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  1. JLMoran

    What is the standard deposit?

    Never mind. I just did a mock booking and confirmed that this sailing would be a $900 deposit per cabin.
  2. OK, I've looked through the FAQs, help pages, and other things I could think of; and I can't find a single page anywhere that documents the deposit policy for Celebrity. Apparently this has been an issue for a long time, as the only thing I found was a CruiseCritic post from 2013 that asked this exact same question. Now, that page did give an answer, and it said at the time that the deposits were $250 pp ($500 per cabin) for 7-night sailings, and $450 pp ($900 per cabin) for "longer cruises". So both an incomplete answer and possibly out of date, although it sounds like the policy is in sync with Royal. Can anyone here confirm if that's the case? So a sailing 9 nights or longer is where the $900 per cabin deposit is triggered, and 8 nights or less is still $500? I also saw that every so often Celebrity has a $25 deposit event; is that something that happens regularly in certain months, or if it's just luck of the draw to catch it? I assume that is offered separately from the other promo I've seen that includes the beverage package in the booking, but it would be beyond awesome to get the two combined! Asking because I found a 14-night TA cruise through Canada, Greenland, and Iceland before ending in Dublin, which departs in August 2020. I might end up booking it if I can convince the rest of my family to buy into it. My wife has family in Ireland, and had previously expressed an interest in the CA/NE sailing on Adventure, so I'm hoping this could end up being my 50th birthday trip. It would have to be in a pair of inside cabins to have any hope of staying in the budget I can afford, but I imagine it's the same kind of sailing as an Alaska cruise, where having a balcony really isn't a must.
  3. JLMoran

    Canada/NE sailings...Port or Starboard

    Well, technically they do; you just have to book a B2B on the 10-night Northbound and 11-night Southbound Fall Foliage sailings on Adventure out of NJ. 😉
  4. JLMoran

    Royal Private Journeys

    Paging @Matt! He used them and blogged about it, I think for his Navigator sailing to the ABC islands.
  5. JLMoran

    Anthem OTS

    @mworkman, all the ships are on a standard menu now that has dropped the theming.
  6. JLMoran

    The Key

    Not entirely. They key doesn’t get you access to the Suites Lounge or other suites-only access areas like Coastal Kitchen (on ships that have it) or suite sun deck. It also doesn’t get you concierge access, complimentary pressing on night 1, and some other smaller suite perks. This option has showed up for my October 2019 Anthem sailing, and I’m mulling it over. Same price as others have seen, and my sailing is only 5 nights so it might be worth it if I don’t end up finding a discounted upgrade to a JS again.
  7. JLMoran

    Suite perks on LOS

    You will have priority embarkation and, assuming you arrive early enough that boarding hasn’t yet started, you will be in the first group to board along with Pinnacle status members of Crown & Anchor. You also have a dedicated security line in some ports, along with a dedicated checkin line for suite guests only, to make getting ready to board quicker. For disembarkation, you will get the first group after self-disembarkation, and your luggage tags will be a different color than non-Suite guests.
  8. JLMoran

    Canada/NE sailings...Port or Starboard

    I had asked about this a while back, and the consensus seemed to be that it really doesn’t matter. When the ship is at sea, she’s too far from land to make anything out. It’s not like Alaska where you have land close by on both sides.
  9. Unfortunately, the poll result didn't take into account possible dates. 😓😢 I can't swing an October cruise, not even for Columbus Day weekend in 2020. My company is never closed on Columbus Day (if the market's open, my job is open), and our school district only has that day off and no others that week. My older daughter will most likely be away at college and living on campus, and I don't think my in-laws would be able to watch our other daughter and get her to high school each day; so that leaves me unable to go even with just my wife. Sorry, everyone. I'd have loved a chance to meet a bunch of you, but it's just going to have to wait until a later year. I'll be planning a cruise with my family for the summer, probably that 9-night CA/NE offered mid-July or the 10-night Bermuda & Caribbean. But there's this repositioning cruise for Celebrity Summit that'll be hitting Iceland and Greenland in August...
  10. JLMoran

    labadee is confusing me

    To give some sense of it, walking from the ship to Nellie's Beach and our cabana took me about five minutes moving at a brisk (for being mobility limited) walking speed. Adrenaline beach is about midway on that jaunt and the closest beach to the ship, IIRC.
  11. How many of the yachts in St. Maarten are still underwater? Back in April there were at least a half-dozen that hadn't yet been salvaged.
  12. She got stuck halfway down for reasons that I don't recall (equipment malfunction?), and he was unable to stop before colliding into her at full speed.
  13. JLMoran

    St. Kitts/Nevis & St. Thomas

    The dolphin interaction excursion in St. Kitts was fun, and the place did appear to be one where the staff do care about the dolphins quite a bit and the animals appeared to be well treated. For my wife, it was the fulfillment of a bucket list item she's had for a long time. It's expensive, especially if you want to get the pictures, but for my family at least it was worth every penny.
  14. JLMoran

    Deluxe Drink Package Promo

    Honestly, just check your cruise planner once or twice a week (more if you're obsessive like many of us here 😉) and see what the current price is. Sometimes the price drops randomly even when there's no specific "sale" going on at the moment. When you see a price you're comfortable with, grab it and then keep watching the price; if it drops even lower, you're free to cancel the original purchase and re-buy it at the lower price. It seems that at least partly, the price offered depends on whatever sales goals Royal has for that sailing. So if they haven't sold as many packages as they'd like, they'll drop the price to goose sales a bit. You'll also most often find discounts around the major US holidays, so if you're not checking weekly then at least take a look during Christmas and New Years. Might also find something during the annual WAVE sale season in January / February.
  15. Listen to the latest two episodes of the Cruise Habit podcast -- that gives their full review. 🙂