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  1. OASIS - JULY 8, 2021 ( Bayonne, NJ )
  2. ANTHEM OF THE SEAS - MARCH 13, 2021 ( Bayonne, NJ )
  3. FYI.... United Airlines will start service Dec 5, 2021 to Barbados from EWR and IAD. More options for the future! ??
  4. Done! Took 3 hours and credit was applied! Thank You for such great info ??????
  5. Symphony Of The Seas - 2019 IZUMi HIBACHI & SUSHI ( my son loved this experience! )
  6. I was able to get a hold on my new cruise and then agent called RC and put some of my FCC as my deposit.
  7. We have been on this ship on this deck on the same side and loved it! For us, minimal noise and mid ship was ideal. We usually do this on other ships. Deck 10 or 11. Next year will try something different since it will our first Junior Suite.
  8. We’re You originally on the Mar 15th Anthem out of NJ? I received my FCC and CPlanner refund last week.
  9. I was first round for Mar 15 Cruise. Received this Thursday my FCC via email. My Cruise Planner refund on credit card was told will be within the 30 days of cancellation ( originally 7-10 days ) which now should be with 2 weeks.
  10. I agree!! We just started using Michelle because of the positive feedback in this forum!!! We can all navigate these waters together!!! ????
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