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  1. There's nothing like being the first to use the throne. Kidding aside. This is the first new Royal ship in awhile that started in North America.
  2. We are looking at doing that as well. This could be a sign. We are currently booked Asia cruise on Celebrity Millenium in Nov 2020 but the situation in Hong Kong is making us nervous.
  3. When my wife and I started cruising, we only eaten at the MDR for dinner. Now, we are going to the MDR less. Not because of food quality/service. More because the Windjammer is just more convenient. We prefer a quick meal and go about the rest of the evening. My favourite offering at the Windjammer is the oxtail curry. Mongolian Grill night is also up there on the list.
  4. Yeti (or similar) cup/bottle. No metal straws needed for cold drinks. Easy to clean w/ brush/sponge.
  5. Maybe prices for Symphony will finally fall! Wishful thinking of course!
  6. Photo thumbnail for 5nt Eastern Caribbean & Perfect Day shows Labadee zip line. Will Odyssey be visiting both Labadee and Perfect Day on those sailings? I know Indy is doing something similar May 2020.
  7. I understand what you are saying. If the survey was to actually improve I would be a bit more critical. But the questions in the survey are very vague. You can tell it is basically a pass/fail test for the employees. It is the same type of surveys sent after you make a call to your cell phone provider. I still input any areas of improvements in the appropriate sections of the survey. Any corrective action is best dealt while on the cruise with the employee and if necessary, escalate to the manager.
  8. I just give them 10s. Don't want anybody lose their jobs or contract non-renewed. If it came to something that was warranted for termination/discipline, I feel that is best dealt with onboard with the position manager. Royal is usually very good at resolving issues while onboard.
  9. Show up in a Royal bathrobe w/ Eye of the Tiger playing. They have to let you on!
  10. My guess is if they reach Port Canaveral on Thursday, they may do a humanitarian mission to Bahamas and then return Friday for the next sailing.
  11. My wife is on the same sailing doing a B2B. She is scheduled to fly to MCO Friday AM. Mariner is scheduled to arrive at Port Canaveral Thurs. Hopefully there is zero to minimal damage at the airport and MCO. I can imagine MCO is going to hectic once it opens up.
  12. Biggest jump from the smaller ships to Oasis/Quantum ships are the suite options. If you want to shoot for the stars.... those suites will change your cruise experience.
  13. Usually the best pricing and cabin selection is when the itineraries are released to the public. They are approximately 18mo-24mo ahead. If you reside in the USA/Canada, you can book and re-price if there is a better promo for your sailing up to final payment.
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