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  1. Cancelling the Cruise Planner orders online did not work for me. They were still there one day after I tried cancelling them. I called Royal and asked an agent to do the cancellation. I got an email confirming they were cancelled. I haven’t checked my online Cruise Planner yet. FYI, the refund for the cruise reservation itself showed up on my credit card account within a day. Thank God I did not have to wait 30-45 days. Let’s see what happens with my Cruise Planner refunds.
  2. That was my experience too when I cancelled Cruise Planner orders before. I was able to instantly cancel the order with the higher prices and reordered them with the lower prices. That's why I was wondering why the ones I cancelled for the Odyssey did not instantly disappear from my history. I'll check again tomorrow.
  3. This morning I cancelled all my orders in the Cruise Planner for the Odyssey Inaugural (I had my new MEI TA cancel the B2B booking). I'm still seeing the Cruise Planner items in my Order History. Is that a problem?
  4. How'd you do it? I read from somewhere that the earliest sailings for Odyssey showing up are for September 2021. Haven't had time to verify it.
  5. I once saw a woman pick up a piece of bread by hand, smell it, and put it back. I’m pretty sure it touched her nose. Yikes!
  6. Is there a representative of MEI in this blog who could address questions regarding the transitions and changes due to the departures? If it’s okay with @Matt, I wish there was a thread with someone from MEI responding to such questions.
  7. Same here. I called the number and I got a generic recording. I hope to get in touch with Beth Dickerson soon just to establish our communication line.
  8. While you're at it, develop a TSA-esque wand scanner that screeners can use to determine who are infected or not.
  9. Why? Did you have to flap your arms to help fly the plane? 😀
  10. It’s wait and see for us as well. This might affect our plans for Easter.
  11. We wanted to do our part in "flattening the curve". It breaks my heart to know that when Italy's healthcare system was overwhelmed by the pandemic, doctors had to decide who to treat or not... in effect, the decision fell on their hands to decide who lives and who dies.
  12. We cancelled our church service today. I went online and shared a message of encouragement to our congregation. We still do not know for how long we will be cancelling our church services.
  13. What is your feel about cruises in the Fall? My next cruise is the Odyssey Inaugural in November.
  14. https://www.jacksonville.com/news/20200314/coronavirus-jaxport-makes-room-for-3-more-cruise-ships
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