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  1. ... and the 4th iteration would be what... "Aspect Ratio?"
  2. You are right (as always)... The Dream, The Gift, The Book ... don't they sound like they belong together? ha ha I would not have been confused if this "Pixels" equivalent was entitled "Pages". As an aside, I watched every showing of "Pixels" on Ovation.
  3. My TA booked this sailing for me today to replace the canceled Rhapsody sailing. She got me a good price for a balcony. It will be my birthday cruise. Hope to see those on these boards on the ship.
  4. The Book is in two70º? On the Ovation, I think it was in the main theater
  5. I heard @Matt has a good 8-Ball Show!
  6. Come from Away may be within their budget, but Dear Evan Hansen might still be very costly to license. Give it some more years.
  7. Thanks to my ever reliable TA, @StephanieH, my initial disappointment and frustration over these schedule changes and cancellations has been replaced with excitement. My bookings for November are now: Odyssey NOV 15 - Oasis NOV 21 - Freedom NOV 29 My original bookings were: Odyssey NOV 15 - Radiance NOV 21 - Freedom NOV 26 - Freedom NOV 29
  8. Allure will be sailing from either Miami or Lauderdale in November this year. I know because I’m looking at a booking on it to replace my Radiance sailing from there.
  9. I definitely would like to cruise from the Big Apple someday but, for this year, I want to board on the Oasis from Miami or Fort Lauderdale. I'm looking for a replacement for my Radiance booking for a series of side-to-sides. Odyssey Nov 15 - Radiance Nov 21 Oasis Nov 21 - Freedom Nov 29
  10. Looks like it's not only the dates that have changed. Has somebody checked out the home ports for the ships in the new schedule? I'm looking at a sailing of the Oasis in November 2021. On the website, it's sailing from Miami. But in the return to service schedule, it will start sailing from Bayonne in September. Will it reposition two months after it returns to service?
  11. Ah... now I get it! I've always wondered why they were called "Lazy" Rivers.
  12. Maybe you can request a feature for the Coco Cay lazy river. it should go all the way to the gangway. That should give you (us) the maximum time on the lazy river... ha ha ha
  13. Most lazy rivers I've seen wind through and around other attractions. I've never seen a standalone lazy river. (I now understand why you said it would be disruptive.... I agree)
  14. My cruising schedule is not looking good with this new return to service schedule. I haven't even checked if the remaining sailings will leave from the ports in my original bookings. This is all so chaotic... ai ai ai
  15. Why do you think it would be disruptive? Full disclosure, lazy rivers are the only water features/attractions I enjoy. I’ve never been a fan of swimming pools, beaches, and water slides. I have yet to try wave pools.
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