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  1. Is there any reason why it has to be Splenda? I’m pretty sure the “yellow packs” are Sucralose which is the generic name for Splenda. This is what they had on the Empress
  2. Have you considered the Coffee Card?
  3. Only a couple? I think I asked for a couple of couples. My record is 8 tails. The waiter stopped serving them one at a time with all the sides and fancy plating. He just brought out 3-4 at a time. LOL
  4. Are we scanning passports now? I don't remember doing this before
  5. I have a good studio quality picture I've used on my first five sailings on Royal, no problem On my sixth on the Empress, an elderly lady agent told me she had to take my picture at the port because I had glasses (regular) on the picture I submitted at online check-in. A "bad" picture of me, hat hair and all, showed up every time my SeaPass card was scanned. LOL
  6. Larger than Symphony ... maybe larger than the whole fleet!
  7. Here's his page... see for yourself https://www.lipcon.com/maritime-attorneys/michael-winkleman/
  8. When I did the All-Access Tour I was initially wearing cargo shorts. They asked me to change into pants citing safety reasons. I think they will cite the same reasons for the Galley Brunch
  9. How do you even pull a magnet that strong off the wall? I’d be afraid it might take the wall with it. ha ha
  10. I have an idea about formal nights. Let me first preface this by saying that I myself do not dress very formal on formal nights. But I know people who really like dressing up, especially women. It's their time to take out that favorite gown, the jewelry, the fancy hairdo. Some families take it as an opportunity for that family photoshoot in nice attires. For some it is a change of environment from their otherwise "come as you are" events. I think there is still a good percentage of people on the ship who like these formal nights. Being seated next to someone in a tank top and shorts on formal night somehow takes away from that expected ambiance of a formal event. (Yes, I was seated next to one, but I didn't mind) Maybe Royal can designate a section of their MDR, especially on bigger ships with multi-level MDRs, to be formal attire only on formal nights. It will be by reservation only and the dress code will be strictly implemented. That way, the guests who are wired to enjoy formal events can have their good time and everybody is happy. I know in the past, when formal nights were still "strictly" observed, formal attire only at the MDR and casual attire at Windjammer. But I think that is not doable anymore.
  11. Without context, this reply will not sound good ... ha ha
  12. I need not think about this for now ... this Pointsaholic is a long way from 340!
  13. I've always wanted to take this advice of yours... but even after being told that I'd get the double points after the "ghost" is a "no-show", I'm still iffy about it. Like I said, I'm a POINTSAHOLIC! ha ha ( I need document proof!)
  14. Being a fan of the show "Bull", I'm imagining the lawyer at jury selection making sure none of the jury members have ever gone on a cruise ship, especially a Freedom class ship.
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