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  1. What does a drunk sailboat do? Get Wrecked.
  2. What detergent do sailors use? Tide!
  3. How do you make a yacht look younger? Boat-Tox.
  4. Our first time sailing over Christmas too (and New Years). We booked a 15 day on Azamara that covers both holidays; however, with the CSO still in place I'm wondering if a 15-day will be allowed to go. Lines have been exceeding the 7 day "limit" for some time and haven't heard of any consequences.
  5. Doubt it will go away in Jan '22 (hope I'm wrong). If it does, the gov't might drop the term CSO but replace it with something new like "PSG" - Passenger Sailing Guidelines. Experience has shown that regulations are hard to kill once they've been in place (and don't be surprised if something additional migrates to air travel).
  6. Protocols are published. Check your emails. Must be getting reasonably close.
  7. We packing a few of plastic straws anyway for the frozen drinks. Nice hack.
  8. GC is expected to open to cruising in (Feb?) 2022. https://www.caymancompass.com/2021/08/03/tourism-ministry-in-talks-to-bring-cruise-ships-back-to-cayman/ Flights have opened up, but cruising still on hold through this year.
  9. I noticed the a la carte pricing is published for our Oasis cruise on the APP. Prices look fairly reasonable, but is there a cover charge for the restaurant, or just the a la carte pricing?
  10. Caveat Emptor (a reason to maintain some internet connectivity - double check prices both on/off board)
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