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  1. One of two things. They made a change to one of their files that I believe caused the error. If you had the old version of the file cached on your browser, you may still have been able to use the site. Second reason could be due to how some websites deliver content regionally to make things load faster. You in Minneapolis would connect to a server closer to Minneapolis than say someone in Miami. If RC fixed their issue and put it out to the new servers there can be a lag in how long it takes for users to see the new version of the site. While it really shouldn't take that long that person in Miami could see the updated site before you in Minnesota would because the server closest to Miami already got the update, but the one close to you didn't yet.
  2. I hope Matt can clarify. It says pilot error but then says the pilot "was badly directed while steering the ship in to be docked"
  3. From Matt's update, that was truly just smoke from a contained fire and not the stack itself on fire. And the cruise went on as scheduled https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2015/07/22/fire-reported-royal-caribbeans-freedom-of-the-seas-cruise-ship
  4. If you're on board just ask an officer how many are there
  5. I still get the white page on multiple devices
  6. I think it's a bad javascript file they pushed. If you still had the old version that likely explains why it's still working for some.
  7. FrHoffard giveth, FrHoffard taketh away too?
  8. There are 55 degree coolers, not the standard 37 degree fridges.
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