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  1. Hi my cruising friends, just came back a few days ago from the Wonder Of The Seas. On the last day I saw that there is some kind of contest/competition going on where you can send in some pics from the cruise (memory pics, pics from a cruise party and so on). Unfortunately I forgot to take a pic of the ad with the e-mail adress on it. Didn't find anything online as well. Any chance somebody here - currently on the ship - knows? Thanks for any help!
  2. Hi my cruising friends, just came back a few days ago from the Wonder Of The Seas. On the last day I saw that there is some kind of contest/competition going on where you can send in some pics from the cruise (memory pics, pics from a cruise party and so on). Unfortunately I forgot to take a pic of the ad with the e-mail adress on it. Didn't find anything online as well. Any chance somebody here knows? Thanks for any help!
  3. Many thing have been mentioned already. Sometimes there's Live Music in the Central Park. I always enjoy this part of the ship, with or without music. It's a surprisingly calm spot. Many spots have live music though, if you enjoy this kind of activity. We surely do. The Pub is a nice spot to have a drink and watch the world go by. Pools are not your thing, but still check the Solarium out. More quiet, lots of space and a nice view. It's a very relaxing spot this. Or you always can do a bit of shopping in one of the many shops on the Promenade. Like others said: Food/Eating is a big point about cruising. On Sea days Izumi is still not very busy and has a nice and quiet atmosphere.
  4. Pisa is fine, if never seen. But besides the tower there isn't much. As a city, Florence is the better choice. Lots of sights, good food. But I would - if you've never been - choose the Cinqueterre villages. Even though not big, they are unbelievably beautiful with stunning locations. Great fish and seafood as well. And part of the UNESCO world heritage. For good reason. We liked Vernazza and Manarola the most.
  5. Another helpful website: https://travelsafe.spain.info/en/
  6. Been on this itinerary last year (on the Harmony) and will be back this year - on the Wonder (from Oct 2nd). I also know some of these ports and towns from our travels through Europe. Mallorca can be done easily on your own. Take a shuttle bus (by RCI) or a taxi to the cathedral. From there you can stroll around the historic old town of Palma. Lots of fun shops, nice buildings and good food (fresh fish and seafood - also try the local "Sobrasada", a very special spanish sausage). If you prefer a beach of course you could take a taxi there as well. If you want a more guided experience I'd recommend a tour by RCI. In Rome we took a tour. Traffic is too unpredictable to take a transportation on your own. Stick with a tour or a transfer provided by RCI. This time we'll do the "Transfer Only", with 5h of independent time in Rome. In Napoli you are spoiled with choices. Pompeii is impressive. I've been there before, but not by cruise. If you've never seen it, it's surely a must-do. But also Sorrento is nice, a smaller, charming coastal town. Capri surely is nice as well, never been there though. This time we won't take a tour (we did the Sorrento Tour last year). All of these you better visit with an organised tour by RCI. But: the historic Center of Napoli is in walking distance from the port. So we will spend the day roaming through the narrow streets of the old town of Napoli. Visiting markets and grabbing some street food. La Spezia is another port with lots to do. Mostly you will depend on tours by RCI. The villages of Cinqueterre are breathtaking. Visited them on a Road Trip through Italy two years ago. One day isn't enough to fully enjoy, but still worth a visit surely. And then there are Florence and Pisa. Been to both of them. Lovely towns. As a town Florence is more impressive with more things to see and do. But if you want to see the leaning tower, then it must be Pisa. Since I know both towns already, we'll stick in La Spezia. As a town not very special. It's a typical industrial port town. But there are great restaurants. Serving "crudo" (raw fish and seafood) - a great dish. We'll just grab some crudo for lunch and head back onto the "Wonder". Marseille is another one we will visit independently. It's just a 10' taxi ride to the center of the old town (around the old port). Lots to see and do. And lots of fantastic french food. Aix-en-Provence is surely worth a look. But we'll stick with Marseille this time. In Barcelona be sure to either dine at "Quimet & Quimet" or the "Cerveseria Catalana". Both serving tapas. Both very unique and both equally great. If possible, try both If you travel by plane and got some time on your hands at the Barcelona Airport, head to the "Sala VIP Pau Casals". A lounge for first class passengers. But you can - as we did - just pay 35 Euros to enter. You can stay 4h. Seems pricey? It's not, because: Free food (tapas, jamon, snacks, etc.) and free drinks (wine, beer, cava). Bottomless - as much as you want. Really worth it.
  7. There's this board: Cruising from Oct 2nd - Oct 9th (we'll be on it as well). I assume this is the cruise you look for (many of the cruisers probably board in Barcelona on 2nd like us - at least that was the case last year, I assume you board in Rome on 6th?)
  8. Hi, We always enjoy lunch in Izumi on Sea Days. We're on the "Wonder" from Oct 2nd - Oct 9th. Last time (on the Harmony) it wasn't a problem to get a table, since the ship was only at around 25% capacity. But now back at 100% I'm afraid it might be a problem, since it also is the only cruising day of the week. Couldn't pre-book through the cruise planner. Lunch doesn't show up. So I wonder if anybody has similar experiences or similar plans at least? Up until now we always got lucky. But I don't wanna risk it, if there's a way. Thanks for any help.
  9. If you make the reservation now through the Cruise Planner, you will be charged for each reservation immediately. When you board, you can get this refunded as refundable OBC, but you're going to front the money now to secure the reservation. Inspired by your idea I did just that yesterday. Booked all restaurants now for our cruise on the "Wonder" sailing on october 2nd. Many times were already booked/gone. And Chops on the last night had only two slots left. Chops is always pretty popular on the last night.
  10. Thank you my fellow cruising friends. Just booked all the restaurants last nights... thanks for helping.
  11. So sorry to ask (English is not my native language - and I've never really had any experiences with Onboard credits and refunds): Does that mean I have onboard credit I could spend during the cruise - and whatever's left at the end of the cruise I get back on my bank account? Thanks again.
  12. Hi, purchased the UPD, as we usually do when cruising with Royal. But some nights are busy and now with full capacity even late dining times might sell out even before we board. I've read on these boards that someone suggested - in addition to the UPD - to just make reservations each night by purchasing dinners to all restaurants we'd really love to visit (like Chops on the first and last night or Izumi Sushi & Hibachi on others) to make sure we'll get a table. That would mean to pay extra up front - quite an amount. But: Would I be able to get my money back when on board? And not in form of a credit...but back on my bank account/credit card account? I wonder if somebody did that and could share the experience they've made. That'd be very helpful. Thanks!
  13. Just booked the DBP today for the "Wonder Of The Seas" sailing on October 2nd. Got it for 71$ pp. Was with 73$ at the lowest for a while, today it dropped 2$. Decided not to wait any longer and book it.
  14. Hi "smokeybandit", off topic, but myself as "Ban-One" I feel obliged to point out that I like your username ?
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