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  1. And clearly you're a potential employee who the new boss sees as a must-have, if he / she is making this much of an effort to draw you in, even knowing how much PTO you'll need next year.
  2. I forgot that's an option for us New Jerseyans! Not the cheapest option, but definitely a good one to keep in mind when flights are even pricier.
  3. So I gather that Custard Tart Land (gonna have to visit there some time, I love custard tarts!!) is somewhere in Europe. Is a combination of car / taxi and train a viable option? I know that rail transit in Europe is a heck of a lot better than it is here, but I imagine there are still gaps or problem spots.
  4. “Dreaded”? Lordy, I’m hoping I can hit 59 1/2 and officially start retirement (or at least semi-retirement). Really looking forward to the day I can tell my employer I’m done working and going cruising for the next 25 to 40 or so years.
  5. Yup, your husband will automatically have the same Diamond status you have since you're married / share the same address. Same will be true if you get to D+ ahead of him.
  6. I'm fortunate enough to live just a short 40-minute drive from Cape Liberty, so two of my three cruises thus far have been from there. It saves so much on airfare that it's hard for me pass up the option even with the more-limited itinerary options. But I also have a few other drivable port options, including Baltimore and Boston (both about 3 hours away). Quebec is about an 8-hour drive according to my mapping app, and for the right itinerary I'd definitely drive that (although I'd likely get a rental car for each way). In theory, we could drive to Florida from our home in NJ. But it wou
  7. So you're going to take those upgrades for the mirrored ceiling in the MBR, the parquet floors with a disco ball in the grand foyer, and the fireplace with authentic sheepskin rug?
  8. It's definitely not an exercise in futility. Since a person can be infected with the virus for up to 10 days before they start showing symptoms, this is going to be a critical means of finding asymptomatic passengers and making sure they don't board the ship when they have a chance to be super-spreaders. Yes, you can absolutely be exposed without knowing it inside the 5-day window, or get back a negative test because you were infected just a day or two before you took it and had too little to show up. And this is where all of the boarding and on-board protocols come into play, working as
  9. Regarding vaccine timing -- do remember that one of the pharma labs (I think it was Astra Zeneca, in the UK?) that had a promising vaccine and was "in the lead" on getting to Stage 3 trials, had to pull their vaccine entirely after one of the participants developed an unknown illness. All of these labs are going to be operating with an extreme abundance of caution, because as much as everyone wants a vaccine by this winter or spring, not a one of those labs wants to become known as the company that mass-produced a vaccine that caused a huge number of severe illnesses or other problems (god for
  10. Per @Matt's article from earlier today, Royal Caribbean said this is just a reflection of the fact that so far there is no further extension of the global No Sail order.
  11. I should clarify that while the crowds are less, they're still not exactly small. But if you go early (like 8:30 or 9:00 AM) you'll practically have the place to yourselves for a couple of hours. Here are pics from our 2019 trip where we did exactly that. First, a couple of shots right after we arrived with one of the first shuttle vans. We made a point of having our loungers and umbrella set up far down the beach, maybe halfway to the marker they're not allowed to pass, so that we had plenty of space to ourselves: This next shot was taken around noon, and you can see h
  12. Interesting. Certainly not a guarantee that the cruise won't ultimately be canceled, given they'll need time to re-staff the ship and get all the guidelines from the Healthy Sail Panel codified. But a step that inspires a certain level of hope.
  13. Whoa! I had read a few days ago how the UK's case counts were starting to spike again, along with some other European countries that had tamped the virus down early on. Wasn't expecting the response to be something so drastic, at least not this early on in the spike. No other mediating steps taken first?
  14. Will add onto @sk8erguy1978's comments with my own learnings after two trips to Bermuda. I'm guessing based on your upcoming cruise list that you're on Freedom, so you have an overnight while docked in Royal Naval Dockyard. IF things go closer to normal and booking third-party excursions or just roaming on your own becomes an option again, then skip booking an excursion entirely. The great part about having the overnight is that there is no mandated "all aboard" time; you could stay out late for dinner in Hamilton and get back to the ship at 10 PM if that was what you wanted to do. You only ha
  15. My last Bermuda sailing on Anthem, I got to see Joyce Kuo (lead guitarist for We Will Rock You) perform acoustic guitar in the Schooner Bar on our first night out. But the really memorable part was that I got to spend about 10 or 15 minutes after her set just chatting with her about her background in music, the experience of auditioning for WWRY and learning the music, and what it was like to be a performer on board. All from the context of my daughter being a musician (singer) and looking to find a career performing. She was so down to earth and friendly, and more than happy to talk abou
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