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  1. I appreciate that there are benefits to a cabana, and $317 is reasonable. 'ish. $2,500 is not, no matter what else is thrown in. As a comparison, my last cruise (7nts) only cost $700US.
  2. Having seen some of the prices for these cabanas, I am amazed that anyone would bother. One of the prices I saw on Matt's blogpost was over $2.5K. I mean, seriously.
  3. Having recently disembarked from Quantum OTS I can attest to this comment. ^^ The Solarium is simply gorgeous, while the indoor pool was where my family found itself gathering on a regular basis. The AC was not too cold, just the right temp to provide relief from the harsh south-east Asian sun, but still warm enough to want to hop in the pool. I loved the 270* theatre as a space to relax and dreamily watch the wake of the ship. The Music Hall was also an excellent venue. On the downside, I did not enjoy the Esplanade. It lacked a certain vibe that is present with the Promenade and Centrum from other classes of ships. I also didn't feel much of a connection to the ocean, which is ample when on Radiance class for instance. It seems that you do not necessarily share this view Twangster? It's all a question of personal preference, after all. Love reading your blogs!
  4. The incentive for doing a better job would be: a) you get to retain your employment, but mainly... b) you might even get a tip in addition to a full wage. Employers would have to charge more, yes, but the customer still pays the same overall amount, without the awkwardness of working out what they are supposed to tip. Anyways, different countries, different approaches. It's fine.
  5. These touchscreen buttons are going to be a huge hit with small children. Oh boy!
  6. Similar situation here in Australia Darren2706. No tipping culture whatsoever, as service staff are paid a fair wage. The cruise gratuities are included in the price we pay when we book our cruises (or at least they are with Royal cruises). Which, in the Aussie view of things, is how it should be. The service staff are getting their cut, and everybody knows upfront what the cost of the cruise actually is.
  7. Occasionally on dive charters I will be dizzy for a few hours afterwards. Not sure if the bonine has any effect on this phenomenon? The only time I am dizzy in relation to cruising is in the days leading up - dizzy with excitement that is!
  8. It won't mean anything to you guys, at all, but Aussie Rules footballer Hayden Ballantyne was on my last cruise. He plays for my team's (the West Coast Eagles) most hated rival, the Fremantle Dockers. I wore a West Coast Eagles polo shirt around the ship, which he noticed. There was awkwardness whenever we walked past each other, as I am sure he cops a lot of trash-talk from Eagles fans in regular life and was half-expecting it from me, lol.
  9. I would agree, except the bookings have only today appeared in the cruise planner, so I can't believe they have booked out so fast. The exact same thing happened with iFly. I suspect a bug in the system.
  10. So, when trying to book North Star via the cruise planner for a Quantum sailing next month, the planner will allow a maximum of 3 people. If I select any more than that (we are a group of ten, across 3 linked reservations. Regardless, my family is a group of 4) then the planner does not provide any dates/times in the dropdown box. Is this a common problem? The same thing happened when I booked iFly. I could only book a maximum of two people at a time, or else the dates/times were not displayed.
  11. For anyone considering a cruise to NZ, please please please don't let this tragic incident put you off. I have travelled New Zealand a few times and it is a magical place. I even experienced some earthquake aftershocks (late 2011) and this has not put me off revisiting in the future. The Kiwis are big of heart, with amazing natural landscapes and a brilliant culture. I look forward to my next trip there and showing my kids around.
  12. Thanks for the update JetlaggedAgain. And all the best for the remainder of your holiday and all the best to your wife.
  13. This is one of the more dramatic live blogs I've come across. It started off like an engrossing novel, then it took a dark twist that nobody saw coming. Now I want to find out what happens...
  14. There is an ABC journalist onboard. He submitted this article about the aftermath on the ship - https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-12-10/what-it-was-like-aboard-ovation-on-the-seas-after-volcano/11782188
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