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  1. Crowded at times? Yes. Have I never found seats within 2-3 minutes of looking? No.
  2. Not that much different than what you might find in a hotel room. I have slept well on every cruise.
  3. A Royal Genie stands ready to tackle any of those first world problems that always seem to arise on a luxury pleasure cruise.
  4. A table across from us had a woman who was dressed to the nines and looked fantastic. Her guy was wearing dirty jeans and an AC/DC t-shirt. There are varied opinions on what "your best" is.
  5. Same here. And we thought we were clever😁
  6. Great workup. P.S.: There IS a Ben & Jerry's on Adventure.
  7. I'm thinking that all of us seek out a cruise strategy that best serves their allotted time, finances and unique personal tastes. Looks like you have found yours.
  8. I spent most of this morning going through your pictures. Fantastic. Well done. Great eye! Thanks.
  9. And now.....You're gonna need a bigger boat😃
  10. Don't miss the pier runners. It's an additional show that is complimentary.
  11. What veteran has not seen this at the bottom of some paperwork: "Previous Editions Of This Form May Be Used". Same procedure going on here.
  12. I'll stick with the MDR too. I used to sail with Disney and everybody was saying "Oh, you must go to Palo's!.....Palo's is well worth the price, trust me!.....Palo's must be experienced!", etc, etc. (Mainly from the Disney Suite Snobs who lowered themselves to speak with me). You would think it was going to be one of the finest meals you'd ever have. So I tried it. Mistake. It was Olive Garden with nicer napkins. Cost me $120.00 with a couple drinks for 2 of us. And that was years ago. Plus I was required to wear a tie. Not gonna fall for that kind of hype again.
  13. It's all a ploy to get you to book another cruise. Don't fall for it😃 P.S.: Somewhat jealous.😁
  14. Also, put on a happy face. No matter how much it hurts.
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