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  1. We have VPN on our phones (AT&T) and on our NCL last month, we had to turn off the VPN to get be able to use the WiFi. My phone handled this better than hubby's (He has the ProMax) and it was constantly trying to connect VPN even though we "tried" to turn it off. It was SO VERY Annoying!!!!
  2. We hit Emerald last year from our Alaska cruise. I hope we get our pins come October on the Adventure! If not, then I will go in search of it at the Loyalty Desk!
  3. I will check out Springhill Suites for our October cruise. We are flying in though. Do they have an airport shuttle too?
  4. I looked it up and now just waiting to be approved to join.
  5. I didn't book any excursions yet as we are going with several friends from several different states and we haven't discussed any of the excursions yet. Are you doing an excursion at each port?
  6. We did the Northbound on the Radiance the 3rd week of July 2018 and it was wonderful. Not too hot or too cold and saw lots of whales on our excusion.
  7. Good to know! That is the airport I booked our Delta flights for. We don't cruise until October 8, 2020 though. Now I need hotel suggestions as we are arriving a day early.
  8. I tried the Painkiller (drink of the day) on our cruise last month! I ended up ordering it a few more times.
  9. For those who have done this one - We are in port 6 days out 9 so I am pondering on getting the WiFi or not. Did you have signal on the sea days? We did when we did our Northbound Alaskan Cruise. We are business owners and will need access; however, if we even get some limited access on the sea days I may not get the internet package. I guess I need to know if we see land most of the way up the New England coastline.
  10. I just looked at our Adventure OTS (October 8th) and the drink package is down from $55 to $51. I'm going to recheck it over the next couple of days to see if it goes lower.
  11. My VPN for AT&T works fine also.
  12. I've only used the Mobile Passport once (Atlanta) when we returned from Punta Cana. It worked and we bypassed a very long line.
  13. I hoping for discounts on the drink/zoom package for our 9 night October 2020 cruise. At the pricing now we will save almost $80 doing the drink/zoom package than getting them separately. It's on sale now for $65/night for combo. It will be my luck that they raise the price instead of lowering it!
  14. Super Shuttle or Go Shuttle are both good.
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