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  1. It looks like they do offer a free shuttle to the port but not the airport. I would still opt for ride share so you can be in better control of the time you wish to arrive for your cruise.
  2. Good news is you are directly across the street from the North Port Everglades entry point. Ride share would be the best option IMHO.
  3. Which hotel? Personally I would opt for a ride share but 99% of East Fort Lauderdale hotels offer shuttle service to the port.
  4. Dont let hurricane season get in the way of your families cruise planning. I have lived in South Florida my entire life and hurricane season has never once been an issue with cruising. Obviously things could one day be different and a storm could interfere with cruising plans but I’ve been sailing since the 1980’s…..
  5. I have no idea what a SNAP card is, however, I’m really not surprised in the least bit as I e witnessed verbal altercations many times at the check in counter (seems to be a hot bed of activity).
  6. It’s not really a matter of wanting to be closed. The cruise line is required to formalize an agreement with the islands government to pay them a certain percentage of the casino revenue while ported & open so that they do not cannibalize the land based casinos revenue. Aruba happens to have casinos.
  7. “It’s a perfect daaaaaay at Coco Caaaaaaay”
  8. Adding to the conspiracy, it’s possible @Matt is an undercover agent for Royal Caribbean planting information on his blog to manipulate the cruising industrial complex……
  9. If I recall correctly the casino is open while ported in Aruba & Curaçao. It’s been awhile though but heading back on Odyssey for Thanksgiving this year!
  10. Not a bad location at all and some great spots are a 5 minute Uber ride (see pic). Rustic Inn garlic crabs are THE BEST! Also, Dania Pointe is on Sterling Road about 5 minutes in the other direction which has many dining options all in one place.
  11. I would say “no go”. There are better options in closer proximity to the port & amenities then this place. It’s not a dump but I would rate it maybe 1/2 a point higher then a dump. Focus the search in Dania Beach where there are lots of newer and still decent priced options.
  12. Embassy Suites on 17th street (walking distance to Publix, Total Wine, restaurants) Hilton Garden Inn or Hampton Inn on Sterling Road & I-95 (close to Dania point for dinner exc) These options cheaper and still only 10 min from the port. If you have loyalty to a brand or certain preferences regarding amenities I can narrow it down. 99% of the hotels in the greater Fort Lauderdale area have a shuttle service option to the port so that’s not really an issue. It’s easier to dial in a choice based on hotel brand loyalty, dining preferences exc.
  13. Unless you have an excessive amount of luggage it’s easier to just Uber to POM.
  14. I agree with you, there has to be a more efficient way for a server to access a bar for quicker table service. One would think the engineers who design these billion dollar ships could solve this issue if they actually considered it an issue.
  15. This is the perfect area for either port as it’s close to the airport and quick access to the highway.
  16. I can help you decide but the time of year dictates the price of the hotel. During season (Oct - March) that dump of a Red Carpet Inn referenced above can cost a significant amount of money per night and the hotels on the beach get $1000+/night.
  17. I have to disagree re: dumpy hotels in FL. In Fort Lauderdale we have everything from the dump you stayed in above to the 5 star Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale beach resort. It all boils down to what you are willing to pay. As a local, I would have advised you to stay away from this hotel at all costs as it’s certainly a dump.
  18. Complimentary Guys Burgers is a major win for CCL that’s for sure! My hope would be RC outbidding Carnival for the Guys Burger Joint poolside when the contract ends and Mr Flavortown becomes a free agent.
  19. We have been cruisers since I was a kid in the 1980’s in Fort Lauderdale. I am well traveled and have yet to find a land based vacation that was a better experience then a cruise vacation. The all inclusive (not referring to cost just amenities) aspect of the Oasis class ships is my families favorite vacation. Taking it one step further, Deck 17 makes cruising even that much better! The pool, the food & drinks, the balcony, the casino, the shows, the activities makes for an endless list of fun for everyone in my family. Can’t wait to get back on another ship very soon!
  20. It’s been raining all day in Fort Lauderdale. You can tell (at least I can after 40+ years in this city) that a storm is brewing! If you are leaving tomorrow out of any FL port, you should probably plan to not sit by the pool. Sunday should be back to normal though.
  21. Yes they will, but it’s still gonna be wet & windy while ported in Miami/Fort Lauderdale.
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