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  1. A couple next to me at the Royal Theater told me that they don’t even play at the casino that much but they always get free cruises. How much playing (okay, gambling) is needed to get those free cruises?
  2. Much is discussed about Conch Fritters on this thread. What about Cracked Conch?
  3. Make sure to get sturdy, rigid ones. The flimsy ones will not work unless you reinforce them with some cardboard or something.
  4. The pre-COVID priority boarding for suite guests has been modified. Now you will be allowed to check in an hour before and an hour after your selected arrival time.
  5. If there is an adult with them and they have all the required documents, I don't see why they would not be able to get things rolling. Pre-COVID, I was able to check-in separately from someone I was sharing the stateroom with. I don't see anything in their post-covid protocols that has changed that.
  6. Digging up this old thread... I was wondering why "CHOICE" was next to "DIAMOND" on my SetSail Pass. The only time I was at the casino was when I used my $6.00 free play. Where do I go from here... HIGH ROLLER?
  7. I was just at Office Depot today, looking for the DocuSleeve for my friends. The ones they had there were not rigid enough. This one I have is called the DocuSleeve from Trainers Warehouse. https://trainerswarehouse.com/awards-recognition/docu-sleeves-8-5-x-11-clear-plastic-document-protector/ Amazon only sells them in bulk https://www.amazon.com/Set-25-DocU-Pockets-Omni-Stick-backings/dp/B005OR9HOO/ref=sr_1_36?crid=3S6N4BCS4AVZO&dchild=1&keywords=trainers+warehouse+document+holder&qid=1635359387&sprefix=trainers+warehouse+doc%2Caps%2C119&sr=8-36
  8. Here's how I presented my documents at PortMiami at check-in for Freedom. I put all the required documents in a rigid document pocket. It literally took me seconds to go through every screening station. There were 3-4 of them
  9. Looks like for the Brilliance, the app is not very brilliant
  10. I'm waiting for online check-in to become available for my Brilliance sailing on December 20, 2021. I've noticed that the icons/buttons for "Health", "Check-in", and "Account" are missing. I can see them for the Independence though, on which I'm sailing in 2022. Anybody else seeing this?
  11. I'm coaching a group of 17 guests for a pre-Christmas cruise
  12. The only thing I can think of is "Florida Resident"
  13. With all the screening being done at check in, what is the convenient way to do it for a group or family? Would it be better being done as a group or individually? The screener has to check four documents - SetSail Pass, Covid test results, Passport, and Vaccination Card. I think it would be better if every person in the party had their own documents in hand rather than just one person holding them all. The exception would be for small kids, of course. I think even a grade-school kid can handle presenting their documents to the screener, with some briefing at home. What do you think?
  14. Did you actually go into the Cruise Planner to see the offers? I'm seeing Labadee on the main page of the Cruise Planner, but when I go into the subpages, I see Nassau EDIT: Ooops... they updated the pages already. Labadee is totally gone
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