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  1. Unless you live in the right place most people won't be cruising anyways. Fix the actual issue and eradicate the virus. Only then will cruising resume to normal.
  2. Not surprised Princess have been cancelled.. Princess is a dirty word on this side of the world. Ruby, Diamond, etc... they are fast tracking the transfer of some of the Princess ships to the local P & O brand for early next year. But yes there wont be any cruises visiting NZ or South Pacific until late 2021/ 2022. Yours will 100% be cancelled. I'm not sure why it's not already seems they have recently rescheduled the ones for next season. I guess to hold onto people's money for as long as possible.
  3. We have very low case numbers now in Australia, I'm curious to see what happens when the ban here runs out on DEC 17th. Royal Caribbean have rescheduled the 2021-2022 season itineraries with a lot more focus on Aus Only cruises. But the remaining 2020-2021 JAN - APR are still there as they previously were, which is interesting because Celebrity and Azamara have cancelled everything. I think there is opportunity here to remove those South Pacific and NZ itinerates for early next year and reschedule to Aus Only to test the waters. Ovation, Spectrum, Voyager and Radiance aren't too far away
  4. The lockdown was mainly Melbourne, Victoria (population of 6.49 million) with some lesser restrictions on the whole state of Victoria. Melbourne is Australia's second largest city after Sydney. This was the last city in Australia to get the virus under control, and kind of holding the rest of the country back. Brisbane for example hosted 30,000 people for the AFL (football) final on the weekend, no social-distancing, no masks, etc.. a game usually hosted in Melbourne to a crowd of 100,000. Yesterday there were no new cases Australia wide.
  5. Never thought of that side of things. Given no free health care in the US, insurance companies will never cover a trip to the US against COVID. Never going to get back there
  6. Andrews also announced that residents will only be allowed to leave their homes for one hour of exercise each day. Outside of Melbourne's metro area, Victoria will be placed under stage three restrictions starting at midnight on Wednesday. That will mean cafes, bars and restaurants must close and all schools will return to online learning. -------- What do our US forum members think about such measures? It would curb the spread for sure. Well it worked, 8 weeks full lockdown, today we have our first day of 0 new cases. Restrictions being
  7. I've been confined to a 5km radius from home since July. Here is what happens when you limit the movement of people:
  8. Can't beat a Quantum with teens. I have 13yo and 17yo and they by far enjoyed Ovation the most, even more than Harmony, If it were me I'd be doing Greek Isles on Odyssey! The best thing is that now instead of being bored watching them compete in SeaPlex activities you can now sit up in Playmakers and drink at the same time! Just waiting on the 2022 itineraries to book myself.
  9. Ignore the numbers, I am just pointing out that the virus in under control in Singapore (they can trace and isolate every single case), where in the US it is not. Anyways, back on topic. I'm interested to see the Singapore experience, as our government has pretty much said we will be banned entering America and Europe until at least 2022. So a trip to Singapore might be on the cards.
  10. So lets say: - DEC - A month of test cruises in Singapore starting Dec 1st on Quantum - JAN - If successful in Singapore, the same test in the US on one ship at the start of next year - FEB - If successful in US, some short sailings to nowhere or private islands for a few months using multiple ships - APR - Return to normal 'IF' ports are open. I reckon we're looking at April at least before some kind of a return to normal.
  11. Might not be skyrocketing in relative terms but it's still completely out of control and only going to worsen as it goes into winter. US Daily cases - 50,000+ Singapore Daily cases - 2 It's not hard to see why they have chosen Singapore as the testing ground.
  12. Like many countries it's compulsory to wear a mask outside your house in Singapore, so it is just an extension of that rule I am assuming. May be different in other countries.
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