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  1. Go to your cruise planner and look at purchase history. Just take a screen shot of that just in case but I’m sure you are fine. I don’t think the drink package shows up anywhere on the app. Do you have your set sail pass on your phone? Should see the letters DX under packages. That’s the drink package. It will also be noted on your key card when you receive it on the ship.
  2. Chops has long been one of our favorite cruise meals on any cruise line. Especially if you have the opportunity to eat outside in Central Park on an Oasis ship. All the sides are great, the steak (filet) one of the best I’ve had anywhere. Service is always great. Only experience post pandemic was February on Indy and really enjoyed it.
  3. The app isn’t that reliable. If it is important to have reliable communication I would say the WiFi will bring you piece of mind. The ship is as safe environment as any. Our kids were that age when ship WiFi was prohibitively expensive and kids didn’t carry phones anyways. We always found a magnetic dry erase board on the cabin door was an effective way for them and us to let each other know where we were.
  4. we were on Summit in the retreat in March. I assume the Luminae menu is the same between ships. The entire experience was incredible. Best dining experience we have had on 12 cruises that include Disney, Royal, and Celebrity. The staff are awesome, the food is incredible, you're going to love it. If you don't see something on the Luminae menu you like ask for the MDR menu and you can order off that as well. Enjoy!
  5. Cats is the worst...even after a day of abusing my drink package Grease/Mama Mia both were great
  6. The Beach Club is really incredible. If you like relaxed, pampered beach day with lower crowds, a beautiful pool, and unbelievable food then its for you. If you want beach party then just go to the free Oasis pool. We bought the beach club in Feb for $88pp and totally worth it. Last weekend we were on Indy and the price never came down below &$190pp which like you I deemed too high and opted for regular day at Coco Cay. I wish I would have spent the money honestly. What the beach club offers is exactly what my wife and I want and in the future I will spend the $200pp if thats what it costs.
  7. We watched NY/TB game 6 in Playmakers on Indy...It was awesome. The entire bar was packed, every TV had the game on, and the crowd started chanting "we want sound" so they shut of the music and turned up the broadcast.
  8. Sounds fine to me, you can use walgreens or CVS and those are accepted. Don't see why yours wouldn't be
  9. We were just there last weekend and had a bed on breezy bay. I think you'll find there are always loungers available. The island is built to accommodate something like 12000 people. Our only real complaint was the drink service. Not enough bartenders but thats a first world problem and we still had a great time. I have done the Coco Beach Club before and didn't buy it this time because it was $200pp but I think I will next time we sail. It is soooo much better than the regular island.
  10. not eqinox but I did Summit recently in the retreat. For us there was really no comparison. Celebrity takes everything to another level. The service, food, ship condition, everything was incredible. I was blown away by the quality of food and service in Luminae. We have 2 more Celebrity cruises booked, can't wait to go again.
  11. definitely thru the bank of america site. We too primarily have used for OBC and then used to purchase extras like the drink package. I did get a couple of robes for 5000 points which we use for our pool at home
  12. the food is totally worth it. We were just on Indy and had nachos, fries, onion ring tower, 24 wings and i think it was like $40
  13. absolutely...you will be denied entrance to the terminal without. You will show your vax card, negative tests, and Passports twice. Once to enter the terminal and once to check in with RC. Have a great cruise.
  14. Just got off of Indy yesterday from a 3 day Bahamas sailing. It was basically back to normal. The pool deck was packed. There were some lines for coffee, pizza, etc. I was impressed with the staffing. I’ve read other cruise lines have been having a real problem with staffing. Service this weekend was great. It was nice to have the energy back on the boat.
  15. If you’re fully checked in then you should be able to print your set sail and luggage tags. That would be odd if your cruise is 2 weeks away and that stuff isn’t available. Have you checked in already?
  16. i've carried them in my checked luggage several times with no issue. Longest flight was 16 hours and they lost our bag for a day. Test was still good and got me home.
  17. the $77.98 seems to be the cheapest now days. If you see yours for that price grab it. They definitely need to make some money back post pandemic and demand is super high right now. I don't mind paying a little extra per day, just glad to be back on board
  18. not the cheapest but most convenient i think. super easy
  19. I'm checking in for our July Mariner cruise. After putting in all the passport, payment info etc. it says "we're not ready for you yet, come back later to choose an arrival time"? Has anyone ever seen that?
  20. Depends on the ship and the day. When we were there in February on Indy we got off at 8:00 and Harmony got off at 9:00 I think
  21. The beach club is awesome. I would recommend getting off the boat early. This time of year rain usually comes in the afternoon if it comes at all.
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