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  1. Wonder if we'll start seeing booking and rule fatigue? A point where most good natured cruise enthusiasts will just say - "we're waiting until the craziness ends to rebook". Lots of disappointed folks with the wave of recent cancellations and the uncertainties with port requirements. (We bit the bullet and got the jabs, but the ever changing requirements with port visits, masks on/off/on, and pre-tests is killing the vacation buzz.)
  2. Close in hotels (on the island) fill very quickly and are quite pricey. Far more plentiful if you push outside the immediate area and accept a longer drive in the morning.
  3. Just an observation. On these early cruises appears the higher revenue rooms are selling out faster than in the past. In a way makes sense as folks probably have banked 2020 vacation dollars and want to splurge, but it also would be consistent with maximize areas with great square footage and balconies (airflow). In 2020 were where planning and hoping '21 would be normal, now we're hoping for '22.
  4. Looks like its off the schedule until April '22. Am I seeing that correctly on the Royal cruise planning site?
  5. I found it random in normal times. I'd get an email stating, "we have a great deal for you...." with the link for bidding up. I tried on several occasions, but never bid enough. I would limit my price to what the retail price of the upgraded room was when I originally booked. As we usually book Sky Suites, it usually takes a healthy + up to get to the next level. Perks are the same on all Celebrity suite classes (all get Retreat/Michaels club and Luminae). The higher level suite gets you more square footage , sometimes a better location, and more butler attention.
  6. Normally its within the early 90 day check in period. That all turned upside down under today's circumstance and check-ins can be within the month of sailing..
  7. Is there a summary of how may Star, Sky, and Sea class suites are on each O/Q class ship (curious about the overall inventory). I could run through through deck plans, but has someone already assembled a tabular summary? Actually more curious about a summary for Star suites on each of the ships.
  8. Many looking for what the reworked itineraries will be. We don't sail until Nov. I wouldn't cancel due to port changes, but really curious on the rework plan. Don't mind just staying on a ship. US originating ship would would still need to a stop to a non US port. Wish PDCC counted.
  9. Will we see a change in our itinerary regarding St. Thomas and St. Maarten? Or will the ship go 100% vax ? Or is it still too early for any speculation?
  10. Probably the best perk coming out of all these early sailings is the high crew to passenger ratio. Great service - amplified....
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