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  1. I recently purchased the Key for a 3-night sailing on Freedom after reading all of the reviews and seeing how so many said it wasn't worth it. I was planning on purchasing internet anyway. There were two of us in the cabin. I got the key at a discount, paying $21.99 per day. Internet was $20.99 per day for 1 and $25.99 per day for 2 people. We figured the key cost us an extra $27 pp more ($132 for the Key for 2 people vs. $78 for internet). That was worth the Chops lunch, delivery of carry-on, priority boarding and embarkation. In our case, I felt the Key was 100% worth it! It was great to have priority check1in at 11AM (it didn't matter the check-in time you got because the Key folks all boarded starting at 11AM). It was nice to go to the MDR for lunch and not fight the Windjammer with all of the people. Having luggage delivered directly to your room was an added bonus and it was in our room when the rooms were available at 1PM. Choice departure time and breakfast in the MDR was very nice since again, we didn't have to deal with the crowded Windjammer. We walked off the ship at 9:30AM since we had late flights. I would 100% do it again IF I was on a 3-night sailing AND it was only for 2 people AND it was on-sale. I do not think it is worth it for a 7-night sailing because the perks just aren't good enough to warrant the price.
  2. Thanks, @twangster! That is exactly the information I needed. I found a pair of Bushnell's that look similar to the ones in your picture. I think I will pull the trigger and buy. I appreciate your reponse!
  3. I apologize if this is in the wrong place on the message boards. We are going on RCL Ovation of the Seas for a B2B Alaska sailing (three years in the making)! We do not currently own a pair of binoculars. We do currently own iPhone 13's which have an amazing camera and can zoom very well. We don't really have an ongoing need for binoculars, but would purchase for this cruise if it was worth it and not break the bank for good quality ones. My question - Are binoculars needed? Would the iPhone zoom work well enough? Would binocular apps work well enough? I appreciate the advice and input.
  4. Go to Shore Excursions with your tickets and have them switch them once onboard.
  5. Hi! I just booked this last week. Who else will be celebrating NYE on this ship?
  6. First thing I thought of when I saw this....sex is like pizza (or dessert)...when it's good, it's really really good! And when it's bad, it's still pretty good! LOL!
  7. I like @Neesa's idea. I hope Sasha can enjoy the rest of the cruise. Maybe a spa day with you would help?
  8. The refund goes back to the original form of payment so if you paid with OBC, you would receive the OBC back onto the cruise planner.
  9. I am a planner. I have two cruises booked; one in June 2023 and the other in September 2023. Nothing is available to be booked on the cruise planner. Does anyone know when RCL will open up for booking drink packages, excursions, etc? I subscribe to the book early and check for price drops theory.
  10. Hi! We are traveling with Autism on the Seas! I have two on the spectrum ages 19 and 15 by then.
  11. You are from the south. LOL! I spend some time in the south....you order a Coke and then the server asks you....what kind.... Although sweet tea is still the most popular.
  12. Hi! We cruised in Europe in the summer of 2019. Barcelona, Mallorca, Marseilles, Rome, Florence/Pisa, and Sorrento. 1. I would say the dining room for dinner is about the same minus the Caribbean shirts. Many men wore golf/polo shirts and suits (with and without ties) for formal night. Daytime was about the same. Keep in mind, if you go sightseeing at church's, men's knees and women's shoulders must be covered so there were less tank tops or women would wear a shawl over their shoulders and men were in linen or lightweight pants. Women wore capris. 2. There were far more Americans on board than Europeans! I would say the ratio was quite similar to what you see on any ship. The increase in Europeans was barely noticeable. 3. We did a combination of both. Be careful....some of the ports can be quite far away from the city center (like Rome and Florence). Any reputable company will work and we didn't have a problem getting back to port. Prices can be much cheaper using private excursions. 4. Depending on what you want out of the cruise, I found the European cruise to be go go go and see see see instead of relaxing like a Caribbean cruise. Of course, we wanted to see as much as we could so we did it to ourselves. These cruises give you a brief taste of each port city so you will want to go back and explore more! PS - I will add by saying we took this cruise to show our kids Europe. My husband and I spent 12 days in Italy for our honeymoon many years ago and loved it so this type of adventure was perfect for our teenage kids. PS again - We are going on a Greek Isles cruise next year and can't wait!
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