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  1. Wonderful news! I understand it is a loan condition Canada has to return the same number of doses later in the future. But what do the Americans want in return as interest?
  2. Will most likely do the snowbird thing. Our pension travel medical insurance covers us for 90 days each trip. Head south after Canadian Thanksgiving. Come back for Christmas and then head out again after New Years.
  3. Read on a news article some Canadians are receiving their vaccinations in FL. Just as long as they are 65 or older.
  4. Go formal on Formal Night. The past few cruises we decided to just hit up the buffet or a specialty restaurant.
  5. Another hurdle for Canadians considering international travel. Travelers will have to obtain a negative PCR test before arriving back to Canada. Will Royal offer PCR tests and their own lab onboard on their ships? https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/garneau-negative-test-airline-1.5858379
  6. It is perfectly normal to have questions and concerns regarding the vaccine. This is new to all of us. I directed my questions to my pharmacist. He was able to answer most of my concerns. Hopefully I will have all my questions answered by the time my name is called to get the vaccine.
  7. 95% effectiveness is based on trial numbers of becoming "sick" or symptomatic. This means you could still become infected and spread it. That is why masks will still be required in the early releases of the vaccine. Once the population has been vaccinated or we see a huge drop in COVID hospitalization, is when masks may not be mandatory. So in theory, if the majority of the population gets vaccinated, it will eventually work towards herd immunity.
  8. The Singapore Quantum of the Seas initial sailings shows there is consumer interest even with those restrictions.
  9. #1 hurdle we will have to jump over is the 14-day quarantine when we return back to Canada. Hopefully the pilot program for the fast-tracked quarantine rules is successful and is available throughout Canada. #2 is we will have to wait for the travel advisory by the Canadian Government against cruise travel to lift. Namely to have coverage from our travel medical insurance provider to cover any medical emergency. My wife and I are still on the fence whether we will cruise if masks are mandatory. We will have to explore other vacation options at the point in time. From what we h
  10. Reservations for shows is not available on Navigator. First come, first serve. There are dedicated seating areas for those who purchased The Key. Don't miss the Ice Show. Enjoy your cruise!
  11. Asian Pork Tacos. When I ordered it, I was hoping for something at least similar to "Moo Shu Pork" with the thin pancakes.
  12. The 4-hour drive from Miami is not too bad if you plan on arriving a couple days pre/post cruise. Depending on which direction the "tide" goes, maybe possibly Cuba will be opened up again? Majesty/Empress will have purpose again.
  13. Basically retirees, unemployed and the self-employed will qualify for the pilot at the moment.
  14. If you are working with a TA, I recommend forwarding the OBC reward voucher to them and they will apply them for you.
  15. That is disappointing. I hope MyVegas will refund the LP for the declined voucher. We applied ours in September. I guess moving forward, the 10% Discount voucher will be the better buy.
  16. we each e-mailed from our own e-mail address the info they requested. $200 OBC total loaded on my CP.
  17. You will be able to apply one $100 OBC reward each to the booking.
  18. Look into the health benefits from her employer. Many extended healthcare plans have access to telemedicine. It does not replace a family physician but it is a replacement to the traditional walk-in clinic.
  19. Brain drain has been a huge problem for Atlantic/Western provinces and remote areas in respect to healthcare. Even with incentives, it is very hard to retain MDs to stay in those areas. Many leave due to burn out or find it more lucrative to practice in the US.
  20. They could possibly be handing out disposable masks in line and at the end of the slide. Plastic straws will no longer be public enemy number one.
  21. That and insurance coverage for COVID-19. Just spoke to my travel agent. There is COVID-19 coverage available to purchase as a stand-alone policy but any form of cruise travel is excluded.
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