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  1. It would only to get the first cruises off the dock. The lines are willing to take draconian measures just to get started more quickly. Would probably change in the fall.
  2. A magician is working on a Cruise Ship... With him, he has a parrot to spice up his routine. Sadly, the parrot has the habit of ruining his show. Whenever the magician makes something disappear, the parrot announces: "Saw it! You palmed it and hid it up your sleeve!" When he does a card trick, the parrot says: "Saw it! Every card in that decks the same!" He does this every routine, much to the magicians dismay. After a week of this, the cruise ship is suffering shipwreck. In the ensuing chaos, the magician manages to safe his belongings and the parrot, but ends up alone wit
  3. Absolutely! Other observation on embarkation day, many people don't know (or haven't found) Park cafe, we've always found it great place to get a quick meal, relax and avoid the more crowded venues.
  4. After reading the last 2 posts, were there any details published other than a cash sale to a Sycamore Parters? Many have commented the $201M seems low. Could RCG still have a financial stake in the company? http://www.sycamorepartners.com/news/article/2066 If you poke around in the Sycamore website seems like they own a load of fashion/clothing interests and retail. A cruise line seems out of place of the portfolio.
  5. $12 sounds about right. We did an upgrade on-board a few years ago and was $13. We really like the Martini bar (which many of the martinis exceed the classic drink price) and determined we could make it back. So if you're a martini bar person, you'll want the premium package.
  6. The Muster 2.0 will be on the App and you can listen to the "abandon ship" horn.
  7. We're sailing most Thanksgiving weeks (when we're in business). That's what we do and its a little more civil.
  8. We use it all the time. Its about timing - the dining surges are largely driven by entertainment schedules (early and late theater shows). Just take that into account and you can figure out where the best queue-up windows might be.
  9. I think this is posturing by NCL (not an intentional swipe at family vacations). NCL is the most draconian steps to provide optics of a more robust risk mitigation strategy and see if the CDC says no again. Continue to emphasis the hypocrisy of not following their stated positions regarding vaccinated travelers. Here's a repeat of the gov'ts back to sail decision tool (reposted).
  10. I share your opinion and believe they should sue for recovery of financial loss. Airlines got bail out money.
  11. From Matt's 7 Apr CLIA blog: "Even if cruise lines received permission to sail, how realistic is July as a timeframe for cruises to be able to restart sailing? Ms. Craighead said the ramp up would take "about 90 days" to get a ship ready for service, but the bigger issue is how soon cruise lines can get the go-ahead to start planning." So we know the approximate lead time... If you don't see crew movements 90 days prior, low probability a cruise will go.
  12. Until something comes out in writing from the line, its all speculation, but interesting to debate.
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