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  1. Great info, thanks for answering everything!!!
  2. He everybody, I just reached Diamond on my last cruise (7/10/22 sailing) and I had a few questions. What are the milestone recognitions and do they start at 140 points and not once you reach diamond? What is the Chef's choice gift and do we receive that on every cruise or just once ? Discounts on Balcony and Suite staterooms, how do I see the discounts? I book myself through the Royal Caribbean website / call direct and it would help my decision making if I could know what to expect while comparing cruises. I have tried a travel agent and did not have the experience that I expected (don't want to discuss in open forum). Lastly the signature lapel pins. Not sure we would wear them, but would mean alot to have. We have never received any pins through Platinum or Emerald. Did they do away with this? Thanks in advance!!!!
  3. Hi Texas, sorry for the slow reply. There is a facebook page setup for our sailing that has alot more traffic!!! Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas July 10, 2022
  4. Thanks Waaaytooo. I appreciate the info. Wasn't aware of a few of those, especially the Chops breakfast!!!
  5. First time in a real suite, any suggestions to make the most of it? Also, any tips on tendering at Grand Cayman? Really looking forward to the trip, thanks in advance!!!
  6. Looks like we may be on the inaugural cruise!! Any suggestions on excursions or things to do in Aruba and Curacao?
  7. I've had 3 cruises cancelled and just booked this one!! My wife and I are so excited!! Looking forward to getting back on the ocean.
  8. I'm booked in a loft suite for this cruise too. We have had 2 cruises cancelled on us so far.. I also noticed that the suites are "sold out" as well as the ocean views are "sold out". The inside cabins are starting at over $1,200 per person now. Wondering if this is good news and that they are trying to keep the ship at a certain capacity?
  9. I have the Royal Suite booked on Liberty of the Seas (1640) for next year. I was wondering if there are any additional perks, above the grand suite perks, for this room.
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