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  1. I use this for my belt loop I bring a mini hole punch for non-RFID cards. No plastic sleeve needed for those.
  2. I also supports the indifference and apathy towards these safety measures and guidelines. I haven't been in the States very long. I heard there was a similar reaction to seat belts when they were first implemented.
  3. Are we trying to say here that because people die from taking Aspirin, heart attacks and falling down stairs that we will just let people get COVID-19 and die? I am not a hater of cruising and the cruise industry. Cruising has been my recreation of choice and I miss it terribly. In fact, I'm booked for the Odyssey in November 2021. But until I gain enough confidence that I will not be a carrier of this coronavirus, I will do my part and abide by the guidelines for mitigating its spread, however insufficient and controversial they may be. They're all we've got at the moment. I will we
  4. I’m glad I got to sail on these ships before they left the Royal fleet.
  5. Wasn't this a test run (sail)? I think the company should have some latitude controlling as many variables as they can for test cruises like this. Then they can gradually loosen control when the protocols are proven to work under controlled environments. My two cents
  6. Getting emotional... The first shots of the vaccine have been administered. THIS IS IT!!! The tide has turned in the war against this Coronavirus! Hoping this will fast track our return to cruising. Praying against issues and complications.
  7. I always get a photo folder/holder and have ONE photo of me taken by a ship photographer
  8. I’m not very picky with ships. I book cruises on them more for bucket list reasons like class namesakes, inaugural and farewell sailings.
  9. I was booked for Grandeur’s supposed farewell sailing in March 2021 (under Royal) but this pandemic turned everything upside down.
  10. Most online forum rankings are based on number of posts
  11. Thanks for the birthday greeting Sailing on every Royal ship is the end goal but the classes’ namesakes are the priority.
  12. My last cruise memory was my birthday cruise on the Empress a year ago. I should have been on the Vision right now for my 2020 birthday, which is one item on my bucket list because I want to sail on all the ships for which the classes are named.
  13. Here's my take on this... Transmission is an ever-present possibility wherever one may be - plane, theme park, cruise ship. The only difference is that on a cruise ship out at sea, COVID patients who need more treatment and equipment than the ship's medical facilities can provide will have to be "medivacked" to land. That would present a logistical challenge. For the people in my circle who died from this disease, their conditions deteriorated very quickly. I hope it doesn't happen to any passenger when cruising resumes.
  14. A year ago, we were all so excited about the Odyssey. Now here we are licking our COVID-inflicted "wounds".
  15. Whew! I don’t mind a brain fart... what I would mind is Royal not doubling my double points for cruising solo.
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