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  1. The RoyalCaribbeanBlog one doesn't mention the on sale date which is helpful. I have been looking for that. Thanks. Also, does Quantum have a dry dock scheduled anytime in the next year or so?
  2. Mark Tamis, SVP hotel operations, who oversees the Perfect Day concept.
  3. Same. Celebrity are doing it in 2021. Hopefully it's successful and Royal follow suit.
  4. Deluxe drink package is available for purchase in cruise planner!
  5. I have a 3 night cruise booked on Ovation out of Sydney that does not stop at any other ports. Celebrating my sons birthday on board and thought it would be something different to do. Also just filling in time before travelling to Miami for Symphony and Navigator next year. There are quite a few 2-3 night cruises from Sydney at the moment on Voyager, Ovation and Radiance.
  6. My crystal ball says... Australia/Asia.. to coincide with the Amping of Voyager due in a few months!
  7. Yeah which was my point that there is always at least one ship! There were going to be none between Jun - Oct. I am not saying they planned to have no ships there to move Independence.. I am saying they have probably always been thinking of a way to fill that gap if it makes more money. Just unlucky that UK appears to be the most under performing location.
  8. What if the cable breaks? Do you keep rising forever?
  9. That explains the gap in the Fort Lauderdale schedule from Jun - Oct with no ships. They probably had this planned for a while and were waiting to see demand for Coco Cay.
  10. Harmony of the Seas - they accepted 2 of 3 photos - 1 person in our group had to have theirs retaken at the terminal. I just used an iphone - all three photos were very similar - same background and proportions. It's hit and miss!
  11. My daughter is turning 18 later in the year and she is auditioning for a dancing role with Royal Caribbean. If she was successful in getting a contract and then discovered ship life is not for her then so be it. It's only 7 months and would be a good experience I think. If not successful with Royal, she will try other cruise lines such as Princess and P & O (Carnival). Fingers crossed she is successful with Royal so I don't have to cruise on those other lines! 😀
  12. I think the biggest hint for Odyssey is that Ovation is not going back to Alaska in 2021. It's re-positioning to Singapore instead. Something needs to replace it?? If Odyssey is in Long Beach in Fall 2020 then that makes a lot of sense. Also the name: Odyssey - sound more like something you would do in Alaska than the Caribbean! 😀
  13. I don't think there is anything up there. Does not look very passenger friendly.
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