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  1. Yes, I realise she never had it. Sorry, my question should have been - why didn't she get it like the picture?
  2. What happened to the Oasis of the Seas sign??
  3. Will China phase 1 include Wonder of the Seas? Or will this be separate?
  4. https://cruisepassenger.com.au/why-sydneys-cruise-industry-could-be-worth-over-2-billion/?fbclid=IwAR2_87Zt0DwEz37BRRmkSGiv8tJhsys4vVit9KkPMOQ-mDmBd9sS0qpidcM https://www.yoursaycruisecapacity.com.au/
  5. Put Ovation and Serenade down for Alaska as two cruises have been released..
  6. I wonder if they would take Wonder of the Seas from Shanghai to Lelepa? Just eyeing a map though it looks a little too far. Or something like Shanghai -> Lelepa -> Brisbane
  7. Yes, Sydney Port Authority have an unnamed RCI ship on the cruise schedule year round starting end 2021.
  8. Exactly what this region needed! Lines up with the ‘unnamed’ ship (Quantum) departing Sydney year round from 2022 SOLD! - Get me on the first ship there!!
  9. My daughter auditioned in general dancer auditions a few weeks ago.. she made it through to the end, where they then took her resume, headshot, body measurements, etc. Now waiting to hear if she will be offered a contract for any shows. Fingers crossed!
  10. 😄 Bit of a general statement there.. I'm Australian please point out where I was moaning? The only thing I would probably moan about is if I had to live in your depressing country!
  11. Well they now have a reason with an Oasis class on this side of the world. They should do all they can to lure it here for a season.
  12. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/21556-nsw-maximizing-use-of-sydney-s-cruise-infrastructure.html
  13. With the Wonder of the Seas announcement today that it will sail from Asia, I think its almost definite now that we will get Quantum.
  14. Well it's at least on the right side of the world, that's a good start. Not sure I'm a fan of sailing out of China, but I'll take one for the team and post the photos here!
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