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  1. Hi, I believe It is only available on certain ships and only for cruises 7 nights or longer.
  2. If it turns out you can live more than once can you transfer your crown and Anchor points to your next life also?
  3. I wonder if it will have an iFly or fuselage zip lining. 😉
  4. I have yet to get any of the emails as much as I have tried!  About a year ago i randomly got a Crown and Anchor newsletter but I have never received another since. 😢 Once I have booked a cruise I normally get the cruise planner emails but that is about it. even their Facebook updates that I get are infrequent, I certainly don’t see all their posts. Luckily this site keeps us abreast of most major events / sales that are happening.
  5. As @twangster has previously said the glass goes all the way to deck level so there was absolutely no need to lift her up onto the railings. She could have happily looked out the glass and banged on it at deck level with no consequence. I will say I don't believe the grandfather was "dangling" her through the open window as I just don't believe any grandparent would ever do that. Clearly he is very distraught over what has happened as anyone would be. Apart from the tragedy he is facing, having the world talking about you like this must be unbearable. I have a lot of sympathy for him, as we all at one time or another make really bad decisions that we regret later, its just for most of us they aren't fatal. I am sure there is not a second that goes by that he doesn't wish that he didn't make a different course of action. Do I think RCI is negligent, no, but I can understand how the family and grandfather are trying to make sense of such a tragedy on what should have been a joyous family holiday. In this age of living in a social media world where people are quick to condemn,, it is easy to forget that is actually real people with a grandfather and family going through a terrible loss. In hindsight it was a terrible choice that was made, I am sure the grandfather would give anything to turn back time, but unfortunately life doesn't work that way and he will have to live with this for the rest of his life. That is a terrible burden to bear
  6. We have used the $25 bag a few times. It’s amazing how much you can fit in one of those bags if you really try. 😊 i go to the gym on the ship so it is really good for this along with socks, underwear and t-shirts.
  7. Our sick leave is separate from annual leave. I get 20 days sick leave but thankfully I haven’t needed any the last few years. it takes about 24 hours to fly from NZ to the UK and there are various ways you can do it. One option is a 17 hour flight to Dubai followed by an 8 hour flight to the U.K. Normally we take a month off when doing this trip as travel time and jet lag means it makes more sense to stay longer. The longest set of flights I have undertaken including stop overs was 42 hours from Orlando —> NYC —> LA —> Brisbane —> Auckland. Luckily my company doesn’t shut down over Christmas so we can take our holidays when it suits.
  8. I am surprised by the number of days most people get. I had always heard people in the U.S didn't get much time off which is why a lot of the cruises are seven days or less. Now I wonder why they don't offer the odd 14 day itinerary on an Oasis ship as I am sure you could fit in more port visits if you only had to return to a home port once.
  9. At the end of the day until the investigation is complete and the full facts are known it is easy to speculate and jump to incorrect conclusions. In New Zealand I think it would be very hard to find the cruise line negligent in this case as there is no obvious risk. Where does negligence begin? If somebody spills a drink on the deck and I come along and slip on it and break my leg 10 minutes later, is the cruise line negligent for not cleaning it up in a timely manner even if they don't know its there. Although people have fallen off ships in the past, this this the first I have heard to a circumstance like this so I struggle to see how a cruise line could reasonably be expected to predict this outcome. If you had to take into account every risk factor you wouldn't have stairs people could fall down, open balconies or open areas anywhere on a ship. While tragic, I think the chance of it happening again in our lifetime is extremely remote.
  10. Hi, I was just curious to know how many weeks annual leave people receive for their holidays each year. In New Zealand we get 4 weeks (20 days) per year with another 2 weeks (11 days) for public holidays such as Christmas and Easter. I also get long service leave which entitles me to another 5 weeks which I can use anytime over the next 10 years. We normally do one cruise a year of between 7-14 days and then do a land based holiday for the other weeks left over.
  11. From the CNN report the lawyer actually said "Why in the world would you leave a window open in an entire glass wall full of windows in a kids area?". As other reports seem to suggest it is the Windjammer I think he means why would you leave a window open in an area where kids are present. I don't recall spaces where you can open windows but honestly I haven't paid that much attention in the past. I would think it just as likely another passenger opened the window than anyone from RCI so I dont know that you can blame a cruise line. To me this just sounds like a tragic accident in which a whole set of unfortunate circumstances aligned to create a horrible outcome.
  12. The main thing I am aware of is when cancelling or rebooking a NRD they keep the whole deposit (generally $400AUD) . They won't reprice at a cheaper rate without cancelling so you lose the deposit if it gets cheaper. I am not sure whether it is possible for U.S citizens to book via the Australian website but it certainly looks like there are savings to be had if you can.
  13. Happy you were able to rebook and get the OBC. we didn’t get that because we used our Crown and Anchor discount which was $310 NZD. This was better than the $100 USD OBC once the exchange rate is factored in. it was good to see you were unable to modify your NRP as they don’t normally allow that, maybe they have changed their policy.
  14. Hi, yes we normally fly in on the morning of cruise and catch the train to Circular Quay. When we disembark straight on the train and back to the airport for the flight home. The rail system from the airport is ideal for us as we normally land at 8:30am and are at the the port by 10am. It works well going home to as our flight leaves at 11am and we get off the ship at 8am and in the airport lounge by 9am. Australia and New Zealand are pretty much alike and we don’t have tipping here in NZ either which is why RCI includes tipping in the fare price. Much better system for us though we do tip when we are in the States.
  15. Serenade of the Seas, 31/03/2021 From Sydney to the South Pacfic for 8 days.
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