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  1. my cruise next January has been cancelled on the crown and anchor login ....no email yet from Royal
  2. if its New year why not have both staterooms bring 2 bottles of champagne each in their carry on luggage......I'm sure you could have some nice toasts on the balconies
  3. Sorry for your recent loss Jim....I hope you enjoy your cruise ...I wouldn't sweat the small changes to the key cancel it and move on
  4. Sleeper on the overnight train from Amsterdam to Copenhagen leaves around 1800 arrives the next day about 1000 hrs https://www.bahn.com/en
  5. this happened to me for 2 weeks after I rebooked a cruise when my previous cruise was cancelled it eventually catches up ...I guess they are really busy
  6. Finally received FCC to apply to suite booking .....hoping it goes ahead this time ..
  7. Ovation of the seas Jan 21st 2022 Sampler SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA replaces the above.... booked again
  8. The lift and shift are for 1 year away ...FCC if you do not request refund hope that helps
  9. Rebooked cruise on Ovation ....one day later and same owners suite...... wait for it.....priced at AUD3001 dollars more than the original, admittedly the earlier cruise was a lift and shift X 2 times from 2 previous cancellations so it progressively increased in price over time but as I feel I will have one foot in the grave if I have to put it off for another year with another lift and shit I bit the bullet with the FCC, in the long run it will cost an extra $2175.......a shame as I had already final paid it...it goes to prove my husband is right..I am addicted....oops I meant lift and shift ..or did I?
  10. me too...will ring up in am and try to rebook....changed sail date from 20th to 21st of jan 2022 ..cancelled whole cruise
  11. Radiance out of Sydney to Tasmania ....addiction to cruising commenced
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