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  1. Us too and we did a L&S but they wouldn't do that beverage package. I did try to talk them into it but I wasn't successful
  2. I'm in Kentucky also and my granddaughter is 15 and her school told them that they thought the vaccine will be available for her age group in July and September for my younger grand that is in middle school. Fingers crossed.
  3. I haven't heard that, but I sure hope it's true. I'm one shot down and get my second one in three weeks.
  4. I will be calling Delta to get my flights cancelled for our Canada/New England cruise. We got a voucher with Delta last time as we did the L&S and had to wait until booking our flight dates opened up. We will be going somewhere so a voucher will probably be okay for that; however, we have decided to get a refund for our cruise. Which will probably take them forever to cancel! I did use a TA so hopefully they can get the ball rolling on that.
  5. I think I am going to get my money back when they cancel my Canada/NE cruise as I have already did the L&S from October 2020 to October 2021. I just hope they don't drag the cancellation out. I think we will just want until things start moving before we re-book. My sad but I am ready to find another vacation to do this coming fall.
  6. We did the Northbound in 2018 and did a three day cruise tour and loved every second and flew home from Anchorage. One surprising note - we had better AT&T cell reception on the ship (almost the entire way) than we have at our house! I would love to go back again as there is so much to see and do.
  7. Even it we visit Canada (if it opens back up)? If that is the case, then I am a very happy camper!!
  8. https://www.afar.com/magazine/these-us-airports-to-have-covid-19-testing I found a link for the airports that have testing available. We will fly out of Newark after our cruise and they have testing; however, the rapid is $200
  9. Well, I have already said it to myself too! I'm hoping for the best but I am not holding my breath either. At least we are going to Orange Beach in July with family so we have that to look forward to.
  10. I was talking about the article as I didn't read the FAQ yet. My mother had no issues except for being sore at the injection site (the needle was a longer one that normal) for a day. The vaccine goes into the muscle is why the needle was longer is what we were told. So here is a question: we have a New England/Canada cruise for October 2021 and I have out flights booked already. We are to fly home the afternoon that we disembark, so how would I get tested before unless the airport has rapid testing? Looks like another layer of planning now....
  11. I usually download some movies and shows on my iPad to watch (airport, airplane, and cabin) whenever the notion strikes me as the WiFi isn't the greatest on board. I too would appreciate more storage room as I tend to over-pack a little
  12. The article doesn't mention vaccination one way or the other. I hope that will be amended soon since the vaccinations are starting now. My Mother (90 yrs old) got her 1st one Monday and she already has an appointment for her 2nd one. I'm in the over 60 group; however, I have no idea when that age group gets theirs. Fingers crossed!
  13. We are looking at staying here in October for our cruise. We always go in a day early. Do they have a shuttle from the airport and/or a shuttle to the port?
  14. I hope I get to say the same thing! We are scheduled on the Freedom for October 2021.
  15. I just now scheduled my Mother's first shot for January 18th. She will be 91 in March. I am surprised that they are scheduling this soon here so I find that encouraging. They are only doing 70+ now but hopefully soon, I will be able to get mine in the next round for 60+. The sooner this get going, then the sooner we will be cruising again. I really need my October 2021 cruise (L&S from 2020). As hubby put it the other day, "I am so ready to go somewhere!!"
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