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  1. Solarium is my go-to for lunch on first day. Not very crowded and good. If I have UDP I go to Chops.
  2. Anytime Saturday will work. 2 days. Not hours
  3. I did not think you could book a cabin with just 2 minors names. I thought that one adult had to be on each reservation? So that part I am confused about. I know when you link reservations you will be assigned same dining room table and be able to book shows, etc. for all of you. Yes, each cabin will have a separate reservation number. Not sure on your other questions, but your travel agent should be able to explain it all to you.
  4. I went on 2 cruises (B2B) in December. My double points were applied correctly within 2 weeks of the cruise. We were in a suite so rec'd 4X points.
  5. I am hoping to try dinner at one specialty restaurant and then a late dessert and coffee at another.
  6. I have been cruising since the 80's. I always had a buffet/Windjammer that I can remember. I do remember dinner in Windjammer was different. More formal and your entree was served to you. And let's not forget those big midnight buffets in MDR!
  7. The outdoor tables are awesome. There is a glass wall all around them, so no wind. I always ask for those tables. And not as noisy as inside.
  8. I thought I had read that the charters also canceled, and before RC canceled
  9. I will be on that cruise also, and have no idea if they do anything. Guess we will find out.....Should I bring my Mardi Gras beads???
  10. I agree. Flight in late at night and get hotel at airport. Less stress.
  11. Yes, I love the Oasis ship. We also leave on Feb. 27th and also doing the next cruise (B2B) I think on March 6th. Have fun
  12. Sorry, I had meant I usually stay one day after cruise (before departing on flight) to avoid any hassle. Plus then I can stay up late on last night of cruise, not worry how I pack my luggage before leaving ship, leave late when debarking, and relax a day before heading home. I realize this does not always work for others, but does for us. Have a great trip
  13. At 150 Central Park I always have the scallop appetizer and halibut for entree. Love them. And they have great warm rolls with butter and garlic drizzled on top. Chop's the filet. Giovanni's had a pasta dish with "pink" sauce as they called it. A mix of white and red sauces I think, and was so good. with lots of parmesan...
  14. I did not know you can use unlimited dining for Chef's Table? I had thought it was excluded? That would be great if it is only $50
  15. I have been to Chef's Table 3 times and really enjoyed it. All the meals were different, and was on different ships. You can make substitutions for items on the menu without any issue. My girlfriend does not eat seafood for example. And my husband does not drink, so he did not do the wine. But enjoyed the experience.
  16. we are also on Oasis first week of March, plus last week of February. I am planning to go. I think things will be better by then. At least hoping...
  17. I usually stay in a hotel at the airport 1 night before departing. Basically on any cruise. Just like having extra time and not worry about anything.
  18. I just stayed 2 weeks on Oasis in JS. No issues at all getting reservations to Coastal Kitchen. Might have to change you preferred time a little though. With the JS you can only reserve dinner the day of. Meaning not in advance, or for the whole cruise. You just call or drop by in the morning and no issues at all.
  19. I do not believe Explorer has Coastal Kitchen. I usually do not book Jr suite or Grand Suites unless they have a Coastal Kitchen. I do like the larger room and bathrooms though and most often book Jr Suites. Works out great for a cabin for just the 2 of us. But I also book according to prices and have to make a judgement as if it is worth it. It is different for everyone.
  20. I can relate. We live in Montana. Our airport has 2 major airlines, each with 2-3 flights a day. We always have to leave at 5:30am, and return at midnight. Just something we have to deal with if we want to live here.
  21. I have a friend who went on a Princess cruise and the passenger count was only 250!
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