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  1. tonyfsu21

    Fort Lauderdale

    @jhatle01 let me know what you like to do and I will give you recommendations. You should use Uber to get around Fort Lauderdale and not bother with the hassle of a rental.
  2. tonyfsu21

    Attn Suite Lovers !!

    Yep the suite we booked looks like it’s straight out of Las Vegas in the 80’s. It should be interesting. Although, I prefer Vegas in the 80’s to present day so we may be their target cruiser.
  3. tonyfsu21

    Attn Suite Lovers !!

    The cruise is still 100 years away but I will do a full review this Summer when we take our boat over to Bimini I will go check it out. It’s part of Resorts World Bimini so I’m guessing it may be duel purposed for the Cruise and the resort we normally stay at.
  4. tonyfsu21

    Attn Suite Lovers !!

    We’re leaving the kids at home and Sailing Virgin to Havana and the Bimini beach club in June 2020. I was going to book a balcony but my wife insisted on the “rockstar suite” so we’re officially onboard for the Richard Branson experience!
  5. tonyfsu21

    Are we only ones who don't book suites?

    Keep in mind lots of folks play in the casino and get very nice discounts on suites as well. Having said that, we are a family of 4 and only stay in Suite Level (more for the space then the perks).
  6. tonyfsu21


    Deck 17. And the mike drops...
  7. tonyfsu21

    Cruise Recommendation

    It’s not as bad as you imagine. Most of the cruise ship passengers stick around the Mallory square area so if you venture out a bit there’s not much of a crowd.
  8. tonyfsu21

    Cruise Recommendation

    Especially if there is a stop in the conch republic!
  9. tonyfsu21

    Cruise Recommendation

    KW = enjoying life in paradise
  10. tonyfsu21

    Cruise Recommendation

    Key West is great but I think it’s best understood & enjoyed over a longer period of time. We have a conch house in Old Town as a vacation home & make the trip down every other weekend for years & I still haven’t experienced all KW has to offer! You should come back for a long weekend & stay at the Casa Marina!
  11. tonyfsu21

    Port Everglades on Sunday 2/10

    2 located to S of edge. Holland America & princess
  12. tonyfsu21

    Port Everglades on Sunday 2/10

    Yes I believe 7 is correct. The tall masted ship was docked to the North of the Harmony.
  13. tonyfsu21

    Port Everglades on Sunday 2/10

    Yeah the compact set up of Port Everglades makes it the norm to share the waterways with mega cruise ships and very large (soon to be PanaMax+) container ships. I do live at the Port Everglades inlet so we see ships all day & night but it’s a whole different ballgame taking the boat out when we have time on the weekends. Its a big spectacle when the cruise ships leave in the evening as you get front row seats to the action. Even better then riding through the Port is taking the boat out into the ocean past the last Marker point and being in the open ocean with an Oasis Class ship! Pretty awesome. We see drones flying overhead getting footage even that far out.
  14. Here you go. Try Southport it’s right outside the cruiseport.
  15. Yo yo yo, it’s cooking yo!