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  1. Everything @CruisingOz stated I would agree to visiting I would also add a theatre show in Melbourne as they are easily accessible to the city if you are staying there and we have great talent in OZ ...there is also a ferry from Docklands that shows highlights of city if your pressed for time...Virgin Airlines for interstate travel is cheaper than Qantas but just as good...Have a Great holiday
  2. Voyager has a great suites lounge .You can pop up there and get a light snack and coffee throughout the day and happy hour before or after dinner gets you free drinks and nibbles...it also has a big outside deck to relax on if you want to get away from the crowds ..have a wonderful cruise
  3. How could I forget that delightful Ukrainian young lady ...what a gem , as I drank Martinis every night she was worth every bit of the tip she got from us at the end of the cruise
  4. Me too the 9 night Qld ...I enjoyed the cruise and the staff were wonderful but I will not sail on Voyager again ....I agree with the tired comment ....our suite toilet blocked twice on our trip and it took a quite while for it to be attended to...the redo seemed more of a budget cutting exercise by adding/ slides and cabins without any basic maintenance
  5. The same for me (Voyager in a GS this time 2 years ago)...3 cancellations later I'm holding out for a suite this time next year on Ovation....If this Govt can open up sporting venues where people are cheek by jowl screaming for their heroes or nightclubs where a tin of sardines wouldn't envy the social distancing why are they so pig headed about cruising
  6. Ovation of the Seas..December 7th to 14th..2022.. Sydney ,Tasmania and Adelaide..another rebook after yet another cancel by Royal
  7. 30% off Excursion and gifts saved us AU $100 so I'm not complaining....the cruise prices work out the same even with OBC added to the package though so I would stick to scouring the cruise planner
  8. Thanks for the "shocking" blog laughed my way through all of it ....you are a wonderful wordsmith
  9. Start with Edinburgh ...St Andrews for the open is a lovely village if a bit windy..there is a nice restaurant called the Dolls House in town ..We stayed at Aviemore in the Cairngorms then Inverness , travelled across to Skye then Loch Ness followed by Glasgow....from there down to Stratford upon Avon and onwards to London....it really depends on how much time you have and how willing you are to keep moving....Britain is full of wonderful places with history and scenery whichever route you take it will be rewarding
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