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  1. Has the beverage package raised its per-drink coverage recently? If I'm remembering right, the last time I bought it (2019) it only covered drinks up to $13 on a Q or O class ship, and $12 on other ships. Which still covered almost all alcoholic drinks except higher-end wines and spirits, but $15 per drink would have covered a couple more of the wines I'd typically buy. If it's still $13 per drink coverage, you're looking more at 5 alcoholic drinks a day plus a couple bottles of water to break even. Or 4 drinks plus a couple specialty coffees (not at Starbucks kiosks, though) and the waters.
  2. Haven't done Pax. Guessing that's a regional convention? And let's hear it for the 50+ D&D crowd!! I'll be 52 next month.
  3. I'm an OG D&D player, from the "Blue Box" days of the basic game and first edition Advanced rules. Late 70s / early 80s. When only the hard-core nerds and losers played, and it was determined by some to be covertly Satanic in nature. Not helped by the movie Mazes & Monsters, with a very young Tom Hanks.
  4. Count me among the introvert crew. It's right there in my official Meyers-Briggs result -- INTJ. I'm mostly fine being in the house with the pets and family, but I do like to get out and socialize every so often for conversation and laughs. Since it's still hard to do that latter part in-person, I've joined a weekly D&D campaign on Roll20 and that's totally satisfying the Social needs bar of this particular Sim. I'm the oldest by about, umm... 20 or 25 years. But the other folks don't care, they're just happy that I'm a good role player and party member. On the cruise ships, though, one of my favorite things is going to lunch in the MDR and asking to be seated at a random 10-top so I can meet a bunch of random people and have an hour of fun conversation, learn about people's hometowns / countries, and compare cruising histories. I dunno, maybe I'm more of an "extroverted introvert"?
  5. Congratulations! Way to tackle two big milestones in record time! Watch out @twangster, looks like someone might be gunning for your record-speed Pinnacle run.
  6. My employer has also transitioned all IT staff to full-time WFH, although there are other groups outside of IT that have to be on a "hybrid" schedule and go to the office 2-4 days a week depending on their job. I'm definitely happy to no longer have a commute, but like @Ampurp85 I now find myself regularly doing things like logging on at 7:30 or being on until 7:30 PM. Basically whatever the project and my time budget requires. And I definitely miss being able to pass by a co-workers desk and just stop for 15 minutes of chit-chat if neither of us is super-busy. Chatting over Teams is just not the same. But I'm saving so much money on gas, take-out food, coffee runs, etc that it's almost like I got a raise without doing anything different. And being able to just step away for a few minutes to make fresh coffee, throw in some laundry, refill the bird feeders while there's daylight, fire up the Robovac or whatever else needs quick doing is fracking awesome. I really hope the company doesn't change this for the next 8 years; after that they can do whatever they want because I'll be retired. Oh, and since my work computer is in the same room as my home computer, it's a lot easier to do a cruise itinerary / price check or look up excursions without worrying about the company network sniffers picking up the fact I'm slacking for a few minutes.
  7. Just saw this mention and figured I'd take a minute to clarify the specifics. In my case, I wasn't canceling a cruise that had been paid for with FCC, it was just a normal paid-up cruise that I used Lift & Shift to change from 2020 to 2021, after the line had canceled the 2020 sailing. But then I decided to cancel that moved sailing for a full refund (not FCC) when it was clear the pandemic madness wasn't ending any time soon; I had zero confidence that sailing wouldn't also eventually be canceled (which did happen), and I decided I'd rather have the money back. But because the original sailing was canceled after after final payment and I was now canceling the moved booking myself, I was initially told I'd have to pay a cancellation penalty based on the original sailing's L&S date. I pushed back on that, because my TA had been advised when I did L&S that no cancellation penalty would be applied should I decide to cancel the moved cruise myself. It was early enough in the days of L&S that they granted it to me.
  8. Anthem at Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda: View of Anthem's pool deck from the North Star capsule:
  9. Definitely do CK on the first night. That's filet night, and CK has the best filet bar none. That's also the only night you'll find the smoked tomato soup, which is amazing. If you only have 150 CP for one night and it's something you were looking forward to, I'd say to still do it. Worst case, it doesn't measure up to CK but it's still a very good / enjoyable meal. Just don't go there on night 1, you really don't want to miss that filet.
  10. I get an email for PUP about once a month. But they're starting to move more towards the "get points for booking a cruise" offers now, rather than the "fill out this survey" or "read about these sailings and take a quiz" offers that were the regular options in the beginning. Since I'm not booking anything right now, I'm only able to get points every two months or so.
  11. We’ll, if my Apple stock keeps growing the way it did from 2000 to 2020… But of course, if I’m going to do a round the world cruise I’m going suite or going home. Come on iPhones 14 through 25!!! Daddy needs a Grand Suite!!!
  12. And to add to @AshleyDillo' reply, I strongly recommend that you (a) buy the all-day pass, and (b) make the coaster one of the first things you do when you get off the ship. I did the all-day ticket and went first thing, and I was able to ride the coaster 4 times inside half an hour. No line, no waiting. My wife and daughters (both over 12) also had the all-day pass, but waited until 2 PM to go to the coaster since they had the zip line first thing. They waited in line for almost an hour, were lucky to ride on it once. Seems people are focused on the beach and zip line and other sunny activities until the afternoon, then go to the coaster as it's in a lot of shade.
  13. Thought I'd take a crack at another silly / fun topic, by taking a riff on Royal's ship names. It's simple: Take a well-known / well-loved book, and turn it into something that probably flopped by adding "of the Seas" to the end of its title. I'll start with a few. Interview with the Vampire of the Seas To Kill a Mockingbird of the Seas The Shining of the Seas
  14. Thanks for posting this! Going to bookmark that link you posted, I’m guessing that things won’t have changed much on this front by July of next year, when my family and I fly to Athens and out of Rome two weeks later for our Med cruise.
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