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  1. She's definitely in need of a new paint job!
  2. Looks like the dry dock has split in two along the right hand side causing both sides of it to lean inwards.
  3. 2020/21 itineraries are out... no real surprises. Very similar to previous years. Looks like Ovation is repositioning to Singapore in March 2021.
  4. It definitely pays to compare the US price as sometimes there can be quite a big difference... I booked our Navigator cruise for $966 AUD ($688 USD) less by paying in US dollars. Only issue was deposit is larger due to exchange rate. For our Symphony cruise there was only $200 AUD difference but the Australian price came with extras (soda packages / johnny rockets) so I paid that one in AUD.
  5. Interestingly.. if the port schedule is correct Ovation is leaving Australia a month earlier than usual and returning the following season a month later. Perhaps an extended Alaska season for 2021 is on the cards.
  6. It's a joint venture with another company who develop ports.. I am assuming it will be run as a separate hotel where the facilities can also be used buy cruise ship passengers. Much like happens everywhere else. http://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/news-headlines/itm-group-reported-behind-130m-grand-bahama-cruise-project.html I saw this the other day.. they have also been trying to buy land on Paradise Island at the western end near the lighthouse. http://www.tribune242.com/news/2019/mar/11/royal-caribbean-targets-western-paradise-island/
  7. And a touch of outrageous pricing that they like to give us over here! I notice Ovation, Explorer/Voyager and Radiance are all top of their class. 😀
  8. You can read that two ways.. it could be new itineraries with new ports - or it could be new itineraries with the same ports! I'm thinking the later.. but will be presently surprised if its not. Some more cruises that extend further east to Fiji, Cook Islands, French Polynesia would be fantastic! P&O and Princess are now going north out Brisbane to New Guinea islands. I would love to see this from Royal as well! Because come on who couldn't picture themselves here..
  9. How long before the cruise do these activities usually show up? I've been checking everyday for Ovation.. but it would be good to have some rough idea.
  10. Voyager will be around until at least April 2021 but we are losing Explorer next season. 2018/19 - Ovation, Voyager, Explorer, Radiance 2019/20 - Ovation, Voyager, Radiance 2020/21 - Ovation, Voyager, Serenade, Radiance (Brisbane) 2021/22 - ???
  11. So far I won't be cancelling my Symphony or Navigator bookings over the local offereings.. But @twangster those are great pics of Serenade. I'm slightly more interested it what they could do for Radiance now... Also, I haven't cruised out of Brisbane since 2011 on P&O but I remember the Brisbane itineraries were always slightly better than Sydney because it's closer to the South Pacific islands. You got an extra port day instead of a sea day. Now hopefully they keep the announcements rolling.. and we get Voyager details tomorrow. 😁
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