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  1. Us too! I can't figure out why we can't L&S our drink, dining, and VOOM packages. I mean those are all only RCI anyway and would be no need to be waiting for refunds. I can see the excursions as those are not RCI. My 45 business days will be up on July 2nd so we will see it they come thru (I am not holding my breath...)
  2. We did a Iceland land vacation last February and it was our BEST vacation so far! We saw the Northern Lights 3 nights in a row (one being from the plane flying to Iceland). We now want to go back and see what their summer is like. Our tour guide told us their high temp in summer is around 60. Norway/Iceland cruise will be on my radar too!
  3. A client of my hubby told him that his sister is/was given one of the test vaccines and has had no ill effects from it so far. At least they are "really" in the testing phases. Fingers crossed!!
  4. I had to do an excel spread sheet so that I can keep it all straight! I did tell RCI on my last communication with them regarding my refunds due to our Life & Shift; I told her that RCI should L&S the drink packages and internet packages and etc that are strictly RCI. I told her that I understand the excursions as those may change but the others are all Royal's anyway. She told me that I had a valid point and she would share this at their next meeting/briefing. I mean it is a win-win for them really as they wouldn't have to do those refunds on top of everything else right now.
  5. Freedom October 14, 2021 (L&S fro, Oct 8, 2020)
  6. You might have a little longer getting thru the airport due to all the Covid-19 stuff now. So that might need to be factored in your time frame.
  7. In April, I cancelled and re-booked the UBP and received my refund in 7 days. In May 17th and cancelled and re-booked my VOOM and I still haven't received my credit. When I looked into it, they told me that it will take 30 days...
  8. On our L&S we did from Oct 2020 to Oct 2021 we had the UBP and Internet which did not transfer (I didn't get it super cheap like some did), however, those things are totally RCI and I can't for the life of me figure out why those weren't included in the L&S. Of course, they are higher currently. I will just have to watch to see if they go cheaper. I still haven't received any refunds credited back yet but I don't expect many until at least June 21st (30-day mark).
  9. I feel the same way too! We aren't retired yet so we don't have the luxury to cruise multiple times a year; however, I really enjoy the planning that comes with cruising. We decided to L&S our October 2020 New England-Canada cruise to next year, which turned out to be a good decision as they are now cancelled. I really do wish that our cruise planner (UBP & Internet) purchases would have transferred. I understand the excursions as those might change as those are 3rd party but the drink package and internet is all RCI.
  10. We did L&S for our October 8th New England-Canada cruise to October 14th but our cruise planner purchases did not transfer. I am still waiting for the refunds to show up. They said 30-45 days before refunds will show up.
  11. We did the L&S for our October New England-Canada cruise for October 8 2020 to October 14 2021. We had flights booked (on our own) thru Delta. They gave us an e-credit as I cannot book the new flights until 300 days out. I'm not sure how that works with RCI booking the flights as most airlines are 300 or so days out. Good luck!
  12. On our Radiance cruise (Vancouver to Seward) in July 2018 we had AT&T cell reception the entire time (actually better that we have at our own home). We did use VOOM and did not have any issues that I can remember. We were doing the Northbound Inside Passage and you can see land on both sides mostly so I am sure that is why.
  13. A - No B - Maybe C- Yes (I don't like people I don't know in my Hula-Hoop anyway)
  14. We did our L&S from October 8 2020 to October 14 2021. I think the same (mostly) ports are there; however, we were on the Adventure and now we will be on the Freedom. Do you have a TA or did you do it all yourself? I wish you luck in getting it all resolved. It may take lots of different phone calls to finally get to someone that will be willing to work with you.
  15. Years ago (after a Noro outbreak) we sailed on RCCL (can't remember which ship). The WJ buffet was there; however, you weren't allowed to serve yourself. They are servers to put the serving on your plate as you held it. This was also the first time that they started the hand sanitizer before entrance to the WJ (at least for us it was the first time). I think that they will possibly do this once cruising starts back. Some people complained (and some of the complainers were the ones who refused to use the hand sanitizer); however, I welcomed it so I didn't have to touch a serving handle that everyone else had touched. I think some people just refuse to let someone else tell them what they can and can't do.
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