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  1. As a parent of two, trust me when I say that while having the kids with you for vacations can be great, it's also great to have time without them. Y'know, for reconnecting and stuff...
  2. When is the holiday break for you? It would mean taking the kids, but then you could conceivably do one of those if they line up right.
  3. Swap it out for one of the 11- or 12-night options out of Bayonne on Anthem, if you feel halfway confident they'll open up by then (and that those Caribbean ports will accept Americans on board with all the friendly Canadians).
  4. Wow, you're only on edge when Thanksgiving comes around? I've been on edge for at least 4 months now, and if we're still cooped up by Thanksgiving I'll be full-blown NUTS!! This dad joke brought to you by your friendly Chief Science Officer, a proud dad for going on 20 years now. 😉 😁
  5. My daughter's college here in NJ is also planning to open in early August instead of September, as a way to try and be ahead of any fall spike that shuts the schools down early. They're taking a lot of precautions, including having all voice majors do their vocal training and rehearsals outdoors under open canopies to minimize the risk of spread as much as possible. Yes, singing causes more spread than coughing or sneezing in some cases! We'll see how it goes, but I honestly think it's going to take more than the college kids being responsible to get a broader reopening in the fall. Though it might be a bit easier to pull off in Florida, where fall means comfortable outdoor weather every day (when there isn't a storm blowing through, anyway).
  6. Sorry to be a Negative Nellie, but I think Cape Liberty is not seeing a single cruise departure this year. The governors of NY and NJ have basically said that indoor dining is shut down again, no indoor gatherings really authorized for the foreseeable future. What with cruise ships having all dining indoors (except for the small outdoor area on Anthem's WJ, and some outdoor seating for the specialty venues on the Central Park deck of Oasis), I'm assuming they'll be blocked just on those grounds alone.
  7. JLMoran


    Seems really weird, considering that the ships make all their profit from the on-board spend and not the bookings. Seems like a no-brainer to have longer cruises that keep people buying booze, playing in the casino, and doing specialty dining for more nights than just pump-and-dump every 7 days. Maybe the more-stable weather in the Gulf (at least outside hurricane season) makes it more practical to stick with 7-night sailings year-round? I'm sure a big part of the 11- and 12-night offerings in Bayonne is to get the ships the heck out of those rough Atlantic winter waters for as much of the season as they can.
  8. JLMoran


    Is there a logistical reason that Galveston can't doesn't do longer itineraries to reach some of those more distant southern and eastern Caribbean ports? Just surprising that they limit themselves to two itineraries that offer no variation, quickly forcing travelers who want to cruise into making their vacation a "ship is the destination" trip if Galveston is the only viable port for them. Why can't / don't they do like the sailings out of NJ, with alternating longer and shorter options like 9-night and 5-night, or even a few 11- and 12-night runs in the "deep off-season"? That would easily let them get the southern Caribbean or far Eastern, giving some variety. If they can sail a ship for 3 days down and 3 days back on a Caribbean sailing out of NJ, shouldn't they be able to do the same at least a few times a year for a port like Galveston? Maybe adding some additional Mexican ports into the mix for western variety?
  9. @Baked Alaska, haven't opened any disputes yet. As of now, I've gotten back one full airfare and what I think is the balance of the other airfare after having the upcharge post-L&S applied; got that a couple weeks ago. Yesterday I got back my private journey booking, plus about $130 that I can't explain; it's possible that's part of my internet package and / or Halifax excursion, but it's hard to say.
  10. So BofA (who I still refer to by the Bill Maher “rhymes with” name 😜) is just as bad as Capital One. Can’t tell you how many people on my Iceland & Greenland Cruise who got hit by the Saga Travel bankruptcy had a CO card and we’re basically told to pound sand by the dispute reps. And this is depressing as all get-out to read when I have the BofA Celebrity card and I’m still waiting for all CP refunds from my L&S to be applied. About 90% there now, but still have several hundred to go...
  11. You might want to move your Oasis and Allure booking notes over to the "When your Next Cruise" thread, over on the People Connect forum. That way @Lovetocruise2002 will record in the Master List.
  12. It doesn't matter. @Matt is still the one who started the trend and forever carries that cone of shame around his neck. 😉
  13. At this point, I would say that anyone cancelling on their own and not having it canceled by Royal should call their credit card company and dispute the lack of prompt refund. This gets the money back on your card right away and the card company will take it up with Royal / whomever. Honestly, I think even for cruises / CP purchases that got canceled by Royal as part of a bulk cancellation, I'd still go this route. I've learned that the Consumer Credit Protection Act (hope I got the name right), and/or most credit card companies' dispute policies, only provides 90 days for a customer to contact their card company and request resolution for issues with a charge. With the cruise companies taking so long to issue the full refund, there's a real risk you could cross that mark without even realizing it.
  14. I can't offer any suggestions about those places; but if you're thinking of proposing in a place that will have a bunch of people there, then you might want to try to subtly suss out if she personally likes the idea of being proposed to in front of a crowd. At least that way you can narrow down the options, and if you do it on the ship with the CD involved then he/she would know in advance what would and wouldn't fly.
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