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  1. I got my J&J vaccine in early March. They're saying that the vaccines provide immunity for at least 6 months (and up to two to three years). My Odyssey cruise in November is outside of that minimum time frame. Does that mean I will need booster shots before my cruise?
  2. Glass half full or half empty? Safe answer: It's at the halfway mark
  3. Looks like I'll be on the Odyssey Inaugural Sailing after all. Woot Woot My very reliable TA, @StephanieH, has gotten me booked for an Inside Stateroom (for now). That puts me on a B2B on the Odyssey for 11/15 and 11/20 You can contact her for details. The US Inaugural sailing is not on the Royal website yet.
  4. I can't wait for this to happen. If I get on this sailing, it will put me on a back-to-back sailing on the Odyssey. I'm already booked for the November 20 sailing. (Fingers crossed)
  5. Here is my take on this. With other modes of travel, if a case of COVID that needs medical attention is found , they can turn around, make emergency landings, etc. That would be difficult to do with a cruise ship, especially if it is in the middle of the ocean. Another thing, cruising is not a necessity, it is non-essential. We can even say it is a luxury. Other modes of travel are needed to be in operation to keep essential business going. Please don't think I'm being insensitive to the plight of cruise crew members. Half my church in the Philippines are displaced cruise s
  6. For $35+, you get a lot of sushi... plus, you get to enjoy the "work of your hands"
  7. I've done it on every ship I've been on that offers it. They have the ingredients all prepared. It's a sushi "rolling" class. I obviously enjoyed it.
  8. I'm not good with booking flights. Can somebody please give me suggestions for roundtrip flights from Jacksonville, FL to Bermuda? EDIT: I don't want flights that would go over the Bermuda Triangle ha ha
  9. It's the first thing I ask the steward to do after he introduces himself.
  10. I haven't heard much about it. My sister said something about funding anomalies but I'm not sure.
  11. In the Philippines, there are agencies that handle all of these expenses. They are reimbursed with their cut from the remittances from crew members. The agencies also handle these remittances.
  12. The only "progress" I can share for now is that I had to loan him some money to take care of his papers. Most crew members have depleted their savings while waiting for cruising to resume.
  13. Crossing everything that can be crossed! EDIT: Actually my son is working on his visas now. He's joining the Virgin ship on March 15th. He was already on board last year as the ship was prepping for its inaugural. But he was sent home a few months after the pandemic hit.
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