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  1. Guess its not really a surprise. Someone had to be first. You could equate to when you travel to certain regions/countries and yellow fever or dengue fever shots are required. Remember those yellow immunizations booklets? Now you can put it in an app.
  2. I booked one for Dec, was excited that they use the Celebrity Captains Club model for point accumulation. Now that's out the window. Wonder if they'll even be in business by the end of the year.
  3. Late '22 early '23 Caribbean itineraries are out.
  4. I get it, but would the cruise lines sailing overseas offer the tests on-board prior to disembarkation, or will the traveler have to find a test after disembarkation? Thinking this will greatly reduce US tourist flow returning non-US territories. Most won't want to deal with the hassle.
  5. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/royal-caribbean-to-sell-azamara-line-for-201m-2021-01-19 Culling the herd.
  6. I had not read anything to show its being abandoned. Absence may be an artifact of the current health situation and undefined '22- 23 Caribbean schedule. SUMMIT had a regular rotation sailing from SJ. The only Caribbean itinerary published for late '22 early '23 is for Equinox from FLL. Doubt that will be the only Celebrity ship sailing the Caribbean.
  7. Think there's also a number of flights between PR and Barbados. If it becomes difficult to find the direct, fly to PR for an overnight stay and and take jump flight to Barbados the next morning. (Works for a number of islands)
  8. Viruses are never eradicated - they are just RNA strands that exist all over the place. A population either is no longer susceptible or taken steps to isolate from infection. Once isolation is broken, it will emerge again. Populations evolve to fight these naturally (survival of the fitess) or accelerate spread the immunity process through vaccines. The Spanish flu is still in the world. Hasn't been eradicated, just we've adapted.
  9. Yes but anticipating the worst. One issue not discussed, the ship hasn't had the "IT" upgrade for the new Muster 2.0 format. (perhaps won't matter for European operations) Guess they could be working it. Heard on news, looking for print version - But apparently CDC issued a new recommendation for Americans returning from Europe. Must have Covid test within 72H of getting on return flight to US. So will complicates US guests return logistics. Trying to track that one down. TA was also trying to run to ground for me. Grrr. If it tanks, we'll try to L&S to next season. https://ww
  10. Excellent - the kind of innovative move I've been hoping to see.
  11. Yep. Europe gone for summer '21. (TA told me they're rolling out cancellations) so In the process of an L&S to'22.
  12. Looks like Connie, Edge and Apex are not sailing the Med this summer. Cancellation notice posted. So pushing tests to Q3/4? 2021 another lost year?
  13. Doubtful there will be any approvals until new CDC appointees are in place and have an opportunity to voice a position. The career holdovers will just sit tight until then. It will probably be 6 months before the new leadership will address (just a guess).
  14. Both Princess and Holland operate large resort properties in AK (supporting Denali tourism) that were shuddered last season. Yet another dry year for the land tour side also. The wildlife will at least get a break - maybe move into the resorts...
  15. I can’t think of any more boat puns. Canoe?
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