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  1. I haven't seen this offering since COVID... is it gone?? When can I expect to see it again?
  2. What’s the best thing about it? Is it worth it? Not worth it? We are new to cruising and will probably do 1-2 a year?
  3. Can I get your FCC ? I would love $600 towards a cruise!!
  4. Anyone know what the best deals are for Celebrity? Looking to find a good deal to try out their ships out of FL.. I will keep an eye out but I’m just curious for what people have seen before and around what time/season.
  5. Booooook, buy the refundable deposit and exchange it if it goes down in price
  6. I am a spray sunscreen kinda gal. Should I be putting it on in my cabin or is it acceptable to put it on at the pool. I don’t want to smoke anyone out with my spray nor do I want to get it all up in my cabin.. would love thoughts on this topic
  7. It appears there’s going to be some bad weather during our beach day shore excursion.. I’d like to not cancel in case the weather does clear up but I’m nervous about losing out on $330+.. I know I have 48 hours before sailing to cancel but it is on day 5 of a 5 day cruise and we leave Monday. Any advice, tips, knowledge or prior experience can help! Thanks!
  8. Yes you will be able to get off with just birth certificate and DL
  9. Our voucher codes just worked again once we were refunded. I canceled and rebooked within an hour and was good to go.
  10. I have been seeing some posts about charges during the cruise. Could someone explain what those could be? We pre paid gratuities and purchased the drink packages and a shore excursion, what kind of charges could we be expecting in addition on the cruise? Is is this why they want us to link a credit card during check in? I just marked us down for cash because I don’t think we should accrue any additional charges. Unless I am missing something... first timer here.
  11. Was this paid for per person or purchased one cabana is one cabana and you can have up to how many people for a selected price?
  12. Calling all foodies! Please post your pictures of the amazing food you had on your trip!
  13. We are sailing cuba Majesty in september; went to make a payment tonight and I got an error page and to call royal directly.. ?
  14. Look up royal Caribbean Cuba sailings on Facebook. It’s the best place to learn ANYTHING about Cuba. Someone told me and I’ve learned 100 things
  15. http://www.royalcaribbean.com/beforeyouboard/shoreExcursions/downloadBrochure/ this is the link to find it thanks everyone for help!
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