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  1. Oh I agree with you 100% but it makes me feel like I am at least trying to lessen my chances. I don't want to miss our Bucket List British Isles trip....
  2. Our cruise on the Harmony is in 19 days. We plan on taking plenty of small hand sanitizers and use them whenever we touch a elevator button or a door handle and etc (we do this here also). We will not be eating in the Windjammer due to everyone serving themselves without gloves. There are 8 in our party so we will fill an elevator pretty well. We are on the 14th floor so we will use the elevators more often. We cruise again in 52 days our of Amsterdam so I want to be extra diligent if light of this. We are Vax and Boosted but I know we can still possibly get it; however, we plan on getting lots of fresh air and sunshine and enjoying everything Harmony has to offer.
  3. I found some individual sink laundry soap packets so I will take those and a few clothes pins. Hubby wears a lot of dry fit stuff so that will help for sure.
  4. You might be my hero . We are very port intensive so I will probably wear my Keens on the plane as those are my bulky shoes. I need to check the weather for mid-August for Amsterdam, Scotland, Ireland and England to see if I will need any shorts.
  5. We have some air tags so I will mention it to my hubby.
  6. We won't be doing "formal" just smart/business casual. I'm not sure on using the on board toiletries as I have sensitive skin but I can do double on somethings as put some in hubby's carry on. We both have an under-seat rolling bag also. I just I need to see how much mix and match that I can create. Now I need to think of this as a challenge....
  7. In light of so many cancelled or changed flights lately, I am considering doing only carry on for our flight from Louisville to Amsterdam. They have already added an extra leg into the process. Now we are SDF to ATL then ATL to MSP then MSP to AMS. My originals were SDP to MSP. That is way too many times for my luggage if checked to not make it to our correct flights. Our cruise is a 12 night and we are "suppose" to get there the day before. I have never packed in a carry on size for a cruise before. I do have packing vacuum bags that I can use so that might make it doable for me. So all you seasoned light packers - tell me all the secrets to making this happen.
  8. I love to just sit on my balcony - it is my crazy busy life decompression time. I especially love to watch the sun rise every morning. There is just something about that time of the morning that makes my heart smile. I do like to people watch too though.
  9. I uploaded our Vax cards on June 3rd and they just verified this morning. I guess it is taking longer as more people are cruising this summer.
  10. I'm a big ABBA fan too! As a matter of fact, I am going to a Tribute ABBA Band concert tonight . We are looking forward to Grease next month on the Harmony (I know I will love it); however, I did not care for CATS on the Oasis but my 19 YO Grandson loved it.
  11. Majesty holds a special place in my heart as it was my very first cruise; Oasis because it was the first cruise the our Grands; Radiance because it was our "first" bucket list trip and Hubby surviving a heart attack & stint 4 weeks before sailing and Dr gave his blessing for him to go; upcoming Jewel for our "Third" Bucket List trip to the British Isles and 65th birthday celebration. Note: "Second" bucket list trip was a land vacation to Iceland and seeing the Northern Lights 3 nights in a row.
  12. I was able to schedule our Rapid Antigen testing for July 15th at the Kroger Little Clinic less than 3 miles from my house. I called and talked to them because you can only schedule 4 days out on line. The girl gave me the number for the scheduler for all US Little Clinics and was able to get the date in advance. She wasn't sure if it would let her go that far out but lucky of me it did! They are approved for travel so my stress level just lowered a bit.
  13. I will do our the day before while we are waiting at the airport!
  14. Same with us! Don't know why it is taking so long....
  15. I know our cabin number is correct on them so I am not going to bother getting them changed. Our sea pass has the correct info so we are good to go! Now on to worrying about our Covid test and our flights (we are flying in the day before but that is still no guarantee with all the flight cancellations lately).
  16. I have these luggage tag holders thankfully.
  17. You can fly into Seattle then take the train to Vancouver. We flew into Vancouver for the Radiance Northern Passage and flew home from Anchorage in 2018. We also did a 3 day land tour post cruise. We loved every minute.
  18. I really didn't think it was too much of an issue. They only thing I can think of is that our 2 Granddaughters are in the same cabin with us and they are "Gold". Our Set Sail says Emerald and has the "key" symbol in it so at least that one is correct.
  19. The cabin room number is correct (I had to look to make sure).
  20. I use the Rum Body Wash at home! It's my favorite! It is in all the 21c Museum Hotels too.
  21. Today is my 30 day time line for our Harmony cruise. I looked a little bit ago and our luggage tags are there; however, they say "Gold Member" and not "Emerald". Now only Hubby and myself are Emerald and the rest of our family is Gold so maybe that is the reason. I'm guessing that it really isn't a big deal but want to see if this is something that matters or not. I'm not too concerned really, but I just thought that was weird.
  22. My Walgreens now only does the Rapid NAAT or the PCR only. I purchased the eMed proctored antigen tests that we will use for our two upcoming cruises. However, I plan on booking with Walgreens as a backup in case I mess up on the eMed. My Walgreens will let you schedule 1 week in advance but not sure if you can get an appointment on short notice.
  23. Thank goodness we get two bags (70#) each going and two (50#) each on our return flight. I guess the poundage difference is we are flying Delta One going over but Premium Select coming back home (can't get Delta One on the return for some reason). I guess I will have to keep it under 50# per case so I can bring home stuff that I buy there. Good thing I just checked to see....
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