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  1. That’s 2 different watches. The pic w/ red stripe is Submariner (smurf) in white gold. The bottom w/ pina colada is Submariner in yellow gold.
  2. Also, I will put a plug in for jewelers mutual insurance. I have 5+ precious metal Rolex watch’s all in the $xx,xxx.xx price range and they are all insured (as are my wife’s). This is piece of mind. I never have to worry about leaving our watches in the room safe or taking them with us off the ship. You should look into this option if you are concerned at all about where or when you can where your timepieces. And also for the record, zero fu*ks given about other people’s reaction to our watches. We wear them for us and nobody else. With that being said in the 20 years I’ve been wearing Rolex watches I’ve only had a handful of people notice or comment on my watch. People (unless they are watch fanatics) don’t notice watches and especially yellow gold watches as they assume that it’s a fake gold Michael Kors exc.
  3. Yes, easy walk right across the street and maybe 10 min on a sidewalk.
  4. Ok if that’s the case, American Icon Brewery, Louis Bossis, el Camino, B squared, foxy brown, quarterdeck on 17th street.
  5. Tap 42 is a pretty great spot but I believe they will be on Las Olas specifically.
  6. I would suggest Big City Tavern or B Squared (great place). Las Olas will be pretty busy on a Friday @ 6:00 pm for happy hour but it should be ok since we are out of season and the crowds are basically cut in 1/2. PS: I can see my house in the distance in the last pic!
  7. We always do this and never had an issue. Like others have said, every square inch of these ships are monitored w/ security cameras. If someone was foolish enough to steal your bag they would most certainly get busted quick by security.
  8. It’s really not that bad. If you arrive at 10:30 you almost walk right on the ship. Not much waiting at all.
  9. I was confused by when you mentioned 5 minutes to La Bamba because so do I. There are multiple La Bambas though. @Lovetocruise2002 Is referencing the one on 17th street causeway next to the port. This one is 5 minutes from my house in the Harbor Inlet neighborhood. I was thinking “we’re neighbors”! Lol.
  10. AMC Coral Ridge is pretty much the same distance in the other direction. That’s a good option as well.
  11. There’s a Regal Theatre in the Oakwood Plaza off Sterling Road. I think that might be the closest to the Hilton Marina. 10-15 min Uber ride.
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