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  1. I don't think so. It's sort of a back up for when the cellular signal is weak
  2. I'm very happy with the outcome of the discussions on this thread. If people encounter this situation, they'd know what to do. (I myself am not good with "under the hood" stuff on my devices)
  3. I wanted to be one of the first to get off the ship so I asked for a 6:45AM disembarkation time. They announced my number (on the stateroom TV) at around 6:33 and by 6:55, I was in my van ready to head home.
  4. It was a team effort. I hope the original posters don't mind that we hijacked their thread with "tech support" LOL
  5. Have you tried it yet - turning WiFi calling ON?
  6. This iPhone user is now on the same page with you... ha ha
  7. And of course, @Matt gave the answer early on in this thread! Lesson learned: Pay attention to Matt's advice!
  8. Check this out: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204065
  9. I read this after I figured it out. It was good to get a confirmation I was on the right track
  10. I GOT IT!!! I had to turn on "WiFi Calling" under the Setting > Cellular menu. My Android user friend got my text and texted back.
  11. No no no... I somehow knew we were all figuring this out together.
  12. Ha ha... I give up. I will let the experts handle this
  13. Look... your cellular service was on. Hope you did not incur roaming charges
  14. I've tried group messaging via Wifi before, it doesn't work too, not when there is even one non-iOS user
  15. This is really puzzling me. From experience and from Google searches, I can see that I can only send messages to other iOS users via WiFi. So how did your friend get your text on their Galaxy 10+
  16. Oh wow! I need to figure out a lot of this stuff now. I can only do SMS texting when using my carrier plan, not on WiFi
  17. On an Apple device, on WiFi, the Messages app can only be used for other iOS (iPhones/iPad) users.
  18. I can only answer from an iPhone user's perspective. When on airplane mode, you need to be connected to WiFi to be able to text using "Messages" with other iPhone users. On the ship, when connected to VOOM, you can do the same. I do not know how to send texts to non-iPhone/iPad users.
  19. They had it on the Harmony in 2017. It’s dependent on drinks sales.
  20. From what I've read. They are marked to expire in September. The extension puts the expiration date to December 2021. I also called eMed about this because I wanted to buy a six-pack to use for my booked cruises all the way to the Wonder Inaugural in March 2022. I was told I could not use the tests after December 2021.
  21. I’m sorry, I think I misread the original post. Sorry for adding to the confusion
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