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  1. Just make sure to get your laps in before Belly Flop contest.
  2. Unless on the Carnival Glory. Dining room was alfresco after crash.
  3. Add Allure November 5, 2022 Deadhead Repositioning Remove Allure November 5, 2022 Southern Caribbean
  4. I’m also part of recent Symphony cancellation, I had a 4 bedroom Villa. Double cancel in one week. Very hard to take.
  5. Please report back with your findings. I’m in a two bedroom grand suite on cancelled sailing. None available on offered replacement dates. Maybe they will open up more dates or ships for transfer?
  6. I’m on this sailing too. I had a shore excursion refund email today. I can’t access booking online.
  7. I brought him two boxes of protein bars, one box off assorted candy bars per his list. Also a big bag of almonds from my farm. He appreciated all of this.
  8. So much for my January 22nd 4 bedroom Villa I booked in Nov 2019. Big gut punch.
  9. Best price I ever got on a suite was when my parents invited me and paid. So I guess the strategy could be summed up as, wait to be invited on someone else’s dime.
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