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  1. Watching the sunrise every morning from my balcony!
  2. Oh I will "ouch too hard!" and then they get it right! I make sure before they start that I want a light touch. Only once did I have to call them out for being to rough.
  3. I'm not a Louisvillian; however, I am from Elizabethtown just about 35 miles south of Louisville! We do the couples massage (usually Swedish) with a lighter pressure for me and Hubby gets deeper pressure.
  4. I've used Mobile Passport in Atlanta and Chicago and definitely way faster for us!
  5. Balcony for sure! We have only had an interior on our first cruise and it was so dark and we felt like we had to go out in the hall to change our minds 😋. Anytime we are in our cabin then I will be on the balcony for a big chunk of it.
  6. I like a lanyard also. I take magnet hooks and we hang them by the door so that we just grab them on our way out.
  7. We just finished a NCL Getaway cruise the week before Thanksgiving. We had a Spa Mini Suite (big bathroom, balcony and access to the spa. The cabin was nice and we used the spa a lot. I loved the bathroom (big shower and double sinks). The food was good but they only have my time dining and I like having the same table and wait staff every night so I REALLY missed that!! I 100% prefer RCI! The shows and other entertainment was not up to RCI standards either. The only reason we did this NCL cruise was it was booked by other family members for a family cruise and it was only $1 deposit per person and third person free in same cabin.
  8. WE used them for years and never had any problems putting them in our checked luggage.
  9. We have used GO Shuttle several times just not there. I really like using them. We had several in our group to (8 people) with no issues.
  10. We have never seen or heard any issues at the ports either.
  11. Oh Wow! Thanks for the information. I will look more closely at this now. We land at 7:30 pm so we will be ready for dinner when we finally get to our hotel.
  12. We have VPN on our phones (AT&T) and on our NCL last month, we had to turn off the VPN to get be able to use the WiFi. My phone handled this better than hubby's (He has the ProMax) and it was constantly trying to connect VPN even though we "tried" to turn it off. It was SO VERY Annoying!!!!
  13. We hit Emerald last year from our Alaska cruise. I hope we get our pins come October on the Adventure! If not, then I will go in search of it at the Loyalty Desk!
  14. I will check out Springhill Suites for our October cruise. We are flying in though. Do they have an airport shuttle too?
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