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  1. If you follow other websites, you'll see that blocks from the hull are already being delivered to Meyer Turku.
  2. Who's excited? Booking Inaugural for sure! Bring on 2022! Photo Credit : Pascal Collin Photography
  3. No surprise here really.. should book an expensive December cruise now before they take it down and claim a 25% bonus!
  4. I don't think this is much of a problem. None of the Australia season will be going ahead anyways due to Australian restrictions.
  5. Good point.. I forgot when they mentioned Carnival they are referring to the Carnival Corporation. I was purely thinking Carnival Cruise Line vs RCI. Makes more sense now.
  6. Yeah I realise the colour is the same, nothing worse than that rusty look!
  7. Important question: Did they repaint her hull/sides?
  8. Recent news articles suggest Carnival are burning $650 million a month compared to Royal at $290 million. I guess things like this could account for some of the difference. But with similar number of ships what are your thoughts on why it's such a large difference?
  9. Just over a week into total lock down, new daily case numbers are less than half of what they were a week ago. Will be cruising in no time!
  10. Wonder is now 2022. Been following the build.. if there is a vaccine by 2022 I would definitely consider cancelling Odyssey and booking this instead. Easier to get to China than Florida from this side of the world as well.
  11. The problem in Melbourne is it's impossible to manage when people can't follow the rules. Infected people are knowingly out in the community spreading the virus even though they should have been isolating at home. We had 800 infected people not at home when checked on by police. No choice but to lock everyone up before the numbers get too big to control. The latest outbreak has been traced back to returning overseas passengers hotel quarantine. The security guards employed to make sure guests didn't leave until completing their 14 days quarantine were sleeping with some of the return pass
  12. Is two layers of protection between me and you not better than one?
  13. We also had the number very low.. I think less than 100 cases in total. All it took was one outbreak and people not following the rules and we've lost control again. And to your second point - this is why I can't see cruising returning in the US until a vaccine is available. Just look at the Hurtigruten example
  14. I hear the word freedom going around a lot.. but I don't consider someone in the US any more free than I am in Australia under normal circumstances. These are not normal circumstances. Here are the options: Locked up for 6 weeks - virus can be significantly reduced, life can go back to normal. OR Freedom - virus continues to spread and get worse, life remains as it is now. Which would you choose?
  15. This is the result of people who can't follow the rules. When police have been visiting people who have the virus to make sure they are staying home it's been found 1 in 4 are not there. They are out in the community spreading it. The numbers while small compared to US are not reducing, so no option but to go full lock down. For the next 6 weeks, if you are caught out of your home and you don't have a valid excuse as described above it's an instant $1652 fine. From tomorrow most business expect for supermarkets, pharmacies, healthcare and petrol stations will be told to close. If you
  16. It's really going to depend on the region and what restrictions governments put in place. You guys have 3.5 million cases and can go to Disneyland. We have 10,000 and can't leave the house!
  17. Australia. Travel ban preventing anyone leaving the country. Also, two main airlines that fly to US. Qantas have cancelled all international flights until July 2021. Virgin Australia have gone into administration.
  18. Got the same problem for Mardi Gras, even if the cruise goes ahead I still probably wont be able to get into the country. They need some kinda of lift and shift program. I think you only lose $50 USD per person for cancelling. You get the rest of the deposit as FCC.
  19. I think Meyer Turku said they are slowing production form 2 ships per year to 1 ship per year. Therefore, it could be quite some time before Icon is completed.
  20. Cancelled all my bookings until 2022. Was hoping to spend my 40th in March 2021 out of Sydney as well. Not looking likely. We here in Melbourne are going backwards after restrictions were lifted. People just aren't following the social distancing rules. It's only a matter of time before the same happens in Sydney I reckon. One thing I have picked up in the news is the media referring to high density towers in the city as 'vertical cruise ships'. They just can't seem to let their obsession with blaming the cruise industry go.
  21. Already been returned to RCI and then sold for scrap apparently.
  22. According to some pictures out on the internet it is already being built, blocks from the hull are being transported to Meyer Turku. I don't remember from previous classes of ship, but did RCI release renderings before the build started, or is Icon class extra secretive?
  23. We’re headed back into restrictions because of 25 new cases in a state with a population of 6.5 million. Cruising in 2020 is all but over for us I fear!
  24. Yet we can pack into shopping centres with no respect for social distancing. Could they not begin some cruises that are confined to Australia? There are already itineraries that don't visit OS ports.
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