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  1. Hi! I'm still here, taking a break from cruising.
  2. My room attendant took care of my towel returns. I did not request the towels from him, I got them from the towel station. Looks like it worked, I wasn't charged for unreturned towels.
  3. This varies by ship and sailing. On the Wonder, they had towel stations by the exit. They even had a towel station on Labadee. I think it was on the Jewel or the Brilliance where they had no towel stations by the exit. They only had them on the pool deck. This was all post-COVID.
  4. Parking at Terminal 18 at Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale)
  5. Productions on ships skip some acts/scenes based on weather conditions and ship movements. They said they skip the lifts at the ice shows, the “flying” acts at the theater, and the dives and stunts at the aqua show if it puts the cast in danger during rough sailing.
  6. It varies by sailing. I've gotten my bags as early as 2PM when the rooms have become available. Usually they arrive just before dinner. On the Wonder I did not get my luggage until around 8PM, but that's because Royal sent luggage tags that were marked incorrectly.
  7. My best souvenir for the Wonder's maiden voyage. I didn't get it from the Wonder though, I ordered it from Amazon. I added the origami heart to complete the look.
  8. I did this on the Wonder where I had friends who preferred a later dining time. I had my dinner at 5 and joined them for drinks and desserts at their dining time. There were times I gave in to the waiter's insistence that I order main entrees so I had "dinner" all over again lol.
  9. I initially understood this to mean that you had ALL 10 of your glass blocks in your checked luggage. I thought you wanted to display them in your cabin while sailing. After reading your other reply, I now got it.
  10. I was just thinking about this yesterday. I think Royal should make guests sailing on maiden voyages sign a waiver about not complaining about incomplete features and attractions on new ships.
  11. I don't remember on which ships but they has tribute bands for Aerosmith, Beatles, Journey post COVID
  12. @Pattycruise, what ship were you on? I think I heard of a ship having problems with their printers. @mamie, I got a Cruise Compass every night in my cabin on the Wonder too. One thing I also noticed is that they had Cruise Compasses on racks again in the Promenade (just can't remember exactly where)
  13. Your wife may not enjoy the aqua show on the Wonder then. lol
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