergy. We buy shelf stable oat milk and put it in our luggage. Never had a problem with this. It can be good for 9 months unopened. If your local store doesn't have it you can get it from Amazon in about 2-3 days.
  8. On the other hand I recently saw someone with a Magic Cup fill it up then walk over to the table his 3 kids were at and use it to fill some smaller Dixie cups they had with them. Whatever.
  9. The Medicine Shoppe. Had to use them twice for 2 cruises 10 days apart this month. $150.00 per test. Results were e-mailed to us about 45 minutes later.
  10. Yep. We did a 9 day a couple of weeks ago in a C4/JS and we both got 36 points from C&A.
  11. They did that to us. The refund was pretty quick. However it was so close to our sail date that when I went to look for another excursion that suited us they were all sold out. Sucked.
  12. I applied early too but didn't get it until about a week before sailing. You just show it when you get to the terminal and they give you a round yellow sticker with BTA on it to wear while boarding. This was at Cape Liberty.
  13. Saw them all just the other day, walkers, wheelchairs, scooters. Lots of them had rental ID tags on them. Whatever floats your boat. No pun.
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