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  1. just got off celebrity reflection. Hit #2 back to back then again after 1 miss. Close to the triple!
  2. Highly recommend an airbnb. We stayed at Giulia & Federica's place just steps from the Vatican and much cheaper than a hotel. The apartment was beautiful and they were awesome hosts.
  3. i generally fill out the online form. Usually have the email confirmation within 2 business says and then have 48hours to pay the fees. you can absoulutely pick the sailing and room if you call.
  4. show up at 11:00 and probably walk right on. Have a great time
  5. On my most recent cruise on Allure I ordered 1 of everything for dinner (including the wings) I could barely walk after . The wings are really good but better at Playmakers
  6. starting in 2024 you will need an ETIAS visa waiver to enter Europe. Once you are in you will not need anything other than your passport for any country listed.
  7. Most people on this blog are fairly experienced cruisers who know that Royal (and all cruise lines) are always running "sales". The earlier you book the better price you get is the general rule. Good travel agents like the one you will find mentioned thoughout this blog will sometimes be able to offer Group discounts and perks. If I ever think there is a possibility my plans will change I book refundable deposits. Sorry you found a better deal after you booked with Royal but thats really not their fault and you will still have a great time on your cruise.
  8. not to worry. The only show you probably need a reservation for is the Aquatheatre and there will be a line for people without reservations. get there early and be first in line.
  9. You can get the photos done at the terminal when you check in the day of your cruise.
  10. Ah yes i wasn't thinking about the comedy show
  11. you really only need them for the aqua show. they will be checking your reservations as you sit sown. For mama Mia its always good to reserve but you can just walk in (Mama Mia is fantastic)
  12. you don't necessarily need to buy a package. It is easy to get dressed up and get a nice family photo. several nights during your cruise their will be opportunities. you can buy the photos you like before you disembark.
  13. Recently we were on Allure of the Seas, first time back on an Oasis class since the pandemic and absolutely loved it. I think the bigger ships do a much better job of dispersing the crowds. Service was excellent. I have not yet been on Icon but was told by an experienced cruiser they are not sure they can go back to Oasis class after being on because of the incredible experience. Everyone needs to cruise on the ships that they love the most. For us Freedom class would be the smallest we would do for a weekend cruise. For a week it would have to be Oasis or above.
  14. Every room on every ship can be split. just tell your stateroom attendant what you prefer
  15. We use our card for all everyday purchases and then redeem the points for on board credit for our cruises. I have never used the points for an actual cruise.
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