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  1. Plexiglass barricades at all the casino tables for sure. No congregating at bar areas (inside & outside casino). Pool area roped off & reservations are going to have to be made to enjoy a pool day. 50% capacity in all dining venues w/ expedited service in the dining room to turn tables. Embark/Debark done 100% online and staggered times granted for getting on and off the ship. Windjammer reworked to a marketplace where you scan barcode at table & order via app & food delivered to table. Room service staff increased to allow for expedited service to alleviate windjammer load. St
  2. Here’s a few more exhaust views from a drone fly over.
  3. Here you go. Disregard the arrow in 3rd pic showing our loft from a previous post.
  4. Here’s a couple views from my drone
  5. Based on what it could potentially take to ramp up these ships, I would venture to guess holiday 2020 sailings are most likely not going to happen. This assumes that RC has not already started the process on the backend to get things moving. It’s one thing to get CDC backing but the bulk of the start up process will involve some serious logistics across multiple continents.
  6. I was getting 1:30 pm boarding times pre-Covid and as always disregarded them and was on the ship by 11am for the most part. I think the boarding time is more of a suggestion but maybe things are actually changing?
  7. Uber or Lyft is the best option. Avoid cabs if possible.
  8. Me too. Was really looking forward to another awesome Thanksgiving on Oasis!
  9. It’s a roll of the dice. Personally I wouldn’t take that bet and I really enjoy gambling.
  10. I’m gonna throw it out there, 2021 is a wash. I think we cruise again in early 2022.
  11. Did you lift & shift yet to 2021? Losing hope for 2020 at this point.
  12. I can see the tourneys being cancelled but I think the casino would be the absolute last thing that RC would consider closing. Much like a Vegas resort, they can put all the bells and whistles they want on that ship but it’s foundation is still the casino.
  13. I took this Sat pm while at the Downtown Cigar bar in Fort Lauderdale. Little to no wind and a small amount of rain. Just another Saturday night. Thankfully we were once again spared.
  14. It all boils down to the “floating petri dish” description that was exploited by the media. I would guess even with CDC approval that RC, Carnival & NCL are hesitant to restart operations because nobody wants to be the guinea pig. I would guess that one major outbreak on a cruise ship (thanks largely in part to negative reporting by news media) would put the last nail in the coffin for the cruise industry. This is going to be a delicate dance and I hope we can all sail again soon. I certainly don’t rule out an implosion of the entire industry though.
  15. Agree the slot machines are mind numbing but I have done as well or better on machines then tables. Higher stakes play though for sure as I can’t hit a button all night betting .50 cents a push and ending the night with a cramp in my finger! Average $10 per slot pull and minimum $100/hand on table is more exciting for me personally (and the players club perks are decent).
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