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  1. With RC going bigger as they build new ships will they ever go back to building smaller ships? One of the benefits of the smaller ships are the smaller ports if they continue to build only large ships wont that continued to limit the ports of call RC will be able to sail to, pushing business to other cruise lines that can access the smaller ports I fully understand the profitability of the larger ships I even read somewhere that they could sell it under 50% on oasis class ships and be profitable which I doubt could happen on the Majesty or Empress for example.
  2. Very interesting reading to my question and I appreciate everybody’s input I guess I’ll just have to wait to see what the cruise line says as I get closer to June and I hope that with vaccines coming out sooner than later the CDC may lower its warning levels back down to 3 or lower and it may become a moot point
  3. Has anyone yet heard any rumblings as to whether back to back cruises will be allowed in light of the new seven day restriction? Mine were booked in June prior to the recent increase the CDC has put on alerts I have not received a notification that I need to cancel one at this point maybe it’s just too early to be worrying about it but I’m curious what other people have heard of anything
  4. Was lucky enough to do Havana cruise on Empress in May 2018 would do it again in a heartbeat if option come back on board
  5. None here either but we are already in suite so not sure if we would get one for a better suite
  6. I assume it only main dining room menu right? Not costal kitchen
  7. Didn’t mean to start a financial conversation or a debate. But you really need to talk to your financial advisor and have them explain it to you, it’s not a look it up on the Internet kinda thing, that’s what you pay them for . You both only got parts of it right anyway my point was you don’t need to wait if you have the funds saved and that’s the only reason your waiting till 59 1/2.
  8. fyi you do not have to wait till 59 1/2 to withdraw funds from ira without penalty but yes on SS reduction
  9. I will be doing exactly that a 25% return on $ is as good an investment on anything for such a short period of time and the $ is going there anyway!
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