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  1. YES, por favor!!! I did not make it there yet and it is a cruise destination on my bucket list!!
  2. One time I went to Asia and bought a nice piece of jewelry which I had to declare and pay customs/tax. Could I have tried to sneak it in, or wear it, as many people do? Maybe, but I am an honest person, so I have no desire to cheat our nation. By the way, I saw somebody get thoroughly searched --everything removed from suitcase, all items gone through, etc., etc., and so it is much better to declare than take the chance be identified as a cheater. Also, your item could be permanently confiscated and you might have to pay a fine as well.
  3. Since it appears that the vaccine will not really be available to the general public until next summer (IF it proves as effective as discussed, and IF they can roll out the somewhat complex distribution plan), people have to stay safe and watch their health, and dream of a cruise perhaps in late 2021 or 2022.
  4. I was introduced to cruising by my father, a Navy veteran who fought in WWII. He loved ships and being on the water, and shared that experience with his family, although in a much more glamorous way! My first cruise was in the Mediterranean when I was a teenager, and I was mesmerized by the calm blue waters, clear sky and exotic destinations. Cruising became a type of vacation experience that was simply a part of all our lives--more than just an addiction. Yes, I do many other kinds of vacations as well--drive, fly, all -inclusive and so forth, but boarding a ship, unpacking once, dressing
  5. The islands are "open," but not to cruise ships. You need your negative covid results and a private yacht, if there are no flights available!
  6. It seems that Key West has always thrived on tourism, and after the hurricane a few years ago, they were practically begging folks (especially cruises) to come back. It is not really clear from the article WHY they want to limit guests. Venice, I can understand, due to the age and fragility of the city, but Key West is a lot of bars down one big road. They may not like the financial results if they get their wish granted.
  7. Love me some Philly! We are close enough to enjoy a day trip to NYC but far enough not to have to deal with all the congestion. Although our single home is in the city, it is far out from the 'downtown' area and we have a big backyard and trees everywhere. Also, home prices are fairly reasonable as compared to NYC. We were left off the original quarantine list by FL and so our PA snowbirds can come and go to FL as we please. BTW, we are a multi-pet household: dogs, cats, and birds. It is always heartbreaking to lose a member of the family, but our little animal companion
  8. Ahhh, the beautiful Bermuda beaches. Glowing pink and soft as powder. I could surely be tempted to fly directly there and relax for a few days. Now if only I would receive my RC April refund I could splurge on those airline tickets!
  9. And so I have advised multiple people on multiple websites, that there is no need to rush to rebook ANY travel until we see exactly how the industry is recovering! It is always easier to get a last-minute bargain instead of waiting months and months for a refund...
  10. RC would have to pay me to participate in an escape room! I guess I am just a bit older--I go on a cruise to sit in the sun and listen to the waves.
  11. Back to the main topic, to start up again in the Caribbean, perhaps cruise lines could begin by just offering shorter cruises and featuring mainly their private islands. That way all of the discussions about government permission would not be as crucial. There would also be no exposure to people other than those already pre-screened by the ship. My RC cruise that was cancelled this April featured a day at CocoCay, and I was really looking forward to visiting and seeing all the updates from my last visit. I also have heard that there are recommendations that cruise lines improve their medical
  12. My deepest sympathy. The cruise line should provide mental health supports to all staff who are far from home, lonely, worried, without work or activities and potentially without pay or benefits. These crew members are very young and I am so sorry they are in such despair that they take their own lives. On my next cruise I will be thinking about the crew much more than ever, and observing how they are treated. It is our responsibility to speak up if we think that crew members are not treated appropriately.
  13. Well, I was supposed to cruise RC Easter week back in April and my air prices were sky high like that, almost $1000.00 a person, for a simple Philly to Florida RT flight. I ended up booking in and out of different cities on different airlines, but it was still quite costly. Thank goodness the cruise was cancelled and I received a full refund on the air (Still waiting for my RC refund). I have done Amtrak down to Florida and the only good part was the dining room--which may no longer exist. Lots of screaming children for hours on end, and the bathrooms get messy. Before booking
  14. Did you receive a FCC for the $1300.00? I think RC is saying you can only have 125% on the $2.00, because that was really all the "cash" you paid, but you still have the original 1300.00 FCC to use. I agree with WAAAYTOOO that you should not expect 125% on the original fare as that was a different scenario. Therefore, you really have no loss except for the $177.00 credit which was never used. So, plan another cruise with your 1300.00, and negotiate, and maybe you can get an upgraded cabin or some other additional freebie since you lost out on the $177.00. You had some
  15. How romantic to plan your 4th wedding anniversary! I have been "dating" my DH for 40 years with 35 years of wedded bliss. If you are truly that young, then life is a great adventure, and you can travel anywhere and everywhere and just enjoy the ride. When I was young I went on some ancient cruise ships/liners, made completely of metal inside and out, with hardly any of the activities that one finds today. But it was the cruise experience itself that was so memorable, not all the ship bells and whistles. I am not sure that all of the schedules for next year have been firmed
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