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  1. This probably is a dumb question, but does anyone know if it’s possible to change the payment for Royal Up after I have made my bids while they are still pending?
  2. My husband and I are vaccinated, but our ten year old son is not. I don’t feel like we should be put more at risk by being seated with those who have chosen to be unvaccinated. If our son is only socializIng with his vaccinated parents, he is not a risk to others. There is a difference between unvaccinated by choice and unvaccinated due to age. I have chosen to be vaccinated; I would rather not be forced to be with those who have chosen to put others at risk.
  3. Yes, we were switched from a deck 14, midship balcony on Symphony to a deck 12, mid-ship balcony on Odyssey. At first, the agent said we had to wait for our FCC to come through and rebook ourselves, but she spoke with the resolutions department and was eventually able to do it. This was after my hour and a half phone call the day before with no luck. I’m glad I tried one more time. We were on a seven night cruise and this new one is 8 nights. We were refunded $350 with the price difference
  4. May I ask if Royal switched you over or if you had to start a brand new reservation?
  5. Dang. I'm happy for those who were moved over. I was hoping my July 3rd on Symphony would have moved to the July 3rd Odyssey.
  6. This might be a dumb question, but is it possible to switch from the Symphony July 3rd sailing that was cancelled today to the July 3rd Odyssey? I wasn't sure if that was possible or not.
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