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  1. PRO: - Compass Deli has some late night offerings. - Windjammer has plenty of seating for a ship of this size. Never had a problem finding a place to sit. If you want a more quiet place to eat, go up to the Compass Deli to eat your meal. - Starbucks branded coffee at the cafe - large Schooner Bar CON: - No shallow end for pools.
  2. There will always be haters out there. Especially in a professional setting, the hate is because they feel threatened. That just means you are better at your job than they are. Keep up the good work!
  3. Formal Nights and White Night are money makers for the cruise line from photos. Mom and Grandma want that nice family photo to put on their mantle.
  4. Skip the first kiosk when you enter the ship on embarkation day. There should be at least two more kiosks available along the Royal Promenade corridor.
  5. Thanks for the info! I will make sure to turn off Sentry Mode. Can't believe it sucks up 1% an hour..... We are planning to go in May. So below zero temps are unlikely.
  6. @Cez Any luck in finding cruise port parking with dedicated EV plugs near Cape Liberty? Looking into possibly doing a road trip and then hop onto Oasis.
  7. Forgetting to put my cell phone in airplane mode. Was able to negotiate down the outstanding balance. It was a huge lesson.
  8. I believe they have the FL cups at Starbucks on the Oasis. I picked one up for Cozumel back in November. It even has a cruise ship on the mug! They included a drink w/ a purchase of mug.
  9. If possible, try to use a different security check than your parents for "efficiency"
  10. + Symphony will have a more modern accents and furnishing. Oasis will be newly AMP'd but will most likely have most of its originality.
  11. If you don't play much, your best strategy is to uninstall the app and set a reminder to re-install after 90-ish days. I recently received 500k LP from Konami Slots "welcome back" bonus as a result. I would choose Pop Slots as the first app to uninstall as that app requires player interaction to earn LP.
  12. Unfortunately the RCCL cc is not available to Canadians. I now use HomeTrust Visa w/ zero foreign transaction fees and no AF for my US spending.
  13. Lines for Riptide flowed very fast. The lines for the aqua-coaster, The Blaster, is long and sometimes stops because it is stuck in one of the various valleys. Still a great way to spend a sea day!
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