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  1. I am able to add my name and reservation number and thin get the spinning wheel..."Please wait, we are checking for availability"
  2. Updated original post. Delivered to PO Box. I have located our state issued certified birth certificates in the event we are not as lucky as @NC State.
  3. Thx. We did it a few years ago when they gave out codes that anyone could use. Wanted to make sure they did not have to log into our account/reservation.
  4. We are sailing with another couple and are in different cabins. We all want Voom and I was going to purchase the 4 device plan (currently 50% off ship price) and give them two of the codes. Is there any reason why that would not work?
  5. No free cruises, but have redeemed for about $800 in obc. Redeemed for several BOGO adult beverages, meals and attractions while in Vegas in May.
  6. Feel free to follow along as we play the game of hurry up and wait. Let’s see how long it takes to get our renewals completed. We paid extra for Expedited service and 2 day return mail. $187.56 each 07/20/2021 Pic taken and paperwork completed 07/21/2021 Dropped off at the Dallas Main Post Office at noon and sent overnight mail 07/22/2021 Arrived at Philadelphia Post Office at 10:22 am. However it will not be delivered to the actual Passport PO Box until tomorrow by 6 pm. 07/23/2021 Passport renewal package delivered
  7. We are on Symphony 10/30 and feel so confident that it will sail I am currently researching airfare. My only concern is what time to book the return flight. Normally I would feel comfortable booking 11am out of Miami, but who knows what it's going to be like getting off the ship. Heck, noon might even be a gamble.
  8. I love Freedom. Have sailed her twice out of San Juan.
  9. I checked a couple sailings this morning and the price is the same prior to the "Black Friday" sale. Is it selected sailings?
  10. My wife said she was able to start the check in process so I looked again. It’s working now.
  11. Was the OBC from a travel agency? If so, it will not show up on cruise planner. It will be added to your account after you board the ship.
  12. Hmm. Same here, but will allow me to spend money in cruise planner.
  13. I feel there will be an announcement this week. There are many people that need to make or cancel flights for Dec sailings. We have one Dec 12 out of Miami on Symphony and never purchased flights since they would only offer future flight credit if we canceled. Regardless, even as bad as we would like to cruise again, we are not sailing until some of the restrictions are lifted.
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