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  1. With talks about possibly boosters, hopefully matching 2nd and 3rd dose shots will resolve this issue.
  2. You may make reservations while onboard. Usually on embarkation day, there will be staff somewhere in the Royal Promenade to book your specialty dining reservations. If you miss them in the Royal Promenade, they will most likely be making their rounds in the Windjammer Buffet on embarkation day.
  3. if you delete the app and re-install it after approx 90 days, they will give you a "welcome back" reward. I have received between 100k-500k Loyalty Points each time. I cycle through their other mobile apps such as Konami, Blackjack and Pop Slots. It is the easiest way to collect enough Loyalty Points for the $100 OBC voucher.
  4. If you are driving a Tesla, there is a 250kW Supercharger in Elizabeth, NJ approx 11 miles away. There is also a 75kW Supercharger in a parking garage approximately 8 miles away. I would choose the 250kW charger for the faster charging speeds. If you are planning to park in long-term lot, I would recommend charging the vehicle to 70%-80% prior. Turn off Sentry Mode so that it will not eat up battery while you are away. This should minimize "phantom drain".
  5. Ontario Superior Court ordered the Ontario government to reinstate it as it violates Canada Health Act. back in Sept 2020.
  6. OHIP Out-of-Country coverage is very limited. Out-of-Country inpatient services up to $400 per day and outpatient services up to $50 per day.
  7. Will Royal accept mixing of vaccines (AZ+Pfizer, Pfizer+Moderna) as being fully vaccinated?
  8. My shots were administered by our local health unit. They provided a print out (similar to receipt paper) for proof of vaccination and also an electronic copy was sent to my e-mail. Keeping those in our safe at home. Hope that is sufficient proof when we are cruising in Feb 2022.
  9. Victoria, BC do not want cruise ships. This is win-win!
  10. Wonderful news! I understand it is a loan condition Canada has to return the same number of doses later in the future. But what do the Americans want in return as interest?
  11. Will most likely do the snowbird thing. Our pension travel medical insurance covers us for 90 days each trip. Head south after Canadian Thanksgiving. Come back for Christmas and then head out again after New Years.
  12. Read on a news article some Canadians are receiving their vaccinations in FL. Just as long as they are 65 or older.
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