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  1. Planning for a future cruise (fingers crossed), but was wondering what is the easiest way to get from Port Canaveral to Orlando International Airport after disembarking? Do RC offer a shuttle service? Do Uber/Lyft operate from there? Any advise would be helpful, only familiar with Miami and Fort Lauderdale.
  2. Almost impossible to plan a non-cruise holiday here in Australia, as soon as a few cases (I'm talking about less than 5) of community spread are detected in one state all the other states close their borders to that state. Some unlucky people who are in airplanes at the time then get a nice surprise when they land and have to enter quarantine. I expect this to continue until the vaccine has been widely distributed. On new years day Victoria closed it's borders at midnight to New South Wales. There were 7 hour wait times at the border with Victorians trying to return home from NSW before
  3. I would like to see something like this in the South Pacific as well. Mix it up a bit.
  4. Well the Singaporeans are the only ones cruising this year and that is due to zero case numbers. So I guess they do matter!
  5. Sure, if you could first ask them to lower the AUD price! This happens ALL the time. I would love to know the reasoning behind it??? I understand taxes and fees are included in AUD price but it's still way off.
  6. It does to the countries that have been successful in eradicating the virus.
  7. Given the case numbers, you'd have to think it's not happening.
  8. Sounds like you probably had the Black Friday / Cyber Monday prices in your cart.
  9. The 'All Embarkations' part is, but take Carnival Liberty for instance you can still book in April 21 onwards. It's only out of action for a period between Sept-Oct 21.
  10. I believe that is mainly due to dry dock maintenance needing to be done.
  11. It's a tickbox further on towards the end of the booking process now. Maybe they hope people wont see it.
  12. I'm not sure how you get the original $4898, when I do a mock booking it is $8100 to start with. But given you can reproduce the issue, they should at least refund your deposit.
  13. Shout out to Carnival who just let me cancel our Mardi Gras sailing without penalty, full refund even though it's not on the list of cancelled itineraries yet. Will be putting that money aside for Wonder or Odyssey.
  14. At least RC provide options to move, with Carnival you can't do anything but wait for them to cancel unless you want to lose money.
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