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  1. It’s wait and see for us as well. This might affect our plans for Easter.
  2. We wanted to do our part in "flattening the curve". It breaks my heart to know that when Italy's healthcare system was overwhelmed by the pandemic, doctors had to decide who to treat or not... in effect, the decision fell on their hands to decide who lives and who dies.
  3. We cancelled our church service today. I went online and shared a message of encouragement to our congregation. We still do not know for how long we will be cancelling our church services.
  4. What is your feel about cruises in the Fall? My next cruise is the Odyssey Inaugural in November.
  5. https://www.jacksonville.com/news/20200314/coronavirus-jaxport-makes-room-for-3-more-cruise-ships
  6. There's a lady who also lives on cruise ships, right? I saw a video of her some time ago and the only thing I could remember is that she dances with the captain.
  7. The local news here in Jacksonville said that three cruise ships will be docked at Jaxport. There is only one Carnival ship that docks there on Mondays and Thursdays on a regular basis.
  8. On the last day of the cruise, knock on doors and ask for the leftover TP on the rolls.
  9. When I filled out the special needs form before, they gave me a thick bright orange extension cord that looked like I was going to use a power tool in the room, probably a 12-14 gauge cord. The next time I cruised, I brought my own 25’ 16 gauge black extension cord. I label it for CPAP use and packed it together with my CPAP. I had no problems taking it with me onboard. I still filled out the form so I’d have distilled water.
  10. I did the Chichen Itza excursion in November 2019 while cruising on the Empress. Long ride to and from the site but I was okay with it. I don’t easily get bored. I also found the guide’s talk interesting. Being a Math geek, I loved being able to figure out the Mayan number system.
  11. Please tell me that Royal would retroactively give me FCC for a cruise I cancelled four days before they changed their policy. I got a 50% refund but I'm hoping that could be changed to a 100% FCC. I know my chances are slim but my TA @StephanieH said she'd try. Please tell this wishful thinker there's a chance this could happen. 🤞🤞🤞 My plea: I'm loyal to Royal, I have other cruises booked for November 2020 and March 2021. I'm a walking Royal Caribbean advertisement. (Grasping at straws much)
  12. The problem with COVID-19 is that the infected person becomes contagious even before becoming symptomatic. There's no way of knowing who they infected before they became sick so the quarantine issue is not out of the picture.
  13. As a cruise fanatic, I'm beginning the hate the phrase "floating petri dish" being associated with cruise ships.
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