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  1. We found The Gift and Spectra to be well done but dumb. Loved We Will Rock You.
  2. Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!! Jealous, Jealous, Jealous.
  3. I have mentioned before that I was interested in "small ship cruising". With Empress sailings out of Bayonne now we've booked a July 2021 New England/Canada cruise on her. Since there is not a balcony stateroom class on this ship, which we prefer, we booked an aft JS so we could have a balcony. We have done a similar cruise on Adventure so we are familiar with the ports, excursions offered, etc. Anybody have anything I should know about sailing the Empress? I know it's a ways off but any tips or secrets would be appreciated.
  4. My thoughts too, fits the usual pattern. I'm still curious how someone who claims to be D+ has no idea how C&A actually works.
  5. My wife wore her favorite sneaks and I had on Sketchers and we were both fine.
  6. Just booked another about an hour ago. Empress, July 2021, New England/Canada out of Bayonne.
  7. Do the other cruise lines and ships get "also sailed" trophies??
  8. They're on to that trick. Nonetheless, good luck with that!
  9. Jarrod and Brandi from the original Storage Wars on a July 2015 Alaska cruise. I guess they're celebrities. ?
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