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  1. Washington Post reported Thursday that the community in Washington state that was hit first here in the US is finally seeing the effects of the shelter-in-place / social distancing requirements. New patients seen at the hospital have dropped down to about 1 a day, sometimes up to 4 although that's becoming less and less frequent. The ICU is down to 50% capacity instead of overflowing, and few of the new patients who come in need to be admitted to the ICU. Still, they're staying realistic about this: So the restrictions are doing exactly what they are supposed to: not reducing the number of infections, but reducing the rate of infection such that the hospitals can effectively keep up. As long as they stay in effect and people don't give in to the temptation to get "back to normal" too quickly, I think we'll weather this storm.
  2. No, you get triple points instead of quadruple.
  3. What?!? No Chef's Table??? Lemme remedy that... Scallops Carpaccio Maine lobster salad Smoked tomato soup (HEAVEN!!) Truffle tagliatelle (SECOND HEAVEN!!!!) Some of the fabulous wines we got to enjoy Branzino And of course, the world (pre-climate change melting)
  4. My township's mayor has been doing daily webcasts giving us updates on the infection rate and hospitalizations for just our township. We're a population of about 55,000, so the numbers are still thankfully small. But our Shelter-in-Place order kicked into effect on March 13, and we had our first positive case on March 17. Since then, just over the course of 12 days, we've gone up to 93 confirmed cases. We have a drive-up testing facility set up at the local college, which just went into operation a few days ago. They had administered over 140 tests as of this past Friday, and 45% of them have come back positive. We were at 56 confirmed cases on March 27, and on the 28th we jumped up to 80; much of that bump is due to the new testing center's results. Today, just a day later, we got another 13 positive cases (93 total). My township, I have to say, is being laudatory with making all the data public on their web site. 59 of the 93 cases are in people aged 40 to 69; this is not singling out the elderly by any stretch. The good news is that out of the 93 total cases, only 3 are in the hospital; everyone else is at home, without major complications or severe symptoms. Yet, our mayor says in every broadcast from every. single. day that the police are seeing groups of people gathering, having their children play together at playgrounds or parks, and generally ignoring the admonitions to keep away from each other. There are even people here who are still going to their places of worship and congregating together. It's insane!! No one seems to understand the ease with which this disease spreads from person to person, all while they're showing no symptoms. Those of us who are acting like the nut job who built a doomsday shelter and won't come out except at hours when we're sure to be among few to none will hopefully come out healthy and unscathed. But all those who willingly disregard the warnings aren't just inviting disaster on themselves, but on everyone they infect in passing.
  5. To be fair, our social "safety net" is ridiculously low-end compared to yours, or basically any other first-world country. At least you have true universal health care and free / very inexpensive college.
  6. Wow, the above is the first post I’ve ever made that got all six possible reactions. RCLBlog achievement unlocked! 😂
  7. Not a beverage pic, but here’s how we “got by” this morning, courtesy of our younger daughter. Not only is is she a great artist and photographer, she’s also a mean cook! Red velvet pancakes on top. Banana cinnamon chip pancakes on bottom. Both from canned mix, not scratch, but...! She added chocolate chips to the red velvet ones, made a brown sugar butter topping for the banana ones, and melted more chocolate in the double boiler for the drizzle. And put out the fruit and other things to have with them.
  8. And in the northeast it’s a necessity in a finished basement. I learned the hard way after partially finishing our basement years ago and getting hit with a hurricane not a month later. Mild flooding ruined the wall-to-wall carpet we had installed. 😞 After everything was all dried out, we did like @dodgestang and put in ceramic (not stone) tile, with an area rug over it. And a good thing, because we got ANOTHER HURRICANE not two weeks after that was done! Rolled up the rug and got it out of the way along with elevating the furniture. We got a bit of flooding again, just had to wet vac and mop, wait for the blowers to dry the floor trim, and back in business.
  9. My 19 year old should be getting one, and knowing her she might use some of it to book dinner at Sushi on 5 one night, along with a spa treatment. I won’t be able to do the same, have a recent kitchen remodel loan to pay off, so any stimulus check I get will be going toward that.
  10. Maybe those people weren’t Canadian. Hardly a warm and friendly response. 😉
  11. Hope you stay healthy through the next three days (and of course through the rest of this mess).
  12. As with all such things, there's going to be a balancing act. Celebrity was already pricing 2021 cruises significantly higher than this year's, so much so that people who have chosen to cancel their Iceland & Greenland sailing for this year due to health concerns are refusing to rebook on next year's itinerary. And even with the current year, the pricing they are charging on some excursions has been nuts vs. what I see when I look at directly booking with a third party. When they see that people aren't booking, aren't buying drink packages or dining, and/or are not booking shore excursions with them; and when people continue to refuse to even think about booking because everyone they talk to continues to malign the entire industry as a hotbed of disease, the industry as a whole won't have a choice but to lower prices or else take a loss (at best break even) on those sailings. They're a business, they're not going to let themselves continue to hemorrhage money like this, and they know it's going to be critical to restore faith in the industry and positive word of mouth if they ever want to return to previous levels of profitability.
  13. If you cancel by June 14, you will indeed get 100% of your money back, including the refundable deposit (but make sure you've checked off the "Refundable Deposit" option or otherwise see that it's marked "Refundable"). Can you confirm there are just two of you on this booking, or is it four? I'll be assuming booking is for two. If total price of the cruise is $2,000 then the price per person is $1,000 (assuming it's two of you). So: From June 15 through June 29, you'll lose $500 total (25% of $1,000 = $250 per person) From June 30 through July 13, you'll lose $1,000 total (50% of $1,000 = $500 per person) July 14 through August 12, you'll lose $1,500 total (75% of $1,000 = $750 per person) You will not lose the port fees and taxes -- those are always refunded.
  14. Oh, it would be plenty easy to get the uncooked spaghetti through the sausage pieces. But actually ensuring those sausage pieces were cooked through while keeping the pasta al dente...? 🤢
  15. Oh, that stinks! Really sorry for you, @JennyJenny. I hope that you take the future cruise credit, find a new booking, and that third time is the charm!
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