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  1. Or leaving from some international ports. We have to test 48 hrs prior for leaving out of Italy next week. But things are sure getting better all the time.
  2. I have been offered a Royal Up for a cruise in 10 days. Also doing B2B. I am in Jr Suite, Aft. I like the Aft cabins. If I did bid I would not get the same cabins, nor probably not even get both Royal Up bids. I also do not want to change cabins half way thru the trip. So, I did not bid and we are keeping our cabin we chose almost 2 years ago. Happy Cruisers
  3. We always carry off our luggage. No hassle the night before. And you can debark whenever you want. And we like to leave ship as late as possible. Also saves time in the terminal. I also have had luggage taken by other passengers. Not fun. We do not think taking the luggage to breakfast is much of an ordeal, and then can relax and have longer breakfast. We do not book early flights home, and often stay 1 night after cruise before flying home.
  4. Yes, you can do it thru your phone with the proper app. and internet.
  5. Yes, an excursion could be done. I have also done partial day hotel stays. You can watch TV, enjoy the pool, nap, or whatever. You could also pay to go to a sky club. Maybe one of those options would work for you.
  6. I was in London for several days, after a cruise, during her Jubilee this past spring. Was happy I was there at that time, good memories.
  7. Thanks every one for all the information. We will not be staying in a suite, just connecting OV Balconies. One adult registered to each cabin. I was just wanting them to be able to join us with some meals in CK. So, will see what they say when we go. Not at all caring about the status the grandkids will get as they have never cruised and may never go again. Unless of course, they decide to as adults. It will be their only real vacation they have ever taken and we are super excited. The 3 kids behave very well and would not cause an issue anywhere. Whatever happens, it will be a great trip and we all will have special memories.
  8. We are taking our minor grandchildren on a cruise next year, in same cabin. Can they join us in CK, suite sun deck, etc?
  9. I love decorating my door, especially for holidays
  10. There is a taco bar at Chill Grill also. Right at Chill beach area
  11. There are plenty of mild fish dishes. Some with great sauces. Or you can try fried fish. It has breading and might be more tolerable. But just ask for a small taste of different things and see how it goes. If doesn't work, at least you tried. Just enjoy your cruise and food offerings!
  12. I have a copy of this paper and it says you need to pick your cruise "within 2 months". You pay deposit at next cruise. onboard ship.
  13. When I have overnighted on a ship you could come and go as your please, anytime. Met some people who had friends at one port and they even stayed at their house overnight. No problem.
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