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  1. Yes, all 100 will be 8x10. I have 500 in my house right now from different cruises. Lol Just like to have the physical copy Not a fan but that’s how it comes. I have gotten the digitals as well.
  2. We have always gotten the 100 prints ever since they went this route. I do wish we had different sizes we could choose from when printing other than 8x10. I get the prints all the time and pick up the evening before cruise ends since it gets very busy and add a few extra that usually cost me $5 a picture. I did notice on my last cruise I did receive the digital as well even though I choose prints.
  3. Thanks for this info. Love having water in our room… I just bought 6 water bottles with the cooler for our August cruise and I can now add 3 more with being Emerald, turning Diamond after this sailing!
  4. I just ordered the cooler with the water for 23.99 on my August Cruise. Thanks for info. With the three we get through Crown&Anchor, it will be nice to just have in the room.
  5. We rented a Casita on our last cruise and yes, all day. We like the button you can push service even though we were in front of bar so they were always available! You get water included in an ice bucket and we ended up getting a nice fruit plate that was delivered to us. We liked how we can have a designated space to relax. You choose your Casita location when you sign up on ship.
  6. That’s why we did it. My son does not like the sun on him too much so we thought this would be a good idea. Since it was three of us, my husband took the pool chair lounge next to us. We also had a chair inside if we needed it.
  7. I did number 12. It was full shade at times and half at others, which we liked
  8. I did it with the Oasis last week. I was on Anthem in March and they did not have.
  9. I went the second day around 9ish on the cruise because I didn’t realize you could pick first day you are on the ship. For the Oasis, it was on the 16th floor (there is a sign) I saw the person with a clipboard and told him I had the 4th day. He said you could pick now and showed me by numbers, what was still available. We walked to some of them. I chose the one that was next to Lime & Coconut fir the bar and was not too close to the slides for less noise. There are 4 bottles of water on ice, and a button that can reach attendant by their Watch. They will write your names on a chalkboard in case someone else try’s to use it when you are not there. (It happens, as many did not know it’s by reservation) The attendant brought us fruit about a few hours in, which was a nice touch. We ended up using it all day. For us, it was worth having a nice area to lay without searching for chairs like the other days. Many had already picked first day so recommend doing that. When we went, 4 people in front of us.
  10. You can go the first day if you want to choose it for any other day. They will put you on the list and you can pick which one you want.
  11. I just got back from Oasis and did a Casita. Really enjoyed it. We were next to Lime & Coconut so had service readily available that didn’t need to use the attendant button. We used it from 9-5, the allotted time we had. Would definitely do it again.
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