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  1. Yes, that is what I was told I should do. I go to the VOOM desk so they can activate my free VOOM.
  2. Yes, when "Linking," the other parties need to call in to approve the linking. At times they'd ask for a conference call.
  3. I had to ask for a new pin from the Loyalty Ambassador because I lost that green gem.
  4. People have been arguing with me about this before. They said you can activate it by yourself. The VOOM guy himself told me that with a package, I needed to see him to do it.
  5. As crew member start to give their spiel about the survey, I quickly warn them nicely not to ask me for high ratings. I don't want to have to lie when doing the survey.
  6. I booked this excursion in Colon because of its description on the Cruise Planner: "Enjoy gliding along the historic Panama Canal on an exciting boat ride while learning the ins and outs of how this structural wonder operates, serving as a key channel for international trade. Cruise on the Chagres River to Gatun Lake, where a lush tropical paradise replete with exotic flora and fauna emerges. Watch as the waters of Gatun feed the Panama Canal locks system. Along the way, discover the culture of the Emberá people of Neopono Puru Island and take in a traditional tribal dance." We were never on an exciting boat ride along the historic Panama Canal. They only brought us to the Visitors Center to see the canal from afar. We did go on a boat ride, but that was to visit the Emberá people of Neopono Puru Island, not to learn the ins and outs of how the Panama Canal operates. They gave me a partial refund, $46.90 out of $169.00, when I complained about this at the Shore Excursions desk. But that wasn't the point. If they had an accurate description of this excursion, I wouldn't have booked it at all. Even the visit to the Emberá people felt like a commercialized tour of a supposedly indigenous group of people. That's another story in itself. Just beware of this excursion.
  7. Does Allure have RFID cards now? I wonder when they installed the RFID compatible door locks. They were using non-RFID cards in 2021.
  8. Hi! Do you happen to know if Voyager uses RFID cards now?
  9. Could it have anything to do with Ovation being in Australia?
  10. I was about to post about this myself. On the Indy, they did not let us use the BOGO at Izumi. On the Vision, Izumi was my "Buy One" and Chops Grille was my "Get One (100% Free)." I'm D+
  11. I put them on my cap... all of them lol I had to go to the Loyalty Ambassador for ALL these pins. I never had any of them waiting in my room on embarkation day.
  12. I get my Apple Blossoms in boxes of 6 or maybe 8 from Sam's Club. I agree, the removal of Soufflés is a bummer.
  13. Like @twangster said, Central Park being an open area is designed to handle even heavy rainfall
  14. There's no line at 2AM when I swing by Guest Services from the Viking Crown Lounge. But my problem is I'm too tired from the dancing, my brain doesn't remember why I needed to go to GS. lol On most ships I've been on, that feature seems to have been disabled. People pushing the up/down buttons doesn't reopen the doors that have already started closing.
  15. Guest Services used to hand out slips of paper with the breakdown on them. I forgot to ask for them on my recent sailings after the increase. I still do the envelope thing. Tip tip hooray!!!
  16. I couldn't care less. Just needed an answer for people asking about it. I belong to several groups on FB and this questions shows up a lot.
  17. This is not official. I just did calculations on Excel based on the breakdown of the old gratuity rates.
  18. Yes, I got that. But I wanted to find out how the $16 was broken down.
  19. I'm not getting what you mean by this. What am I missing?
  20. I left my plates inside my room one morning. When I came back from breakfast, my plates were outside my room in the hallway. It was my room attendant who put them there.
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