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  1. I was first round for Mar 15 Cruise. Received this Thursday my FCC via email. My Cruise Planner refund on credit card was told will be within the 30 days of cancellation ( originally 7-10 days ) which now should be with 2 weeks.
  2. I agree!! We just started using Michelle because of the positive feedback in this forum!!! We can all navigate these waters together!!! πŸ€œπŸΌπŸ€›πŸΌ
  3. I used Michelle with your recommendations and she has been amazing in helping me after I cancelled on my own!
  4. Will be on Anthem March 15th. Upgraded to JS! Yay!! Have friends on same sailing right now that left on 8th. They are having a blast and the ship is taking extra precautions to keep everything clean. They sent me pictures and all seems well for them.
  5. Hi! We will also be in the same cruise 🚒 coming from Toronto. I travel back and for to NY/ NJ all the time. As far as the weather, there is no snow like what we have here right now. I would recommend the packable puffer jackets as they are easy to roll up back into the pouch it comes with. The weather is getting nicer but of course, you never know. No boots needed. Less to deal with. Weather has been nice but check future forecast . Can always leave boots in car if you are driving in. We are picking up my mom in Connecticut so we are not utilizing hotel this time. Many Canadians on this cruise with the March break. We have left from Bayonne many times and have done similar itinerary with same ship but not on Canadian breaks so may see many on this ship!
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