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  1. I would think regardless that a hotel operates fully functional 365 days per year (exception being COVID restrictions).
  2. In season down here it doesn’t matter how far you go from FFL or the port, it’s going to be pricy. With that being said, Dania Pointe offers pretty much everything needed for pre-cruise (dining exc) and is slightly cheaper then 17th street options.
  3. I am local to downtown Fort Lauderdale and your requests are going to be met most any place on 17th street. The only issue you certainly will have is price because you will have a difficult time finding anything at all at that price point in Fort Lauderdale.
  4. This sounds like a logistical nightmare. Hopefully they figure out how to expedite it.
  5. We are sailing Freedom out of Miami in early July and had a couple question for anyone who can help: 1. I have 2 young children that are obviously not vaccinated. How will RC deal with kids regarding boarding? Wife & I are vaccinated and I’m guessing now w/ proof there’s no testing required? But will the kids have to be tested? 2. Our passports expired before COVID. Please refresh my memory, for US citizens on closed loop sailing only a current drivers license and/or birth certificate is required, correct? Thanks in advance.
  6. There’s no right or wrong but make sure you choose an oasis class ship…………
  7. Boardwalk Dog House followed by hanging out on deck 17 until sail away!
  8. We have the same issue regarding a picky eater and find most of the venues will accommodate the kids with something simple like a hotdog or burger exc. I can’t really recall Wonderland and if the kids ate anything from that place. Most of the time if the kids are still hungry we will grab what they want after dinner at the buffet and take it back to the room. It’s never been an issue, enjoy your speciality dining!
  9. I just spent a valuable minute of my life reading this post and there are no conditions listed. Please let us know what the conditions are.
  10. Bucket of beer & a sail away party on the balcony is one of my cruise things. It used to be enjoying a cigar on the balcony…….
  11. In Fort Lauderdale it would be more cost effective to pay the aliens to deliver passengers from FLL to the port in their flying disc. The only conceivable route would be the Dania cut off canal but there are 2 major obstacles with fixed bridges at US1 and also the FEC railroad fixed bridge rendering it unnavigable to anything of significance (especially at high tide). Taking into consideration Fort Lauderdale’s premium on land located near water it would cost billions not millions to replace a $6 Uber ride.
  12. I don’t get offended by anything so no big deal.
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