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  1. I'm on the record as hating the lettering. Otherwise I don't have any problems with the design. Fairly neutral about it really. Off topic slightly, I posted this in another thread, thought I'd add it here as well.
  2. I came across this yesterday on Very Unofficial Travel Guides. It turns out that members of the public can just turn up at Meyer Werft and have a look around. Very interesting insight.
  3. I've only heard it mentioned once in recent times. I suppose the hope is, the rollout will outpace any spread caused by colder weather. Regardless, the system we have in place in the various states seems to be working. Some states have closed borders, others close their borders as and when breakouts happen in other states, and the states have excellent contact tracing when outbreaks occur, which are often accompanied by snap lockdowns of ~5days to cut off any further spread. Hopefully by October a significant portion of the population will be jabbed up and we can look at tentatively,
  4. Given that Royal doesn't sail in the winter months, this extension has no impact. Besides, it was always on the cards, given the vaccine rollout has only just commenced.
  5. So the dreaded "cytokine storm" is treatable now? I hadn't heard that. Great news!
  6. This is not entirely true. The vaccines may in fact greatly reduce the chance of infection and transmission, however this has not yet been studied in depth, therefore the manufacturers are not permitted from making that claim. It is currently being studied in Phase IV trials (i.e. the real world). It is most likely that vaccinated individuals' viral loads are greatly diminished if they get infected, making it less likely they will pass the virus onto others. The more people in this situation (i.e. vaccinated) the less of the virus gets passed around over time. What we do know for cer
  7. What chance the 2021-22 season gets reconfigured to Australia cruises only? i.e. cruises up and down the east coast. Possibly NZ cruises could be added too if their rollout goes well and the much-vaunted travel bubble comes into effect? The Pacific Islands; no idea how their rollouts will go, and whether they will even want cruise ships lobbing on their doorstep just yet.
  8. https://www.abc.net.au/news/health/2021-02-05/covid-19-vaccines-do-they-prevent-coronavirus-transmission/13121348
  9. Don't know about Allure, I can't recall one on my Quantum sailing FWIW, but there was one on Explorer as recently as October 2018. On Quantum, I simply paid for 24 hours worth of connection on my device. You don't need to buy a package for the whole trip.
  10. I'll pre-emptively just leave this here https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-01-25/pfizer-vaccine-misinformation-on-safety-myth-busted/13089550
  11. Singapore is one of the best places I have ever visited. Completely clean and as you say, it feels so safe. I look forward to returning someday soon, hopefully for another cruise!
  12. It also makes sense, given we have similar Covid levels to Singapore. There would be a lot more political and general resistance to the idea though, until we are well down the path of vaccine rollout.
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