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  1. Adventure. August 3, 2019. New England/Canada from Bayonne.
  2. We watched it too! Very informative and recommended. I also like that Mysteries Of The Abandoned on Science.
  3. I stand corrected. That would be a plus for the OP if it was. Too bad.
  4. I've got a feeling there will be more of this until Summer gets closer.
  5. I would assume you could bring a six pack onboard with you since it would be in the allowable beverage description for carry-on.
  6. The Coke Freestyle machines will dispense ice to anybody in any container. You dont need the special cup. Get one of the coin buckets from the casino, wash it out and it makes a nice little ice bucket. One of the crew chuckled when he saw me doing this. They dont tell you this.
  7. A cash tip for the room attendant, folded, fits nice in the SeaPass slot just inside the door and it's the first thing he/she will notice. If warranted of course.
  8. That would be an incredible undertaking. One I doubt I'll live long enough to attempt.
  9. Having done Nassau a few times and having been on Anthem....You have made the right decision.
  10. I too would object. I like to have a nice surf n' turf dinner sometimes when it's not on the menu.
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