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  1. Reading a common theme from the some folks who unfortunately tested positive at the end of their European cruise. For Americans, exit testing is required within 1-day of return flight to US. You want to perform that exit test BEFORE getting off ship. If you or your partner test positive, and asymptomatic or mild symptoms, you have the option to remain in quarantine on the ship, meaning there is not a need to find a quarantine hotel and wait for the clear to travel test. This means you need a proctored internet test and the premium service to connect to the proctor. The basic internet service is not sufficient to maintain connectivity. Current protocol has Celebrity distributing that final test kit after you've disembarked leaving it you to find adequate internet service to administer the test. And if positive, you'll have to arrange a quarantine hotel somewhere.
  2. No toys on Celebrity. Focused on culinary, entertainment, and service experience. More of an adult experience (not much for kids to do). Edge class ships offer more included dining and premium dining options and are priced higher as newer. Sail 3 classes of ship: Millennium, Solstice, and Edge. All three have unique feel, but we now prefer Edge (more culinary options) and Solstice. ts all personal preference. Read about experiences from those who sailed and see what resonates.
  3. Actually more concerned with luggage sitting on a hot tarmac prior to loading into the cargo hold. Something to watch in warm sunny climates.
  4. Countdown: 2, 1, 0. Think of embarkation day is day 0.
  5. Try this executive contact: Primary Contact Jennifer Morales Senior Director of Celebrity Engagement 1050 Caribbean Way Miami, FL 33132 [email protected]
  6. Has anyone noticed a difference between submitting vaccination status using a QR code is faster/better than scanning card? Difference noticed using the Verifly APP for air and other cruise line travel. I used a QR vax record and was approved immediately, my wife used her CDC card and it took 4-5 hours for manual review. I have not tried the QR on the RCL or Celebrity APP.
  7. Does guest services have a place to deposit post when at a port stop?
  8. I'm reading observations of that from a number of travelers on some Celebrity cruises this month. US is still requiring negative tests for reentry of US citizens by air travel and that makes the European venture less attractive for some.
  9. Its driving us crazy on our upcoming med cruise. Highly recommended you bring extra e-med tests on the cruise so you can take it prior to leaving the ship to catch your flight to US.
  10. If you factor fuel costs, and the cash burn on the new ships -they're really on the edge right now. Fuel costs alone have to be killing them. Was the strategy to get the entire fleet sailing the right one? Or focus on regions, ships and itineraries that can maximize cash and minimize risk and costs? If not this year, next we're going to see the industry contract.
  11. I'd speculate all of the lines would love to be sailing at 100% and still be able to operate with a crew compliment of 50% just to make up some margin. Unfortunately, the crew is just as susceptible to be sidetracked due to the bug, and with an already reduced crew, service diminishes faster and they're hindered keeping up with the new sanitation protocols.
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