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  1. You will be denied entry into the port. I’ve tried, I live 1/4 mile from the entrance and it’s a homeland security issue.
  2. You are better off parking at the terminal. The difference in cost is hardly worth the hassle of waiting on the van to be loaded and then the initial security checkpoint wait just as @AshleyDillo mentioned. Parking at the terminal (especially as PE) couldn’t be more convenient.
  3. I have started packing at 10:15am on boarding day and ended up drinking a beer on the boardwalk of Harmony by 11am. My wife doesn’t agree with my procrastination but we are almost always on board the ship in the 11 o’ clock hour.
  4. Your staying in a suite so they already take you to the Sunset party on the Helipad. Any way to perhaps ask the suite concierge if a private party is an option on the helipad while in St Maarten ?
  5. Head to Orlando and try Hilton Bonnet Creek. Close to Disney Springs with tons of dining options. Easy 1 hr drive to the port in the am.
  6. Rear of the ship and one floor above the lifeboat seems like the location based on orientation. The steel formed into a cylinder can be seen in the pic and is not as pronounced anywhere else on the ship as far as I can tell. Something is off with the photo.
  7. IMHO, the suite lounge is better (especially on Oasis Class). I’ve always found it to be less crowded.
  8. The $1.5B Hard Rock Guitar hotel is set to open 10/24 if your in town and want to check it out. 10 min Uber drive from 17th Street in Fort Lauderdale. It’s pretty amazing! Booked solid for 18 months after the opening. Amex has blocks of rooms available on the weekends for Centurion card holders.
  9. IMHO there is nothing special at all other then the exclusivity. The location is great!
  10. I would take this up with RC help desk and get a refund. We had the opposite experience and the service was very prompt. When you pay a significant amount extra for a nice day in a cabana the expectation is stellar service. Get your money back as your experience was not what it should have been and it’s not your problem that after spending $250m re-engineering the island they didn’t have the wherewithal to place a service bar adjacent to the cabanas.
  11. Your expending valuable time & effort renting a car. Use Uber or Lyft. Are you just going to Fort Lauderdale beach or heading North to Commercial Blvd & A1A (AKA Lauderdale by the sea)? In either scenario, rental or Uber/Lyft you will have plenty of time. LBTS is a 15 min Uber from Port and Sawgrass Mills is about 25 minutes. Parking at the mall is a pill and Uber suits you better here. Good luck.
  12. Dania beach on US1. If your coming w/ kids Jaxsons ice cream is a must and it’s within walking distance. Grandpas diner is close by too & it’s a good spot for breakfast the am of your cruise.
  13. La Bamba is an Uber ride away on 17th street. The Dalmar is situated on US1 just N of the new River and Broward Blvd. You can walk to the Foxy Brown which is a nice lunch or dinner spot. Adjacent to Dalmar is a variety of dining options like Colada if you enjoy Cuban food. If your into breweries then your a very short Uber ride to many of the Flagler Village (FAT Village) spots: Invasive Species, American Icon (great food too!). Awesome craft beer selection at one of my favorite hang outs the laser wolf just over the railroad tracks in FAT village. I have tons of suggestions just let me know if you need any help. Enjoy.
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