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  1. Where she is standing there is a ledge and there is none above her or below her. That is a doctored picture!
  2. When is the group cruise for October 2020? We are going with several friends on the Adventure October 8 2020 for 9 days.
  3. We had no issues and it didn't take long at all. We did fly in a day early so that may have helped.
  4. We flew Delta and used points for most of our flights. We flew into Vancouver and flew out of Anchorage.
  5. It was thru RCI. There are several to pick from on how many days/nights that you want. We picked the 3 due to having to return to work. It included transportation and lodging but not any food. It was an awesome experience and we want to go back and stay longer.
  6. We sailed out of Vancouver and loved it. Sailing up the inside passage, we had AT&T cell service the entire time with the exception of and hour or two at the most. We also did a 3-day inland tour with RCI at the end of our cruise. It was the perfect ending to a perfect cruise.
  7. Looks like we are on the same one! 😍
  8. That sounds like a good idea. We are thinking about staying two more nights and going the NYC so the PATH will come in handy too.
  9. We will have at least 16 people in our group; however, I am not if everyone is coming in the day before or not as we are all from different states and etc. I guess we will need to do a lot of research. I am not a "fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants" person so on to the research I go 🧐
  10. We will be arriving the day before so where do you stay that is close to port and do any of the hotels have a shuttle to the port? It looks like we will fly into EWR.
  11. Well there are 6 balconies in a row so that stinks that we can't open them up. Oh well - I don't think that will slow us down any 😄....
  12. We booked our Fall New England-Canada cruise on the Adventure yesterday for October 2020. This will be our first out of Port Liberty NJ and on the Adventure. We are going with 7 to 8 more couples. Got the last day of the WOW sail too! Now let the planning begin!
  13. We did the Northbound and did Royals 3-day inland tour then flew home from Anchorage. We would totally do it again as there is just so much more to see and do. Also, we have AT&T and had actual AT&T cell service the entire time. We were shocked about that. As a matter of fact, we had better reception there than at our own house!
  14. I got this package on our 7-day cruise and it was great. At least one person from your cabin has to be in the pictures. You can get your pictures taken any time they have a photographer around. We got 135 pictures taken. We got them on a CD with the release to print them ourselves. We wanted new family pictures so it was well worth the price and quality.
  15. I think if you use a debit card then they may put a hold on your card (I've never done this though). I always use a credit card and have never had any holds.
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