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  1. Thank u. I will make sure to request they come back for the return trip. Hopefully there will be other taxis available if they fail to come get us.
  2. Anyone been recently or know if pricing still about the same? Going with a group of 7 and have been tasked (voluntold) with researching transportation options and cost to Magen's Bay. Not interested in ship excursions since they are at the beach for only 2 hours. Also how long is the ride mid morning and what time should we depart to have plenty of time to make it back to the ship?
  3. Free cruises being offered but they jacked it up to 2 million points. The 2 for 1 offers (1 million points) are no deal.
  4. Nice. Now Royal and MyVegas just need to offer the free 7 night again for the 1M loyalty points.
  5. You are doing an amazing job with the live blog and the Periscopes @Karahvacatimes! Thank you for taking the time out of your vacation to share with all us jealous viewers.
  6. Looks so damn yummy. Thanks for the coverage of that double CP balcony in the scope!
  7. Can you post a pic? I have been on enchantment a couple times and might remember once I see what you’re talking about.
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