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  1. Dia+ receives 2 days of internet per cruise, per person. (if you are both Dia+) Plus a free photo per person.
  2. Not sure how they determine the quarantee cabins. But there is always a number of people who cancel. There are some who take Royal UPs and then have their original cabin available. And blocks of cabins are sold to travel groups and 3rd parties that are not always filled. People also decide to change their cabin class after already booking. Just so many things. But with your guarantee you will get that class of cabin, possibly better. The cabins I had quarantees on were eventually cancelled, so have not had experience to see what cabin I ended up with. Good luck.
  3. I am on the waitlist for these myself. On list for about a week now. I don't cruise til first of Dec.
  4. Yes, I know Optum is selling the tests, and that is who I have been trying to contact. But just found out that the Sept. dates of expiration are now December. Good to know. I will just not worry at this time about the 2 tests I didn't receive. No big deal I guess.
  5. My first test I ordered from RC site to order Covid tests were the first week they were offered. I order 4, paid for 4, and only rec'd 2. Emailed them and no response. A few days ago I rec'd my next order of 2 Covid tests and they expired last month. Also contacted them, no response. I would think RC should know about these issues and I keep spending money with no return. Tried emailing RC, no response and I am on hold too long when I call and hang up. Am tired of wasting my time and money. So, my experiences with buying covid test thru RC site are not good. Very frustrated.
  6. I just rec'd some test thru RC site, and they are outdated. Expired in Sept. 2021. I have contacted the company with no response. This is the second time I have had trouble, The first time I ordered 4, paid for 4, rec'd only 2. I contacted the company for that also, with no response. RC should be aware of these issues I think. No response from RC email. And on hole forever on a phone call and hung up. Anyone else having these issues?
  7. I am waiting for transatlantic spring 2023 to be announced. Hopefully soon
  8. You will get them on embarkation day, but not the day you leave ship (debarkation day).
  9. I don't think the double points had stated yet for that cruise, which was before the pandemic.
  10. We tested the required 2 days before cruise. Had to cancel. Our cruise left last Wednesday. December am sure hoping will work out. Getting tired of many, many cancelled cruises.
  11. Interesting story. I uploaded my vaccination card and my husband's last Monday. They took my husbands fine but refused mine 2 times. Have no idea why, it is same as my husbands card? Tried calling but after 2 hour wait just gave up. So, Monday night we took at our home Covid tests, and my husband was positive. We were shocked. We are both vaccinated, and I am the one with autoimmune issues. I am negative and still am. So, didn't matter at the time about them now accepting my vaccination card. Yesterday I went and got my covid booster shot, and had them redo the whole vaccination card. Hopefully for cruise in December it will be ok. I want to cruise so bad, but am definitely very tired a of all you have to go thru to get on the ship.
  12. I have often taken only 1 hour for a meal. Just let your waiter know. No issues in my case.
  13. Am looking forward to seeing Showgirls now! Thanks
  14. Well Darn. Oh well, I will do fine with whatever entertainment they have. Thank you for letting me know
  15. What is the main Broadway play on Odyssey? Heard it might be Chicago and do hope so. Love Chicago
  16. I do have the home test and will do it tomorrow. Just nervous about it working. Once I do it I will all ready for the rest of my cruises this year and next year.
  17. I would say Sold Out. If you book an excursion you can cancel at any time for full refund. Or if the excursion goes on sale you can cancel and rebook. I thought I heard that Unlimited Dining was sold out on some sailings.
  18. Not a fan of not being able to walk the length of ship on deck my cabin is on. Depends if you prefer to be closer to certain areas that you frequent. All JR's are good in my opinion
  19. I checked in to get boarding time the first day available. Got 1 pm. Kept checking and was able to change mine to 12:30 a week before cruise. But then could not get my husbands changed. But next day my husbands seemed to change to 12:30, and I did not do it. I think they must go thru and edit people traveling together?
  20. Thanks for the info. We do not have CVS in Montana. And we have 1 Walgreens here, and can't seem to get an appt. I will figure it out, as I have to go on this cruise! Been too long. Only 4 days til we are on a ship, yeah!
  21. I am not flying into Geo Bush IAH airport, but into Lobby airport
  22. Ebay will have some. Also the crafting stores have Christmas out already. Like Hobby Lobby, Michael's, etc.
  23. I leave on my cruise in 5 days. Still don't know if Covid testing is available at Galveston? I would sign up, as I think my other options here in Montana may not work, but have no idea where to sign up or if it is even offered?
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