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  1. I have been on 2 B2B cruises on Oasis in past 6 months. Back to Back is easy, even if you have to change cabins. On the day everyone is disembarking you will meet with the other B2B cruisers and escorted off ship, thru customs, and back on ship. And ususally there is a special lunch at main dining room for those cruisers, including wine and soft drinks. Unfortunately you cannot return to your room until they are opened for everyone, usually 1-2pm. If you are changing cabins you just can leave all your hanging clothes and shoes, then I loosely pack the rest in a suitcase or 2. Your cabin stewart with bring a cart and transfer everything to your new cabin. Any food or drinks in the refrigerator I put on counter and they will bring that over also. I usually take a tote with me that morning that have my medications, and items from the safe. Just would rather have them with me. Just in case the cart they are transferring on, lingers in spots along the way. ENJOY!
  2. Once I did not get room decorations on first day. On day 3, I went to guest services for a refund. I got a refund immediately, plus they brought room decor that day. PLUS they gave me dinner at Chops for all 4 of us and delivered wine to our room. I asked for nothing except for the refund. I had also asked our cabin stewart on day 2 about decorations and nothing happened. I was very pleasantly surprised and will never forget it. Royal has the best customer service!
  3. Have lunch. While having lunch book shows and dinners on the App. Also watch watch the short muster video. Check in at muster station, which takes less than 5 minutes. Then enjoy whatever you want. Cabins usually open between 1 and 2pm. Have fun
  4. I love the Oasis class. And am partial to Oasis ship. I also like Anthem quite a bit. Been on both those ships many times
  5. Yes, they are checking. And sometimes at more than one location
  6. Definitely larger ship with more to do. And you have so many sea days. I do take the smaller ships for the itinerary once in Europe. But only take larger newer ships for transatlantic every spring.
  7. We Will Rock You is great. One of my favorites. My favorite play is Chicago.
  8. I have not had good luck with the wash and dry laundry service. Yes, way too hot of dryers and I had some items ruined. Also lost embellishments on shirts missing. If I have laundry done I pay by item, and usually do dry cleaning. I wash in sink or tub, basic things if I need to. Underwear, shorts, etc.
  9. My favorite is onion ring tower. Only $6
  10. The Hibachi is a lot of food. I could never eat both, back to back. But you can certainly do it. Some Hibachi places have charged me the $10 extra, and some have not, even though they say there is an upcharge. I would suggest you make reservations the same night, one early dining and 1 late dining. Hibachi takes 2 hours+. Just enjoy!
  11. Yesterday I checked the rates for all my booked cruises, 9 cruises. Most were the close to what I paid, and 2 were a lot more. It does pay to check often. Once I did save $1,800!
  12. I have not had problems with getting desserts to go. Get a couple and keep in your refrigerator in your cabin even! And I would ask in CK, they can always say no, but might surprise you and be able to get it for you.
  13. I have sat in those places with the table and 2 chairs. Kind of nice, but seats are hard. And in the plant next to it I found a cruise duck!
  14. Was recently on Oasis, you drink package will work. But the food is extra charge, unless you have UDP. But the prices of the food is very reasonable.
  15. I have found it better to just purchase, and not hold in your cart. If price changes your cart price usually will also change. You can always cancel.
  16. I have stayed in cabins near elevators and rarely hear any noise. Do not recommend the forward cabins. I prefer mid or aft cabins, and like the ones near elevators. Enjoy
  17. It should be ok to be a few minutes late for dinner. I have run into this at times and rush to dinner, but really didn't need to. Enjoy
  18. I always do hard copies. When checking in I find it faster to just have the 4 things I need in hand. Do not like trying to find everything on my phone.
  19. I would go for the Central Park balcony. I like to get fresh air and sit outside for coffee in the mornings. But am sure they are all fine cabins and will work great. Enjoy
  20. Was on Oasis in March and Odyssey in April. No issues with the food or staffing. We ate at mostly specialty restaurants (had UDP) and food was fantastic, service great, and could always get in. Never very busy. The Solarium Bistro was closed though for entire cruise on both ships. When we did have lunch or breakfast at MDR it was never a wait. We were in Jr suite both times and sometimes ate at CK. Also not crowded and could get in almost always when we wanted. I know there are issues with supplies and crew. But they are doing very well in my opinion. My next cruise is not til Sept. now. But looking forward to it so much. Happy cruising everyone
  21. Flights are all over the board. I booked London flight, for cruise I took last month, for 35,000 airline miles. Unheard of. Domestic flights are more than that using miles. II have been looking for flights for Dec. cruise out of Miami. It always seemed to be about $1,000 per person. 9 days ago it was $1,150 per person and I could not use a companion ticket.. The next day, a week ago Sunday, I looked again. The flight was $547 and I could use a companion. Go figure. Just saved over $1,500. Was so excited. You need to put in the time to get good airfares but they usually come along. Just check often.
  22. There is omelet section at the Windjammer, made to order. Other breakfast places do serve omelets with some choice of ingredients.
  23. The ships tend to go around any bad weather as much as they can. I do not cruise in July and August because it is too hot. We can travel anytime. In Sept/Oct we usually cruise in Europe. But the hurricane season would not deter me from traveling those months. Enjoy!!!
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