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  1. Unfortunately they will not allow you to apply the obc to bookings made with a group rate.
  2. Just noticed hibachi lunch is being offered in the cruise planner. We normally go to dinner, but seeing that it's 40% less expensive at lunch we are now skipping breakfast.
  3. Several Florida sailings available.
  4. I will let you know 2 weeks from today. I will be going inside the new terminal. Wife has a hook up.
  5. Only email I have received is that bid was not win…after we were already sailing. LoL
  6. They are apparently still on back order. We have not received ours yet from April 7th sailing.
  7. I read the same thing. Called the county health and human services division and they were able to provide it to me so I could write it in. I sailed 3 times with no issue prior to reading of someone's denial because of no lot number.
  8. Wasn't feeling well on last week's Liberty cruise and the crystal block was the last thing on my mind. Realized today that we hit 281 on that sailing and should have received a block. We have a sailing in July on Independence and wondering if we can wait and request one on that ship instead?
  9. Congrats! Check again in 24 hours. Ok now the cruise critic response… what cabin were you originally in what did you upgrade to and what was minimum bid and what bid did it take to win?
  10. Posted answer in the event someone does a search like I did and stumbled across your old thread.
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