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  1. Our England cruise was cancelled also. I don't like the new options so we will cancel. Such a bummer.
  2. I got Royal Up offer on my Sept cruise 2-3 weeks ago. Bu am sure each ship or sailing is different
  3. I usually book my cruise as soon as available. But one cruise I had been waiting to open, happened to open to bookings while on another cruise. I had asked Next Cruise agent to notify me if it became available and she did 2 days later. I got a fantastic deal, but may have been that I booked right away and/or the Next Cruise agent contributed. I even got a $600 OBC. Unfortunately the cruise got cancelled last year. But was great experience and would do it again. I would not hesitate to book onboard again.
  4. Well, that's a bummer. Thanks for letting me know. All my other next 8 cruises booked are some kind of suite, and all sail before Sept. 31st next year so can get the 4X points.
  5. I looked at my offer and it said I can modify up to 54 hours prior to cruise. So, kinda looks like no upgrades will be done until about 2 days before. We will have left the US by then
  6. I rec'd an email with my Royal-Up offers. We are in Ocean View Balcony at an excellent price booked as soon as was available to reserve. We bid on the Jr Suite and the Grand Suite. Mainly for double loyalty points. All the suite categories were available. No word yet if any of the bids were accepted, but it is too early to tell. Also, I think they closed the bidding offers? Not sure on that. Also, since we are in US the whole trip is still iffy. We have several things to overcome before the cruise.
  7. I was on Radiance about 3 years ago. I am Dia+ and no special dining available. That is an issue with older ships. And one, of many, reasons I like newer ships.
  8. I rec'd the Royal-Up offer on Anthem for Sept. 23rd, about 2 weeks ago. And our friends also. We both bid on 2 room categories. We will see. Did you receive an offer yet?
  9. Agree, you can get a good group discount. A good travel agent can check around for you also.
  10. I usually pick my own balcony because I do not want to be right up in front of ship, or obstructed view, next to elevator, etc. If you do not care where the cabin is, the lower price would work better.
  11. Got it. I see the current itinerary but not old one. But that doesn't matter at this point. That shows Lisbon is back on as a port. Another place it showed no Lisbon. I will just wait and see what happens. I hope they get it sorted out soon. Thanks for your help
  12. What app did you look on? I looked under find a cruise and nothing. On internet. Are you on phone app?
  13. I already have another Europe cruise next Sept. for 2 weeks, on another RC ship. So lift and shift won't work for me. I see all the Anthem cruises are erased now for all of 2021. They must be changing something......
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