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  1. I thought short was this week. Did they change that?
  2. Bailey said hopefully something to announce this year.
  3. Here too Wish I could get a horn sound to my notification. Probably more interested in next weeks release though
  4. Not expedition but "discovery" cruising. No zodiacs, still peirside with typical type excursions at places a larger ship can't get into. Less party and bells and whistles for calmer more relaxed cultural experiences.
  5. world cruise would be the ultimate. hope they continue it. also transatlantic and then a europe cruise would be a bucket.
  6. when I put in the booking number it said linked but never showed up. eventually I called and they got it working.
  7. A little spoiled I guess. Will be my 11th royal cruise and my first one with out a 24 hour food venue.
  8. Does serenade not have somewhere to grab snacks and coffee 24 hours a day?
  9. When I try to load my cruise on the app, it says the reservation is already linked. Been trying for weeks. Cruise will not show up.
  10. Judging by the amount of itineraries already out there that is what I figured.
  11. Was the star the only itinerary being released as phase 2 of the 7night Caribbean cruises? Or will there be more in the next few days? I've got to determine where my credit gets applied soon.
  12. It must be hidden or something. I have search and searched. I put in the name exactly as it is shown.
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