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  1. If there's just two of you it looks good. There's 3 of us, so I passed on the Pan Pacific and booked the Marriott Delta 2 blocks away.
  2. Pan Pacific looks really nice, but really expensive and the room layouts are not really conducive to more than 2 people (unless you're really short and can fit everyone into 2 double beds)
  3. I believe all desalinized water is mineralized to make it taste more natural.
  4. There's no good answer to that since even during "good" sales your sailing might not have much all that good.
  5. I'd go get a PCR test (that test for multiple viruses at once) in the mean time. A lot of kids that young have symptoms from something else (like the flu or RSV) but additionally test positive for covid.
  6. Honestly you really have to rely on reputation for a good TA. All those traits are great, but it's when something goes wrong that a TA really proves their worth.
  7. Yes, GS is two beds pushed together to make the king
  8. Is there any change to UK cruises since that government is going away from any mask mandates?
  9. I threw a few dollars at upgrading from a 1 BR to a 2BR GS on Liberty in March. No big deal if we don't get it but figured why not.
  10. Is the service fee pool capped though? Say the cruise has $1000 in service fee money for the beverage packages. But those who have the DBP wrack up what would have been $1500 in gratuities if billed per drink. Does that mean they only still pull from that $1000? or do they get actuals because the odds say enough people won't max out their package and RC will make money anyway?
  11. "Why do 500 people claim you as their significant other and why are they all registered on RCLBlog?"
  12. I've always found RC drink pricing pretty reasonable. No one says you have to buy the package, you can always buy them a la carte.
  13. Anyone done a 2-bedroom suite on Liberty? Knowing the price it was when I booked this cruise, the minimum bid is dirt cheap. But I'd risk a lower deck.
  14. You should be able to access the RC website without an internet package.
  15. The CDC dropped its appeal. https://cbs12.com/news/local/feds-drop-appeal-on-cruise-industry-restrictions-ships-cdc-centers-for-disease-control-prevention-desantis-florida-attorney-general-ashley-moody-norwegian-line-covid
  16. Yep. Good to know "Your bid is priced per person and based on two guests per stateroom for the entire length of your cruise. So you only get charged for the first and second guests." Also interesting (though I guess not unexpected) is that I can upgrade to any suite class despite the suites for that cruise showing as sold out.
  17. I usually ignore these, but I got one that tickles my fancy. However, when I enter my bid, it only shows it for 2 people, not 3 (10 yr old is the other one in the cabin).
  18. There may well be some finishing touches that are delayed due to supply chain and/or labor issues but wouldn't necessarily delay the launch
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