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  1. I have used these many times. Am not sure of current offer terms. But in past, you need to apply it to a cruise within 30 days of booking your cruise. And often is for the same year, meaning it might only be for cruises this year. Read the terms and instructions, easy to follow. Hope it works for you. Currently I book too far in advance to take advantage of them.
  2. I went to check on my Odyssey cruise a couple days ago and didn't come up. There was no Odyssey listings for cruises. I was just checking prices on my cruise and maybe another one. It was not at big deal at the time, so just ignored it. Will check in a day or two again. My Odyssey booking does how still show up on my calendar and bookings though. Probably a glitch in software or something.
  3. I do see the CDC letter as encouraging. But I also see many challenges ahead and details to be worked out. I am not that confident that cruises will start out of the US in July. But hoping I am wrong. And the requirements to cruise (like being vaccinated, limited ships, reduced occupancy, no kids, etc) are all temporarily in place to get cruising started. If they have to start with 50% occupancy, vaccinated passengers and crew, and no younger children I do not see a problem. It will get better in time. Some passengers might have to wait a bit longer until they can or are comf
  4. I loved Chicago on previous cruises. Am hoping it comes back to a ship I am booked on.
  5. Over the years I have had 2 RC cruises cancelled because they were chartered out. One was to a German company. Both times I was not given very much notice. Like 1, maybe 2 months. One was B2B and kinda ruined that whole trip with friends. But, that is just how it goes, and I just rolled with it and booked something else. It can be a hard thing to adjust to when given short notice.
  6. I have had many cruises cancelled. I asked for refunds, used L&S, and rec'd FCC's. I currently have 9 cruises booked. I have had no issues with returned funds, using L&S, or getting and reusing FCC's.
  7. They usually leave a letter in your cabin upon embarkation with the valid offers. I doubt they will change the BOGO dinners on the 1st and 2nd nights. At least, I hope not.
  8. That is what my TA did. She held the cabin until L & S came thru, which was only few days.
  9. I have used OBC with My Vegas games many times. Works well. But the stipulations change now and then. It does have to be a newly booked cruise, and you need to redeem your points within 30 days from booking of cruise. But can be for a cruise later on. Usually within 1 year or buy the end of the year. I mostly book 1-2 years out and cannot use them much anymore. I have 2 million points now and will just wait to use for free cruise hopefully. But am going to Vegas soon also and can use them there for food, room, etc. I also have used the 10% off on your cruise price, which can be
  10. I have been close to elevators and had no problem with noise. I would upgrade to JS if possible. Have fun
  11. In most cases I go for the newer ships. I love all the shows, restaurants, and things to do. Also more places to be away from other guests to read or play c I usually only take smaller ships in Med when the ports are usually more important. Everyone needs to decide what is best for them. Or try on ship one cruise, and another one next cruise. I have been on every cruise ship that RC offers. And scheduled on Odyssey. Love cruises
  12. I assume they are only for UK residents? Am sure curious what will happen in mid September. I have a cruise then. Plus I am in US and the cruise goes to other countries. France, Norway, Denmark, etc. I would sure like to know as it affects flights, pre-paid hotels in London, etc. No telling what will happen, so I will wait and see. But glad to see the sailings starting out of Southampton!
  13. Good information. We are also going to Charleston first week in May for a get away. Although it is a long trip from Montana, but I need to travel. I have never been to Charleston and can hardly wait. We are staying at Two Meeting St Inn and Andrew Pickney Inn. Both are bed and breakfasts. Both in downtown area and we are not renting a car as we can pretty much walk everything.
  14. They cater to food restrictions very well. I have celiac and they always do gluten-free foods for me, including breads. Once a friend of mine did not like seafood, and they accommodated for them. My husband does not drink so he did not have any wine but still enjoyed the experience. All the meals I have had at Chef's Table have been different. The people, wine pairing and experience are worth it to me, no matter what they serve.
  15. I have never smoked and also do not tolerate it well. If the casino was non-smoking I would be playing the tables, now I just play a slot machine near entrance. Would much rather play tables but I understand why they have part of it smoking. The non-smoking side is still smoky and smells in my opinion. But I can deal with it when on a ship. It is always hard to please everyone and they do their best to accommodate everyone.
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