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  1. Good find! There has been an 'Unnamed Vessel' for around these dates on the Sydney Cruise Port schedule for a while now.. I am guessing it might be Quantum then. Ovation is also listed at the same time.
  2. It's the one thing about the US that is kinda annoying... + Gratuity + Tax.... just advertise the final price already! Arghhh!! 🙂
  3. Deluxe Beverage Package is no longer worth it. I've tried but I simply cannot get through $90 worth of alcohol a day for 7 days straight anymore!
  4. WoW band if available on your ship or seapass card in pocket.
  5. I knew that NRD would come back to bite me! You can book from the different websites but if you need to call them for any reason then Australia/NZ team can't help with US made bookings and vice-versa! They have to transfer you to the correct call centre to help.
  6. In my experience those pills do nothing. As much water as possible and some food before bed is the best prevention I have found.
  7. With 2 more Oasis class and 3 Icon class on order I think they can afford it. How many billions is that worth? Your drink packages are just small change.
  8. According to Sydney cruise ship schedule Voyager is staying in Australia from Nov 2021 until at least Jun 2022 (possibly further but the actual schedule ends).. well past April when RCI ships usually leave for the winter. Does this mean she is staying full time? If so, there goes the idea that she wasn't fully amped to also cater for the Asian market. There is also another 'Unnamed Vessel' staying longer in 2022.
  9. Even more interesting is that according to those dates it's here past April when all the ships usually leave. There are dates from Nov 2021 all the way through to June 2022 when the schedule ends. Could we be getting a full time ship perhaps? EDIT: Looking closer it appears Voyager is staying longer too!
  10. Double transpacific! Sydney -> Hawaii -> Seattle
  11. A similar thing almost happened to us in Vanuatu! Driving is a free for all there.. our taxi almost backed off the edge of a pier! We had to yell at the driver to stop. I was ready to kick the window out because I thought we were going over the edge.. it was a small van and we were not near the door.
  12. We need our own full time ship! While close to Asia I think most people are more suited to an American influenced ship. Personally, I love Playmakers and watching American sports. I'll continue to spend the extra money and cruise from the U.S. as it's a much better experience in my opinion. I was all prepared to book a Voyager cruise but now I am going to book Oasis out of Cape Liberty instead!
  13. Details... More like Mariner than Navigator except they have ditched the SkyPad! A little underwhelming I think. No info on venues? https://www.royalcaribbean.com.au/cruise-ships/voyager-of-the-seas?fbclid=IwAR1mlHOs3C3-pFVZqeTJoWI4tmYfQC-WdGfzmi8NOqMW8pdMm4-lVnmYXcU
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