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  1. We went on Allure May 2019. It is an amazing ship. As for ships, you can't go wrong with either as they are both Oasis class. Therefore I would pick based on itinerary. The Eastern ( Nassau, St Thomas, San Juan and Labadee) is by far a better itinerary. I've been to all and Nassau, St. Thomas, and San Juan beat out Cozumel Costa Maya by a long shot. IMO.
  2. I literally just received another price alert for my July 2021 cruise 5 minutes after posting above. I just saved another $600 today with the 13% price drop. 7 minutes on the phone with RC. FYI, i track my prices with Cruiseline.com and their Shipmate App.
  3. That is awesome. I always track my cruise price once booked. I actually called RC last month when I saw a price drop that appeared to be lower than my original cost. Sure enough, I reduced my cruise $750. That reduction paid for my drink package! And for those wondering, the call took less than 10 minutes.
  4. I understand. Yes, that makes sense. Whatever happens, I can't wait to get back on board.
  5. PIMA, I'm confused by the Galveston comment. I live here north of Houston. Why would it be easier for Mid Westerners to drive to that port than fly? IAH airport, is a 45 min to 1 hour drive to the Galveston port and the Cruise ships will pick up flyers from the airport at No Charge and transfer them down. This seems more logical than driving 10-15 hours.
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