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  1. What type of delay are you concerned about? Driving, flying?
  2. I wouldn’t jump the gun on that one if you are sailing out of Fort Lauderdale/Miami. By Thursday/Friday in SoFL it will be business as usual. It’s been raining all day today in Fort Lauderdale but that’s about it, no wind (yet).
  3. Good idea. Hopefully you are sailing out of Miami or Fort Lauderdale because obviously Tampa & Cape could be a big mess after this storm passes through.
  4. It’s really not an issue. RC does a great job working around the storm systems to the point where it’s almost a non issue.
  5. My family and I will be sailing Odyssey for Thanksgiving as well. IMHO it’s one of the best times of the year to cruise especially to the Southern Caribbean which is fantastic. Cant wait!
  6. So it wasn’t the plane flight or the Uber on the way to the airport or the bar/restaurant before the cruise or the ride to the port in the jam packed hotel bus or the max capacity tour bus in Cozumel filled with tequila on the way to a packed beach but it was Oasis of the seas? And now you have made a decision to cancel all your remaining cruises because your 2X vaccinated family got Covid “allegedly” from Oasis of the seas? Maybe I’m jaded but this might be a miscalculation and a slight overreaction……….
  7. I certainly wouldn’t cancel a B2B for anyone’s comments. You would be better off experiencing this for yourself and forming your own opinions.
  8. Ocho Rios was “ok” but still a one & done. The locals are very pushy towards the tourists and just a simple walk off the ship turns annoying really quick with the “show some respect” comments regarding tips and buying useless garbage. It’s worse at Port Falmouth.
  9. Well……. There’s a storm brewing. It’s not much but might shake up the weather in the Caribbean just a bit.
  10. Nassau and anywhere in Jamaica. Could do away with both stops and be totally fine.
  11. Nachi or Paradise beach club are both very relaxing. To be fair I’ve only been to Mr Sanchos a few times and every time I went it was a bit more of a party crowd. It could have very easily been coincidence. In any case, I would go to any of the three w/o hesitation.
  12. Like everything else on planet earth on a post Covid world, things are not the same…. I would put little to no emphasis on the reviews. I do find that both Paradise beach and Nachi are more laid back than Mr Sanchos but I don’t really think you can go wrong at any of them. They are all pretty much located adjacent to one another so the drive time is the same. Also, I would not be concerned about taxi rides back as we have never once had an issue getting a taxi on the decade + we have been going to these beach clubs. Have fun.
  13. 15-20 minutes at most. Easy drive and a great relaxing day.
  14. Thank you, this will be perfect. We are going to book for our Thanksgiving cruise for sure.
  15. Do you think it would be a good family type place? We’re there kids running around at the pool? What was the overall vibe?
  16. This is awesome, thank you! I think we will give this place a try on our Nov sailing.
  17. We just got off Freedom last Monday and nobody (I repeat nobody) I ran across even mentioned Covid. The terminal employees do a half assed check when you are on the way in and then once you are onboard it’s literally business as usual from what I can recall of pre pandemic cruising. The crew members still wear masks but there are literally no more protocols. It’s actually a wonderful thing.
  18. One thing I’ve learned after my 45 years in South Florida is to NEVER trust the weather forecast. Even if it “rains” it’s not the same kind of rain systems you see in the mid west or other parts of the country where its just sheet rains all day long. Most of the time the sun is out 15 minutes later. Yes, the freedom will have a sail away party and do not base your decisions off of the forecast.
  19. Oh the Bier Haus and that song!!! Haha
  20. The wheel of fortune with the gold spin options ($10/pull). I’ve won a pretty penny many times on these machines.
  21. Can anyone confirm the Odyssey Cafe two 70 has the bagel bar during breakfast hours similar to Park Cafe on the Oasis class ships? Although the bagels are a bit tough, it’s still a nice option to customize a bagel as a breakfast option and I normally enjoy it. Thanks in advance.
  22. The newbie mistake you may have made is sailing Adventure & not an Oasis class ship for your first cruise. Many of the issues including “feeling bored and trapped” are less likely on the massive Oasis ships because there is so much to see and do.
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