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  1. The UK document is only 20 pages and contains a lot more actionable info than the CDC's 40-page CSO
  2. Get a notarized letter from the child's parents saying you're allowed to be traveling with them. You likely won't need it since we're in an era with so many kids having different last names than parents/grandparents, but for peace of mind, it can't hurt to have.
  3. I only got generic canned responses. Which I wasn't really expecting anything tailored towards the CSO
  4. ...getting the final balance due reminder? On one hand, "yes, the cruise is getting close!" On the other, "crap, I'm gonna have a big credit card bill next month"
  5. The CDC is doing the exact same thing right now. Using Diamond Princess as its main motivation to keep cruising locked down.
  6. We're in an era that the first thing said (whether right, wrong, truthful or not) is what people remember. Fain is rightly using that July 4th Biden comment to his advantage. As is NCL.
  7. Did you get a new projected date or is it all TBD?
  8. Still plenty TBD, but I wouldn't be concerned about needing a booster for your November cruise at this point.
  9. Michigan is doing mandatory weekly school testing for high school athletes. Other states have ramped up random school testing as they go back in the classroom. So no surprise they're finding more youth cases. And since the UK variant is becoming the dominant variant (I haven't seen any on the ground evidence that it's any more transmissible. See Texas as an example, as they have among the highest rates of the UK variant), then this amps up the headlines.
  10. My son's elementary school has been full in person since last August, and kids 10 and under don't have to wear masks with no effort to socially distance other than keeping each class in its own cohort (though kids of the same grade can recently all mingle at outdoor recess) We've had zero in school transmission.
  11. I'd like to see it only in places with close and continuing contact like the auditorium or various events like trivia that get pretty packed.
  12. Maybe it is just a worst case scenario going into the opening of cruising there. Thanks for the insight.
  13. Hospitalizations are also tough because only a few states separate out those hospitalized with covid (ie, tested positive during their gall bladder surgery prep) from those who went to the hospital because of their covid.
  14. Though if you have to fly to the port, Thanksgiving is an awful time since airfare is so jacked up
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