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  1. Do any fellow Canadian cruisers have concerns that the cruise companies will resume sailings long before the PM will open the borders back up for leisure travel? Whether it is on the Canadian side of the border or the American side for that matter do you think border restrictions will be a larger hurdle itself compared to the cruising companies actually sailing again? Remember not to make this an overly political debate if you weigh in. https://nationalpost.com/news/the-new-normal-prepare-for-smaller-covid-19-outbreaks-for-months-to-come-trudeau-says
  2. I know it's a different line (same parent company) but would it be blasphemous to have the Magic Carpet on a Royal Ship? I'm not necessarily sold on it as I have never been on Edge but I think the idea is very intriguing how it changes its purpose based on where it is. I'd like to see the Viking Corwn Lounge returned to the people and not just suite guests like on Oasis. I too love most everything about the ships and would not be too picky and what comes out.
  3. lame, but bound to happen for the greater good.
  4. We depart out of Galveston, All 4 Florida locations, and Baltimore within the next 18 months. Seeing as we don't have a "home" port this will be the norm. Oddly enough in all of my previous travels I've paid very little attention to which hotels I'm booking. Usually willing to spend $150-$250ish Looking for recommendations on chains that will be well represented through out most of Royal's departure cities and which ones have good reward programs/if their programs are worth the brand loyalty. Thanks!
  5. Is the cancellation due to any type of "activity" in the area or was it just not selling well enough. Either way I really had my heart set on this so it is unfortunate news.
  6. ok so I got my answer! I'll leave this here for anyone else. Also thanks @JohnK6404 those photos help!
  7. Looking to book a Cabana while at Labadee as per @Matt's advice from the blog. Not having been there before the options are not crystal clear to me nor are the differences and pros/cons of each. At Nellies beach I see three types. I see Waterfront Cabana, Cabana at Nellie's beach, and Overwater Cabana at Nellie's. The waterfront option seems self explanatory but the difference between the other two is not clear and there is a massive price difference (560 vs 360 Can). The videos posted by Royal look identical. It looks like there are family bungalows at Columbus beach and some maps have cabanas at Adrenaline beach but I don't see those on the cruise planner. Any insight from experience would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Thats what I thought but I became confused when it wasn't released with the rest of the 7+ Caribbean. Maybe because its 6/8 night sailings it will be released later with short due to the 6 nighters?
  9. Anyone know what Odyssey is supposed to do early 2022?
  10. South Beach will open in January of 2020 so nobody will be able to give you an informed opinion just yet. I'm sure there will be reviews when it opens! Enjoy!
  11. As a general rule cruise fare will increase as the sail date approaches (ex $1000 2 years out, $1250 18 months out, $1500 1 year out). Does the "discounted group rate" of 8 cabins+ always equal a percentage of the current cruise fare or is it more accurate to say the group rate is more of a fixed number? Here's a little more specific info. My wife, kids, and I are going to book cruise X on date X on ship X. We know if we book earlier we will (theoretically) get the lowest fare (and if it drops we can re-price). There is a very good chance we will get enough family to join us and we'll create our own group booking. The only issue is we likely won't get everyone to commit as early as we want to book. If the group rate is a flat rate then there is no rush. If the group rate is a percentage of the fare do they use the current rate or the rate of an earlier booked guest?? Any help is appreciated!
  12. Saw this on a couple Facebook groups. No supporting links yet. Only one photo that is not a Q class but the rendering looks different from Current Oasis class ships. 3 am local time so not much to check for confirmation. I'm sure it is middle of the day half way across the world. Please delete if this is just inter webs misinformation.
  13. From what I can figure their year runs from May to the end of April. We will need to wait for 2021-2022 sailings which include everything from May 01st 2021 until end of April 2022. From what I can gather they just mean that the 2020-2021 up until end of April are now complete. Ex. ships like Empress and Majesty that weren't fully scheduled until end of April now are.
  14. I plan on doing this as well and I'm way behind you having only sailed Explorer 10 years ago! I'm also itinerary driven and will likely hold off on ships like Spectrum until they either reposition or I reach a point that it's schedule seems appealing or more affordable. But I honestly believe if spaced out the right way the ports/itinerary will easily be the deciding factor and I won't feel like I booked sailing just to say i've been on a particular ship. I've always wanted to go to UAE so we plan on doing that in 2023 and Australia in 2025. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada which unfortunately means flights but on a positive note i'm so far from each port that i'm not faced with feeling guilty about flying away from a "home port." With all of that said how often do ships reposition. I've only been back in the game so to speak since early this year. It seems like ships spend many, many years in a home port. for reference: Apr 2020 Enchantment to Cozumel Sept 2020 Mariner 2N Perfect day Dec 2020 Oasis Western Caribbean Mar 2021 Rhapsody to Belize/Roatan May 2021 Grandeur to Bermuda (planned based on previous schedule) Nov 2021 Vision 11 night ABC islands (planned based on previous schedule...notice the vision class focus 2021).
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