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  1. Sorry to break the news but the Kennedy Space Center shuttle program ended in 2011, having started in 1972. This is probably why you can’t get a spot. While the program was operating, it was very difficult to get a spot on a shuttle.
  2. Still go through metal detector on ship while docked at CocoCay. I walked through it, can’t verify it was on. I think this is to catch any successful secret pirate treasure hunters.
  3. I have cruised three times since the restart. No masks, social distancing or other behavioral changes unless directed to do so. None in my travel party acquired Covid on any of these amazing cruises. I share this experience for those who think that unless they are hyper vigilant with all the alleged Covid reducing behaviors, they will catch Covid. Only guaranteed way I know to not get Covid on a cruise is to not go on a cruise. Same for avoiding shark attacks by not going near the ocean….or aquarium.
  4. Not that you need an excuse, but if you do, good reason to stay married. Enjoy Wonder and the amazing itinerary.
  5. I heard that nobody panicked until the violin player moved to the pool deck.
  6. Very patriotic of you to not be in England on July 4th, acceptable for Sabrina since she is Canadian.
  7. I recommend broadening your horizons. I too love Crown but was quite happy with Patron, lime and soda as well as Titos and soda. Crushing some XX before truly makes one indifferent.
  8. Air pumps should be allowed. Some people need to air up their cabin “friend”.
  9. My hotel was different. I recommend researching extensively to make sure it is the vibe you are looking for. I will never be going back to Sitges. Two additional days in Barcelona was very enjoyable.
  10. Headed to airport soon. Only mistake of this trip was renting a car at Barcelona airport. Rental took along time and price quoted online didn’t include lots of extra fees added on. We drove south along coast about an hour to Sitges. I hadn’t done my research and after checking into hotel and seeing room and vibe at hotel pool we decided to leave. They would not refund us even though it was only 1pm and we didn’t use room. I put in a dispute with my credit card company. We ended up driving back to Barcelona, past Wonder and got a hotel in Gothic quarter. The extra time in Barcelona was enjoyable. In summary, I don’t recommend renting a car and leaving Barcelona unless plans are well researched. Ended up being an expensive mistake with car rental cost, parking and time. Lessened learned. Other than this, the trip was amazing and we plan to be home late tonight after our 13 hour flight home.
  11. Sea day. Making the most of drink package. Ran into @VoidoftheSeas at Suite sun deck. Brunch at Mason Jar. Very good. Dinner at Hooked soon.
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