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  1. My 2022 Med cruise (on Princess, not Royal) will be visiting a lot of ports over 14 days. I didn't want to hijack the thread on Western Med started by @PPPJJ-GCVAB, so I'm starting a separate one for the ports that the other thread didn't already mention. I'm planning on just signing up for ship excursions, based on the recommendations so far in that other thread. But it's hard to figure out what will be good ones / worthwhile ones. My two girls (who'll be 18 and 21 when we sail) and I are both foodies, and I love good wine and beer; my older daughter is a singer and loves music, while m
  2. Is that more noticeable on lower decks than higher? I'm in an aft balcony for my '22 Med sailing, on deck 8, so I'm hoping that's up high enough that the engine noise and any rumble transmitted through the structure won't be heard / felt. Also curious about differences in the motion. I would assume that on a Mediterranean sailing (vs. Northern Europe like the OP), the ship is generally traveling more slowly anyway, plus that's a relative calm body of water. But is major motion still possible? I booked thinking it wouldn't be except in rare / extreme cases in that part of the world.
  3. In that regard, I got doubly lucky. When I did the L&S on my Celebrity sailing, I got confirmation it was still refundable and my TA got written confirmation from a senior rep that I would be able to cancel without penalty. This was back when L&S was still almost brand-new, so the policies weren't fully locked down and whatever rep my TA spoke to I guess hadn't yet gotten the latest memo. I was able to take advantage of that to get a 100% refund without penalty when I then decided to cancel the shifted booking, because I had zero confidence at that point that even the L&S sailing w
  4. Exactly. If you're OK with that and it's a sailing you really wanted, and the '22 option is basically the same, then no harm. But if that's money you could use for something else now, and you're OK with whatever price change is there in the '22 option or other near-date options, and you can pay that off over time or lump-sum in '22, then taking the refund if offered with no penalty could be better.
  5. I think in my case, L&S wasn't even an option until after final payment date. But let's assume it's the same. You can do the L&S, but because you're after final payment it will carry over whatever cancellation penalty you were at on the original cruise. So you can change your mind post-L&S and just cancel the new booking, but will forfeit the same amount you'd have forfeited if you just canceled the original cruise booking before Royal had done it. It might be better to just cancel the current booking if Royal is now offering 100% cash back with no penalty. If you have a
  6. OK, sorry about the misunderstanding. One of the stated benefits of L&S is that you have price protection for whatever you move over to. I can tell you that I personally did get this benefit when I L&S'ed a 2020 Iceland & Greenland sailing to 2021's sailing; the total price on the 2021 for four of us was a few thousand dollars higher than my 2020, and this was before AI was even a thing. But I paid no extra, beyond the difference for port fees & taxes (which are assessed by the ports and not protected by Celebrity). So my expectation is that you should pay no additional mo
  7. The perks are now a part of the "Always Included" feature that all Celebrity bookings now have (Classic Bev pkg, 1-device wifi, and included tips for the first two passengers in the cabin). Before that you'd have needed to make sure your new booking was under the same kind of promo. But now that Always Included is a thing, there's no need to worry about that any more.
  8. I wonder if they do that to help avoid problems with erosion and/or the hole collapsing around where the pipes are laid? Last thing you want is someone trying to get a segment of pipe into the bottom, right next to the wall, and all that dirt (and rocks?) suddenly collapses unexpectedly. I know how heavy the stuff here in NJ is; carrying out a 5-gallon bucket from a plant hole I've dug weighs a lot; can't imagine how much mass you'd be hit with if a 6-foot tall wall of dirt and rock suddenly collapsed onto you.
  9. OMG YES THIS!!!! How could I forget... oh, yeah, easily. That's how bad it was.
  10. I'll never do a dolphin swim again. Really neat, but definitely a one-and-done.
  11. If you like beach days, Labadee is totally worth getting off the ship. If you can score an on-/over-the-water cabana for a good price, it’s a fantastic time off the ship. They have the Dragon’s Breath zip line, Dragon’s Tail alpine coaster, the various beaches, and some walking trails to explore. Also some shore excursions if you want to go to some other areas, but as Star Class you have the included drink package and I’d just recommend staying in Labadee itself to take full advantage!
  12. Wishing everyone a fantastic new year. May those who suffered loss this past year due to the pandemic find peace. May those who have lost jobs because of it find new and better work. May those who have suffered from empty wallets and empty stomachs find both full again. May those who have dealt with more stress, fear, sadness, and anger than they’ve known in their lives find peace, joy, and relief. And please, may we all turn to cruising sooner than hoped for.
  13. Oh, that's easy. He had to direct traffic -- Our street is a 35 mph 2-lane county road that's used as a shortcut between two other main roads, and the construction vehicles were jutting out into the road. Only one passable lane, so he had to do the fun job of holding up traffic in one direction for a bit, then the other.
  14. Ugh. May that be the only issue and the worst one. I woke up this morning find a police car and oil tank removal truck parked on the road outside my house. Apparently the elderly woman who lived two doors down from us (and who passed away a few weeks ago) had an oil tank on her property, buried in her front yard. Can't be sure because I'm not 100% familiar with the town's property laws, but it seems the son who inherited the house may have been required to remove it before he can sell the place. Can't imagine what that's costing; the backhoe, dump truck, and workmen are still out there wo
  15. Can't speak to CA/NE sailings, but I'm booked on a 14-night Mediterranean sailing (not on RCL) for July 2022. I think @SpeedNoodles has the right of it, just need to wait for those late-season itineraries to come out.
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