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  1. When our Nov cruise gets canceled, collect the 125% FCC and put it on the Mar '21.
  2. Read CDC wanted to push to Feb '21 but others in the gov't believed too long so Oct was used as starting peg with the option for a month-to-month slip. Think that reduces probability of Nov restart. The CDC could still just sit on the plans until they decide to allow.
  3. Maybe close down the lower revenue cabins? Maybe cabins with outside air access become priority cabin? Just guessing at this time. We don't know how the health panel recommendations will be applied.
  4. Two ports in driving range: Galveston 5hrs & New Orleans about 7. But really need to fly to the major Florida ports. Actually flying now isn't a very pleasant experience so driving is preferred. But we're too far out of a reasonable drive time to FLL or MIA.
  5. Apex enroute to Azores. Itineraries from FLL still published as starting 7 Nov. Lift & Shift extended to end of Nov. 1 day left of current CDC hold, lets see what happens tomorrow.
  6. You missed the point. Not making a direct comparison but illustrating an example that a vaccine is 1 arrow in a quiver of many mitigation techniques. It takes many techniques to make things safer - again nothing is 100%. The health panel recommendations comprise of a web of many mitigation actions. If you don't like the word influenza - substitute measles.
  7. After pondering, its still too early for the cruise doc's to show updated protocols. The plan was submitted 21 Sep and until the CDC approves, we don't know what recommendations will be implemented. Would imagine a separate doc being issued that's focused just on the adopted protocols. Lets watch to see if the CDC no sail expires in 3 days. If so, the wheels deciding which plan recommendations are adopted will start turning. Lets get to 1 Oct and watch.
  8. You got your tags in the docs - that's a warm fuzzy. Fingers crossed for expiration of the no sail in 3 days
  9. Prior to crew call back, I would expect the CDC no sail to expire (3 days) and the health plan to be approved. Big cost if they call everyone back too early and can put them to work.
  10. I was not asserting equivalency between the two, only using influenza as there is actually a vaccine in place and you still need other mitigating factors to avert risk. Actually had close 3 family members have it. Two kids (30s) had mild symptoms for 2 days and recovered (then donated plasma for antibodies), my sibling ended up in the hospital for 3 days and quickly recovered after therapeutics were administered. So not underplaying at all. But we need to move forward and understand what all the health planning can provide or not.
  11. I think the reduced capacity recommendation for early sailings is another mitigation technique to minimize breakout. Might even be appropriate to message early cruising as protocol validation. "Attention all passengers , as part of being part of the first cruise experience after shutdown, you are all privileged to be part of our new and amazing health protocols. Enjoy your vacation and we look forward to remotely monitor you complete the Muster 2.0 drill. "
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