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  1. Wow, I was schedule for Liberty the week before you. Hoping it's the same case for me!
  2. Unpleasantly surprised how far down the road those dates are.
  3. Theories abound as to why Vision was cancelled but early consensus is it didn't sell well enough PLUS ships to return to US "soon" (whatever that means). However, for a ship like Grandeur it is sort of an "extra" ship (it was sold but that sister company went under). with Grandeur set to sail from Barbados will it meet the same fate as Vision from Bermuda??? Points to consider - they have actually extended the Barbados itinerary to Rhapsody - Grandeur is a ship with out a home anyway - some have to fly to a port anyway so they'll go anywhere (me). would love for you all
  4. With all of the speculation about Icon and even the daily discussion between the newer bigger ships vs the older smaller ships I thought this would be an interesting discussion. Fain acknowledges Royal adheres to a ship design process of 1/3 tradition, 1/3 evolution (slight gradual changes) and 1/3 revolution (innovated new changes). But at what point does something that was once considered new, bold, mind-blowing, simply become a classic, something we expect? The Voyager class did in fact revolutionize cruises and yet some now consider it small while others argue its still a newer style of
  5. Here's an interesting if not morbid way of looking at it. Assuming all cruises resume eventually there is only one Coco Cay and four Oasis class ships. If Coco Cay got wiped out by a hurricane today it's gone forever or being rebuilt over a long period of time. Where as something much more unlikely an sinister would have to happen for your chance at an Oasis class ship to be wiped out. Cross off Coco Cay first! How can you tell I've been preparing for worst case news for over a year ; )
  6. currently 3 in 2021 5 in 2022 2 in 2023 The sad thing is I haven't been on a cruise since 2010!!!! We decided in early 2019 we were going to cruise lots and have lost so many due to all of this.
  7. It's not so much that the border is "closed" but rather restrictions to re-entering are heavy. Although flying would be the only feasible way. Flight down, flight back (jumping through all of the hoops such as proof of tests) and then it seems relatively safe to completely ignore the 'mandatory' three day Government hotel stay. Nobody actually physically drags you away and if fines are issued they have not been successfully tried in court (fines might be cheaper than hotel stay anyway). Still would need to do the 14 day at home quarantine. I know all of this is much easier said than done b
  8. I see they have discontinued the sailings that stop at Perfect Day twice within the same sailing (winter 2022/2023). It's likely safe to say when cruises resume they will call on Perfect Day a bunch so ships probably can't go there twice otherwise it would be overloaded. With that said if Covid weren't a thing was there any indiction that those sailings were received well? I can appreciate some liking that idea and some thinking it's a horrible idea but for somebody who has to fly for every cruise getting a chance to check out Perfect Day twice while only booking one flight would have been
  9. I had this happen with May 2021 Serenade. I happened to be on the line for an unrelated cruise and discovered this one was cancelled even though I had booked it using FCC. It took some time but they were able to re-instate it (of course if will likely be cancelled anyway). I also just booked a Barbados cruise strictly using FCC and I'm a little nervous since the rep sent me my invoice which shows no payment made but assured me I would get a new invoice soon showing the application of the FCC. Just in case though she gave me a number to call if I don't get the updated invoice soon. It has
  10. So true. I just posted this on the facebook page: the biggest lack of clarity is in terms of what will be considered "cruising safely." Will the CDC view one case of Covid-19, a statistical "outbreak", or failure to adhere to meet the standards as the end all be all. Clearly, not following rules will result in one line being shut down but will it shut down the industry? Will one "outbreak" on one ship out of 10 mean anything for a particular cruise line? Is one Covid case too much for the CDC? None of this has been made clear and this is problematic. Trying to kick a field goal with movi
  11. I would hope that those similar type tests happen in the US independent of results from Singapore. Royal could be doing crew only test sailings mid November potentially.
  12. It's fair that the forum rules don't support political discussions and I can easily adhere to those rules but to think that this whole shut down is not at least as much political as it is health based would not pass the smell test. The emerging stories, Royal hiring a Government Relations expert, the different port authorities making their comments heard, CLIA weighing in, even some other line's CEO's speaking out, it's all too much. The writing is on the wall with what's actually happening and we can safely say that without weighing in on the actual politics of it. I know it doesn't c
  13. We also have to consider that no itinerary will sail as it is set and that when cruises resume they will cancel the scheduled ones and open up a new altered itinerary for booking much like they did in Europe. If anything sails in 2020 it could come down to those lucky enough to book them quickly. On a related note it would be a nightmare trying to decide who got to sail on an existing itinerary and who got force cancelled. I know some would volunteer not to go (for refund or FCC) but probably not enough. Full disclosure I have a Dec 6 Oasis 7 nighter with a stop in Labadee so I
  14. With respect to everyone having differing opinions on when and how cruising should resume, does anyone think the cruise industry generally figures they get one and only one shot at a return or do you think the industries believes they can make adjustments on the fly? It also seems hard to get a consensus on what people would consider "successful" in terms of the result of the first few cruises. Is the industry being held hostage to unobtainable results? Would love to hear your feedback.
  15. Strange question, but what do they do with all of the stuff from onboard a ship about to be scraped? I would have to imagine some stuff is more or less garbage but I'm sure some of the furniture and what not could be put to good use. I know when stadiums get torn down they auction off seats and signage and things like that. I have to imagine there would be a market for certain memorabilia but it seems like that doesn't happen? I could use the anchor as a lawn ornament ; )
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