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  1. I checked a couple sailings this morning and the price is the same prior to the "Black Friday" sale. Is it selected sailings?
  2. My wife said she was able to start the check in process so I looked again. It’s working now.
  3. Was the OBC from a travel agency? If so, it will not show up on cruise planner. It will be added to your account after you board the ship.
  4. Hmm. Same here, but will allow me to spend money in cruise planner.
  5. I feel there will be an announcement this week. There are many people that need to make or cancel flights for Dec sailings. We have one Dec 12 out of Miami on Symphony and never purchased flights since they would only offer future flight credit if we canceled. Regardless, even as bad as we would like to cruise again, we are not sailing until some of the restrictions are lifted.
  6. Good morning. I received an email overnight stating that my certificate did not match their records. I called and they said “that’s because certificate was redeemed on 10/18”. Not according to my current balance. I don’t mind handling some stuff on my own but going to let TA deal with it.
  7. We attempted to redeem some FCC for a 10/2021 sailing on Symphony. I submitted the certificate on the Royal site on 10/18/20. I received a message on the screen that it was submitted successfully and that I would receive an email confirmation in the next 24-48 hours. I have not received an email and TA says the credit was not applied as of 10/30/20. I just resubmitted the same certificate online. It was accepted and I received the same message on the screen. I will wait and see if it works this time. Anyone else experiencing a similar issue?
  8. MSN mentions RCB... They could have at least given @Matt proper credit. “He did not mention the group by name, but Royal Caribbean’s blog found one such post by a member of the group ‘Stand.Earth.’ “ https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/royal-caribbean-ceo-anti-cruisers-sabotaging-cdc-public-comments/ar-BB19dgUX?li=BBnbklE&fbclid=IwAR23Er96y6y0UNaMuNghgYdEvHIIP_mFds18RWhEhKqkRkxYxntS2-8y5Bk
  9. I keep forgetting to check in the morning. Want to book 01/01 as well so that we would only need to take 1 vacation day.
  10. Royal is required to authorize these promotions. IMHO this a great sign Royal feels confident they will be sailing short cruises in January.
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