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  1. I told my six year old twins that the group almost took over our ship for a second time. Their question: ”Are they Pirates dad?”
  2. Okay she left the room. If the pub is popular for this group does Royal flip the stools to increase capacity?
  3. If it is the group who chartered Allure 1-17-21 (bumping me) then you are correct with the end of your post. I have many witty things I could say but my wife has instructed me not to.
  4. I’m on the sailing before (1-15-23) and noticed today that 1-22-23 is gone. Anybody know anything? Charter?
  5. I think peak Milky Way time is October 31st.
  6. Royal will post a release (deployment) schedule which specifies the week (but not day) of release for each block of itineraries. These blocks are grouped by cruise length and region. If one follows this blog, the release schedule will be posted with plenty of notice to prepare for making a booking.
  7. Flights can often be found for $49 one way. I know what I would choose.
  8. This will make wait time to ride longer. During my last sailing a person wiped out hard. Two people in line in front of me saw this and got out of line.
  9. Have them ask shore excursion representative which beach is closest to the ocean. Another fun one is explaining that a submarine race will be held in one of the ports. Once at said port stare out to an area of bay/ocean and pretend to be watching said race. My kids joined me for a few minutes before saying that submarine races are boring to watch.
  10. They held firm in terms offered for two families traveling with me. (Each downgraded from 2 bedroom grand suite to Junior suite) If you cancel, Royal will sell the Grand suite you were downgraded to for more than your original crown loft rate. I recommend requesting a date change if your schedule is flexible. Chances are low you will find an available loft due to decrease supply on Wonder and the high suite booking levels when ship was Allure. This process has been a huge bummer for +\- 30 reservations per sail date and a bonus to all others. (Unless one doesn’t like the smell of a new ship)
  11. When running on the track from aft to forward on sea days, one can obtain impressive speeds.
  12. Maybe missing the ship is why Super Mario spends so much time on Royal Caribbean ships. His parents left in him in the Song of Norway kids club in 1971 to hit the bars in port. They missed the ship and ever since Mario has been traveling from ship to ship looking for them. Can anyone confirm or refute this theory?
  13. I’m baffled that Royal doesn’t have a policy requiring a designated guardian to stay on ship if a child is left on board. I wouldn’t get off ship with my wife and leave any of our kids unless someone responsible we knew was also staying on ship. Royal could have this integrated with scanning sea pass cards get off ship. If the final guardian associated with a child attempts to get off ship with a child still on board instead of the usual chime the sound is a buzzer.
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