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  1. So you are saying Spectrum will go to Hong Kong after Mar 2024? or there will be a reshuffle before then? Hong Kong is a stop on some itineraries released today for Spectrum. The Wonder itnerary has CocoCay and Labadee in the one go, both of which I would like to see. Unless Icon offers the same, I think it would be better than anything coming out of Singapore. It's been 5 years since we did Harmony - Nassau, St Thomas, St Maarten.
  2. Same. Wonder in April, then Icon TBA on whenever the dates are.
  3. Everyone on here needs to book Quantum out of Brisbane to help the cause!
  4. It will happen.. but only after I've dropped 20K to get the family on it next year from Orlando. lol Flights to the US used to be like $900, now $2500? I hate covid.
  5. Awesome! Been waiting for this. Love this itinerary...
  6. The same reason we are a long way off Oasis or Icon class, nowhere for it to go. Even 2 Quantum's seems like too much. Every second ad on Facebook is for Quantum out of Brisbane, they are really pushing it hard. I think the sweet spot was 1 Quantum class, 1 Voyager class, 1 Radiance class.
  7. It's good if you fly into Brisbane the same day.
  8. I'm on P&O soon, self administered RAT test is all that is required. As you can imagine some people will not be honest so be wary you may be travelling with covid positive passengers.
  9. I thought the same thing. Even trying to give away theme park tickets to sweeten the deal. Must be desperate.
  10. Pilot goes down with the plane, therefore there is some self preservation to do the right thing. Not so much on a ship.. hello Costa..
  11. I was supposed to be on Quantum this week but cancelled due to COVID and rebooked for next year. That would have been disappointing coming all the way from Australia just to miss.
  12. Cancelled an Alaska cruise with refundable deposit in October 2021 (8 months ago).. the sailing was for June 22 so it has already passed. I booked directly on the Royal Caribbean website so can't get a travel agent to follow this up. Every time I call the call center they say they will escalate to a supervisor and I need to wait another 45 days. This has occurred 4 times now. Also emailed the reservations email address and didn't get a response. Does anyone have any tips on how to get this deposit back? There doesn't seem to be any way to speak to someone that knows what they are doing. I'm almost ready to give up and cut my losses.
  13. I'm half joking.. I used to live there before moving to Melbourne.
  14. It was to replace Carnival Spirit, so if you take that into consideration it is not much different from original plans.
  15. Splendor was pretty gaudy, but they tried to remove a lot of it in the refurb for Australia. Quantum wins the battle for Brisbane hands down.
  16. Well Carnival have just announced this so they must be confident in the South Pacific. It's going to do the other half the year in Alaska,similar to Quantum.
  17. Disney are now sending a ship to Australia in 2024-25. And a new Carnival ship by the end of this year to replace the old Carnival Spirit in Brisbane. Royal are gonna have to lift their game in a few years. The competition is really heating up.
  18. P&O have bailed on the South Pacific for early September cruise due to uncertainty in the region. Getting really close to Royal Caribbean season there.
  19. Works out to 15/16 drinks per day at the moment. I could do that on a few days but not for 9 days straight.
  20. Looks kind of similar to the Universal Sphere video above.
  21. https://www.coaster101.com/2019/06/22/inside-360-degree-universal-sphere-dome-theater/
  22. One week to go.. anyone booked on Pacific Explorer? Only requiring a self RAT test 24 hours before! Too easy!
  23. Seems to line up with what is showing in cruise planner at the moment, South Pacific itinerary only has shore tours for Noumea available.
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