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  1. We will be on the Jewel in August for the British Isles! Now we are trying to decide on excursions (lots (castles) and etc to choose from.
  2. We feel the same way! We get the refreshment package to get bottled water and specialty coffee. We just order drinks when we want one and we have never paid even close to breaking even for the UBP for one person let alone two people.
  3. We booked GoPort for our family July cruise. We chose to stay at the airport and transfer to the port the next day. The prices were better (there are 8 of us) and coming in on two different flights.
  4. This might work or something like it (from Amazon): https://www.amazon.com/Vaultz-Locking-Tether-Medium-VZ00724/dp/B00P45FXGW/ref=sr_1_28?crid=12UEXPJF7U4WN&keywords=small%2Blockable%2Bpouch&qid=1642513813&sprefix=small%2Blocka%2Caps%2C94&sr=8-28&th=1
  5. You should be able to find bottled Keto friendly wines at our liquor store of choice. I wouldn't risk trying to sneak in on board. Champagne Brut only has 2g sugar and several other wines I saw had 3g per serving.
  6. We did the Northern inside passage on the Radiance with a balcony. Ours was very port intensive so the balcony was fine especially for that very reason. I would rather spend the extra $$ on excursions at every port (plus we did a post 3 night cruise tour with RCI). You could try to Royal Up if it is offered.
  7. We are Emerald and will turn Diamond after our August British Isles cruise (Jewel). We are trying to decide where we want to cruise in 2023!
  8. They really don't care that much about the slides and etc. so the big pool will be exactly what we are looking for.
  9. Awesome! I figured there was one but I just wanted to make sure.
  10. We are taking the Grandkids on Harmony this summer and we are going to CoCo Cay for the first time. The girls aren't into the water park stuff to much so my question is - can the swim in a swimming pool without paying anything? They would pick a pool over the ocean probably but I don't want to pay for something that we can do that would be "included".
  11. i Just received mine on January 4th (ordered December 28th) from eMed and my expiration dates were November 17, 2022
  12. Painful "on hold" music is the worst! I sure hope you get them before you need them.....Good Luck!!!
  13. Might need to touch base with them on that one. Once my tracking showed up (took about a day) it said estimated delivery Dec 31st; however, when I tracked it that day it said "running late." I didn't get it until January 4th. I received it 1 week from the date I ordered it.
  14. I got a tracking number (FedEx) from eMed via an email. Did you not get one?
  15. I ordered from eMed on Tuesday December 28th and received my order (via FedEx) on Monday January 3rd and the expiration date is November 2022. I was supposed to get them December 31st but I guess with the holidays it was delayed a bit.
  16. Yes. We did on our Alaska Post Cruise Land Tour
  17. I personally don't like drinking water out of a can so I will just bring my refillable water bottle to solve that problem. It makes it bad since you can't just put a lid on a can like you do the bottle if you don't finish it all (it will probably result in a lot of wasted water).
  18. Had me curious, so I looked at my (12 night Jewel) Booking Confirmation and on page two it shows we have 8 Casual, 2 Smart Casual, and 2 Formal. It don't say which days are the formal ones though. I didn't even know that was on there!
  19. When we were on the Radiance a few years ago, the balcony dividers were welded and not able to open.
  20. I just received my Emed tests today and the expiration date is Nov 21, 2022. I was supposed to get them on 12/31/21, however, I just received them via FedEx today. We fly Mexico (Rivera Maya via Cancun) in early February and our hotel Unico 20-87 is suppose to provide test to fly back to US but I am taking some with us just in case they change their mind and charge for them. We also have to test before our Harmony cruise in mid July and to fly to Amsterdam/Jewel in August and returning to US (if that is still a thing). Hopefully, we don't have to burn two in Mexico so that I will have enough for our cruises.
  21. I just ordered a 6-pack today and within a few minutes it was approved too. We are flying to Mexico in 38 days (we are fully vaxed & Boostered) so we don't have to test going but we do coming back. Our hotel is supposed to have tests for us but I want to have some just in case the decided to stop that feature like RCI did. We also have a cruise in July and one in August so we will use those then. I really do hope the hotel will still be doing testing so that I can use those for when we come back from our British Isles cruise in August as RCI no longer tests.
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