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  1. Without a doubt. The junior suite level is basically a larger balcony stateroom and the full suite benefits are not realized until Grand Suite level and above. Personally I think that’s a great price for a CLS and wouldn’t hesitate to book it. Deck 17 is awesome!
  2. Can’t wait to get this booked! Thanksgiving 21 might be a no-go so hopefully 2022 will be smooth sailing.
  3. 2021 will be another dumpster fire for the cruise industry. I’m hopeful for 2022.
  4. Sadly it seems we are years away from cruising as we all know it. Hopefully the virus does not mutate and come back at us again! IMHO 2021 is a no-go for cruising as well.
  5. IMHO 2/1 is a pipe dream especially with the incoming administrations game plan involving further lockdown & restrictions on just about everything.
  6. No drink package necessary for me. I grab red stripes from either the Suite lounge, Diamond Lounge or casino bar for 7 straight days. By day 7 I swear off alcohol until the next voyage & I replace beer with the Peloton at home.
  7. The true beauty of KW can only be experienced at sunset on the water. This place is incredible and certainly not a “one and done”. Along with the party vibe there’s tons of culture & history. The dining options are great as well.
  8. They actually do need to tourism dollars really bad. KW is hurting. The absence of large ships will further cripple the economy. KW has not been the same since March.
  9. 100%. The local conchs are very anti tourist especially since the start of COVID19. Key West is pricy and most of the service staff catering to tourism cannot make end meet. It’s a constant battle between the wealthy transients trying to restore the small island vibe and the reality of the rest of the islands residents fighting to bring the tourists back so they can afford their rent. Let me also point out the local government seriously sucks (trust me I know).
  10. You should actually consider doing the drive. I am currently numb to it after doing the trip every Fri and Sun back and forth for the past decade or so but it’s quite the drive. Once you get off the mainland the overseas highway is very scenic. Key West’s charm cannot accurately be captured in a 4 hour cruise stop. There’s so much to see and do that you would need many return trips to experience it all.
  11. My girls dictate the schedule in my family. First stop is always the Boardwalk doghouse, second stop is the arcade and then it’s time to chill out on the balcony! So many great memories made on these ships!
  12. Hanging by the beach in Labadee. Can’t wait to get back and enjoy it again soon!
  13. Keep an eye out for a barrage of tutorials and everything else you need to know on 11/4. No moves shall be made until the election is over........
  14. I will take it a step further & say we won’t even get on a cruise ship if it’s not on deck 17!
  15. My kids make a real mess of the cabin (seriously embarrassing) so I feel obligated to excessively tip the attendant. I don’t do drink packages or dining packages but always tip $1 extra per drink and $20-$50 after speciality dining. My family does not do the main dining room either because of the 2 1/2 dinners and less then great food. These folks work really hard & I personally don’t mind tipping them for good service. No matter how you slice it, the speciality dining even with an excessive tip is much cheaper then a comparable land based option.
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