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  1. Some people do not get off the ship at certain ports. Or get back early from excursion. Gives them more options while on the ship. I like that this is offered. Sometimes there is a movie shown in main theater also
  2. Also Playmakers is open late. And the costs are very reasonable.
  3. You will also have a coffee maker in your cabin
  4. I used to use it also. But have not seen it offered in past couple years. I wish it was available. I loved it.
  5. I have had cruises canceled because of charters twice. Both were over 15 years ago though. Do not remember how I was compensated but do remember the one week was on a B2B. Which then ruined going for the 2 weeks. And one of the canceled cruises we were not given much notice. Like a few weeks.
  6. Just wanted to mention to the people who talk about flights canceling and you can get another flight in couple hours. That works if you live in large city. I live in a small town, if a flight gets canceled it could be couple days til I get another available flight. And usually comes with an overnight at some other city in between. I also understand why airlines and cruises get overbooked. And you do not have to accept their offer. Youi can continue your cruise as planned. But there will always be others that do accept the offer, and can benefit from it. We all have choices.
  7. I go on a cruise next month. I am hoping they give you the option of room cleaning am or pm, as stated above. I prefer pm. We often stay up late and sleep in. Sometimes ordering room service for breakfast. Would rather have evening service.
  8. Not really sure, but think you could about 10am when the suite and early boarding time people are arriving.
  9. Pretty much anything with a cord gets taken. Except curling irons and hair dryers. I have the cube style converter and no problems. I plug it into the European outlet and give me 2 more US ports.
  10. Same thing happens with booking flights
  11. I do B2B cruises all the time. You usually need to vacate you stateroom by a certain time, say 8-9am. When moving to another room the attendant will move your things. You can leave shoes, hanging clothes as they are. They bring in a rolling cart and can hang clothes. I just throw in my toiletries and smaller things into a suitcase. You cannot get into your new cabin until everyone else does, 1-2pm usually. You will be escorted off the ship in a group and go thru customs and escorted back onto ship. Usually right away. They will give you your new seapass cards at that time. You will need to do muster again, and probably not have same dining table.
  12. I think the key at bottom of page with cabins listed will tell you if you have pullman or not. I go on a cruise next month and have yet to have the once a day stateroom service. If you get to pick am or pm, I don't know. Would like if you had a choice. Can anyone respond to that?
  13. I love Greece and Croatia. And more unique in my opinion. With a couple days in Venice. Venice is my favorite Europe city because there is just nothing like it. I prefer newer ships but often go on older ones in Europe to get the ports I want. I just did B2B cruises last Sept in Greece and Croatia with 5 days in Venice prior. One of the best trips ever. I do like Barcelona also. I would do at least the 7 night cruise. Either one of those sounds good though. Europe cruises are the best!!! Have a great time.
  14. I always use 3rd party insurance. Usually Travel Guard
  15. I also go on a cruise around first 2 weeks of February
  16. We did 2 weeks of Greece in Sept/Oct. Left out of Venice (Ravenna). We did a few days in Venice prior to cruise. We have been to Greece before but my sister and her husband, who were with us, had not. So, we did tours a lot. Prices ranged and reasonable I thought. Any particular tours or islands you were
  17. Not sure, possible a wall there at the end. And/or limited view only 1 direction.
  18. Late March can be spring break for many areas, so more kids. I cruise every year the first 2 weeks in December and love it. I have found cruise rates and flights are less in December (except for holiday of course). Weather always been great. 70-80 degrees and mostly sunny. You tend to get more rain in spring, in my opinion.
  19. I fly Delta all the time, and have to go thru Salt Lake on every single flight. The connection in Salt Lake is often 30 minutes. I have always made the connection.
  20. I do not use Sea to Air, but book flight myself on airlines website. And this still happens to me. The airlines change flights all the time. Sometimes for lack of crew or reasons. It is not Sea to Air's fault if flights are changed, and sometimes at the last minute. I just had the same thing with a connection from Rome next month (for a cruise) and they changed my times all around. I called and they changed it to something else I had found and preferred. Travel has always been hard work, and you need to be flexible. I do not like flying, but deal with it as I want to travel. And since I live no where near an ocean (and cruise many times a year) I fly to go on about any kind of trip.
  21. I used to live in California and yes I have had IN and Out many times
  22. What cruise are you referring to?
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