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  1. A few years ago we didn't check the expiration date on some of that Badger sun screen cream. My poor son looked like an angry steamed lobster. Fortunately we had aloe.
  2. We had a waiter doing his first cruise on his new contract, and first with the new menus. He unfortunately didn't know anything about the menu, GF or not. But had no issues with ordering the GF and no issues come the next day.
  3. It's no different than before in regards to ordering GF items with the new menus. You order the night before and the chef adapts (if possible) for the next night.
  4. I don't think it's a glitch. It's just the date that RC has set for that cruise to open boarding times.
  5. Quantum class ships seems to have the most engine issues.
  6. Bar was pretty well stocked last week on Jewel. I did my best to empty some bottles, too.
  7. It's bad, but not nearly as bad as Heathrow though. Though actually I guess I can't compare the two since I didn't ever connect in Frankfurt as that was my final destination all 3 times I flew there.
  8. I was in St Maarten and St Croix this week, no sargassum issues yet.
  9. This past cruise on Jewel we had an AC pipe leaking which resulted in a wet carpet. Housekeeping was great in both getting the carpet dried and disinfected as well as getting the actual problem fixed, with essentially zero impact to us other than when they had the carpet pulled up to dry. I got a 25% FCC for my troubles (though it was really no trouble at all, but I'm not going to turn down 25% FCC from what ended up a pretty expensive cruise.)
  10. I've had to both pick up luggage and had it checked through on European flights.
  11. It wasn't too spicy. You got the jerk seasoning flavor without too much of a jerk spice.
  12. You wouldn't have to clear customs again after Frankfort since both Germany and Spain are in the Schengen zone.
  13. Speaking of 1 year, has there been any discussion, official or unofficial, of a group hotel or maybe more importantly transportation to Colon from Panama City?
  14. After a royal up for the cruise I just got off, my new set sail pass was white and had no status or category on it. After using the browser console to edit the HTML, mine suddenly had the right colors, status and category. Not that it matters, as long as you act confident in what line you need to be in, I've never had anyone look anyway.
  15. My week: Night 1: crab cake and fried chicken. Both from the old menus, both good Night 2: calamari (old menu). Curried Lamb Rogan Josh. The lamb was good. Not too spicy Night 3: coconut shrimp (old menu). From the new menus, roasted caribbean chicken. The chicken was excellent. A surprisingly large portion of chicken too. Night 4: Polenta fries (new I think?) and lamb Kofta (new). Fries were solid. Not the best, but I'd eat them again. Lamb Kofta was flavorful, but basically just lamb meatballs so I probably wouldn't order again Night 5: Baby shrimp cocktail salad and roast beef with yorkshire pudding, both new. I thought the shrimp cocktail salad would be more salad than cocktail. Unfortunately it was just small 32+ count shrimp on a piece of lettuce. Fine if you would typically order a shrimp cocktail, but I wouldn't order it again since I thought it'd be a real salad. Roast beef was excellent. Done right and great flavor Night 6: Grilled sweet corn cakes and pulled pork enchilada, both new. Disappointed with the corn cakes. They were basically tortillas, not a "cake" like a crab cake or corn fritter would be. I would not order again. Enchilada was quite good, though next time I'd order with extra sauce. Night 7: Vidalia onion tart (old menu I believe) and cheese tortellini (also old I think). Onion tart is good, but it basically quiche. Tortellini was really good, but as I mentioned above you only get 7, so factor that into your ordering Night 8: Seafood cake and braised lamb, both old menus. Both good. From my wife, who orders gluten free, here are the summary of things that needed alterations: Polenta fries (alteration was just baked not fried), chicken cordon bleu (made with GF bread crumbs), corn cakes (it was different, maybe just not fried?), chicken marsala (just a lazy chef on this cruise. She's ordered it before with no noticeable difference, but this week they just put the turkey gravy on it instead of a real marsala sauce.
  16. That Royal night pasta was good. Just you get only 7 tortellinis
  17. Looks like watchlist items automatically roll off your list after a certain time
  18. Just off jewel. Most people in khakis or jeans with a button down shirt. Then half of the rest in either direction
  19. It seems the later in the evening it is, the less likely you have to sign anything
  20. RC has recently introduced a young adult program, hyperlink, with activities for 18-25 yr olds
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