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  1. This is what I've been posting on all news websites and pages reporting the family's account of the incident. I think I have even posted on this thread something like "What is the cruise line to do, fence off the balconies?"
  2. I already live by myself and work from home. Going on a cruise to eat alone in my room doesn't seem very appealing.
  3. The more I read on topics like this, the more I am discouraged from cruising in the near future. I'm imagining the tension, maybe even fights, over sanitation and hygiene measures. That would be a very stressful vacation for me.
  4. I'm thinking... couldn't the cruise lines ask whichever authority implements the Jones Act to suspend/waive it while in the midst of the pandemic. What is the act for anyway? (I looked it up last year but I did not fully understand it. I was planning to join the Ovation cruise in Ketchikan or Juneau but I was told that I had to disembark in Victoria. What's all the foreign port/local port regulation all about?)
  5. Could it be because air travel is a necessity for most people whereas cruising is a luxury?
  6. Gardening kept me busy in the Spring when the lockdowns were just starting, not to mention the tons of stuff we needed to do in my church to adapt. But the Florida heat has brought me back inside. Canceling the Odyssey Inaugural sailing was the exclamation point to this "no cruising for a while" reality.
  7. Cruising has been my go-to vacation activity for years now. These days, I have to face the sad reality that I won’t be confident enough to go on a cruise until a reliable vaccine is made available. I have asthma and I’m in my mid-50s. What other recreational activities can be done at a time like this?
  8. Just a quick update, I got my refunds for my cancelled cruise planner orders. They showed up on my account just this week but the transaction date was July 8th. So that's six days from Royal's end and eight to nine days on the card provider's end. Not bad.
  9. That’s @YOLO talking right there! But they wouldn’t even go “YOLO” at this time
  10. I’m not sure of the timeline, but was the September 15th date set before or after the current surges?
  11. I got what you meant. I just wanted to latch onto the phrase “taking chances”. Some people like taking a lot of chances, as in Russian roulette style chances. I’ve even heard of college kids holding parties and betting on who gets covid first.
  12. That’s the word right there, “chances”. Some people have taken chances and nothing happened. But unfortunately for some, they got the covid. In my circle, we’ve got one who suffered a stroke while being treated for COVID in the ICU, one on rehab for impaired brain function, one who had to go on dialysis, and sadly, one who died. That makes it really dangerous for us.
  13. The situation is very volatile at the moment and hoping I’m wrong, it could remain this way for quite a while. The problem with cruising is that everyone on the sailing will be affected by any covid related incident. Someone testing positive, foreign ports closing, US restrictions tightening, etc can all turn what would have been a nice vacation into a nightmare. Some have compared cruise ships to theme parks, but nobody stays inside a theme park for 4 to 5 days or more. Plus, people can go home if a covid case presents itself. But we’ve all seen what happened on cruise ships with covid ca
  14. Cancelling the Cruise Planner orders online did not work for me. They were still there one day after I tried cancelling them. I called Royal and asked an agent to do the cancellation. I got an email confirming they were cancelled. I haven’t checked my online Cruise Planner yet. FYI, the refund for the cruise reservation itself showed up on my credit card account within a day. Thank God I did not have to wait 30-45 days. Let’s see what happens with my Cruise Planner refunds.
  15. That was my experience too when I cancelled Cruise Planner orders before. I was able to instantly cancel the order with the higher prices and reordered them with the lower prices. That's why I was wondering why the ones I cancelled for the Odyssey did not instantly disappear from my history. I'll check again tomorrow.
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