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  1. When I switch my location to Singapore, I can only see junior suites so it would appear they are restricting what you can purchase at present. Maybe a travel agent would be able to see the other suites and book on your behalf.
  2. I see suites available for Voyager 2026. This is Jan 6th sailing. Jan 23rd.
  3. It certainly does no harm to ask, and you can do that when your genie contacts you closer to your sailing so you will know before you sail. In our region we are not allowed to take food off the ship into port but the U.S may be different.
  4. The whole season feels incomplete to me. No sailings for Voyager past March 2026 even though cruises through to April are released. Not clear what happens to Anthem after April 2026 as there is no cruise leaving Australia. Maybe they are waiting to see how the cruises sell before committing to year-round or another ship in the schedule.
  5. It has docked at Fergusson container terminal before it didn’t go very well for the passengers as there were lots of issues with shuttle buses. i think Royal now generally just skips Auckland until more investment is made in berthing facilities. There are some on the council that want to move the ports of Auckland up north to free up the land for development so there will not be any investment in infrastructure in the foreseeable future. i think generally speaking the other cruise ships are not as long as Princess and P&O can use the cruise ship facilities. https://www.stuff.co.nz/travel/travel-troubles/130841698/welcome-to-auckland-cruise-passengers-left-at-container-yard-after-buses-fail-to-show-up
  6. No, due to the size of the ship it does not tend to come here. it used to be tendered but they have also used a temporary pontoon for docking. It also disrupts the ferry service which is not very popular with the locals. There were plans to build a bigger pier but people thought it would stick out too far into the harbour.
  7. @Jamesszy94 I think that is because cabin type is only available midship. When I look at the deck plan for available cabins it goes all the way from front to back. these screen shots show what I mean, I selected the most forward and most rearward cabin and they are both identified as midship.
  8. No cruises for Voyager past March 2026. I wonder what it is doing after its last cruise to the Pacific in March 2026.
  9. It shouldn't be sold out yet, there may be some blocks held for TA's. Mid is the most desirable section so would sell out before forward and aft. What cruise did you do a mock booking for?
  10. In my experience this is near the cheapest they will be. There may be some price drops but usually they go up from here. We not in rush to book so time will tell if they have a real sale.
  11. The pricing the suites on Anthem is WOW (and not in good way). Seems to be about double what we have been paying on Quantum. The GLS we had on Quantum cost around $13,000 NZD in total, now that is the cost PP.
  12. Cruises are live now. @Jamesszy94, @mattymay
  13. Not very exciting itineraries and we will have been on Voyager in Croatia in September. Now we need to wait for Asia release to see if there is anything enticing there, it would be cool to try Spectrum at least once.
  14. No Fiji in the new itineraries from Brisbane. Lunganville is a new port but that is about it.
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