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  1. https://7news.com.au/sunrise/on-the-show/cruising-industry-calls-to-be-included-in-trans-tasman-travel-bubble-c-2548271
  2. We're supposed to be on Quantum Nov 9. I have had the AZ vaccine, but now I worry the rest of the family wont be able to get it in time. News today is they have secured more Pfizer but it wont be here until the end of the year.
  3. You might be right, just got this feeling that everyone apart from Singapore is doing vaccinated cruising and that we'll probably follow.
  4. With tonight's news that the AZ jab is no longer suitable for those under 50 years old, the 21/22 season is now in serious trouble. I can't see the government allowing non vaccinated cruising and we have no Pfizer stock.
  5. ok thanks, so those itineraries may or may not change.
  6. Does Apex fit under the new size requirements for Key West? I noticed she is on itineraries for 2023.
  7. A while still, probably towards end of the year, they only recently released up until April 2023.
  8. Australia - New Zealand corridor to open next week. One step closer to the 21/22 season going ahead. https://www.news.com.au/travel/destinations/new-zealand/transtasman-bubble-australia-and-new-zealand-corridor-to-be-announced/news-story/b52dfb050058f3e617b8bd531495b471
  9. Man if I was Michael Bailey I would have extended Quantum out Singapore into 2022, shown the Aus government who's runs this town!
  10. It's come down to the final two.. who will hold out the longest? The CDC or the Australian Government? Place your bets!!
  11. Oops.. Royal Caribbean announces cruising from Los Angeles, forgets ship can't fit under bridge..
  12. The one most likely to start first - P&O Australia, just extended pause until end of July. They were the ones who extended their pause until June 18, well before the government announced the June 17 ban. I'm guessing they already know it will be extended further. Given the ban is usually done in 3 month increments, the question is have they been given an August 1st restart date?
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