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  1. Could consider driving to Cape Liberty. Only 9h drive for me. Not ideal. Cost of flights may skyrocket once travel ramps up again. People will be redeeming their credits for their cancelled flights.
  2. The Air Canada complimentary Covid coverage does not have a US exclusion. The coverage does exclude travel during your cruise dates. When shopping for Covid Coverage, make sure you read over policy wordings to review the policy exclusions.
  3. OoooOOoo. Had two of my Indy sailings cancelled so far.... third time a charm? Would love to visit Southern Caribbean again!
  4. I have dropped off a rental w/ Budget/Avis on SE 2nd St. They do have a complimentary shuttle to PoM. My cruise was on a Monday. Getting to that part of Miami during morning rush hour was not a fun start to any vacation. Lesson learned.
  5. Same. Earned 1M LP in the last couple of days. I have also noticed that if you let it auto-spin, they increase your bet over time as well. My 11B coins was gobbled up when it increased to 80M spins....
  6. We have Scotiabank Ultimate package that waives the AF for our no Foreign FX fee Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite card. What works for me may not fit well with your personal situation. It is worth looking around banks and credit unions to see what they have to offer so it fits your needs. Others have recommended RBC. I have friends and family who have the RBC US acocunt/RBC Visa Signature Black and are happy with it. If you are a casual traveler and just looking for a no Foreign FX card w/ no AF, Home Trust Preferred Visa is an option for the occasional trip outside of Canada
  7. Pre-Covid, they make you go through customs and then back onboard the ship. In my experience, it took 20 mins. Not sure how it will work once the cruise lines are allowed to sail again. I assume it will be much longer turnaround since they will be doing more sanitizing in the staterooms.
  8. Once the Government of Canada travel advisories to the US are lifted, the insurance companies will provide coverage. This will instill consumer confidence. I really hope the Canada/US government can negotiate something for immediate family members affected by the border closure. The holidays are just around the corner...
  9. Make sure you are using one e-mail address for each C&A number. I usually complete the check-in for my parents and used my e-mail. Somehow Club Royale e-mail system trips up whenever there are duplicate e-mail addresses for multiple C&A numbers.
  10. Great innovative thinking Royal! For this to be implemented as smoothly as possible, I think Royal should recommend their travel partners to quickly walk-through this process. That way clients new or experienced will have an idea of what to expect.
  11. Been kayaking in the Detroit River/Lake St. Clair at least once a week. Did a weekender backpacking trip along the Bruce Trail in Ontario. We have a cottage booked for a week next to a lake in August.
  12. I would have to disagree with you on that note. Still plenty to do and see in our beautiful country. Just like travelling, have to roll with the punches. Six people max occupancy on the Maid of the Mist means you have the boat almost all to yourself. Can finally get a photo w/o other tourists in it! Not everything is doom and gloom. Have a nice day
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