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  1. This is totally consistent with every boarding day experience I have had in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Cape Canaveral. Nobody in that terminal has an interest in holding you back it just grinds everything to a halt. I’m glad there are still people who abide by the scheduled boarding times because it makes it all that much smoother for the people that prefer to enjoy a full day # 1 of vacation.
  2. I think you have to just “do you” and be happy with whatever decision you make. If you are content boarding later in the day then I’m glad that works for you but it doesn’t work for me.
  3. Like I said before, to each his/her own. I will be on the ship as soon as the doors open regardless of check in time.
  4. They already exist and would just need to be identified as a tier name and maybe some refining of additional perks.
  5. While this may be true to some degree, it’s clearly a problem for the company at some level considering the renaming of the “diamond lounge”. I also find the dead zone between D+ and Pinnacle to be something that is ripe for another tier.
  6. I can’t imagine you would find anything significantly better quality or more abundant options than what’s offered on RC (especially Icon)! IMHO people should stop expecting 5 star service and food quality from an average 3 star mid tier family cruise line. If you are a food snob then you will most likely be disappointed unless you have realistic expectations. Yes, before I’m flamed for the statement, there are certain situations where 5 star service can apply even on a mid tier cruise!
  7. I’m not disagreeing as we sailed at least 3 times in Suites during the points promotion and escalated our C&A status deep into D+. What I’m trying to point out is from a company perspective I think they bit off more then they can chew with the influx of new D members. Just an opinion but I do think the company will make changes regardless of the fact that the system is technically not “broken”. The casino program is certainly broken and that’s just a fact.
  8. To each his own. We will be at the terminal ready to board the ship by 10am and ready for vacation!
  9. That’s just not going to happen. Do you think turning people away and displacing them temporarily would not become a safety hazard? They absolutely do not want masses of people standing around the active exterior of the terminal as it’s already crowded enough. The process of enforcing boarding times would require resources they don’t have and it would also likely cause more chaos at the gate. The company relies on the low percentage of people who actually follow the rules to give them some element of control in the process. The last minute emails mentioning the strict adherence to scheduled boarding times have proved to be nothing more than an empty threat in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Canaveral.
  10. If you can’t beat them then join them. The new mindset. I will cheers to the backup from the Hideaway pool with a Kraken Pina Colada at 11:15am.
  11. My suggestion would include sliding D and above so there would be more of a point spread between emerald & diamond and then creating a new tier. I can see this happening and hopefully the change will be coupled with a complete overhaul of the casino program. Never say never with the current leadership as anything is possible.
  12. I think the space to insert another level would be between emerald and diamond from the perspective of RC. The pandemic cruise points promotions backfired and saturated the diamond level.
  13. It’s not insane to consider that the MDR may disappear in the next 5-10 years as cruising evolves. IMHO the MDR has lost its appeal and could be replaced by a new concept as the next generation cruiser wants quality, efficiency and won’t be deterred by excessive up charges (aka the new cruise experience). Personally I think it’s time to either wipe the MDR slate clean and start over (again) or axe the entire program. This is going gen up the legacy cruisers who don’t want to spend much beyond the ticket price but will most likely appease the actual targeted cash cow cruisers that RC markets to.
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