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  1. bacon, onions, bacon, tomatoes, bacon, spinach, bacon..........
  2. I have been on several transatlantic cruises. And will also be on the Odyssey next year! My last 3 April transatlantic cruises were all cancelled. 2 from Covid and 1 from a crane falling on the Oasis ship. From looking at a couple of past transatlantic cruises, the formal nights seemed to be day 2, 7, and 13. They do not do them on port days. At lease I haven't seen that to be the case. It can vary though.
  3. I have a cruise in May 2021 also and paid it a few days ago. I wanted to make sure it was paid prior to them cancelling cruise, which I am sure will happen. I wanted to make sure I could do L & S or get 125% FCC. Have not had issue with it saying not paid or anything. I also use a travel agent. Hope yours gets figured out. Very frustrating.
  4. I spend little time on pool deck, so I do not really care about masks there. I would go on a cruise with mask restrictions without a problem, and also just doing excursions with RC. I am just ready to go! 8 cruises booked still........
  5. My experience is cruises 7 days and less are $250 pp.
  6. I have sailed out of Bayonne before on Anthem. January. There were things I wanted to do in NY during cold weather. Like ice skate. I live in Montana, so also from a cold climate in winter. But I did not mind the cruise out of Bayonne at all. Was only cooler the first and last days. And it was sunny the whole time. I would do it again with no hesitation.
  7. I have shared a cabin before with another couple. It was ok. And we did pay more of the price as we wanted the master bedroom. But there is not much privacy. Sometimes you want to take a nap and the other couple has to be quiet, or be out of the cabin. It worked for us at the time, but I would not do it again. I like my own space and routine too much.
  8. I have a cruise in May also and did pay the final payment. I have had many cruises cancelled and keep rebooking cruises. I want the 125% FCC for the May cruise, so will wait until they cancel. I am sure that cruise will not sail. Even if a couple ships start sailing in May, chances are they will not be the ship I am on. Which ships that start sailing first is another unknown. I expect short cruises (under 7 days) will start first. One of my cruises this year is Sept. roundtrip out of Southampton. That is not controlled by CDC, have to see what UK is doing then and what their restric
  9. I took Pride of America several years ago and it went to Fanning Island to get in the foreign port. (And I will not go on that ship again, was horrible ship) I also had read that their wasn't a big market for Hawaii cruises, especially year round. Otherwise not sure about RC doing Hawaii cruises. I have taken the transpacific Hawaiian cruises, to or from Vancouver. I like enjoyed it but only cruises April and September.
  10. Agree. I have a RT cruise out of Southampton in Sept. and doubt it will happen. But still hoping
  11. I seem to see more service\emotional support dogs on transatlantic cruises, than other cruises. One couple I talked with had a stroller with 2 little dogs in it. And yes, they brought the stroller to the dining room. Which I did not like. They travel to Europe for the summer and the people do not like to fly. Then come back in fall on next transatlantic. I have seem lots of dogs on cruises. I have been on about 50 cruises though. And one larger black dog I have seem on 3 different cruises. Most dogs are well behaved and have areas to do their business behind the scenes. Or use p
  12. Am hoping for last quarter? I have a Europe cruise in Sept. But it is based on what happens in England. It is based out of Southampton. That will all depend on the restrictions there, not the CDC here. My summer cruises I am pretty sure will all be cancelled.
  13. Thank you for your response. You are correct, probably many circumstances and they make a decision based on those. I also though it could have something to do with how many BTB passengers their were. But who knows. Enjoy your evening, Linda
  14. I have done several B-to-B cruises. Once I was taken off to go thru customs and then lead directly back on board. The other times they had a nice lunch for the people sailing BTB, and customs came aboard and checked our passports at lunch. That was it. Never had to get off the ship. Not sure if different ports have different rules or what? But we really like the lunch, with wine, and not ever leaving ship!
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