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  1. Have an appointment for DH and myself for first jab next month (this country is sooo slow with vaccine rollout..I have had bags packed since last year ..
  2. this is my third and not final post about this
  3. Canada trying to helpthe cotton tip approach
  4. Was saving this for today....Et tu
  5. Sorry to hear it did not work but on the positive side the prep work and clean out of the old wound is done and now the graft has a good chance of taking ...chin up it will soon come right Hope you get good news soon it must be trying for it to be lasting so long without resolution ....here is a little joke for you
  6. Meanwhile, inside the box, Schrödinger’s cat plans its revenge.
  7. How exciting her dreams are coming to fruition.... I hope she can get vaccinated prior to going as the Olympics are on at this time and I imagine there will be a great influx of people from all over the world ...My son is being recruited by a video game developer in Germany so he may be off on his adventure soon too..... unfortunately we in Australia have not had a vaccine roll out yet so I have got my fingers crossed he can get one before he has to go....It is very hard for the young ones to plan and get ahead in these times it is nice (for a change) to hear a good story
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