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  1. Thank you so much!! I don’t want to insult anyone by offering or not offering tips appropriately!!! Jane
  2. Tip questions...which I think I’ve asked before and can’t find the posts: 1. Do you tip bus drivers and guides in Europe...specifically Spain, Italy, Greece and Malta? How much? 2. In Barcelona, do you tip the baggage porters at embarkation and disembarkation? Is it pretty standard 1-2 euros per bag? 3. Is the don’t tip, just round up true in all the above countries at restaurants and bars? Thanks!!!!!! Jane
  3. A related question...we are checked in for our cruise in July...I’m platinum so my husband is platinum. My 16 year old is only gold...I thought they keep my status until 18?? Jane
  4. My guess is that pack light won’t happen...I’m probably the worst of the 3 lol. But we can make it work for the amazing itinerary! We are used to sharing one bathroom since we have stayed as many as 4 of us in one room. My husband not going will help as everyone can dress wherever. And we have our amazing ocean view family stateroom on vision with tons of room this July! My travel agent says lately the guarantees haven’t been assigned til the week before and it may kill me! Arghhhhh. Jane
  5. There is a high speed 3 hr train...I haven’t even check price. We are flying direct to and from Barcelona from Chicago with tours on arrival and departure days so that’s not doable. Such decisions lol... jane
  6. I have a hard time because I wear dresses most of the time. Money belt/passport holder don't work. Starting to panic about how bad everyone says Rome and Barcelona are with pick pockets. I will likely wear a pick under my dress or a cross body that zips and has the cut prevent straps. In the Caribbean I usually carry them in my waterproof passport carrier in my tote bag. Jane
  7. We were in Paris long enough that we totally got our money's worth out of the city pass... Though less so when I lost my husband's! We are debating this in Barcelona...we have 4 days of which the first day is a Barcelona day tour out if the airport. We know we want to do at least 2 museums so we will get it for the skip the lines at least guaranteed into the museum. Might not save a ton but like the drink pkg... Convenient! Opinion...we might never get back to Spain. We have 4 days in Barcelona (but the first will be tour, eat, sleep I think). Is Madrid with only a 1 day trip? I know subjective but it is a 6 hour round trip...we'd only have maybe 8 hours there. I am thinking we are better off relaxing in Barcelona but my teen would love to see Madrid. I think without museum time it just isn't worth it. What is your take? @Traveler as usual thank you so much!! We are only a couple months from our first med/Greece cruise on vision. You have been such a wealth of knowledge...I might need to put you on my speed dial when I'm lost on Florence lol! Jane
  8. My last 3 cruises received the royal up email. The first one I couldn't didn't even consider... We were trying an interior on allure for the first time and loved the location off Central Park. I didn't want to lose the location. The 2nd time we could have bid on a balcony but 400/person difference from ocean view seemed high. We just got the last offer today... For a mere 500 per person we can jump from an ocean view to a balcony. However, we booked the week after itineraries came out for Europe and snagged a large family ocean view with only 3 people...we got a great deal! Totally not worth it to pay 1000 for the smaller room, even if it doesn't have a balcony. With these royal up offers, I'm fiding if I want the bigger better room, it had been a better deal to book early and grab the room I want, rather than wait for royal up and try to bid... The cost seems much higher. Jane
  9. Thank you so much!! This all sounds amazing and fun. We booked trolley tickets just so we can get everywhere if we are tired, but planning on just enjoying the atmosphere. I want to see Hemingway's house, sit at a bar, and now I know my 22 graduate will loved celebrating with the slushies lol!!! I will look up blue heaven online... We weren't planning on a door down but if we do, we now know one!! We love trivia though don't always get to it...my hubby and I won the 80s music one!!!! The schooner is my favorite relaxed atmosphere bat... The one on majesty looks full of light and I'm hoping the chairs are more comfy than they look! I will show this post to my girls!! Thanks so much!!! One month from today... Happy dance! Jane
  10. Yeah we will have 3 and all our luggage for our 2 nights before and 3 nights after our 4 night cruise. But it is all about the itinerary to key West (never been) and Havana (hope we get to go!!!). I know we will enjoy it... Just will have to spend a lot of time in that deck chair and not the room lol! Jane
  11. I agree. I was not a fan of the app... The schedule info was very incomplete. I was on Allure and the messaging app didn't always send and wasnt reliable with push notifications or sending messages. We had better luck with buying voom for one device and booting each other off to check Facebook messenger. Jane
  12. Thanks @FoxboroCruiser for the pics!! I will be on majesty for the first time in June! I am a bit panicked about cabin size but super excited to try another class of ships and everyone says the service on majesty is amazing! @Pima1988 I love the date night!!! We will celebrate our 30th next year and we need to try this!!! Jane
  13. You have to give your credit card info, or you can use onboard credit. If you cancel (to rebook at a cheaper price or because you decide something different) the refund goes right back on your credit card. If you use onboard credit, it goes on that. Most people will say book early and then cancel and immediately rebook if you see a better deal. I have done this on time of excursions and drink pkgs. Hope this makes sense! Jane
  14. My first cruise was on vision... Enchantments smaller sister... and we had an amazing time. I think know the expectations...no zip line or flow Rider, vintages etc... and you will not be disappointed! This summer I'm going on majesty which is even smaller and the only thing I'm worried about is the cabin size. I'm sure the ship itself will have plenty to keep me busy (and all I really need is the sun, a deck chair, an adult beverage and a great book)! Have an amazing cruise and let us know how you enjoy it!!! Jane
  15. There is no mad emoji lol. I should have gone to 150 directly to reserve the BOGO....jane
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