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  1. I need to book a specific Wonder sailing for 3 people. Not really concerned about room type. When choosing 4 people per cabin the room options available change and there is a cheaper guarantee fare available. What's to stop me booking for 4 people and then doing 1 person as a no show? Is there any problem in doing this?
  2. Was on Ovation in Jan and they had the smaller ones which I'm guessing are the 330ml. Drank plenty of them!
  3. I think eventually we will have year round Q class to coincide with Lelepa. That would pull one out of Alaska so it make sense that another one might head over this side of the world.
  4. I don't think many ships in Jan have completed their proper itinerary.
  5. Both ways can have their pros and cons. Have booked Caribbean cruises from both sites, in my experience it is easier to book from Aus site if you need to call up about anything as they will divert you to a different call centre if you have booked in the US which was a bit of a pain. But sometimes it can be $1000's cheaper from the US site even after currency conversion, kid's sail free promos, etc..
  6. Captains Corner on Ovation this morning… Lelepa should be open for the 2026 season.
  7. On Ovation now.. Mystery Island and Port Vila cancelled due to bad weather. Heading from Noumea to New Zealand Bay of Islands instead.
  8. Boarding Ovation on the 15th, let's see if we make Mystery Island. Not very confident.
  9. Will cancel my Virgin Voyages cruise instantly if Royal put a ship in Melbourne!
  10. I think Voyager came to Melbourne a few times, probably the biggest to do so.
  11. which ship? lol Makes sense, all the other lines are starting to do it.
  12. Potential cancellations and port changes incoming..
  13. Wasn't it QLD? Edit: Looks like it was only a recommendation to wear them indoors.
  14. What's the deal with Shore excursions in Vanuatu? Do you have any info now yours is close? Jan is still not showing anything.
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