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  1. The amenities list says "per household". Does that mean that you and your spouse do not each get the amenities? Might explain why the last 2 cruises we were short one amenity?
  2. I originally laminated my vaccine card. Then I got a booster and they couldn't write in on the card and had to make out a new one. Now I carry it in plastic sleeve.
  3. On Oasis in Feb and March Portside BBQ was open for lunch. I assume hours may vary, depending on staff maybe?
  4. I have also taken USB hubs on ships, no issues
  5. yes, they tender and do not dock. Friends were just there last week and confirmed
  6. My husband does not drink alcohol, because it does not agree with him. Basically allergy to alcohol, and gets immediately sick. We have had no problem with bartenders when ordering virgin drinks. All the bartenders have been great in the many, many years we have cruised.
  7. I was just on the Odyssey. Gals came around certain places and handed out $50 off any spa treatment cards. A manicure was $49. So it only cost me the tip. Also did a pedicure using another coupon. They gave you 2 at a time. I loved it and hope to see it again sometime! I think the spa was not busy and they were promoting business. They also threw in a free mini facial after the manicure. I seem to see better offers for spa treatments on the ship.
  8. I grew up going to Knotts Berry Farm, when there was no entrance fee. Love the Chicken dinners.
  9. Hooked is unlimited. The only restaurant I know that limits you to 1 entree is Chop's. Although Chop's will get you as many appetizers, sides, and desserts as you want. Enjoy!
  10. Solarium Bistro was not open earlier this month on Odyssey. And was not open on Oasis in March. Not sure why, maybe staffing shortage?
  11. Many things to do. Santa Monica beach and pier. Take in a game at Dodger Stadium, beaches, amusement parks, movie studio tours, Getty Museum, tour Queen Mary ship, San Diego Zoo, walk around Hollywood Blvd and old Hollywood, Walk of frame, Griffith Park observatory and grounds, safari park, china town, lunch at Beverly Hills hotel out by the pool, wine tour, ferry trip to Catalina Island, Aquarium, go north to Santa Barbara for the day, city walk at Universal studios....... Can you tell I grew up in Los Angeles area? And have visited often? I have a favorite hotel in Santa Monica. The Georgian. it is across street from ocean and Palisades Park and pier, and lots of places to walk. Breakfast on the hotels porch is very nice and relaxing.
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