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  1. Rebuilding consumer confidence in the cruise industry will be difficult. Especially attracting first-time cruisers. Will this cause a shift in scaling down new ship builds, design and innovation? Can Royal still fill their OA ships on every sailing? Nobody knows. Personally, it will most likely be at least 12-18 months before my wife and I can cruise again. She is a healthcare worker and cannot afford being quarantined when her co-workers are battling this virus. Our neighbours across the river in Detroit are taking a real beating. That is the reason we are going to take the full refund for our May 2nd sailing. Spend our money locally here since small businesses are hurting badly. Big corporations like Royal can weather this. Different story for small businesses even with the assistance from the Canadian Federal Government.
  2. Hope they are able to contain the spread. With no guests onboard, the crew must be assigned to the guest staterooms
  3. Similar advisory by the Government of Canada https://travel.gc.ca/travelling/advisories
  4. Freedom was turned away when she arrived at her homeport in San Juan.
  5. The smaller cruise lines will be more exposed to bankruptcy compared to the big players like Royal and Carnival. Just to answer the OP's question, customers who have FCC/monies paid to Royal will most likely SOL. Other creditors will have priority. There are some travel insurance plans that will cover those type of loss. Some credit cards may even cover that. The premium ones may just credit you out of "goodwill".
  6. I guess city of Victoria got their wish.... Will they be able to change itinerary to Mexico cruise?
  7. I totally understand why they are doing this but..... this is like getting a sick note for work but the other way around. It will affect wait times and appointment availability for those who are actually sick and need to see their Dr.
  8. Question about the buffet. Are staff putting the food onto your plate (cafeteria style) or is it still self-serve?
  9. Glad you were able to take advantage of Royal and Delta's recent policies. Looking forward to your next blog. Tomorrow? 🤨
  10. I used them back in 2017. It's a shared transfer. If you have an early flight, I would look at other options.
  11. My Trip Cancellation/Interruption insurance policy states "A Government of Canada Travel Advisory is issued during your trip, or after you purchased your insurance but before your departure date, advising Canadians to avoid all or non-essential travel to a destination included in your trip." I have confirmed with my insurer and they said a cruise ship is not considered a destination. It will need to be a country or port of call. There is also an exclusion on my policy: "An event when, on the purchase date as shown on your confirmation, you or your travel companion knew, or it was a reasonable to expect, may eventually prevent you from going on or completing your trip as booked." So as of March 5, 2020, my insurer will not pay for any Trip Cancellation/Interruption losses related to COVID-19 as it is considered a known event. So anyone who did not purchase a plan prior to March 5th, will not have coverage for COVID-19.
  12. I am confident that if the advisories affect the safety of their passengers, Royal will make the proper itinerary changes.
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