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  1. They will continually run different promo's. Just log in regularly to see the prices. You'll learn what the lowest price and best promos are and then can buy when they are offerred again. I'm sure prices are up post COVID but last cruise in 2019 I paid $49 per day for the drink package. The lowest I've seen so far on Feb22 booking is $58 per day
  2. I'd like to see 100% vaccination mandatory for adults At this point in the US you are choosing to get COVID if you choose not to take the vaccine and that's fine with me, just sit on the sidelines so we can all return to living. Have a 50 year old in the ICU today...if they ever wake up I bet they'll wish they got vaccinated.
  3. We stay at the Residence Inn across the street from the Port. They will allow you to leave your car (can't recall the cost but cheaper than the terminal) and take the shuttle to the terminal. There is also a park and shuttle place but I have never used it.
  4. also that reinfection has been proven so unless you are inside of 3 months from active infection you still need the vaccine
  5. we are not billing for our vaccines that would discourage uptake. we get them from the government at no charge and eat the cost of administering them.
  6. I love that Royal has taken the all must be vaccinated stance on both Celebrity and RCCL. I will definitely cruise sooner knowing all on board are vaccinated.
  7. The border to open I am sure...It’s killing the economies of towns along the border on both sides. Canada is so far behind in the Vaccine roll out. my 77 year old parents in Manitoba just got scheduled for the end of March. In Georgia we are doing 55 and older no restrictions and 16 and older with medical conditions (one of which is “overweight” so basically almost everyone qualifies today.
  8. I would say there is no correlation. The reaction to the COVID vaccine is very similar to the flu shot. Most people feel nothing, about 10% of people report feeling crappy for a day or two. I had zero reaction, my wife felt crappy for about a day starting about 12 hours after her second dose. In terms of people having a bad reaction to COVID itself, after age, being overweight seems to be the most common risk factor people share that are being admitted to hospitals.
  9. Sorry but to refer to life saving vaccines as evils is nonsense. If you could walk thru the ICU at my hospital today you would feel differently. The people in those beds (if they were awake and not intubated) would gladly go back in time to get vaccinated. The vaccines are safe period, the vaccines prevent COVID period, soon they will publish guidance that the vaccines prevent transmission period. Another guarantee...this virus doesn’t go away unless enough people are vaccinated.
  10. We always stay at the Residence Inn. It’s across from the port, has a shuttle to the terminal (although we always Uber to get there early), has a nice pool area to relax, and if you traveling with a family of 3 or 4 can get a 2 BR suite for a decent price.
  11. My wife and I are vaccinated. We will not cruise if there is a mask mandate. I wear a mask in the hospital all day, I wear a mask at the grocery store. I’m not wearing a mask on vacation. I’m hoping to return to cruising in 2023 with no restrictions.
  12. I agree. It’s amazing how numbers have gone down. At my hospital we had 65 COVID patients 3 weeks ago, today 6. Fingers crossed we don’t have another surge.
  13. I applaud RC for taking this stance and agree you will need proof of vaccination to travel. It’s highly likely the vaccine prevents you from contracting and transmitting the virus, however this has not been formally studied hence the news reports that they cannot confirm this. It will be studied and proven in time. What is also likely is this will be an annual shot like the flu shot so get ready to roll up your sleeve. I for one feel so much better and safer now that I have both my doses. It’s really liberating.
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