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  1. It's a solid seabed, but had no issue walking in bare feet. It's not sharp and very few sudden drops.
  2. I'm glad they are starting to offer it in the cruise planner. The fact you have to call to book it is archaic.
  3. And that's just the direct transfer? Not one of those "Let's go kill time for a couple hours before we take you to the airport" tours? Not showing for my FLL cruise next March. Then again FLL is the least likely place I'd use their transportation.
  4. I didn't even realize you could book cruise transportation in the planner.
  5. Any post-cruise, cruise-sponsored transportation (excursion or just airport transfer) will have a pre-determined departure time.
  6. Don't over think it. You'll have a good time.
  7. I thought the credit card OBC was one of the few that would get refunded if it doesn't get used.
  8. We had Grand Turk and DR back to back last month. I had never been to either. For the purposes of included activities right off the ship, I'd pick Grand Turk over DR.
  9. That works for your room steward, but not the others that you'll likely never see.
  10. Your auto gratuity goes to a lot more than just your MDR staff.
  11. I don't recall the name or the price, but I definitely recall the wonderful aroma of jerk chicken right around the spot where there's inflatable equipment.
  12. There are reports that Radiance is having propulsion issues on its way to Vancouver.
  13. Most definitely. You walk through a duty free shop (just like anywhere else I guess) then walk through a town-like setup with your typical shops and a Margaritaville (though the MC there got annoying). Then there's both a pool and beach (with bare foot walkable sea bed and several different kinds of fish). Then along the beach there are local vendors of typical stuff plus food/beverages.
  14. The shops/bars/beach will be open to you even though it's owned by Carnival. Just note that while there are free beach chairs, they're set back from the beach (you'll see them behind some ropes from your view from the ship when you dock). Beach access itself is free.
  15. They are hoping to open a 35 foot channel this week, but that'll be for ships stuck in the harbor to get out. Then they'll close it again to get everything else cleared to go back to regular ops by the end of May.
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