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  1. What is the reason they are denying your claim? Are they going against their terms and conditions?
  2. Did you re-book for a future date? Some insurers as a good faith gesture are allowing you to change to a re-booked trip in the future if you received a 100% refund from the travel supplier. Some annual plans are extending the expiration date by 120d in lieu of a refund. I also recommend contacting the ombudsman for the insurance company. I hope you and the insurance company are able to work something out.
  3. Last week it was $35 on Navigator Nov 2020 sailing.
  4. I don't see the buffet being eliminated. It really caters to families really well. Families and new cruisers are Royal's cash cow. I do think we will see more health and food handling measures being implemented at the buffet. Honestly, some of those measures were a long time coming.
  5. They could use the Windjammer and Star Lounge space as a satellite MDR. Not ideal but would satisfy proper distancing protocols.
  6. It would be nice if they have an expanded room service breakfast menu at no additional cost if the buffet is shut down.
  7. That opens up another conversation. How much information about your vacation does an employer have the right to know? There are many who refuses to wear a mask. I am certain most will not disclose their actual travel plans to their employers.
  8. There will never be 100% compliance. It's like seat belts. To this day people still get ticketed for not wearing one even though there is proven data it may save your life in a MVA. People are still driving under the influence. There are a lot of things that are out of our control. Only thing we can focus on it how we feel will keep ourselves and families safe. With that being said, it's been a while since my Leafs are still in the season in the month of May.
  9. Currently have Jr Suite + $200 obc offer for Sept 2020-Dec 2020. It seems like they removed the same offer but for July & August sailings.
  10. I wonder if they will ban smoking at least temporarily in the casino post-COVID-19. I would think touching the chips/cards/slot machine and constantly having your hand close the mouth would put you more at risk. What do you guys think? Will they expand the smoking area on the pool deck/wrap-around deck to give proper spacing?
  11. Having a somewhat set date does give us hope. Can't wait for the live blogs to document your experiences.
  12. Taxes + port fees will be refunded back to the original form of payment.
  13. Will this delay Lady G's departure from Royal fleet?
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