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  1. Interesting times. I can't see cruises resuming before 2021, so that's gotta be a massive financial drain, with interest on debt compounding. Hmmmm
  2. No worries fella. Your post has literally nothing to do with the topic, but thanks for your input.
  3. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-04-04/nsw-police-largest-maritime-operation-over-cruise-coronavirus/12122030
  4. I agree largely with F1guynz. It's hard to see cruising starting anytime in at least the next 12 months. Australia is essentially in lockdown and the public is being primed to expect this to remain for a good 6 months. After that, it will be a softly softly approach to re-opening society, with the possibility of retreating again if secondary outbreaks occur. I'm seeing a lot of posts on these boards about cruisers optimistic about their August cruise, or their September cruise, or whenever. I don't see that as realistic. Not even close. It makes me wonder if the messaging in North America from the authorities is not as urgent as down here?
  5. Oh that's easy. Just jack up the prices at CocoCay. $5,000 for a floating cabana anyone? 🤣
  6. With the cracking weather that you've enjoyed, you were due for a bad day 😛 Thanks for this thread. Loved it. Safe travels home.
  7. @twangsteryou have done exceptionally well with the weather at Milford Sound. It's usually overcast and drizzly which is quite dramatic in its own right, but to see it in full sunshine looks spectacular!
  8. I believe that is the famous "Hole in the Rock" (not sure why they call it that 😛 ). I have sailed through it on a jetboat on a tour I did back in my misspent youth. I enjoy your blogs Twangster, but I am especially enjoying this one!
  9. Dropping your bags off will not be a problem. Check what time the all-aboard is for the ship. They are required to have the manifest prepared by a certain time.
  10. Factoid: There are some 3 million rivets used in the making of the Eiffel Tower, whereas there were 6 million rivets used to make Sydney Harbour Bridge. Ergo, SHB is twice as rivetting as the Eiffel Tower! Ba-dum, pisshhhh.
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