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  1. https://www.amazon.com/Cruise-Organizer-Holder-Retardant-Pocket/dp/B01HH6NLQ4/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=cruise+door+organizer&qid=1566495511&s=gateway&sr=8-6 This is the one I have used for years. I cost a bit more; however, it is mesh and easy to pack and store. It is the first item that I pack!
  2. We usually do $3-$5 per bag so that was right on as they had 12 bags.
  3. We have something similar for hubby's medicine. I have copy of Rx receipts inside the pocket just in case. We have never been questioned so far. I don't take any controlled meds so we don't have to carry the original container.
  4. We went on the Radiance (Vancouver to Seward) the a 3-day post tour to Denali. Used my hoodie, my fleece jacket, and I had a fleece vest that I wore more than anything else. However, inside Denali the day we were there was extremely HOT (80's) that we weren't expecting. We loved that trip.
  5. We started checking of our Bucket List too: Alaska (cruise & Land) - July 2018 Iceland (Magical Northern Lights Land tour) January 2020 Scotland, England, Italy and more
  6. Majesty (Western) in 1995! My daughter was just going into the 11th grade. Wow - seems so long ago. We had our one and only inside cabin. It was so small that we had to go out into the hall to change our mind! LOL. One night we had very rough seas and walking back to our room we were all over the place. My daughter was laughing saying that everyone would think that she was drunk!
  7. Surf and Stream for sure if you want to FaceTime.
  8. On the Oasis, it was on the pool deck; however, it did close up way too early for my Hubby and Grandkids liking!
  9. I always take magnets with clips and use them for all kinds of stuff (walls, doors, and even the ceiling)!
  10. This is the one we will be using from now on. Our Grandkids gave us this one for Christmas.
  11. We always decorate our door. It makes it so much easier to spot your cabin when all the doors look alike!
  12. We always do smart casual and then nicer/fancier stuff for formal nights. We do "dress up" fancy as a rule so we make it fun for us and get some good family pictures in the process. That being said, what everyone else wears has no baring on my experience at dinner and once they sit down - no one will know that they have shorts or pants on at that point.
  13. Thanks! This makes me feel more comfortable to fly now!
  14. We will leave ship as soon as possible. Thanks for the info as that will help us decide what to do.
  15. Looking for flights for upcoming November cruise out of New Orleans. I need to know what will be the earliest time for flight after we disembark. The best savings are early in the morning; however, I'm not sure what would be the safest "early" time. All of the afternoon flights are $$$$ and we may end up driving if we can do morning flights. We have a good cheap flight going down but we fly home on the Sunday before Thanksgiving!
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