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  1. On our 5-night Bermuda sailing last October, while there was only one formal night we still had lobster night on our last sea day. Pretty sure that was ship-wide and not just for CK dining.
  2. I can't argue with your reasoning, but will also note for anyone else reading this and thinking about a cabana for their own sailing that $264 is a fantastic price; that's almost as low as what I paid last year, and definitely worth snapping up if anyone else is seeing that price. Probably ties in with the Cruise Planner sale that started today.
  3. Haley!! You're back! Where've you been? Felt like you did your last cruise and then vanished. 😁
  4. I realize that much of Australia is desert / scrub, but I can't believe they couldn't find a collection of native Australian flora that would pass the regulations and also be visually appealing / fitting for the region. Hardest would presumably be finding replacements for the vines on the living wall, but shouldn't the rest be reasonably doable without breaking the proverbial bank? And being from harsher climates, I could even see where such a collection would require less watering and maybe (depending on the species chosen) be more tolerant of the salt air. IANAB (I Am Not A Botanist), so obviously take all of the above with a shaker of sea salt, but I'd be very surprised if Royal hasn't at least investigated the possibility. Bigger question in my mind would be what ports in that area can accommodate a ship the size of an O-Class vessel and the massive number of people it brings with it.
  5. Well, if you're OK paying the premium for Celebrity their ships all have a completely smoke-free casino. I don't remember if the ship as a whole is smoke-free or if there is still a small smoking area on / around deck 5, but I've read multiple comments and seen multiple videos commenting on the smoke-free casino and how amazing it is to be able to go in there as a non-smoker who likes to gamble and not cough or struggle with the air.
  6. We stayed in a J4 (Spa Jr Suite), which is smaller than the J1 / Large JS. I think the only real “complaint” you may have that is that the view aft from the balcony will be somewhat obstructed due to the “bump-out” starting at that spot. But you’ll have a much larger balcony than we had along with even better cabin space. I seem to recall that @Lovetocruise2002 stayed in a J1 with her family. (or maybe is going to this July for the GC?) Glad to be able to help and allay some of your concerns!
  7. Huh, my wife and I did Two70 for breakfast all but one of our mornings, can’t say I recall seeing smoked salmon. Must be newly added in the last 6 months, and I sincerely hope it’s still there when I’m back on her in October!
  8. Wait, what?? I saw the earlier comment about seeing Columbus on Anthem and thought that was a goof; did they actually replace The Gift with Columbus?? When did this happen??
  9. Dang, that cruise looks all kinds of awesome! If I wasn't already booked on the one cruise I can take in 2020, I'd book that in a heartbeat. Japan is another country on my bucket list.
  10. Northern NJ, but same difference. Cape Liberty port is about 45 minutes from my house, and that is all kinds of awesome. No need to fly, parking is actually quite reasonable per day, and if I decide to go with a family drop-off or limo it's not really out of anyone's way and not really expensive. Itinerary selections tend to me more limited / boutique, but this is where I'll be embarking from when I sail Celebrity Summit in August of 2020 for a once-in-a-lifetime transatlantic to Canada, Greenland, Iceland, and Ireland.
  11. Anthem Freedom Anthem wins on headliner entertainment (Spectra, We Will Rock You), availability of Coastal Kitchen, and the amazing Solarium; she also gets a point for practically being in my back yard. But it’s a close race as Freedom has more of a classic cruising feel to me, I liked the Royal Promenade much better than the Via / Esplanade, and she has a much better connection to the ocean.
  12. I was on Anthem last October; I'm a lowly Gold, but when my wife and I went to Two70 for Spectra's Cabaret, and the theater for We Will Rock You, the only reserved seating we saw was for a group of Star Class passengers. Their genie placed marker mats over the seats being held for them. To be honest, I thought they didn't get the best seats for Spectra. When you're in Two70 and looking at the stage, you have the lowest set of seats in front of the stage, then a walkway around the stage with high-back couches, and more seats behind those couches. The SC passengers got the last / highest row of seats in that closest section and certainly had a completely unimpeded view of the stage; but a lot of the action is aerial or on the robo-screens overhead, and folks like the musicians are on elevated platforms around the stage anyway. My wife and I sat in one of the couches since her back was hurting and she wanted the support, and we were treated to an extremely close-up view of Spectra (the MC) himself and all the cast as they paraded past at two different points in the show. Spectra even shook my hand and said hello as he walked by. I'd recommend trying to grab one of those couches if you plan to see that show, it's very worth it even with a slightly obstructed view of the lower stage area! I can confirm @WAAAYTOOO's statement that CK was never busy at any point. We were in a Jr Suite and had dinner in CK every night but one; all but the last night, the place was practically empty at 6:30 PM; we typically didn't see any other diners closer than 2 or 3 tables away. Even on the last night, it was only marginally more busy; we still had a good two table clear radius around us, but the SC group was eating there that night and one other large group that made it a smidge more crowded. If you are planning to eat in CK, you must go on night 1 if you're at all a fan of filet mignon. That's the only night it's served in CK and, IMNSHO, it was FAR better than the filet I had from Chops just two nights later. That's also the only night you'll get the smoked tomato soup they offer, which is to die for!
  13. Following! Loving the style of your blog already! 😁
  14. Hi, @Jodey. Welcome to the RCBlog forums! Unfortunately, since the credit won't show until after you've boarded (and then may not show until day 2), you will need to wait until you're on board and pay the appreciably higher on-board rate if you really want to buy it with your OBC. How many nights is your sailing? Typical on-board pricing for the Deluxe Beverage Package is around $70+ per person, per night, plus an automatic 20% gratuity on the final price (so another $14 per person, per night on top of the base rate); IIRC, passengers with at least Diamond status in Crown & Anchor society get a 20% discount on board, but that's the only discount typically offered. Unless you're on a very short cruise and you've been given a significant amount of OBC, you're still going to be paying at least some of that package with your credit card. If you're seeing the package offered for anything decently below $55 per person, per night (which would be $66 after automatic gratuity), I would strongly advise buying the package now and putting it on your credit card. Even with a 4-night cruise at the typical "base" online price of $55, that's $18 * 4 * 2 = $144 saved for two people vs buying on board at the typical price. The other facet to consider is that you can and most likely will absolutely find plenty of other things to spend the OBC on. You can try out a specialty restaurant with the credit, or use it for a massage or facial/mani/pedi at the spa, or join one of the "wines around the word tasting" events they often have on sea days, use it in the onboard logo shop, book a last-second excursion, pay your automatic gratuities with it, etc. My wife and I have been on two cruises so far -- one 8 nights, one 5 -- that each included around $150-$175 OBC for our cabin; I bought the beverage package and specialty dining online beforehand, and never had a problem using all the OBC and even owing a little on my credit card at the end.
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