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  1. Thank you so much! We would definitely not be doing suites, so its really comparing the rest of the ship (the bars, dining etc). I'm seeing about a 350 (interior) up to 900 (veranda) difference in price. It sounds like Edge is worth it, especially for the interior staterooms. I will have to weigh if the infinity balcony is worth it! Or if we just stay with Royal. So many choices! Thanks for all your input! Jane
  2. I had saw the all included, but couldn't figure out if it was just aqua class and what the differences were. I think i have finally figured out that when I add up the drink pkg, wifi and any excursions to symphony or harmony, it really makes them about equivalent to Edge. But like Joe pointed out, I only get my points if i do royal not celebrity. Ahhh.....fwp! I have only been on allure, so either symphony or harmony would be awesome! Odyssey wasn't bad, but was one night less, so that is less appealling. Jane
  3. i'm guessing we would not be doing suites on either line. So do you feel that the not being in a suite on Edge would be obnoxiously stiffling? I just don't think bumping up over 500 to move up to even aqua class is gonna be in the budget. Jane
  4. This was hugely helpful. I was reading and trying to figure out if the all included was just aqua class, and I was trying to figure out the difference between drink pkgs (classic and premium). With the included, or actually with the +$30 a day upgrade, I think that actually the Edge comes out cheaper for me than Symphony at least on interior. Heres what i've figured out: Harmony cost: virt. balcony (1069pp) + drink pkg (guessing 50/day and I think gratuities too) (350 or more) =1419pp (plus probably wifi too at some point) Edge cost: interior 1346pp (includes wifi, classic drinks and tips) or if i got the upgraded (which the royal drink pkg includes) it would be 1556 per person, but that includes wifi surf (all i need) and 150 towards shore excursions (which i definitely would also get on royal especially if we were going to cococay). So if my math is right, Edge is really not out of the realm of possible, though it doesn't get me any royal points. But i could let my sister in law pick the ship and itinerary ? I will have to look how the comparison goes on ocean view and balcony. Jane
  5. Thanks Joe. I didn't realize that the double points was still happening. Since I will never be able to afford a suite, this is a great way to speed up my points. In terms of Odyssey's days--its 2 sea days. Overall it's 200 less than Symphony, and 100 less than Harmony (just found that one for some reason, but the itinerary is not the best--nassau, jamaica , labadee and cococay. That's a lot of beach and nothing else really). So I think I will wait on quantum class and if I do Royal, it will be Symphony or Harmony. I will check out more stuff on the celebrity forum :) Jane
  6. So in trying to compare costs between the two cruise lines, I'm running into the fact that I don't know how much anything costs on celebrity. What does the average shore excursion cost on celebrity? And how much does the internet run? In Booking, I can pay an extra $30/day for drink pkg and $ towards excursions or $60/day for drink pkg, internet and excursions and I'm trying to figure out what's a good deal! Jane
  7. Just looking at comparing the 2 ships. I know... Totally subjective and I will look at cost, itinerary etc but just curious if anyone really liked or missed something on one ship vs the other. Jane
  8. So I finally get to dream of a new cruise. My baby is going to college next year and my husband, my daughter and I will all have different spring breaks. I have roped my sister in law into going on a cruise with me... First one for me since our 2019 Europe cruise on vision. Since our last 2 cruises were on small ships, I'm ready for a bigger one. Looks like March out of Florida (decided not to look at liberty out of Galveston for the moment) my best bets are symphony or odyssey. I've never been on a quantum ship and since it's only a 6 day cruise I'm leaving towards symphony. Then the other twist is that I could try celebrity for the first time... Either either on reflection (the last solstice ship), Edge or Apex (the newest ship). I'm leaning against edge... Just so expensive. Also I'm still only emerald class so wouldn't get any good transfer perks and symphony would add 7 more nights to my C and A. I know cruise choice is all subjective but I'm curious on people's comparisons celebrity vs Royal, and quantum vs Oasis class. Jane
  9. How I miss the time when I started this strand and this was the thing I was worried about! That vision cruise (solarium roof was open!) was the last cruise we were on! Jane
  10. I'm watching to see how all this plays out with the theme parks as well. With the Florida executive orders regarding masks and vaccines, I'm wondering how the private giant entities like Disney and the cruise companies will respond. Jane
  11. I’m a fanatic and I just want to cruise it once. Then I will say never again to the price and have warring obsessions agin...Disney parks vs cruising. Jane
  12. Thank you. So sorry that your last cruise got cancelled. Hope your family is well! Jane
  13. We have had a pretty mild winter until the last couple weeks and it still is bad...so so done! Jane
  14. Good to hear! We have been super cautious and will continue to mask and distance but the vaccine is a game changer for me. Jane
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