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  1. Got my Quantum refund already. Pretty quick. Now to book a non-cruise holiday.. how sad!
  2. In other words doing nothing. No change from 6 months ago.
  3. They did the same in Singapore before resuming. Hard to say if it's official or just planning in hope the ban is ended next year. Can still book Oct21 - Dec21 Fingers crossed, I'm on the 20th Jan.
  4. The issue is they won’t let ships full of foreign crew in as it’s deemed a risk to our relatively low case numbers. Our vaccination rate of around 10% is currently too low. Yes, the crew could be vaccinated and quarantine at sea for weeks but for some reason it’s still an issue. Some smaller companies have been able to start with Australian crew.
  5. Speak of the devil.. just got the email.
  6. Yep. I'm going to guess it's rolling cancellations for Ovation until it's no longer worth coming.
  7. I believe for Ovation it's only the transpacific cancelled so far. Probably keeping options open in case by some miracle the ban is ended and they don't need to cancel the whole season.
  8. Total BS on behalf of the government. I have a few cruises booked on Quantum, yet to get the email.
  9. Possibly. Even at 205,700GT (smaller than Icon) the MSC World Europa has that same split structure design. It works so well you'd think they'd have to include it.
  10. According to early pictures of the build, Icon is of a similar width to Symphony of the Seas when comparing images at the same stage. At 218,000 GT she's not far behind the early Oasis class ships.
  11. No timelines but here is the plan released today .. the question is which phase will cruising start? I guess some kind of plan is better than nothing, but with under 8% fully vaccinated, we're still a long way off Phase 2. I guess the cruise lines are hopeful by not cancelling the whole season at once, but I agree with @CruisingOzcan't see it happening.
  12. P&O as well. Same parent company obviously, Carnival have also removed everything before 25th Nov from website. I'm just gonna take the refund and book a land holiday. I still have Jan and Feb bookings that look like they will survive the cut for now.
  13. This is the problem. Locking down over small number of cases is not conducive to starting cruising. We as a country are not learning to live with COVID properly. This suppression/lockdown cycle is getting us nowhere.
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