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  1. Giovanni's then while there, I have them book all my dinner reservations for the week on the UDP
  2. I do know that on my Navica App it does NOT have my middle name but my passport it does. on my last cruise, no one said anything about it....
  3. The press release makes it pretty clear: "Setting sail for the first time in March 2022, Wonder will call three marquee destinations home during its inaugural year: Fort Lauderdale, Florida (March-April); Barcelona, Spain, and Rome (April-October); and Port Canaveral, Florida (year-round, starting November)." I don't know why everyone is having a hard time with this!!
  4. Plus the attached video says specifically from FT Lauderdale in March
  5. You have to sail before Dec 31. 2022. Hope this clarifies it!
  6. The ones I received today are good until 11/15/2022
  7. man, Love me some Breakfast Burrito's
  8. I just ordered a 6 pack from Emed - should be arriving tomorrow. I will post the expiration dates but hoping they are good through November!
  9. with the UDP, I tend to give an extra 5-10 dollars at the end of the meal.. but I always got Great service in the Specialty restaurants....
  10. true, also Lenny's Indian Head Inn in Branford is another good one! Looks like I may have to go home to CT soon for a visit!
  11. Not sure where you are from but NOTHING beat's The Fish Tale in Madison!!!
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