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  1. It’s easiest to park at the port. No if, ands or buts. It costs more money but if that does not concern you then park at the port.
  2. I remember a couple years back seeing a group of people from Microsoft at the 17th Street Starbucks & overheard them discussing a charter on either Harmony or Allure.
  3. If it’s not a cost issue and only a matter of convenience, go with Uber.
  4. By the time you get to the terminal, grab your luggage and secure a ride share it will be 10:45am. You could probably get to the ship closer to 11:45-noon. With that being said, it’s always a good idea to come in the day before and have a buffer (if possible). Good luck.
  5. IMHO, Nassau is a trash dump. A day onboard a 1/2 empty ship is a great day!
  6. Try not to use Lyft in Fort Lauderdale. Every experience I’ve had has been subpar at best. Most locals use Uber here.
  7. Miami is a congested mess. Stay as far North of Miami as possible. Check out Fort Lauderdale and surrounding cities as they are much more enjoyable w/o the traffic nightmare of Miami.
  8. The reason I focused on Embassy Suites was the 4 people staying in a room (including elderly). There’s gonna be more space in a basic room and you could fit (4) easier. There’s 100 better options then Embassy if you we’re going with 2 people.
  9. I believe they renovated Embassy Suites recently.
  10. Please elaborate. Both vents are located at the bow of the ship. My first thought was forced air venting for the anchor locker area a few decks below. Makes sense that they may be related to the bow thrusters being up front. I agree re: minimal passenger access for the helipad.
  11. Which part? That’s a real cliff hanger of a statement.
  12. Based on the 4 people Embassy Suites 17th Street offers the most space. Perfect for you all. Depending on the time of year prices fluctuate between $120-$350/ night.
  13. Let me know what you want and I can make recommendations. Different folks have different expectations.
  14. Well every one that I have been on (and I’ve been on every OC ship at least twice ) each time in suites. I’m sure they cancel for weather related issues though.
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