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  1. And pay double gratuities to support those serving requested grog?
  2. Two weeks to empty activities bucket. Sent home after a week with bucket still half full. I would be frustrated too.
  3. My families cruise isn’t until after thanksgiving. As a young and healthy family we are considering finding someone who has Delta variant and hanging out with them in an effort to get it, then hang low to keep from giving it to others. In doing this we will have less worry about accidentally getting it before pre cruise test and being denied boarding.
  4. So in theory, (I’m not suggesting one tries this) a family could book one way airfare to Nassau, test negative before cruise and then find a way to test positive right before final stop in Grand Bahama and get a private flight home?
  5. Any specialty restaurant that is open has access to reservation system. I write out my requests and hand them to someone able to make reservations. I wait for verification. Eventually reservations will show up as events on the App calendar.
  6. Symphony and Harmony 4 bedroom villa.
  7. Arm wrestle Matt’s wife for opportunity to be his +1? Please live stream.
  8. Grand or larger suite…too far from the bed to the bathroom.
  9. It is awesome how after sliding a few dollar bills across the bar, the drinks slide the opposite direction with less friction. I will continue my research on this phenomenon until I fully understand the physics.
  10. Follow up: I don’t know how transaction was handled. I assume my card was swiped twice, once for my drink with DBP and once to use shared diamond voucher drink. I always stopped at three for sharing diamond drinks so unable to verify if credits were being tracked.
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