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  1. Not sure which C&A loyalty level you are currently at. If you are Diamond or above, might be worth using the 24-hour wifi pass and stream on your mobile device
  2. There's a pub right next to the casino on Deck 6. Your best chances is in there. No guarantee the game you want will be on those TVs
  3. We booked a van through Turo. Arranged with host to drop off the car at Courtyard by Marriott King Kamehameha's Kona Beach Hotel.
  4. I wonder what the pricing is going to be. Is it going to be dynamic pricing? I assume it will also include round-trip transportation. I guess that would be a great way to guarantee you would return to the ship on time especially at a port like Cozumel
  5. Especially on a port day we may not even redeem a voucher. After dinner, we are usually at the casino anyways get the Prime tier benefits at the casino bar.
  6. Sorry to hear your vacation was abruptly ended. I am glad you both received the medical attention you needed. As other have stated, travel insurance (medical and non-medical coverage) is something to look into on your next vacation. If you used a credit card to pay for the entire cruise, I would call them to see if you have any coverage.
  7. It is common practice to provide proof of cancellation from the travel supplier (cruise line, airline, hotel, etc) what submitting a travel insurance claim. It will show if there were any refunds (cash, credit) provided by the travel supplier to ensure you have not already been indemnified. I was able to get a proof of cancellation letter from Royal Caribbean. It did take a long time (6 weeks). It was in the beginning of the pandemic.
  8. ArriveCan app set up is an annoyance. I find it to be similar annoyance as entering your passport and proof of vaccination info to check-in.
  9. At the land border, the CBSA agent will ask the same questions that are on the ArriveCan app and you will have to present proof of vaccination. They may send you to secondary inspection to complete that just to not hold up the general line.
  10. I have booked both in USD and CAD. The refund on the Cruise Planner is exactly what was paid. But whenever I book the cruise in USD, the Cruise Planner is in USD. Exchange rates and Credit card Foreign Transaction Fees will apply on the credit card statement.
  11. Have you tried contacting pharmacies near you and asking if they provide Rapid Antigen Tests for Travel?
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