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  1. Yes….third time is the charm for this cruise! We did a March Anthem that was also third time and had a blast.
  2. What Marc said is our experience as well. We have done both USA and Canadian currency since we are duel…. If we use our USA card to book, it will be and stay in USA currency and vice versa.
  3. Did our boarding time this morning for our July 8 cruise (10:00- YAY!) …..just now completed the rest of info
  4. Yes, we have! I have 1 son who will be 14 by then. Soooo much fun and things to do! On our March cruise, it was the first time he went to the teenage club and had a blast. All of you are going to love! We have done Zip Line and IFly too!
  5. Yes, love the freedom to go wherever,whenever. We got off the Anthem in March. Had a great time. We have done Habachi before and have a reservation for this one. Love it. In March we did the Sushi&Sake Lunch and absolutely loved! (Especially that Champagne Lobster Roll!) …I’m going to do that one again.
  6. I had double points added for my March Cruise in 5 days. I’m hoping my double points in July is the same.
  7. We are on that same cruise as well and we are in a suite. We will go to the Coastal Kitchen one or two times as we enjoy the other restaurants as well. Great to hear the info above on happy hour times. We still get the Deluxe Drink Package so don’t always know the info…
  8. We will be on The Oasis in July. We got the Casita for one day during non sea day at Nassau… We stayed on the ship with Anthem in March when in Nassau and pool area had lots of room. This is more because my son likes shade. It is sold out for sea days. What has been anyones experience with it and its locations? We have not seen these before … …
  9. I bring magnets, magnets with hooks, my clothing cubes, clothing hooks for attaching our swimsuits, and I love my shoe organizer that I can hook to door…use it for everything I need, like lotions, googles, toiletries, shoes, etc. Love that I can see everything right away and makes everything organized! My steward loves how everything has its place. I’m sure makes their cleaning easier too….
  10. Absolutely Agree! Loved The Sushi & Sake Lunch! That Champagne Lobster! Yummy!
  11. I received my email for Royal Up Bid the 3rd week of April for my July 8th cruise.
  12. Thank for the info! It was nice for us to experience for CK on the Anthem the first time. Even though we were offered on other days when they called us to ask to come again, we had a specialty dining package and wanted to experience different locations. It’s good to know we can come any dinner nights if available. We met many Pinnacle members at other restaurants though out the week who told us, they were going elsewhere for some dinners, and it wasn’t as busy. We are in another Junior Suite on Our July Cruise on Oasis, so will hopefully try CK on that ship!
  13. In March, I was the only one who had the app. Not my husband or son. My son and I did at same time and they ended up checking us all off with that same app. Hubby showed up half hour later to do it even though they checked him off. It was very quick and easy.
  14. “There are only 2 of us and NO WAY would I have 1, 2 device package to share. We almost came to blows the one time I tried it and we kept kicking each other off when trying to change devices. Now, everyone gets their own plan with their own log-in and peace has reigned ever since. Well...mostly always....some of the time” Totally agree with WAAAYTOO …..May cost more individually (even though I have gotten sales that are close to the multi device plan) but worth every extra penny I have spent for peace of mind.
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