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  1. Be prepared to now work with Club Royale Customer Outreach team post-cruise. Enjoy the rest of your cruise.
  2. My wife has similar paid leave benefits. Right now, I get 20 days.
  3. I had reservations about the new Coco Cay being crowded with two ships there. But that was not the case when I was there at the end of June. They set up the food spaces similar to how Windjammer is with separate food stations instead of a single line which helps with crowds. There's plenty of loungers around the Oasis Lagoon but go early to get the best spots. Beaches were pretty much empty. So you won't have a problem finding a good spot there.
  4. The website is wonky. But I am confused as to why the RCCL rep did not assist or forward you to an agent in booking your 8 cabins when you called in about the website issues.
  5. I thought the glass are slightly tinted with a blue hue to it.
  6. At home, everything is organized. Why not while travelling? Makes it easier to search for a specific item. Someone should make Tetris-shaped packing cubes.
  7. Here's some info on The Key: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2019/03/26/royal-caribbeans-the-key-worth-it
  8. Is there a way to receive notifications when keywords for thread subjects appear such as "sale", "glitch", etc?
  9. To save you time from the Guest Services line, go straight to the Casino Host. Guest Services will just tell you Club Royale bookings is a separate dept. Don't expect the credit to appear during your sailing. I just received my credit and I got off the ship on June 29th. Maybe they now have sorted everything out and are efficient in providing the credits. Hope you enjoy your cruise!
  10. We were on Majesty that day and loved Perfect Day at Coco Cay! I was disappointed about not going to Cuba but excited to experience the new Coco Cay.
  11. There are three slides that have long lines. Daredevil's Peak, Dueling Demons and Sling Shot. The other slides have minimal to zero lines. I was within 10 spots from the Daredevil's Peak when they had to shut down Coco Cay due to an incoming storm. I will have to try it in November.
  12. This reminds of Cathay Pacific's pricing error on First class tickets to HKG last year. They honoured the pricing. Too bad I was not able to travel during those times. It would have been great mileage run.
  13. If you booked your cruise through MyVegas/Club Royale, contact Club Royale via wifi calling. Request them to contact the ship's guest services to confirm the onboard credit owed to you. If Club Royale tells you to speak to Guest Services first, tell them they told you to speak with them. The employees at Guest Services are trying their best but it seems like they don't have the directive from Royal HQ to give out thr promised OBC owed. It's unfortunate and disappointing. Hope this helps!
  14. Does this mean apps like Facebook and Facebook Messenger might not work on Spectrum of the Seas since it is not accessible in mainland China?
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