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  1. If possible, try to use a different security check than your parents for "efficiency"
  2. + Symphony will have a more modern accents and furnishing. Oasis will be newly AMP'd but will most likely have most of its originality.
  3. If you don't play much, your best strategy is to uninstall the app and set a reminder to re-install after 90-ish days. I recently received 500k LP from Konami Slots "welcome back" bonus as a result. I would choose Pop Slots as the first app to uninstall as that app requires player interaction to earn LP.
  4. Unfortunately the RCCL cc is not available to Canadians. I now use HomeTrust Visa w/ zero foreign transaction fees and no AF for my US spending.
  5. Lines for Riptide flowed very fast. The lines for the aqua-coaster, The Blaster, is long and sometimes stops because it is stuck in one of the various valleys. Still a great way to spend a sea day!
  6. Been on both post-AMP'd. I prefer Navigator. Has the resort-style pool deck, El Loca Fresh (complimentary Mexican food), and waterslides are better.
  7. If you are purchasing the drink package, it will work on Coco Cay and Labadee because they are Royal's private destinations.
  8. I'm booked for the one going to Falmouth May 2nd. We will most likely stay on the ship while docked in Falmouth. We were looking at the Coco Cay & Labadee one but couldn't make the dates work for us.
  9. Don't fall for the "free" bracelet/necklace offer. We just politely say no and move along. Like @WAAAYTOOOsuggested, taking the free tram will bypass the stalls.
  10. I would price out what an interior room would cost now vs staying in the booked neighbourhood balcony and switch if the savings are there. Also, how are the prices for the neighbourhood balcony rooms Jan 2020 onwards? I always figured the cost for those perks were built into the price. So in theory, the prices should be dropping.
  11. I believe there was a work around to have access to YT via the Royal IQ app. Are there still ships in the fleet that are still using Royal IQ app?
  12. There's nothing like being the first to use the throne. Kidding aside. This is the first new Royal ship in awhile that started in North America.
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