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  1. All is good....... There are things much worse than a rainy day on beautiful cruise ship!
  2. Yes, along with the Suite line. Make sure you get on the "correct' line for Key. A little difficult to find outside terminal. It moved fairly quickly, much shorter than those without and efficient once you get into terminal for actual checkin
  3. Boarding wasn't bad for us (Suite & Diamond+) with 11 am boarding time. When we arrived at 11, lines were backed up at the outside checkin before entering the terminal. Obviously, many passengers were there early were being processed slowly without regard for boarding time. Once inside terminal, checkin was pretty fast and efficient. On board, its a full ship but all is great. While it appears there are a lot of new staff members in training (restaurants, staterooms & casino) they are are all very cordial and welcoming. I'm sure staffing up and getting up to speed is challenging in these times. Today (Monday) is a rainy day at CocoCay and cruise entertainment staff supplemented onboard offerings with lots of additional events (movies, towel folding, trivia, etc) to fill the void.
  4. And no need for masks in terminal
  5. Sailing on Harmony today from Port Canaveral . Long checkin lines because boarding times not being enforced. Not good but we’re onboard now and all is forgiven
  6. Covid tests came back negative, so we are a GO for this cruise. Good luck on your tests
  7. Thanks for your reply. Yes. It's a Crown Loft Suite, which I is Sky Class on Harmony. I booked a 3 night specialty dining package and my wife was sure that it was complimentary with our suite. I checked and RCL said no, but she had some document that said otherwise. Must have assumed we were in Star Class. MAYBE NEXT TIME!!!
  8. Does Key Loft Suite on Harmony include complimentary specialty dining?
  9. Just received notice of accepted RoyalUp bid. Upgraded from OV balcony to Crown Loft Suite.
  10. RoyalUp upgrade to a Crown Loft Suite came through for Harmony sailing in 2 weeks. Can't wait. Questions: This apparently isn't Star/Sky class (?) so not sure what's included. We originally had UDP for cruise, but switched out to 3 night package. Not really big drinkers but suite lounge drinks AND Diamond+ benefits should get us through the day . Any benefits for suite holders at CoCo Cay? Anyone know where I can find all the suite benefits?
  11. COVID variants caused some blips, but normally minimums don't go down
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