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  1. There was a release on my CD from our July 2017 cruise.
  2. Just a heads up, you can link your Lyft account to your Delta account and you will get a $20 credit for Lyft and you earn miles too! I have never used Lyft; however, I know a lot of you all do.
  3. Wow! I would stay put and use that $2000 to book another cruise! We always get an outside balcony and never had a suite yet. We do however, have a Spa Mini Suite booked for November on NCL and that might change my mine about a suite being worth that much more.
  4. We when last July and it was never dark enough. That 's why we decided to book a Magical Northern Lights Tour in Iceland for January 2020 so hopefully we will get to see them at least once in our 7 days there.
  5. Alaska was our first big bucket list check off and #2 is our trip upcoming (January 2020) to Iceland for the Northern Lights tour.
  6. We are on the Getaway in November and the drink package is $99/day! We chose 3 person free & specialty dinning for our free options. There is no way I would ever get close to breaking even with those $$. One or two drinks a day will be all I will want anyway.
  7. We had one and there were 9 of us and we never had any issues. I think the only time that all of us were in it at the same time was when we first arrived and everyone was just putting they stuff in there before getting in the water.
  8. You can just ask and they will bring you more hangers. I bring a collapsible mesh hamper (its flat and fits inside the suitcase easily) to put inside the closet for dirty clothes. I also bring a battery powered touch light for the bathroom and just turn it on while in there then turn it back off. This worked well when we took the grandkids with us.
  9. The only port that uses the mobile passport app is Port Everglades right now; however, I used it when we landed in Atlanta from Punta Cana and bypassed a very long line and only waited less that 5 minutes vs over an hour in the other line.
  10. I downloaded stuff from Netflix to watch on my iPad while at the airport, on the plane, and in the cabin. My Grands just download stuff to watch and didn't take any gaming systems.
  11. We did the drink package once; however, we did not come close to getting our monies worth. We usually get one or two of the drink of the day which is cheaper. I did once get the refreshment package for $18/day on the Oasis in 2017 and I did get my monies worth out of that.
  12. Hubby is picky about his eggs being done and his bacon "Crispy" so Johnny Rockets was able to cook his stuff perfectly!
  13. Johnny Rockets had a great cook to order breakfast!
  14. We did this on the Radiance and we enjoyed seeing all the behind the scenes and the bridge too. Well worth the money for us. There is a lot that has to happen that everyone takes for granted to may the cruise perfect. Everyone should check it out once.
  15. We did the tour on the Radiance last summer and it was so interesting to see all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes. People don't realize the full extent of what happens to make cruising the awesome thing that it is.
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