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  1. And make sure you turn them over when you leave! In March we accidentally left the "sleeping off the adventure" side all evening and into the next morning. When I realized it I was expecting to get a call from the covid police thinking we were hiding something
  2. I doubt any of the amping features slated to be added would even interest a couple in their mid 60s with one whose health is starting to decline.
  3. A Norfolk stop after leaving Baltimore likely wouldn't move the needle for most guests, especially if that meant losing a day in Bermuda
  4. Here's where I saw the two week range for up to date crew https://www.crew-center.com/royal-caribbean-relaxing-crew-mask-policy-fb-crew-areas-restrictions-and-more
  5. Since those couches are about as comfortable as a slab of concrete, might as well keep them in bed mode.
  6. Usually by default they reset the couch during the day, but we've had the attendant also ask us if we wanted it set up or have it stay a bed.
  7. Kids can only take them if they're vaccinated.
  8. Hah, 10 minutes after I asked the question, the order shipped
  9. My CC was charged right away. Luckily I don't need them until next weekend, but emed took forever to ship last time around so I was hoping Optum would be faster
  10. Anyone have recent turnaround times for Optum to ship the tests? I ordered on Sunday afternoon and they haven't shipped yet.
  11. The only excursion I have booked on a cruise in 2 weeks actually went up in price with this sale
  12. You could also bring a 12-pack of club soda with you
  13. I mean, one could argue you cheated yourself by doing work on vacation. One good reason I'm glad my employer doesn't allow working outside the USA.
  14. The "problem" with offering more than 80Mbps is there's really no need for anyone to have a use for that kind of bandwidth on a ship.
  15. "[Royal Caribbean] slowly and cautiously returned to service and has since carried more than 2 million guests with a remarkably low number of COVID infections compared with almost any other setting." https://www.travelpulse.com/news/cruise/royal-caribbean-presidents-cruise-proves-loyalty-has-survived-the-pandemic.html
  16. That tells me they're going about things entirely wrong. But alas.
  17. The cruise was re-routed due to a storm that was forecast to impact Bermuda. It's really luck of the draw if you know about this prior to the cruise or not. But your odds are still quite low that there'd be a disruption like that.
  18. And the only cure can only be paid out of pocket.
  19. And we all know how bad the symptoms and side effects of no cruising can be
  20. Much like colds and the flu, some people are much more prone to getting airborne viruses than others.
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