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  1. My wife and I are vaccinated. We will not cruise if there is a mask mandate. I wear a mask in the hospital all day, I wear a mask at the grocery store. I’m not wearing a mask on vacation. I’m hoping to return to cruising in 2023 with no restrictions.
  2. I agree. It’s amazing how numbers have gone down. At my hospital we had 65 COVID patients 3 weeks ago, today 6. Fingers crossed we don’t have another surge.
  3. I applaud RC for taking this stance and agree you will need proof of vaccination to travel. It’s highly likely the vaccine prevents you from contracting and transmitting the virus, however this has not been formally studied hence the news reports that they cannot confirm this. It will be studied and proven in time. What is also likely is this will be an annual shot like the flu shot so get ready to roll up your sleeve. I for one feel so much better and safer now that I have both my doses. It’s really liberating.
  4. Cruising is expensive, I simply cannot justify the expense with any restrictions. We will not cruise again until there are no restrictions and that may be a long time if ever... as much as it pains me to say that.
  5. Yesterday I was watching ship tour videos on YouTube. When I finally get to go on a cruise I plan on Celebrity Edge to be my first trip.
  6. Looks like by July the vaccines will be widely distributed in the US and UK so July seems reasonable to start cruising.
  7. can't see paying cruise prices to be so limited. probably wait until things are more normal. I'll airbnb until then
  8. We have been using this infusion at my hospitals and nursing homes with very good results. Most people report feeling better within 24 hours. Have to get to them early though. Doesn’t do much once the patient is at the point where they need ICU support
  9. Just bring a plastic water bottle. There are lots of places to refill for free or better yet buy the drink package and get all the bottled water you can drink...amongst other fine cocktails
  10. Agree...we are avid cruisers and have decided not to cruise until we do not have to follow any social distancing, masking, testing requirements. I think that is probably not going to be until mid to late 2022. We just got back from an all inclusive resort in Mexico and it was fantastic. No testing to get into the country, the resort was operating at 50% capacity, very clean and safe. When hanging out by the pool no need to mask (there were tons of open chairs due to low capacity). Highly recommend this as an alternative. We never left the resort and felt safer there than in the US.
  11. In the US we are getting a CDC card that documents both doses (which vaccine, lot#, and date of each). I assume the UK is giving out a similar card. I already have mine inside my passport so I don’t lose it.
  12. Attend CATs on OASIS (unless you feel like a nap) I’d say eat or drink too much but that’s what cruises are for!
  13. Definitely the day before. I like to stay at the Residence Inn right by the cruise terminal. It has a nice pool area and a shuttle to the terminal. I have been on several cruises out of PC and always get there a day or 2 early. Head to the terminal around 1030am. Last time we went out of there on Allure we boarded immediately and were enjoying the boat by 11am.
  14. With small children Disney Fantasy, with my now older teenagers definitely Oasis. Nothing better that being on Oasis with a stop in Labadee. I definitely miss looking forward to an upcoming cruise. Damn you COVID!
  15. As a Canadian and Healthcare professional I would say I do know more than the Government of Canada (most 7 year olds do). The reason they are telling you being vaccinated does not guarantee you cannot spread the virus and therefore should still wear a mask is the fact that was not part of the clinical trials and not studied.
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