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  1. The tag holders look cooler than tape and/or staples. Just sayin'.
  2. Churchill's on York St. in St. George's (a Cigar and Spirits shoppe) has it. A bottle costs over a hundred bucks. Good luck.
  3. I miss Eastern and how they treated us when flying in uniform on "military standby".
  4. Why is their lawyer doing all this stuff so soon? Eyes on the prize: 33%.
  5. Congrats Matt!! But I voted for The Five Foot Traveller😃
  6. Exactly. That is why this topic/thread has so many views and comments already. Alot of us just don't get it.
  7. I have never been bothered by engine noise on any ship anywhere, and on a variety of decks. Enjoy!!
  8. Sometimes logging in here is as addicting as cruising. Just sayin.😋
  9. You are so right. And when it comes to writing fairy tales the Brothers Grimm are amateurs when it comes to what lawyers can come up with.
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