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  1. Look for the Quest show in the cruise compass.
  2. If your bookings are linked, you can make My Time Dining reservations on Cruise Planner or call Royal Caribbean. If you are using a travel agent, they can make those reservations for each night. Which ship will you be sailing?
  3. My first cruise out of POM, I did not know Budget did not have a shuttle from POM to MIA airport location. I was able to convince an Alamo shuttle to take me there w/ a tip. On our first RCCL cruise, we had the unlimited drink package. During our stay in Labadee, my wife accepted a drink in a souvenir cup. A few years ago, one of our relatives left their passport in their checked luggage. Luckily, the luggage arrived outside of their stateroom before the gangway closed.
  4. Pull the trigger and get it. You can cancel and re-purchase if there is a lower price prior to your sailing.
  5. I collect throughout the week. Then bet high and hope for a jackpot at the end of the week. I gained 1M loyalty points off a 2B jackpot win a few months ago. They eventually capped my loyalty points for a few days haha.
  6. Cannot be stacked. But if you have other passengers in your room, they can redeem their OBC vouchers on the same booking.
  7. I would bring a packable light down jacket and combo w/ a windbreaker/waterproof shell. Both should not take much room and will pack light in terms of weight. That way you can layer depending on the weather in March.
  8. I would choose Navigator. She has all the new restaurants that the newest ship, Symphony OTS, has (Playmakers $, Hooked $, El Loco Fresh). You will have a great time on either ship. This makes me excited to hear what they have in store for Oasis AMPlification. I am sure they learned a few additional things from the Navigator AMP that they will implement Oasis.
  9. You can always stay onboard the ship while it is in Miami. You will be able to have most of the ship to yourselves including the pool loungers and take advantage of the drink package. Book the North Star while it is in Miami. The view of the Miami skyline must be incredible from the North Star!
  10. Awesome blog! Thanks @twangster for all the great photos and sharing your experience on the newly refurbished Navigator.
  11. Yes you can. Just call Casino Royale and provide both OBC redemption codes
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