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  1. The baby (swim Diaper) are was just okay. Better than Oasis but not as good as Indy. It had a couple rubber things to step on that would squirt water. Great ship but hard with a little one. Can't do bumper cars, North Star, Zone Zero with a little one. Amazing ship but my wife, 10, and 2 year old had to split up often. She did like the interactive art pieces in the Via. The splash pad for the toddlers out of diapers on all three ships were much more comparable but the Freedom class still has the best ones. As much as I really liked Odyssey if the sole decision making factor was ease of use with a 2 year old it would rank lower than Oasis or Independence. But it would also be very doable to have your little one go to adventure ocean while you hit North Star, IFly, Bumper Cars if that's your thing.
  2. Quick run down on highlights from our recent cruises with my 2.5 year old daughter. Aug 2021 independence - best splash away Bay even if still in diapers as it has a good slide for a 2 year old. Simpson Bay at St Martin is a very quick walk to water taxi and very short ride over to shallow entry calm waters in view of the ship. Dec 2021 Oasis - Very lacking baby splash area. All other amenities are awesome though (carousel about 8 million times). Coco Cay Splash Away bay and the wave pool are excellent choices! Jan 2022 Odyssey - Amazing ABC islands trip but they were long days. Our daughter did amazing but it could have been a nightmare too, we were lucky. Caves in Curacoa, Eagle beach in Aruba was very steep entry and lots of rolling waves. Climbed the rock formations. Not for everyone with a two year old! A couple of the trips we did Blue Lagoon in Nassau. Excellent excellent choice for little ones. Watch some videos and you'll see the very shallow waters. need to be careful as a current can come through though. Hope this helps! Enjoy.
  3. Imagine docking alongside another Royal Caribbean ship in Cozumel, Bahamas, or Perfect Day and thinking to yourself " I sure could go for some PortSide BBQ" or "I really wish I could try Mason Jar." "Sabor would be great right about now." Seeing as some restaurants are only available on a couple or possibly only one ship would anyone favour being permitted to board a sister ship while in port to be escorted to a pre-arranged restaurant reservation? Or is this a terrible, terrible idea in the making? I fully realize there would be logistical challenges but I'm envisioning it being ran similar to a resort for the day type thing. For a fee Royal would sell a number of spaces and escort people for lunch on and off the second ship during docked hours. It may be worth it to staff the restaurant during lunches and while in port if they were making some money off it. Certainly I'd love try some restaurants I might not otherwise get to in the near future but I also understand I wouldn't want some stowaway preventing me from getting a reservation on a ship I booked for sailing. Clearly, i'm going stir crazy waiting for my next cruise but would love any comments in favour or against this wild idea.
  4. I'm really at a loss at here. Did this guy actually get drunk and behave obnoxiously? Did he actually start a fight? If he did either of those things it's not okay but I'm sure it's more about him as a person and nothing to do with his appearance. This type of behaviour has been observed amongst all sorts. If he did neither of these things you instantly thought of I'd suggest you are the problem. I am the type of person that spends a lot of time in the gym to be healthy, compete in powerlifting, and to be in shape for my physically demanding career. Truth be told I could not reach a post it note in the middle of back. But I don't use steroids, I don't drink very much, and I don't fight people. I'm a loving father, husband, and a fan of cruising. While I'm way more interested in enjoying time with my family than what others think about me I find it "cringe-worthy" that there are people in the background being so judgemental about things that instantly pop into their minds. Your post has some validity about behavioural issues but you have seriously missed the mark by judging people based on their appearance or attributing an individuals poor behaviour to having a direct correlation to how they happen to look. One thing we can agree on is elevators that stop at every floor. Take care!
  5. I have only sailed Royal and don't really see a need to change at this point. With that said I have an interest in some other line's ships and I'd be curious about how they do things. Not entirely sure I could handle "wasting" the time and money if it didn't compare to what I know I'll get with Royal. Curious how many people are loyal to one brand compared to who just is content to cruise and will mix up lines.
  6. I was just on Odyssey and never saw a scale near North Star. I'm a muscular 240 at 5'10" and as such don't meet the requirements for I Fly which are under 230 if under 6 feet OR under 250 if 6 feet+. I asked if they would just turn up the van speed which I knew is possible. What I will say is that one instructor may have agreed to right until their supervisor/team lead came in. He provided me his card and told me to call and ask for him.......he'd let me know when the coast was clear. Also saw a very tall man weight over 250 go as well.
  7. Bonaire, Grand Cayman, and Labadee. Also would really like to hit one that went to Cartagena, Puerto Limo, and Colon.
  8. I recall seeing a place to check the weather and forecast for Perfect Day but can't find it. Anyone have a link?
  9. I'll respond to my own post for info purposes. We got off Odyssey Jan 23 in Ft Lauderdale. There was zero signage on where to go but the pier staff pointed us in the right direction. The company was still Bio-reference who we have seen multiple times. The process was quick and the results came in about an hour. This was still free for the time being but like @Vancity Cruiser said I think when it comes time to pay for this service I'll just do it at the airport. If there are any issues with the test or emailing results I'd rather have someone to go talk to you as oppose to being at the airport with the testing location being else where.
  10. Samba Grill is a Brazilian Steak House concept so there are no dishes so to speak. If you are not familiar with this concept here's my quick explanation. The Gaucho (waiter) comes to your table throughout the service with different cuts of meat on a large skewer. You get a little two sided token on your table that you use to indicate if you would like them to keep coming by or if you are taking a break/eating more slowly. You can accept or pass on any offering and they just keep the rotation going. There are usually about 7-8 different options so once around plus an additional favourite is usually good for me. They also brings some incredibly good sides to your table that pair with with each cut of meat. The meats a re usually a couple different steak cuts, some bacon wrapped chicken, sausage, pork cut of some sort, etc.
  11. I thought post cruise pier side testing was the only option since they are no longer doing it on the ship? They are still covering the cost for the next little bit.
  12. one time bump on this thread. surely someone has tested pier side this past week??
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