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  1. Saw the doctor today for dressing change and to confirm everything looked good. He said it looked perfect! Color of the flap is exactly what it should be, the skin graft is taking properly, and he had even been able to simply stitch the larger “paddle” section closed instead of having to graft that as well. I have a big lump where the graft is located, and he warned me not let that area get any pressure put on it; if it does that can badly impair circulation and cause me problems. So I’m being careful when propping it up on pillows, and going to make sure to baby it for the whole w
  2. @JeffB, how do Pfizer et al continue to measure effectiveness past 6-9 months, when initial antibody production has faded? Are they simply measuring levels of infection, serious disease, and deaths in vaccinated population vs unvaccinated? Or are there tests that can detect the presence of memory T cells and/or memory B cells that can conclusively show the same kind of long-term immunity we get from, say, a measles / mumps / rubella shot?
  3. Hey all! Doc said the surgery went great, no problems at all. I’ve got one heck of a sore throat from being intubated for anesthesia for 2+ hours, and I’m only just now getting off my usual post-surgery nausea (or maybe not so much; sat up to help with doing the breathing exercise that helps clear the anesthesia and felt another wave hit me ). But foot is decently comfortable with meds; and doc said he wants to see me tomorrow to change the dressing and do an initial evaluation.
  4. @Matt, for the love of God man!! Get that groan response icon in place already!!
  5. St. Kitts also has a dolphin excursion, which my family and I did. Was a bucket-list item for my wife, so damn the expense and full speed ahead! I believe all of the dolphin encounter / swim-with places are run by a single parent company / organization; there certainly doesn't seem to be any noticeable difference in pricing or packages to be found, which implies someone is coordinating that across the islands that offer it. I'm not normally one to recommend online reviews, but if you have multiple places to choose from then it might be worth it. Don't look for comments about the cost;
  6. When is your final payment date? Per the quoted info from @twangster earlier, you won't see the $12 per night pricing until you have past final payment and are within the final 90-ish days before sail date.
  7. Putting on my hazmat suit. This thread is turning into a pun fallout zone.
  8. They've already made clear they won't be doing any such thing. The sailings on offer out of Bermuda and Nassau (and St. Maarten for Celebrity) already allow children under 18; they just need a negative Covid test prior to boarding. If that's the policy now, I highly doubt they'd change it when actual sailings out of US ports finally resume. I think even the CDC protocols couldn't force them to make that kind of change; but you can bet that if they somehow did, Royal would put that blame squarely on the CDC and make it very clear that it's not their choice and you can look at the cruises alread
  9. Finally heard back from the surgeon. Seems my results got misplaced or something, and they only found them today. Test came back good, as expected, so I'm all clear for the flap procedure. And he spent a good bit of time answering my questions that I came up with based on what I'd read about it, so I'm feeling a lot less nervous now about what to expect and overall prospects. Surgery is on Monday, at 11:30 AM. Glad I won't be up at the crack of dawn, but I'll be up VERY late Sunday night to make sure I have a good meal before my fasting window begins. Hmm.... if it's right at midnigh
  10. Which of course will take months, and will be appealed over and over again. Does anyone really think that any legal course would be completed by July? If the HHS / CDC decides to dig in their heels, I'm sure they can drag it out with any and every procedural roadblock available until the CSO is set to expire anyway.
  11. I was heavily tempted to book Constellation in Europe for my 2022 Med sailing, but X is going against the pattern of pretty much every other cruise line in the Med and sticking to exactly one itinerary per ship, rather than a rotating itinerary that cycles a ship through two or three embarkation ports and a larger set of destination ports. Between that and the fact the ships don't do longer than a 10-night itinerary (and mainly 7-night), it wasn't worth it to book. I'd have had to do a S2S with another ship and find some way to line up the dates right. I find it bizarre that X doesn't mak
  12. NCL can declare they will start sailings from US ports in July all they want. No way I'm booking one without certainty it would actually sail and not simply be blockaded from leaving by the USCG, by nothing more than them refusing to sign the required paperwork.
  13. Long as it doesn't turn out to be a lemon. Oh, sorry. I got this thread and the Corny Jokes one mixed up.
  14. Agree with @smokeybandit, you'll get a pretty even mix of answers on that. But, given you said the ports were better on Mariner it sounds to me like you are more about the ports than the ship. I'm the same way, and even before reading your comment I was inclined to say, "Whichever has the better ports." That is my default answer for any cruise I'm looking at, and part why my unofficial title here (after Chief Science Officer) is "Oasis-class Denier" -- those ships just don't go to a broad-enough variety of ports to suit my needs. At this time, anyway. But there are many here for whom the
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