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  1. I have 5:30pm Giovannis booked already w/ confirmation on Nov 22, 2020 Oasis sailing so it must be a glitch.
  2. If I post pictures of Duval Street this holiday weekend the 3rd page of predictions will all read 2021 and beyond!
  3. Same here re: Thanksgiving. We look forward to Thanksgiving week on an Oasis class ship every year. It’s really going to be a strange feeling not being on a ship during this time but I don’t have much faith either in 2020.
  4. What’s your best guess on a date when RC will sail again in any way shape or form with paying guests? My gut tells me: April 2021
  5. Absolutely disgusting is right! I would welcome the total elimination of the Windjamner and replace it with something more sanitary. There’s nothing more gross then watching people grab food with bare hands and then deciding they no longer want it and put it back for some poor unfortunate soul to eat. Pre or Post COVID19 still not a fan.
  6. Well it was peaceful down here the last few months with everything shut down. I would guess it may happen again. Most of the locals want tourists out (I don’t get that considering it’s a tourist driven economy). I have seen it all down here even this evening with the “ordinance” in place there were people w/o masks in the bars.
  7. Let’s see how this goes this weekend. I will report back as KW is my weekend home. Last weekend there was not a mask to be seen inside any of the bars. I don’t frequent Duval Street but over the years based on what I have seen, there are no rules.
  8. 09/15/2022 perhaps? There will be one cruise line conglomerate owned by either the Chinese or Saudi’s and it will be a mix of all the pawned off ships from the now defunct “big 3” cruise lines. Imagine you could eat at Guys burger joint while staying in a Haven Suite and watch the aqua theatre show!
  9. I have my doubts any one of the big 3 lines could last until 2022 w/o sailing. I don’t think they make it out of 2020 personally. It’s not out of the question that the RC Blog morphs into a tribute site where we all post about our pre-COVID19 experiences before the industry went bust. Sad but not out of the question.
  10. Wow when this whole mess started I thought we may have a chance with a Thanksgiving sailing! I’m doubtful we sail in 2020 at this point.
  11. The entire industry is really screwed. CCL is selling off their older ships to raise capitol but it might be too little too late. RC could be next in line for the sell off. At this point our Thanksgiving sailing is looking like a pipe dream. What’s next? I would like to remain hopeful but I think reality is that 2020 cruising is a flushed toilet and the future of cruising is not looking positive at all. None of these companies want to make the first move and risk it all due to an infection. They are burning through reserve cash and could be left with no choice but to sell ships or declare BK. I just want to get back to my loft suite and watch the sunset from the balcony before dinner at Chops!
  12. NCL just extended through September.
  13. What are the security personnel really going to do though? You can start putting people on cruise ship jail for violations but at the end of the day whether anyone wants to believe it or not it’s all about money. Safety will be preached as a means to get people cruising again and back to making the money. Waiters and bartenders will not effectively enforce safety.
  14. I was in Key West this weekend and it’s basically the 2nd week after we have welcomed tourists & the first weekend that the bars were officially open for business. Everywhere you look (including US1 entry into Key West) there were signs “must wear mask and social distancing required in Key West”. Most of the restaurants were masks on until you sit at your table. Now I can tell you for fact that there were packed bars with no masks and no social distancing on Duval Street Fri & Sat pm because I saw it with my own eyes. I wonder what will happen on the cruise ships? It was basically business as usual in Key West.
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