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  1. JLMoran

    Introduce yourself!

    Welcome aboard, Julie and hubby Randall!
  2. JLMoran

    Coastal Kitchen

    I'l do you one better, @mworkman. I didn't realize that "select all at once" option was even there, just chose it and selected my wife and I, and then went to see what showed for Night 1, Night 2, etc.... and every dining option, paid or not, says "no reservations are available for this restaurant within this meal period" for every single night! 😲
  3. JLMoran

    Coastal Kitchen

    JS rooms can't pre-book CK, except on (allegedly) Anthem. I say "(allegedly)" because so far, I've had CK show up twice with my JS booking in the cruise planner, and neither time have I been able to make my reservations. I can select the people, but then when I'm supposed to select the time the system says it's "not available at this time slot".
  4. JLMoran

    Cancelled Cruise Update

    And I've worked with Heather for the last year and a half. Another great member of the MEI team!
  5. JLMoran

    Med. Symphony B2B - July 24th to August 12th

  6. JLMoran

    Independence - 14th-28th July Med - Live(ish) Blog

    Agree, those are great pics you've taken Haley!
  8. JLMoran

    New Sale coming this weekend

    Final payment date already came and passed. So basically I'm hoping for some last-minute cancellation to open up a room at really lower cost, or for the remaining suites to just not sell in the next 80-odd days and lead to a greatly reduced GS Guarantee rate that I could switch over to.
  9. JLMoran

    New Sale coming this weekend

    I've been hoping for a long-shot post-final-payment-date big drop in other suite prices ever since last weekend, where maybe I could upgrade our JS to a true suite for either very little or no money. No luck with this sale, although I do see some of those prices starting to come down a very little bit. What's really interesting with this is that they currently have a Grand Suite Guarantee on offer for $1,999 pp, and they list all categories of suite; but if I click any but Sky Loft or Grand Loft to see what rooms are actually available, I'm told those rooms are not available. So anyone who was willing to pay that rate is more or less guaranteed an SLS or GLS suite for $2k per person on this sailing, barring some last-minute cancellation or upgrade by an already-booked passenger. The bummer for me is that, after upgrading months ago from balcony to JS, balconies are currently being priced at OV room rates ($700 pp), and were even at or below those prices shortly before final payment. I'm still glad we'll be in the JS with its better amenities, access to CK, and double C&A points; but man would it have been nice right now to have gotten back several hundred dollars. I'm still going to track the prices daily and see if actual GS rooms become available again for anything remotely close to my current price paid for the J4 JS. I know it's a Lottery level long shot, but if I could get a true suite upgrade for little to no more out of pocket, that would be beyond awesome.
  10. JLMoran

    Anthem Thermal Spa pass

    @twangster, sounds like maybe it's the same situation as the YSPA offerings, then. They show up on Cruise Planner when they're not supposed to, and the reality is that you can only make those purchases once on-board. I'm definitely going to keep checking daily to see if this shows up, and if I can actually make the purchase. I'll let everyone know if/when either one happens.
  11. JLMoran

    Cococay in March

    This. And, don't feel obliged to eat at the actual bbq place; when we had our cabana in Labadee, we asked the cart driver if he could stay close by and take us back to the cabana with our food, and he said no problem. It was a bit of a sight, as we all had two plates (one with burgers / salads / sides, other with dessert item), and we're trying to keep things from falling or spilling as the golf cart bounced a bit along the trails. But totally worth it, especially when we got back and were able to ask our attendant for another round of cokes and Labadoozies! I bet being able to do that will help with your twin 15-year-olds, too! A little pampering can go a heck of a long way!
  12. I had looked at average temps for St. Johns and Halifax back when I was looking at this option for 2019, and found that June was really the earliest I'd consider just because the average was in the upper-60s to low-70s. So if your options are May, July, or August, take July or August. If @Matt doesn't make a 2020 GC to CA/NE and you can swing going later in August, try for as late as you can. You'll start getting into Shoulder Season and prices should be more reasonable compared to July, especially early July when I was seeing a very hefty price (over $200 pp / pn for a balcony) for the 6-night option. And that was right after the itineraries were announced!
  13. I'm still not seeing Northstar or iFly either, @chrisd596. Only thing I can advise is to continue as you've been doing and check the activities and entertainment tab daily. That's my recollection of where they post it, since it's an onboard item and not an excursion; but I guess it couldn't hurt to check the Excursions tab as well, just in case.
  14. JLMoran

    A Case for Trip Insurance. . . GET IT!

    Great news about your husband's recovery! Continuing to send positive vibes since there's still that open question about the one foot being colder than the other. Most likely it's just because circulation was impeded from the swelling above it, and as that continues to go down and the blood vessels recover it will warm right back up again.
  15. JLMoran

    Anthem Thermal Spa pass

    Not showing for me on my Oct 13 sailing. 😢 Then again, I'm also still unable to make reservations for Coastal Kitchen, even though it's reappeared and Anthem has historically allowed that for JS bookings; and I'm still not seeing iFly or North Star. So hopefully in the coming days or weeks for my sailing.