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  1. That's a really nice looking fence! Lots of my neighbors have been putting up new fencing, but it's white plastic and while it doesn't look cheap, exactly, it definitely doesn't look nice in the way that this does. There's just something about wood, combined with the care and detail around the installation, that makes fences and similar structures look so much better.
  2. Wait, when in 2018?? That was the year that we went, sailing was on Freedom of the Seas from March 31 through April 7 (8-night sailing). Had the same boat captain (with his fiancee on board; they have a story around that as well that ties into his escape), now I'm wondering if we were on the same boat on the same week!
  3. Hi @adwo41, welcome to the forums! I haven't used the dispensers myself, but I know that the Bionic Bar on Anthem charges the gratuity as it covers the staff regularly cleaning and restocking everything. I would imagine that the wine dispensers will be the same, since those also have to be cleaned regularly as well as restocked.
  4. Laughed as I read it, because my very first cruise on Freedom in 2018 had our waiter come to the table the night before lobster night, purely to ask each of us how many lobster tails we expected to eat. I told him four, and just like your picture above I was given a full plate and a plate of just tails. And then 20 minutes later, when he saw both of my plates were empty, he brought another three tails and set them in front of me. Not in the middle of the table for sharing. In front of ME. Of course I ate them. It would be rude not to. But in the back of my head, I was seeing that sce
  5. If I don't like the kid that I pulled in on my line, or I specifically want 2 boys and 1 girl, can I do catch and release?
  6. Reading all the screw-ups made by the stone subcontractor over this project makes me seriously think this PM or his GC needs needs to find a new stone team. Very glad your husband wasn't hurt by that one piece coming loose, and I wager the PM is even happier since he narrowly avoided being put under a liability lawsuit. Between that and the money I'm sure he's losing due to rework required from all of the other mistakes these guys have made, sounds like it's time for them to go. After all, if it's happening to your project I'm sure it's happening to every other project they're involved with.
  7. Eh. Here in the US that's all lumped together as "middle school".
  8. I think @Lovetocruise2002's grade 6 lesson plan review board might have a small issue with that particular class. Unless the drinks were all made "virgin" of course.
  9. Hey, if there's one thing students learned this past year it's how to do school remotely. It'll just be reversed; you'll be remote on the cruise ship, and the kids will be stuck sitting in the classroom. Think about the teaching possibilities as you show them islands and talk about volcanic activity and erosion, or how isolated ecosystems like those lead to unique and varied wildlife. Get creative, I'm sure the school board will totally approve the remote teaching opportunities.
  10. I ate at Jamie's on Anthem in 2019, I'd rate it mostly better than the MDR. About the same as Romano's Macaroni Grill on most items, but only Olive Garden level on some others. My problem was the inconsistent quality of the offerings. The truffle tagliatelle entree and the arancini appetizer were both to die for. But their "garlic bread" appetizer was literally puffy pan biscuits with a little garlic oil and parmesan drizzled on; it tasted like something I could buy at a supermarket and warm up in my oven at home.
  11. Thanks for all the comments, everyone! She's already working another manga competition; this time the manga can't contain any dialog, nor any discernible writing that could convey plot or meaning. The whole thing has to convey the plot, emotion, and meaning purely through the artwork in each panel. Amusingly, she prefers this; she hated coming up with the dialog and having to lay out the artwork in a way that would leave enough room for speech bubbles. Now she can focus entirely on the artwork.
  12. Thanks for sharing this, @steverk! Has Celebrity asked everyone, or at least those with proximity contact to the two who tested positive, to be re-tested in a few more days to confirm zero spread? I would think that might be necessary given the week-long incubation period, but at the same time you now have everyone off the ship and it’s… sort of..? not their problem any longer.
  13. @Blondie511, if you have any port days with evening (well after sunset) departure, try to get on the Northstar then. There is typically little demand for the Northstar on a port day, so even without a reservation you could ask to be wait-listed and not have a problem getting on. Seeing the port area at night from an elevated POV is really something. Did that in Bermuda and it was great. Tricky to get photos because the glass is very reflective, but workable. You can see pics I was able to take that came out decently in this specific post from my last live blog:
  14. I would imagine the tests are the RAPID antigen (viral protein) tests, rather than antibody. Assuming they were, there is still a chance for false positive compared to an RT-PCR test; but, I can confirm from personal experience that even if you were very recently vaccinated and therefore full of spike proteins (which I believe is the antigen being tested for), it does not generate a false positive. I had to get a RAPID and RT-PCR test at the same time ahead of my last surgery, and I had received my second vaccination shot just a week prior. Both tests came back negative. As The Washington
  15. Yup, that’s correct. I was replying to @alamode123‘s question about whether Solarium Bistro breakfast was free on Adventure. Unless I missed something in the context and he was actually asking about JR.
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