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  1. When are the luggage tags usually available?
  2. How did they get a c&a number before the cruise? My sister in law is sailing for the first time with us in November and would hope she could get double points.
  3. Members will receive double Cruise Points on bookings made through September 30, 2021 for sailings departing January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022.
  4. Walgreens in my area only offers a Rapid Diagnostic Test (ID Now) results in 24 hrs or a Diagnostic Lab Test (PCR) results time frame varies. No Rapid Antigen. Is the RDT (ID Now) accepted by Royal? I have searched and all I find is PCR or Antigen and the PCR has diagnostic in the title so totally confused. CVS would be easier but no appointments. Clear as mud? Thanks in advance
  5. The discovery channel should be a different channel every day.
  6. Do they have to sign up before the cruise or be members prior to cruise to get the double points?
  7. I always bring the little bite size candy bars and put them out each morning with a note of thanks. At the end of cruise I leave an envelope with their name on it with some cash in my stateroom.
  8. There is a nice water park and zip line park in costa maya we enjoyed. It is just outside the port and has free shuttles running back and forth.
  9. Traditionally Black Friday cruise planner sale is best of the year in my opinion. No guarantees but like @Mattsays if you feel it’s a good price now. Book it and reprice later.
  10. I always bring my own. No issues except like @AshleyDillosaid packing them.
  11. Same here except 3:00/3:30 was only available time for me ?
  12. Well said. Agree with you 100% or as Royal would say 199.94528%. LoL sorry another thread.
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