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  1. One more for the road
  2. I think it is unfair for repeat test sailings in Australia if the CDC has done them in the US..... we should not repeat the process here...I would like to see the reaction if these draconian measures were applied to Hotels and Airplane travel ...It is unreasonable to think Adults who can make decisions on their own health and welfare need to be restricted from cruising because governments want further rules applied ...I have no problem with covid testing prior to travel and stringent cross infection prevention ...why not start with sample cruises with no ports and work from there
  3. Please be careful 'your credentials' are not being used by someone less capable.... It sounds like you have a good reputation so do no not jeopardize it....Though I think you are a smart cookie and trust your colleagues sometimes the almighty buck can tempt people off the path...Good luck whatever you decide
  4. I would lean towards a Baltic cruise ..........Copenhagen as a great starting point..... the itineraries are spectacular and your whole family would be blown away with most if not all of the stopovers
  5. When I L&S I was lucky to get the cruise and OS I wanted but was told if I did not like allocated deck I could ring and change once it was finalized with them
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