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  1. Got this from another thread. This was before the increase
  2. Hello fellow diamond and above members. Under perks for diamond members a Chef’s Choice on 5+ nights is listed. I cannot find any explanation of what this perk is? Can someone please explain it. TIA
  3. Ours came via email 3 days prior to departure.
  4. We did this water park pre-Covid and really enjoyed. The zip lines were awesome and the slides were high. We will definitely do again next time in Costa Maya. There was a shuttle running back and forth to the port as well so you could go back for lunch if you wanted.
  5. We saw Grease end of June and it was great!
  6. Has anyone experienced an extra day at sea because the port was closed and they could not return? Did you get extra C & A points for that extra day?
  7. So does your partner get their own drink vouchers loaded to their sea pass card when you cruise together?
  8. Very easy. Most all bars have Diet Coke and will refill your cup.
  9. Looks like you have to call or contact TA on existing reservation. Found this on RCL site
  10. My dog ate a bag of scrabble tiles so I took him to the vet. No word yet.
  11. 100%. And just look at bottomline price not percentage off.
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