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  1. I usually download some movies and shows on my iPad to watch (airport, airplane, and cabin) whenever the notion strikes me as the WiFi isn't the greatest on board. I too would appreciate more storage room as I tend to over-pack a little
  2. The article doesn't mention vaccination one way or the other. I hope that will be amended soon since the vaccinations are starting now. My Mother (90 yrs old) got her 1st one Monday and she already has an appointment for her 2nd one. I'm in the over 60 group; however, I have no idea when that age group gets theirs. Fingers crossed!
  3. We are looking at staying here in October for our cruise. We always go in a day early. Do they have a shuttle from the airport and/or a shuttle to the port?
  4. I hope I get to say the same thing! We are scheduled on the Freedom for October 2021.
  5. I just now scheduled my Mother's first shot for January 18th. She will be 91 in March. I am surprised that they are scheduling this soon here so I find that encouraging. They are only doing 70+ now but hopefully soon, I will be able to get mine in the next round for 60+. The sooner this get going, then the sooner we will be cruising again. I really need my October 2021 cruise (L&S from 2020). As hubby put it the other day, "I am so ready to go somewhere!!"
  6. Same here! I look for a price that I am willing to spend. Those % are useless as far as I'm concerned!
  7. Oasis was great when we had the whole family as there was something for everyone. However, our Alaska cruise on the Radiance was one of my personal favorites as it wasn't too big, had plenty to do at each port, and we had AT&T cell reception the entire time!
  8. I'm afraid you are probably correct. I'm surprised that they went that far ahead; however, it is better for people to know now possibly before final payment is due than to wait until so closed to sail date. So many people (me included) have to fly to get to the port adding another thing to have to deal with.
  9. I just saw this. This makes me sad but I’m not surprised.
  10. We’re booked for October 14th on the Freedom. I’m not sure if any cruising will happen from USA in 2021. I really do hope I’m completely wrong though. We have already rebooked our flights from the first time (Delta gave us a credit on the October 2020).
  11. I'm leaning towards that too and I am none too happy about it either
  12. I figured that was the case but as long as I still have it on my account page then I will try to relax! I guess a lot depends on Canada also. Hopefully, at least by summer, cruising will start back up. I am a big planner and the limbo is cramping my style
  13. We did a L&S for our NE/Canada cruise from Oct 2020 to Oct 2021. The cruise is still listed on my cruise page; however, when I search for a new NE/Canada cruise for Oct 2021 it is not there. I may be due to it being a 9 day and because currently Canada has their border/ports closed. I hope that is the case; however, I am a little more than worried at this point. I know no one knows if there will be any sailings in 2021, but ..... I.REALLY.NEED.THIS.VACATION!!
  14. I always bring my own! They can't guarantee what brand/quality of any the the products as everyone is different. That is why there are so many different products on the market. If you don't mind what kinds you use, then your lucky. Me - I do care!
  15. Our favorite cruise to date was our Alaska cruise on the Radiance. Hubby had just had a heart attack and stint 27 days prior to our cruise. Thankfully, we did good and the doctor said that a cruise would be restful and gave us this blessing. He said no fly for 4 weeks and we missed that by 1 day so the doctor said he could fly. To make this cruise even more memorable, we were schedule to go with two other couples (one from Grand Rapids and the other from Houston). Long story short, the husband of the Grand Rapids had a heart attack two weeks after my hubby and he had to have open heart su
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