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  1. July 1, 2020 Adventure-Bermuda & E. Caribbean
  2. Absolutely agree. After several Disney cruises and their lackluster beverage coolers I was thrilled last year when we had an actual small refrigerator on Anthem that was top notch. This year on Adventure we were back to a Mickey Mouse cooler. I can only assume that the prior Anthem guest had a medical necessity that I benefited from. Hit & Miss for sure.
  3. You can only hope this other person goes on a cruise binge and you become points wealthy. πŸ˜€
  4. Rules mean nothing to people who have wrapped themselves in a cocoon of self importance.
  5. Everything you just said only reinforces why so many people find such conduct to be selfish, self-centered, boorish, and classless.... not to mention rude.
  6. Wait a minute. There are suite snobs that are also chair hogs?? Say it isn't so.
  7. I recall a similar post from someone else who got the same message once. IT at it's finest.
  8. In August on Adventure there was a Journey cover band named DSB that was awesome. ALOT of the people who went to the first show came back for the second show which was then SRO. (DSB: Don't Stop Believing)
  9. I was so concerned about spelling Cartagena correctly that I totally blew it on Colombia.😜
  10. Quite real. Just type in "Disney Cruise Anteater Lawsuit" in a browser search for multiple accounts from multiple venues. And yes, Disney ships as well as Royal Caribbean make stops at the cruise port in Cartagena, Columbia.
  11. Almost a year to the date of occurence, a lawsuit has been filed against Disney Cruises and their medical provider for the treatment of injuries a passenger received from an anteater. While on an excursion off the Disney Wonder in Cartagena, Columbia a young male passenger was attacked by an anteater that resides in and roams the grounds of the National Aviary Of Columbia. The parents of the child opted to return to the Wonder to have him treated by the ship's medical department. The boy was treated for his wounds but this did not prevent him from getting a severe infection afterwards. The lawsuit claims that the medical care provided onboard was inferior, of poor quality and ineffective. The parents are seeking a monetary award for the incident that occurred in October 2018.
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