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  1. I moved a booking from july 2021 to jan 2021 not a L&S just a change . GS to a Owners suite when I cancelled and rebooked and did not lose any deposit I guess it was luck of the draw
  2. No it was a cancelled Baltic 12 night in July 2021 to a quick Queensland sampler in January 2021 I was surprised with how quickly it was handled and was grateful we did not get charged a change fee or lose any of the deposit (maybe because I upgraded to an owners suite) I am looking forward to taking a longer cruise some time next year but have been wary of all the changes that are occurring due the the plague
  3. My cruise disappeared the hour I cancelled it and was replaced with the new one with the same booking no....maybe it is different for Aus
  4. I have booked a no port Cruise January 2021 from Brisbane Queensland for 3 nights on Radiance ..its called a sampler cruise and it is allowed in Australia due to the different laws of stopping at ports in this country ,we will drive interstate stopping for a few days going there and again coming back home its a nice way to vary a holiday and see the country at the same time
  5. Please remove Jewel Baltic Cruise July 27th 2021 and add Radiance Queensland January 15th 2021.....The only good thing is upgrade to Owners suite from Grand suite
  6. For my upcoming 12 Day Baltic cruise next year they want .....from* 98.64 AUD Adult per day for deluxe beverage package ....this is without the added 18 percent gratuities...
  7. Visitors to New Zealand are often surprised to learn that, on arrival, they are automatically covered by the same universal personal injury insurance scheme and, in return, they too are barred from suing for compensation. It is in part because of this that the visitor can enjoy risky activities such as bungy-jumping and whitewater rafting. Insuring against negligence claims would be a significant, possibly prohibitive, business cost for adventure tourism—a field in which New Zealand excels. Nonetheless, visitors from Australia and the United States often wonder why New Zealanders deprived themselves of the right to hold a negligent party to account for one’s pain and suffering and incapacity for work, even though one can still sue for defamation. The removal of this basic element of common law rights is particularly incomprehensible to civil litigators who specialise in personal injury. Moreover, the state monopoly deprives the insurance industry of a lucrative market—albeit one with long-tail risk.
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/apr/10/ruby-princess-battle-begins-to-hold-someone-accountable-for-cruise-ship-coronavirus-debacle#maincontent
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