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  1. Sorry didn’t add that a live rep answered, confirmed email and sent while I was on the phone. It was not automated.
  2. Not sure if you still need this but I was able to get a copy by calling 866-562-7625 4,2,1 today for our March cruise
  3. Yes we used cvs rapid test in November. Easy to do and no issues.
  4. I was on this sailing and still have not gotten an email saying canceled. I agree it is frustrating after all the planning and Black Friday deals we will lose. I get it though. You have to be flexible, still disappointing.
  5. I was on this sailing and still have not received an email saying cancelled. Thank you RC bloggers for letting us know Will FCC be automatically applied to my account or do I need to do anything?
  6. Yes. The tour stops multiple times. It just means two people on one jet ski.
  7. Yesterday our soda package said 30% off at $6.49 pp and today it says 50% off at $6.49 pp. still a good price but how do they calculate %. That is some fuzzy math at best.
  8. It has taken me up to a week before.
  9. The terminal will be open but not sure if you can get in prior to your boarding time. They have been very strict about boarding times.
  10. Boooooooo but better than Nassau
  11. $13 drinks are covered but yes you would only pay the difference.
  12. Straw market is still closed and the vendors parked around it were very rude and aggressive. Most the shops on Bay Street and downtown were open and it was not bad. There is a small vendor section right out side of port that was not too bad either. Lots of construction in the area.
  13. Using the cup at the freestyle machine, I think there is a 10 min wait between uses.
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