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  1. Some might say you are not doing it right! Maybe some more pool side Kraken Pina Coladas?
  2. That’s not the point though. The D+ perk is 3 water bottles per person. There were 12 water bottles on the table in our stateroom on Wonder this past Sunday.
  3. This is a great spot, we were at Blue Lagoon earlier this week on Wonder. My only complaint would be the price gouging at the bar. Seriously $11USD for a can of subpar Bahamian beer? On our way back to the ship when the ferry was docking at the pier the captain misjudged the wind and slammed into the concrete piling which shattered a large glass window pane and sprayed glass everywhere. Word of advise, BE VERY CAUTIOUS AND AWARE IF YOU AND YOUR FAMILY OPT TO SIT NEXT TO THE GLASS ON EITHER SIDE OF THE LARGER FERRY WITH THE TINTED GLASS PANES. A woman and her family sitting under the pane had some small cuts from the glass and fortunately did not get severely injured.
  4. The staff will move it for you. I have had to do this before when there are no chairs for my family but rows of chairs with the standard issue chair hog essentials on them. They watch for a bit and then clear the chairs for you. I have taken this into my own hands on a few occasions but only after watching the hogs at 6am while doing my AM walk and knowing the perpetrators. It’s a dog eat dog world.
  5. Every single day. The hogs are out at 6am and they disappear until 10-11am.
  6. Hogs out in full force this week on Wonder. The hogging methods are getting more evolved though with the chair hog kit which includes pastel colored towel clips, dollar store purses and off brand portable speakers ($6 at Walmart) in an effort to look official.
  7. Don’t place too much emphasis on “priority boarding”. It’s all about the port and how efficient they are. The last three times we sailed (most recently departed on Sun) we literally walked right on the ship without any notable roadblocks. As far as FL ports go, I personally think the easiest is Canaveral followed by Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Junior Suites are great because you get a significant amount of stateroom and balcony real estate for a fairly decent price. The suite lounge is nothing to brag about (you wouldn’t be missing anything) and the other perks are less than impressive but I still think it’s good bang for the buck. If you step it up in the future, skip everything and go straight to a loft suite which IMHO is the best. The star class Genie is not for everyone and I actually find the entire process exhausting and annoying and prefer to be left alone. Good luck and enjoy the JS!
  8. Day 4 on Wonder and I don’t notice any more roll then any other Oasis class ship.
  9. Yep, someone made a mistake. Chris Wong might be upset about this finding…
  10. Has anyone come across this stats screen before? I was surprised.
  11. If you are a gambler then this tells a tale. I have never seen this screen on a machine but I suspect it’s in error and should not have been shown. Enjoy.
  12. Or just a byproduct of drinking too much alcohol. Irresponsible would be getting behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle which would be difficult on a cruise ship.
  13. It was the actual airwrap they flagged. Still not 100% sure why. We are headed out on Wonder this Sunday & it’s staying in her backpack this time.
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