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  1. With respect....I hate to burst your bubble but warm climates also have viral illness and some of them are deadly...If people actually look into the makeup of covid19 they may be surprised to learn its DNA changes and mutates with each individual that catches it therefore it is one of the reasons it is so dangerous...Many people will catch it and be fine also some people will be seriously ill.... I think your Govt is being responsible with its warnings and everyone who decides for themselves are now basically informed of the risk of being stranded without being allowed back into port .Really this storm will pass soon enough and I hope everyone stays safe,,,, after all our lives and health are precious
  2. Mine is an evolution from my DH Aussies love nicknames so.when we first met 'Petal' which turned into 'Petulia' then shortened to 'Tule' which graduated to 'Big Tule' when I was HUGE when pregnant with my second child my first child DD picked up the catchy name and it has stuck ever since I used to cringe but now I accept it has a loving history and own it .
  3. 😂😂😂
  4. Great blog...spf50 only works for me and I also do the cube wash thing,,,
  5. Chops on Voyager is not very impressive .....staff seem rushed and stressed.... steak under seasoned and sauces meh.... I would have commented but they all looked overwhelmed so muggins kept quiet ...Giovannis filet was much more presentable and the atmosphere more relaxed..maybe it was because it was just after the amp.... I will say Radiance is a much better dining experience all round
  6. I would have cabin fever if I had an inside room....balcony or suite only please
  7. Hmmm ....those T shirts (or similar) will be presents to my family prior to our next holiday ......thanks for the great idea and your very entertaining blog
  8. When someone goes above and beyond I will give them cash at the end of the cruise...It is an added appreciation for good service, not a thing to brag about online ...some people are full of themselves ....I think you are generous and sensitive kittysoul stay that way and give FB the flick
  9. We will be on her for the Baltic cruise July/August 2021 .... even if its a refresh we will be grateful..I do hope they keep the outdoor space behind the windjammer though as it is a lovely aft view to sit and have a coffee
  10. Thank you for a wonderful blog ....Your photos bring it to life
  11. If you only have till Monday to decide before the penalties escalate I would take the $100 penalty...I have done this myself previously when concerned with health worries..You will feel calmer when you cancel and then feel more relaxed when looking to future cruises....I would recommend in future getting refundable deposits
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