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  1. We were supposed to be in Bermuda on Thursday. Sob, sob.
  2. If I had not purchased the insurance I still would have gotten the $100% refund, that policy had nothing to do with it, that came from Royal and I did it myself. Thus I am $328.00 in the hole. Nonetheless we have 2 cruises booked for next year and I'll just concentrate on those and take the hit as a lesson learned. Thanks to everyone who replied.
  3. I've always booked my cruises through Cruises Only. In the past it has been easy and efficient. Our July cruise on Adventure was cancelled. Royal Caribbean took care of us with refunds, etc. rather quickly. Got everything back except for $328.00 I paid for travel insurance through Cruises Only and Leisure Care. I called Cruises Only and was told quite bluntly that I was going to have to eat that amount as a loss. It seems that myself and hundreds or thousands of people who booked and purchased the insurance and did not cancel it within 10 days of purchase are not entitled to a refund. That's r
  4. Our July 19, 2021 trip to New England/Canada on Empress is still on. However, we have now booked another the same month in lieu of our cancelled July 1 Adventure sailing. Freedom OTS July 3, 2021 Bermuda
  5. What happens when a lawyer takes Viagra? He gets taller.
  6. No intention of cancelling our July 1 sailing. Thinking it all will have blown over by then.
  7. Actually was my CB "handle" from some 40 years ago. It traveled with me to the internet. I was a "Bear" to the truckers but it actually has no bearing on my hair which has come along with me too.
  8. RE: Acadia National Park. I took this picture with my phone there (Cadillac Mountain) last August. That's Adventure in the pond. Your option.
  9. You do know that the clowns on other sites claiming to leave a years pay in tips are actually the ones that leave near to nothing, right?
  10. I downloaded the picture. I figure I might find use for it here sometime in the future
  11. We have found the food in the MDR on Anthem and Adventure superior to that on 5 cruises with Mickey Mouse. That includes falling for the hype and eating at a specialty restaurant (at a hefty upcharge) that was supposed to be wonderful but was not. Far from it. Or maybe it was the nice tables for 2 we enjoyed in the MDR's in lieu of the DCL rotational dining system which can be awkward at times.
  12. Sometimes the fake news from The Onion is more believable than what is going on in the real world.
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