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  1. There was lobster when we went on 5 Night Havana Empress in June 2018.
  2. Seattle's Best at Café Promenade. The Illy at Windjammer Buffet bar on Navigator.
  3. It is a bummer the BOGO dining pkg is no longer available. You never know, they may put it back on if sales of the new Chops + 1 is not generating as much revenue as they predicted. The 3-Night dining pkg looks much more attractive. Maybe that was their intention. What I have learned from this blog is to grab it while it's hot! You can refund it if you change your mind or a lower price from a different promo.
  4. Wants the range of the Voom wifi on Coco Cay? Is it limited to certain areas?
  5. Maybe Australia and Asia (Tokyo/Singapore)? Where is the new RCCL private destination going to be? Odyssey could showcase that destination? Who knows?
  6. You will need to purchase an internet package if you want to check your e-mail onboard. Prior to sailing, I search for Starbucks at the ports of call for free wifi. Also ask a crew member. They usually can direct you to where the best free wifi is at each port.
  7. If you have to fly into the cruise ports, look into doing B2B or S2S cruises. Makes the cost of the flights more worthwhile.
  8. Oh nice! Navigator was at Terminal G for my April 12 sailing.
  9. Majesty of the Seas - June 24, 2019
  10. Just redeemed for Majesty of the Seas for June 24 sailing.
  11. Glad that your family had an overall great time. That drink package must have came in handy after that long drive from Philly. The lines were long for the Riptide water coaster as people kept getting stuck at one of the many dips. I found the lines for the Blaster water slide to flow pretty well even though the lines were long. Each rider was about 25 secs between riders.
  12. Soap and warm water is best practice to keep hands clean. Hand sanitizer is next best alternative if hand washing is not possible.
  13. Could O5 have a permanent home in Europe? Royal's response to MSC coming to their turf?
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