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  1. There are palapas right on the beach with lounge service and a nice pool area with a swim up bar and deck chairs (I don't remember shade available on the pool deck but I could be wrong). The service was amazing and everything felt clean to me. It was very easy to grab a taxi there with little wait and when you are ready to leave you tell your server and they hail the taxi for you. Easy peasy. I haven't been to Maya Chan but it is also supposed to be amazing in terms of service and experience. Keep in mind that the seaweed can be very bad and smelly in Costa Maya and they might offer to refund you. They now have what looks like a very nice pool area. In terms of 2 all-inclusives in a row, I personally would not pay for both with the drink pkg on the ship. It's a lot of money you might not get value for. However, in Cozumel you are totally paying for the fewer people because I think the public areas will get very crowded and stressful (for me). I would either go for it and figure the money is a "entertainment fee" for keeping people away or I would stay on the ship and enjoy the less crowded pool deck! Jane
  2. Omg.... Love the sea lions!! Glad you made it!!! Jane
  3. The price never got below 48 for my 12 day... And 57 for beverage and voom. And that was in the year it was offered and including black Friday. So apparently people are wanting to drink on this 12 day because I agree it's all about supply and demand. The 1200 about killed us on this trip but I guarantee we wish break at least even with water and coffee and if not, at least I know we are in debt now, not later! Jane
  4. What are the ports...for me it would be Europe every time but you are from there so the novelty isn’t there but maybe easier to travel? Jane
  5. @Adam23 thanks for the post! Looks incredible. I’ve got to start working on Jeff for summer 2021...though we have friends that will want to land vacay Alaska! Can’t wait to see more! Jane
  6. I second this....with the limit on people it is so much less crowded. 7 ships is a ton of people and the late arrival won’t help. We really liked the service and lack of crowds and it’s a very easy taxi there and back. I would say to book as soon as you can..it will sell out. Jane
  7. You can...I want to say the amuse Bouche at the beginning was shrimp but I would think go talk to the dining room before hand. You can totally do the table with this allergy. Entrees were fish or red meat. Jane
  8. We took a 4 day weekend to go one year in the first week in December. That was nice...no crowds but the Christmas stuff was up. As long as it’s not TOO cold I can do November lol! Jane
  9. The captains call was pretty yummy...I ended up getting it several times! Jane
  10. My guarantee room on majesty ended up being a connecting. We never heard any noise at all and just kept it locked the whole time. I usually look at location and sometimes don't even notice the connecting part. Jane
  11. Ok... This drives me totally nuts!! I can see one seat or two... Someone is in the bathroom or buying a drink. I wish royal would start offending people and limit the chair hogging in the theaters and the pool...I'm offended by them NOT telling people to quit!! Oh well.... Always happens.... Jane
  12. I tried just folding and was hard to do...I just cut and it worked great!! Jane
  13. I think you will find the water to be totally fine. I have never had a problem, @WAAAYTOOO said she did a couple times. Go with your own personal preference... You are allowed to bring a case as people above have started and you might as well do that as insurance. If after that you don't like the ship water than you can buy bottled water easily on the ship. Hope you have a good cruise. Jane
  14. Guilty! I'm soooo guilty all the time... . Jane (slinking away)
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