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  1. Some can and some cannot. Radiance class cannot open up. However, we opened ours up on the Oasis (son-n-law took a set of allen wrenches) and we never had any issues doing it.
  2. We used to dress up on formal nights every time; however, as we get older, we mostly do more of a business casual. That being said, it doesn't bother me in the least if someone wants to wear shorts to dinner. Once everyone is sitting down you can't tell what they are wearing anyway. It makes it easier on packing leaving the formal stuff at home as I tend to over pack anyway.
  3. I wouldn't think they would want to "start from scratch" with an entire new crew. That sounds like a recipe for lots of problems....
  4. I know that this is way early and it will probably change; however, we will be flying to Amsterdam in August 2022 for our British Isles cruise. We have to test within 3 days for flying and 2 days before cruising. We were wanting to go a few days ahead so that we can see Amsterdam. I wonder if we got the proctored test and used them before our cruise if that would be allowed.
  5. We are Emerald now and will be Diamond after our two cruises next year!
  6. I gets put back immediately to use again. I did this on my last cruise and had no issues.
  7. We got the sleeves from Amazon also as we were told not to laminate the card in case of boosters. I think there is places on the back of the card for the boosters to be listed.
  8. We went to his museum and enjoyed talking to him.
  9. I couldn't believe how fast mine went. I did my application on line on 8/30/21 and had my interview 9/17/21.
  10. I had to add it to my Delta Profile and I had to had it to my existing flights that were already booked. Now that it is on my profile I won't have to add it anymore.
  11. We went in July 2018 and wore a hooded sweatshirt often, a Northface type jacket, long sleeve shirts and our waterproof hiking shoes. It didn't get hot until we were doing the land portion in Denali (it was an unusually hot couple of days). We didn't take any shorts but would have worn them in Denali for sure.
  12. I was so surprised how easy and quick that it all happened. We did luck up on our appointment scheduling as normally we would have had to drive 3 hours north to Cincinnati airport; however, for one week only that had it for Louisville airport and that was only 35 minutes away! The person that did our interview was from Chicago.
  13. Oh good to know!! Thanks for the heads up!
  14. On the Global Entry, we got our KTN before we scheduled our appointment. During our interview they then linked our KTN with our passport and we could use the KTN immediately. He said that our Global Entry card would come in about two weeks but that is only used as a ID and that it could be used to fly instead of the enhanced drivers license. It sounds like your husband's portion is hanging in limbo and it may take you guys reaching out to them to check on it.
  15. Oh I'm with you - I totally think it is necessary
  16. We had our interview appointment on Friday (9/17). Our appointment time was 2:45 pm; however, we got there about 40 minutes early (we allowed extra time due to so much road construction on I-65). They went on an checked us in and we only waited about a minute or two and we got to be together in the same room. Our KTN was effective as soon as we left our appointment (i thought we had to wait for our GE card to come in the mail). He told me that the card is just another form of ID and it can be used instead of getting the enhanced drivers license for travel. When I got home, I get our KTN's linked to our 3 flights that we have booked and applied it to our Delta profile also. We have one more flight to book but have to wait a few more weeks before the dates will be available.
  17. Good for you! I might be a little jealous . We don't cruise until July and Aug 2022.
  18. Hi fellow Kentuckian - we are in Elizabethtown! We are in Lexington often as that is where our daughter and family live.
  19. Same here! We have two booked July and August 2022 and I am waiting until right before final payment just because of the risk of cancellation.
  20. It might be possible to test at the airport when you arrive for the cruise. I'm not sure which airports have this but hopefully it will be one that you will arrive into.
  21. What is on their website says that you get 100% Future Package Credit as long as the cancellation is 4 days or more before first package travel date. Less than 4 days no refund. Now I am a bit worried; however, we don't cruise until July 2022 but I will be monitoring this for sure.
  22. That is who we are going to use for our cruise in July. My son-n-law has done a lot of research on this matter and Go Port stayed at the top of the list so we are going with them.
  23. I did find out that we go to the west end of the Ticketing area and it is behind Allegiant & United Ticketing. That will be easy to get to thankfully from the parking garage.
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