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  1. Just hit noontime. Current view to my right (towards the beach entrance / exit)... ...and to my left. Seriously, folks. Get here as early as you can, on day 2 (or 3 if you’re lucky enough to get 2 overnights), and ask to walk as far down the beach and as close to the water as they’ll take you. And tip the guy 5 bucks for his trouble.
  2. Lazy beach day, better than any day in an office or at home. Especially when your honey (#best_of_wives_best_of_women) goes to the bar and gets you a Dark and Stormy to enjoy.
  3. 20 minutes later and the beach to my right became a solid line of umbrellas, but still only a few people to my left. Ship excursion was due around a half hour later, and now it’s umbrellas all the way on my right, still only a smattering on my left, and almost no one sitting on towels in front of us. Very glad that we asked for almost all the way to the “cutoff line” and all the way forward that umbrellas could go. No chance of losing our great sight line.
  4. And this is why you go on Day 2 in Bermuda. It’s 10:22 AM and the beach is practically empty! Woo hoo! Waves are gentle, maybe 3 feet tall when the break. I can’t go in, unfortunately, but Cathy is going to take full advantage!
  5. If I remember right, 1080p video uses up about 1GB for every 10 minutes of video. 4K video will gobble up about 4x as much. So if you stick with 1080p video then the two cards you have should be good.
  6. Good morning, all! Off to Horseshoe Bay this morning, in spite of some really heavy overcast that’s hanging around. Hoping to get some more pics this morning before we head back to the ship around lunch time. After that I’ll be staying on the ship while Cathy goes to the Clocktower Mall for some shopping. And I’ll be doing photo triage and some initial editing, as I successfully pulled all of yesterday’s photos (well over 100) into the iPad!
  7. Got some very nice sunset pics using the Sony camera. Sorry to be a tease, but trust me when I say that they came out better than anything I got on the phone. And those of you who like clouds (@DDaley, was it?)... you’ll probably be quite happy. 😉
  8. Challenging day in Bermuda so far today, thanks to the “busted wheel” I’m dealing with. Have some pics on the good cam, taking more in a little while when we do our sunset catamaran sailing. May not have a chance to edit the pics tonight, but worse comes to worst I’ve got the last sea day to take care of things like that. Oh, and I’m starting to enjoy The Caledonian Gambit. Been a long time since I read for fun.
  9. Captain’s presentation of the ship’s senior staff... Busy night tonight. Heading off to dinner now, then Spectra’s Cabaret, and then late-night comedy show.
  10. None on Anthem. My wife brought her own as well.
  11. Update to the above post: We’re now scheduled for Jamie’s Italian in place of our Solarium Bistro dinner on Night 4. And when I spoke with the manager, he asked if we drank alcohol and was prepared to get a bottle of whatever I wanted, but honestly I’m fine just bringing my other bottle of wine with me like I was already planning to do. Told him as much, although I’ve no doubt that if I had asked, he’d have given a bottle of the La Vite super-Tuscan I had at Chef’s Table and not batted an eye.
  12. 🎶 Only one day til you go on the cruise, only one day til you gooooo! 🎶
  13. Wow, the ship really wants to make amends over this. I got a call from the Windjammer Manager about 20 minutes ago. Got another apology and thank-you for reporting the issue at Guest Services so they had the formal record. Was told not only are they going to speaking to the supplier, but also their own QC team that picks up the shipments. After this, I was asked to confirm our table in the MDR, and then offered complementary specialty dining in any venue of our choice. Initially asked if we wanted it tonight, but we already had all of our plans timed out around MDR schedule so I asked if it could be a different night. Was told no problem, and that he’d send his business card so I could call him after I had a chance to talk with Cathy and figure out which night and venue. It arrived about 10 minutes later, attached to this: Say what you want about Royal; when they are politely notified about a matter like this, with zero histrionics and no demands or even requests for compensation, they seriously go out of their way to let you know it’s being treated with all seriousness, and that you are part of that treatment.
  14. This was just delivered to our stateroom: Didn't realize the Dog House was run under the Johnny Rockets venue management. Appreciate the gesture, but we’ll be saving that bottle for my brother’s upcoming engagement party; neither one of us drinks champagne. 🙁
  15. I decided I should formally report the sausage matter to Guest Services. Not because I’m looking for something — I’m not injured, not even a cracked tooth — but because I felt like that might be a larger safety issue to be looked into. Maybe nothing beyond an utterly random accident at the plant, but why take chances? The senior officer working the line for quick triage items was visibly appalled when I showed her the picture of the piece of metal. She immediately thanked me for not just telling the guy at the Dog House, because she wanted to have a formal report of that on record that could go to upper management. Said also they would definitely be taking that up with the supplier. Duty is done, back to cruise enjoyment.
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