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  1. The 7 cheese pizza is amazing on Odyssey!!
  2. lol, now two show expired and one shows pending still.....
  3. for my cruise on Saturday, my bids still show pending....
  4. As long as it makes things better, not worse!
  5. I think there, but not showing up for my odyssey sailing either ...
  6. I almost always cruise solo. Occasionally Ill go with family. Going Solo on Odyssey this Saturday!
  7. I am going on Odyssey this Saturday. the App shows the a different menu for the first 6 days, but the last couple are not complete yet.
  8. Thanks for the hints. I need to do the test on Thursday, so maybe I'll do trial test tomorrow with one of my extra tests...
  9. What is the best device to do this on, Laptop, Ipad, phone or any thing else? thanks.
  10. Thanks, Ill probably skip the spin class then, just use the gym for free
  11. Any one know how much the spin classes are?
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