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  1. My wife doesn't drink (though she should being married to me), by choice and no other reason. If I could get the package just for me, hell yeah I would. But I'm never gonna see a drink package in my future. I can hold my own but don't necessarily want to drink enough for 2 every day to "break even".
  2. Welcome. Don't be afraid to drop off your business card at GuestServices.....If an unexpected Freestyle disaster strikes that overwhelms them, you can probably get some nice OBC just for your technical advise alone. Or just enjoy your cruise and don't think about work. 😁
  3. Why cruise at all then? Eat at Golden Coral 7 days in a row, don't make your bed if you don't want to and put the trash on the curb once a week. Call it your vacation. Save even more money. I like the cruises I book and what comes with them.
  4. Awesome plans. Happy Anniversary from a jealous fellow cruiser.
  5. One report stated that this was the inaugural Alaska cruise for the Royal Princess. Sad situation indeed.
  6. There are some interesting pics of the Quest on Google Images.
  7. Where is the right to a reasonably priced Deluxe Beverage Package?
  8. That is usually something that goes on throughout the fleet. I was never into it personally but I sure like to watch it!
  9. At a new port which I've never been to we get off because well, we've never been there before. At someplace where I've been half a dozen times (Nassau) we stay onboard.
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