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  1. Never mind the casino, it should be banned on the pool deck! I was dismayed that there is a designated area for smoking in such a busy area of the ship. The more ostracised the smoking community becomes, the better [apologies to all smokers, nothing personal].
  2. Wow, I think you've got away with one there. Nice. Sorry, not sure about the suite perks.
  3. No, sorry. I've heard the passageway to get there is dark and messy. Some folks don't mind, but I'm not interested, personally.
  4. I was worried at first because it hurt like hell. I had a jumper on, so maybe that helped soften the impact. My brother heard the thud and looked up, wondering who had hurt themselves. When he realised it was me, he laughed 😄
  5. Non-skater from Australia here, I'll field this query. On Explorer I gave it a crack and it was fine. It feels very foreign at first but you can hug the perimeter until you find your steadiness (It will take a little while.). Once I gained confidence I started whizzing around the rink. My confidence turned into over-confidence and I took a turn way too tight, lost control and thudded onto my back, elbows and helmet. It served me right. No major damage done, shook it off, kept going. As long as you don't start thinking that you are Wayne Gretzky or Nancy Kerrigan, you will be fine. Slow and steady 🙂
  6. Both my cruises have been 12 and 11 nights. Neither was long enough.
  7. I hope your info is right but I have my doubts. We shall see, fingers crossed!
  8. I'm starting 2 weeks leave tomorrow, to head to the Ningaloo Reef (Western Australia's answer to the Great Barrier Reef). Do I feel guilty about taking off more than a week? AAAAAAAAAAAAAHahahahahha NOoooooooo! My boss is coincidentally heading up there as well and he is taking 3 weeks! 🤣
  9. " What are your Bucket List cruises? " All of them!
  10. Hi Kelly. You do not have to register on Day 1 but it will help. Your Cruise Compass will display the opening time for the Kids' Club, so get there when doors open would be my recommendation. I believe they can turn kids away at busy times but am led to believe this is exceptionally rare. Not sure how they contact parents. From memory I think there are pagers available if your child has special needs? I dunno, someone else will need to confirm this one. You will need to hang on to your daughter's seapass for sure. My kids were 3 and 5 last cruise and that's what I did.
  11. I questioned them on why this information was not made known at the time of booking. Here's the response - Please know that access to Solarium on Quantum of the Seas is limited to guests sailing on Junior Suite and above and Crown & Anchor Society Diamond and above members. My apologies but if you booked a different type of room we are not really required to read all the list of benefits a Suite guest would have, unless you ask for it.
  12. Unfortunately I've had it confirmed by RCI themselves 😥
  13. So I've discovered to my disappointment that Solarium access on Quantum for my Jan 2020 cruise out of Singapore is restricted to suite guests and diamond members only. Apparently this is a rule for Asian sailings (along with paying for North Star and Ripcord). For anyone with experience aboard Q Class ships, is there a security point of some sort before entering the Solarium? Not that I wish to break any rules of course, but if I happened to accidentally wander into an area I'm not supposed to be....Oops, silly me.
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