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  1. Lol exactly. He’s also an overweight smoker and seems to be just fine.
  2. I have comfortably fit my family of 4 but not certain they allow 5.
  3. I would recommend a loft on deck 17 of any Oasis class ship. With that being said, It looks like prices are going up so the hope of actually getting a better deal and upgrading to a suite doesn’t seem realistic at the moment. Lots of website activity with people scoping future cruises impacting the pricing algorithms?
  4. I second this recommendation. Michelle is 100% awesome and great to work with!
  5. Very true. Seeing the wheels spin every single day on 17th Street and then it all comes to a halt. Lots of people in the supply chain hurting. The issue at hand is hospital beds though. We can barely keep up with the current intake let alone start opening beds for the cruise lines. I get it though, it’s par for the course.
  6. If you have a suite then the sunset sail away party on the bow of the ship is unmatched. If not, I enjoy watching any sail away from my balcony with a cocktail in hand.
  7. Haha true! It does get just a bit crazy sometimes but it’s great for people watching.
  8. Just to keep the positive momentum, what’s your favorite spot onboard any Oasis class ship? For me it’s the area on the boardwalk right across from the Doghouse. I like to grab a hotdog & a beer and just people watch. I could literally sit there for hours if my wife & kids didn’t make me leave!
  9. Me too! I enjoy a cigar on the pool deck. I do wish it was the good old days where we could smoke a cigar on the balcony! That was very enjoyable to me.
  10. Here’s a shot on my way home from Starbucks going over the 17th street causeway bridge. You can see all 3 ships.
  11. This issue with the Holland America ships has been a huge mess here in Fort Lauderdale. Ultimately they were given permission to dock here yesterday and release the guests to designated busses taking them straight to the tarmac at FLL for awaiting chartered aircraft. The ill passengers were taken to Broward Health in Downtown. When I woke up this am I could see 2 HA ships and 1 RC ship in port.
  12. I agree that smoking is gross but it’s a free country & if people wanna smoke then go ahead & smoke! The casino I would imagine is always going to be filled because smoking & drinking go hand and hand with gambling.
  13. Wonder if that’s why they removed the circular stair entry from promenade to casino on the Harmony & Symphony?
  14. They are all enclosed. Your best bet might be a larger ship like Oasis Class.
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