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  1. We have sailed twice on Independence of the Seas for Spring Break and it was fine. There are a "few" more college kids and a lot of drinking but they were well behaved. LOL. You will have a good time.
  2. So to hear about your husbands injury. If you look in your edocs online it will list the link to the insurance company if you booked thru royal.
  3. There is a time limit on the freestyle machines using the cups. Don’t remember if it was 10 or 15 mins between fills.
  4. I just read a post from RCCL that said they can’t tell if there is damage or not and will be sending a team to investigate on Wednesday with hopes to open Saturday. With all the negative nellies out there, maybe they are being extra cautious until they hear from the employees that work there too.
  5. Awesome - thanks....Hopefully the employees came thru just as well. So ready for this storm to go away.
  6. Can you share those photos or a link to them? TIA
  7. I am more concerned about the local residents that work on the island and the clean up and sorting of their personal life they will have to do. This historic storm will change the northern Bahamas as we know it today. Prayers to all.
  8. Sorry to hear but understand. Being in North Florida the unknown is nerve racking for us too. Fingers crossed no issues for that cruise. We are also on that sailing.
  9. I agree with you and will be very surprised if they don’t make it right. I’m sure they are just overwhelmed at the moment.
  10. The expert meteorologist can’t even predict this historical storm so try to imagine RCCL trying to make sure vacations are not ruined and safely executed. People are going to bitch no matter what just because you can’t please everyone. If people used a travel agent and purchased the correct travel insurance, there should be no issues taking a cruise in the middle of hurricane season. Don’t wait for RCCL to make a decision if you are not comfortable for your individual situation. I am sure they are doing the best they can with the resources they have. Remember most of the employees are based in
  11. Cozumel today - Roatan Thursday - Costa Maya Friday - At sea Saturday
  12. There are some updates on the Royal Caribbean International Facebook page the shows what sailings are impacted.
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