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  1. We did a royal one but I don’t remember what it was called. 2019…pre-Covid seems an eternity ago! Jane
  2. Like with everything royal, it just depends. My last couple cruises had a very good deal…maybe $5 a day less…on Black Friday and if I remember correctly, the one before it didn’t. I’m not going to chance my restaurant reservations even if the price is too good to be true, but I’m crossing my fingers for internet and the alcohol drink pkg. jane
  3. I don’t remember what it was called but we went with the royal Caribbean excursion to Delos…it was a small boat to the island, guided tour with headphones, independent museum time and then back. It was a great excursion…didn’t feel the need to go private on this one. Jane
  4. I bought at the 72.99 and really hoping for a Black Friday sale. This was the lowest I’ve seen. Jane
  5. Have you been before? Is it walking distance? I don’t think we are getting off the boat in Nassau but if we are, it might be fun to hit a couple breweries! Jane
  6. In curaçao we didn’t do a tour. Walking around for hours was so cool and we loved the architecture and atmosphere. Jane
  7. I’m curious too. I’ve been on vision twice for my first cruise ever and my first euro cruise (and last cruise I was on). I had heard enchantment was very different because of the stretching, but I thought the others were pretty similar…except for the cruise director. Steve Davis and his thriller dance classes was the best cruise director I’ve ever had. I think it’s more important on those small ships to have a really good cruise director…but I digress. Need to go listen to Michael Jackson while I wait for the answer on the ship similarities and differences. Jane
  8. I am tempted to do the water slide pass to get that pool, but I think we will settle for oasis lagoon. Air fare in December is gonna kill us! But I did check and harmony will be the only ship there my day as well. Yeah! Jane
  9. I actually was torn between dec harmony and symphony and while I wanted to go on symphony more, I didn’t like the itinerary order of cococay on the last day vs a sea day. So now I get Nassau day 2 (we won’t even get off the boat and can sleep in) and the coco cay day 3 followed by a sea day! Jane
  10. I didn’t know about the refundable part…I’ve always assumed all onboard credit was no refundable! Good to hear your scenario worked! Jane
  11. I’m sorry about the reasons but congrats on the weight loss! I have a good 40 to lose myself! Jane
  12. thanks! I will try and remember to do that Jane
  13. wish I'd known that sooner...They may all be gone!! Thank you Jane
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