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  1. If you like the price and itinerary, then go for it. The ship is fine.
  2. They're eligible to use it though it's not guaranteed
  3. There is no worst ship when you look at it in a vacuum. And for those who do have a worst, or at least "bottom of the list," it'll all be subjective. Everyone has their favorite ships, and by the nature of that, their least favorite. But if someone comes off a ship with their cruise ruined simply because of the ship, they're doing it wrong.
  4. I say that because when we got flown home by RC back when my son was named as a close contact (and at the time that required a 2 week quarantine in the Bahamas), we got a call from the after cruise team making sure everything went OK.
  5. I would hope RC's after cruise team would have contacted the family.
  6. I flew in July, 2020. I was the only person in the TSA precheck line. It was great
  7. Capacity on those summer 2021 cruises will never be beat, for better or for worse
  8. Yes, we're back to no price reductions after final payment.
  9. Matt: Not just a blogger, but a Chinese linguist, too!
  10. In looking at the list of charters trying to find this one, I found the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise. I can't imagine having any hearing left after that week.
  11. I've always found it funny that pool towels are guarded with what feels like armed security, but stateroom towels? Eh, do what you want with them.
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