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  1. Twangster, you seem to be fluid with logistics. Is it too late for all Royal ships in danger zone to scramble to northern latitudes? Discontinue the Zig Zag strategy, all ahead full. Use bunker fuel if available, rocket debris could be less than 100% uncontrolled and a smokescreen will help. In other news I’m considering having my travel agent switch all my reservations to Jewel. I want a ship that I know will sail. Jewel crew are at a safe 50 degrees north.
  2. You mean Zig Zag autopilot right? Harmony didn’t get a new paint job just to be struck by Chinese space debris.
  3. Ships whose names begin with an odd number letter of the alphabet are Zigging then Zagging. Ships whose names begin with an even number letter of the alphabet are Zagging then Zigging. I got this info from the urgent memo sent out to all captains, I would post a link but I found it on the Dark Web. It wasn’t made clear what constitutes a Zig versus a Zag. Hopefully all captains remember this from Ship Steering 101.
  4. Sailing in a Zig Zag manner takes much control. The space debris is uncontrolled. You comparison to straight line omits the variable of entropy. The second law of thermodynamics is deceiving. Ultimately none of this discussion would be relevant if Royal Caribbean really prioritized safety and scrambled all of their vessels above the 42nd parallel. I will have a hard time sleeping tonight. P.S. It seems that Wall Street traders are following this blog and are factoring in the chances of a collision. RCCL stock is down 4% which is the percent of the fleet one of Royals 24 ships
  5. An Oasis class ship is 2.25 times more likely to be hit than a Vision class ship. Until our beloved ships are out of danger I ask all debate to be deferred as to which ship one would be least sad to see suffer an incredibly unlikely impact. Unfortunately Harmony just left dry dock bringing her into the aforementioned 70% ocean and therefore higher risk. I’m not confident in this assertion but like other things in life it makes me grin so I’m gonna leave it in.
  6. Update: Vision and Radiance class ships have closed their solarium glass roofs. Theoretically this will provide additional protection in the rare but non zero chance of impact.
  7. Earth is 70% ocean. I think James made the right call. He is probably nervously watching his Doppler screens. Any action is better than inaction (unless you are the CDC)
  8. Two antennas got married, the ceremony was boring but the reception was excellent.
  9. Can anyone confirm or refute the rumor that Royal Caribbean Meteorologists James Van Fleet has ordered all ships in fleet to sail in an evasive Zig Zag pattern to avoid the uncontrolled reentry of the core stage of the recently launched Chinese rocket? Asking for a friend.
  10. I was already assigned 57, not a very exciting role. My backup number is 69. I wasn’t told what task this number entails, but I’m willing to give 57 away.
  11. I have never cruised during school breaks so can’t speak of the probably makeup of a sailing this July. I estimate that kids have never represented more than 5% of guests on any sailing I have taken. Royal could review their current passenger manifests across their fleet and see which ships they can pursue the 98-95-5 scenario and which ships need the test sailings without vaccines. Splitting the fleet in this way allows Royal to market to a broader audience and potentially shift willing passengers based on family age makeup to satisfy requirements. Hopefully most of this is temporary.
  12. I would rather work on a Royal ship than be a guest on a Carnival ship.
  13. Best part of guesses, knowledge only increases their accuracy but is not required. That said, my “guess” is the dry dock will not affect July restart and crew will receive their vaccinations while taking in some well deserved R&R on a Spanish beach.
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