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  1. When I L&S I was lucky to get the cruise and OS I wanted but was told if I did not like allocated deck I could ring and change once it was finalized with them
  2. I live in NSW Australia and cannot get out of this state at present.... holidays are now booked for resorts in this state and my next cruise from Qld in Jan on Radiance I have had to lift and shift to Sydney for safety's sake as we do not know when the Govt will allow cruising....
  3. Please add 20 January 2022 Ovation
  4. poached salmon ,served with spring vegetables.... served a la carte in a restaurant while staying in Aviemore Scotland ....never tasted better salmon before or after
  5. I always pick my own cabin as I like to imagine I can avoid intrusions like overhead noise late at night or early morning and less foot traffic outside the door....though to each his or her own ....after all a cruise is great regardless of cabin...If I can afford it and a cabin I fancy is available I always grab it so I do not feel disappointed with the choice given
  6. I got the feels for you Joe I also cancelled my Baltic cruise in July 2021 and I have not got over it yet....Why not come over to Aus next year and do a cruise we should be opening up soon as we have not been so hard hit and there are some great South Pacific adventures around
  7. I do not hold much hope for a vaccine ..this virus has mutated so many times already the chance a vaccine will be effective is small due to the prolonged testing times before it is manufactured....it will be a stronger version of itself by then....I am all for vaccines when they are effective but it seems many people think this thing is like flu... it in not it attacks the immune system and therefore injures organs in the process...please learn to protect yourselves and your families by distancing and wearing masks and also WASHY WASHY
  8. I moved a booking from july 2021 to jan 2021 not a L&S just a change . GS to a Owners suite when I cancelled and rebooked and did not lose any deposit I guess it was luck of the draw
  9. No it was a cancelled Baltic 12 night in July 2021 to a quick Queensland sampler in January 2021 I was surprised with how quickly it was handled and was grateful we did not get charged a change fee or lose any of the deposit (maybe because I upgraded to an owners suite) I am looking forward to taking a longer cruise some time next year but have been wary of all the changes that are occurring due the the plague
  10. My cruise disappeared the hour I cancelled it and was replaced with the new one with the same booking no....maybe it is different for Aus
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