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  1. Same for me except I have AT&T. I use WiFi calling at home as I don't get good signal at my house (i0S).
  2. We have used the Key twice so far and it is well worth it for us. We always get the WiFi, we like the dedicated Key line for check in, handing over carry on bags as you to enter for lunch (our bags were in our cabin when we were allowed to enter, but one of the most important features (in my opinion) is the dedicated Key bagging area on disembarkation. This made that whole process a game changer for us.
  3. This is exactly why we don't do the buffet much. We carry hand sanitizer in our pocket as use it as soon as we sit down if we do choose to eat in there.
  4. Early (I would like mid day if I would chose. I do want Ice in the morning and evening for my wine bucket and regular ice bucket. I would be happy to get the ice myself if that is doable.) We make the bed as soon as we put our feet on the floor however, I want clean towels for showering before dinner and my trash empty so as long as it is done before say 3 pm I am fine with it either way. We usually look over the compass after dinner to plan the next day. Like (would I refer twice daily - of course but it's not a deal breaker by any stretch)
  5. We always fly in the day before now as we have a "too close for comfort" call a couple of times.
  6. We are light drinkers also and we get the refreshment package as I like my Iced coffee and such. We would like buy a drink of we wanted one and it was way cheaper than the Deluxe Drink Package.
  7. When we used them, they have a set time to pick up. The shuttle goes to several hotels before heading to port. You can't pick your pickup time. They were prompt as far as arriving to the hotel you just have to be out at the pick up area before time with all your luggage and etc.
  8. We were on the Oasis OTS when we ate breakfast there, I didn't realize that it was only on that class. The breakfast was really good though!!
  9. We like the Key. We like having a separate (early) embarkation line, the lunch was good and they will take our carry on luggage to our cabin so we don't have to mess with that and it was waiting for us when we were able to have access to our cabin. We both always get the internet anyway, getting in early for the shows was nice for the bigger ships but not necessary for the smaller ones. We really liked having our luggage in a "keys only" area when disembarking (this was a true game changer is you have an earlier flight). So for us - it is worth it.
  10. You can eat breakfast there and it was included. If you have the refreshment package then you can get the milkshakes.
  11. We are staying at the one by the airport so they have free shuttle so hopefully it won't be too complicated (we get in early afternoon).
  12. I worry about this too. We were on NCL in January on the Pride of America Hawaii cruise and they only did once a day and we had to walk way down halls to get towels to shower a couple of times. I like to have ice morning and evening so that may be an issue (unless I can get that myself-which I don't mind doing). However, I do expect to have clean towels to shower before dinner and get the trash emptied. I make my bed anyway as soon as we get up just like we do at home. Hopefully, our steward will introduce themself to us day one and we can get on the same game plan.
  13. We fly into Newark in October for our cruise (Jewel OTS) and we will be staying at the Springhill Suites. We plan to either get an Taxi or maybe a Uber (never used Uber before so not sure). I called the hotel yesterday and they said to schedule a taxi pickup when we arrive for the next morning.
  14. I am one to always want a balcony regardless of the temperature (it's one of my favorite places on all ships). If it's cold, I dress accordingly and still go out there; however, I might not stay as long as I would if it weren't cold. We did an Alaska cruise and it was chilly but that didn't stop me from enjoying the balcony. The views will be unbelievable I am sure. For the price difference, it is worth it for me but I'm sure there are those who wouldn't think it was.
  15. Once a day is fine for me as long as I have clean towels before I want to shower and the trash emptied. I make my bed as soon as we get up anyway; however, I do want ice in the morning plus some for my wine bucket. I will request (if I can) that I get my single daily service in the morning sometime. Hopefully on day one they will introduce themself and I can get my request in or find out where I can ice myself. We aren't high maintenance so if I can get it myself, then I have no issues with that.
  16. We use something similar; however, I do take a picture of my hubby's prescription bottles just in case. I have never been asked but there is always that first time.
  17. Our VPN didn't work either. We had to turn it off while on the ships internet so hubby tried to do more when we were in port. There may be work-arounds for the VPN but we aren't that smart.
  18. Our cruise ends at Quebec City on October 30th; however, we cannot stay longer due to work (not retiring for a couple more years) and we are flying to Germany on December 3rd for 11 days of Europe Christmas Markets and etc with friends. I have a car rental reservation and our flight out of Montreal is 6:30 pm so we can take our time getting to the airport and enjoy lunch somewhere along the way.
  19. I worry about that some; however, hubby has been to Canada before on business so hopefully it won't be too hard. I will be using a translate app if needed. Thanks for the link, we will review it for sure!!! I feel that driving will be the less stressful way for us and we won't have to worry about having a luggage issue for the train. I have promised myself that I will keep my packing at a minimum but that has yet to be seen....
  20. I reserved a car with Hertz (thru Delta) so we will just walk off early with our luggage. I got a flight out of Montreal after 6 pm so we can take our time getting to the airport and have a little time to enjoy the day and have lunch somewhere. Now that we have finally got all this part settled and booked our excursions on sale last night - I can now relax. This trip was a replacement for the one that COVID cancelled and they changed it to be a one-way. Originally, the one we had booked was a loop and on a different ship.
  21. We talked last night and are leaning toward renting a car but we haven't ruled out the train totally just yet. Renting a car will make it easier with luggage so we can have some freedom to have lunch and etc on the way. I will just do a later flight out to allow for which one we decide to do.
  22. I think United flies out of there (we flew with them once on the first leg of our Iceland tour. I have never flown American so I will check to see if they fly out of there. I think I will try to contract the train people and see what their schedule and etc is before I decide. We might just need to rent a car and drive ourselves. May see what hubby has to say on that...
  23. We are cruising on the Jewel in October for the Fall Foliage cruise from Bayonne to Quebec. I have been looking to schedule a pick up for the airport (Quebec City) and trying to schedule our flight home. We are Delta people so I was extremely sad to find out that Delta doesn't use that airport. I called Delta and was told that the closest airport from there for them is Montreal. I am not sure how to go about scheduling transport from port to Montreal (such as a car service or taxi). When I googled it I could only get info to Quebec airport. I did see there is a train station nearby but I know nothing about trains so I am hesitant to schedule something like that on my own. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I think that Montreal airport is about a 4 hour "train" ride so I'm not sure about driving.
  24. We had several friends on that cruise and they said the same thing. We were invited to go; however, we already had our Hawaii cruise booked for January so we just couldn't make it work as we aren't retired just yet.
  25. We are on the Jewel in October also. We were looking forward to Bar Harbor as we haven't been there yet but we will enjoy Boston none the less. We are going October 20th on the Jewel.
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