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  1. Yes on board they are in US dollars 'plus 18 percent gratuities' .....If you are buying a package off cruise planner in Aus it should be already converted to AUD
  2. Cancel my Serenade 12/12/20, please!
  3. I was not aware of this ...Have stayed in GS twice and always paid each reservation separately because I assumed bookings had to be done on board with packages...will keep this in mind next cruise
  4. “Singapore noodles” should now be renamed Japanese noodles....Great blog .....sweet family🙂
  5. MTD gratuities have to be prepaid when booking in Australia also
  6. 🤣🤣🤣 Could not keep my extremely food fussy husband out of Cafe Promenade on our last Voyager trip (Dec)...every time I turned around he had a slice hanging out of his mouth..... I thought he had turned into Homer Simpson
  7. Jewel...... 27th July 2021..... 12 night Baltic Cruise..booked next cruise on Voyager
  8. We are booked on Jewel for 12 nights in the baltics in July 21 if that helps
  9. I agree the radiance class aft cabins have unobstructed views cannot speak for other classes .....😁 YET
  10. Just bought the Bollinger CV and Moet and Chandon Pink champagne ready for sail away 12th Dec 2019 on Voyager..WOOHOO 🎉
  11. I to am on Voyager next week and I booked MTD very early on when the cruise planner first appeared earliest I could get was 7.15 which seemed strange at the time...Just as well we are traveling without children this cruise and can go to later shows
  12. Perhaps its a nasty douche thingamee 😷
  13. Thank You @AshleyDillo Your gift of the gab is truly awesome.... I looked forward to reading your blog every day and laughed out loud so often my family thought I was losing it..
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