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  1. 1) Wearing a mask 2) Not being able to do what we want, when we want. If we are limited in any way regarding pool time, casino time, dining we will cancel and rent an AIRBNB for a week somewhere instead.
  2. we were there on a Disney cruise once and did a Kayak/Snorkeling excursion thru the mangrove forest. That was great too.
  3. I don't know how many people you have in your party. Last time we were in St. Thomas we had 2 families, total of 8 people and chartered a boat for the day. Took us snorkeling with sea turtles then to St. John for lunch on the beach. Total cost was much less than RCCL would charge for an excursion. Best port day we have ever had.
  4. What about the $20 credit for Playmakers? Is that per day or for the entire cruise?
  5. We are on 12-13. Be great to catch up for a cocktail!
  6. DBP on my Dec Oasis sailing was $44/pp today. Great deal.
  7. Prices are good now. Makes sense to book as long as you make sure your deposit is refundable.
  8. I appreciate the heads up. On my Oasis Dec 2020 cruise the Beverage package went down to $44/day (was $59). I of course grabbed that deal!
  9. Cabana/Bungalo would be your best bet if you want to be guaranteed some shade. If you don't want to spend the $ there is a lot of space on the beach and you can usually find a nice spot under a palm tree. Just make sure you are getting off the boat early.
  10. Totally agree with you. We love the champagne bar on Allure and Oasis, It was our favorite spot. Very disappointed it has been transformed into the bionic bar. We will need to find a new place for pre dinner cocktails.
  11. can't disagree with that either
  12. I wish they'd just ban it all together. Nothing I cant stand more than smelling smoke on the pool deck.
  13. This is from Carnivals website. Looks like they are extending cancellations on select ships/ports probably to decrease cost for the remainder of the year as they recover financially. As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we regret to inform our guests that Carnival Cruise Line is having to cancel the following sailings: All ships sailing between March 14 and May 11 All Alaska sailings through and including June 30, 2020 All San Francisco sailings through 2020 All Carnival Radiance sailings through and including November 1, 2020 All Carnival Legend sailings through and including October 30, 2020
  14. Pre-dinner cocktails at the Champagne bar (sad its gone off Oasis), sitting on the balcony with a cup of coffee in the morning, hitting Sorentos 10-12x per day for a slice, basically everything!
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