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  1. Big sigh...still waiting for “free” Royal cruise. If they don’t offer something in the next six months I’m probably going to cash in and try out MSC.
  2. Is each D+ in the cabin still getting 2 free days of Voom? Taking a 3 night cruise in April and was about to purchase Voom surf for both the wife and I and it would be $70.46 (total). Now thinking we could wait until after midnight the first night or activate as soon as we wake up on day two and we don't pay anything. I guess another option would be to purchase all 3 nights onboard and utilize whatever the D+ discount would be.
  3. There was one for 100,000 a couple months ago. Last week the Royal obc was gone for a couple days. Only thing available was the 5 or 10% discount.
  4. Side topic... I wish they would ban the aerosol sunscreens on the ship. Not only does a good portion of the product fly on to other people, it makes for a slippery surface on the decks. Many catamaran excursions have ban the use of the aerosol products to avoid slips and falls.
  5. I have not been successful in combining more than one reward OR adding to a reservation that I did not originally book through Royal’s Casino Royale.
  6. 4 new MSC sailings being offered starting at 100k loyalty points.
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