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  1. I was thinking of something else when I saw the thread titled "elevator noises".
  2. I imagine there would be port fees to be paid, and other legalities surrounding a ship just parking up in port for days on end.
  3. Our Prime Minister has already flagged that international travel into Australia will require proof of vaccination, with the alternative being a 14-day mandatory quarantine. So I guess that provides legal cover for corporates (eg. QANTAS) who mandate it.
  4. I have not signed up because: 1. I live in Australia, so this is not an option anyway; 2. There are more ways to vacation than taking a cruise; and 3. Now is not the time to be taking a cruise. Cases are spiking so why take the risk (to yourself and to your loved ones)?
  5. Some more encouraging vaccine news from Down Under https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/health-problems/university-of-queensland-coronavirus-vaccine-trials-prove-successful-on-elderly/news-story/414925bd8710ceef76a1fcdf9c2d7b02
  6. Another thing I have learned about Pfizer's announcement, is that the 90% efficacy quoted applies to prevention of catching the Covid-19 disease. It says nothing about being infected with the virus in the first place. So although an individual could take the vaccine and be 90% confident of not getting sick if they caught the virus, they would not be immune from being infected with the virus. More information needed at this stage.
  7. I suspect (well, speculate really) that my own government, for a period of time (several years, say), will require anyone entering the country to carry certification/proof of vaccination. The outcome would obviously be that anyone wanting to take a cruise would need to be vaccinated.
  8. Good news. Let's hope this Pfizer vaccine ultimately proves successful and large scale distribution can take place. IF that eventually happens, what likelihood that Royal (and other cruise lines) stipulate that you MUST be vaccinated prior to boarding?
  9. Haha, could you imagine a government authority in this country announcing the restarting of cruises? They'd be as popular as a fart in a spacesuit.
  10. I watch his channel regularly. There's loads of cruising videos on there for anyone needing their fix.
  11. Freedumb!!! Some people are all about their rights, and to hell with their responsibilities. Disgraceful attitude.
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