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  1. We go every year on Thanksgiving. Can’t think of a better way to spend Thanksgiving then being on an Oasis class ship!
  2. I just drove by the Manhattan Pizza place. I’ve only had bad experiences here. Franco & Vinny’s Pizza Shack is way better.
  3. Here’s some Breakfast spots to try before you go to the port. I personally don’t recommend the Waffle house but to each his own. Top Hat Deli (Newer trendy spot downtown) Lesters Diner (local diner been here forever) Joes Diner (next door to La Bamba in the Harbor Shoppes)
  4. IMHO you cannot go wrong with any one of the Oasis Class ships. This class of ships defines the industry. Can’t wait to try Odyssey when she makes it to Fort Lauderdale. I’m looking forward to relaxing in one of those tiered pools in the solarium which ive always wanted to try.
  5. I think I’m ahead money wise with casino Royale but not by much. The perks of the club were decent at one time but I’m not impressed at all with the current program. The cruise certificates are useless because there are way too many stipulations for applying them. IMHO NCL and even the lowest tier budget line Carnival have better player programs for people that spend significantly in the casinos. RC needs to toss the “new” program and start over with something that’s more refined.
  6. Trust me that no amount of money won in that casino would compensate for my two kids being up all night crying. Needless to say, I bring my wallet with me now!
  7. Yes, sorry I should have been clear on that. This was a win on a slot machine
  8. Let me preface my question with the fact that I am a tax paying American citizen. Question- If the ship is presumably in international waters when the casino is open and the ship is not registered in the United States then why do I have to pay tax on my casino winnings over $1199.99? I understand the fact that most cruises are closed loop so I end up back in the US eventually but why is a W2-G thrown at me while I’m at sea? I recently won some money and left my wallet w/ license in my stateroom. I had to go retrieve my license late night for this W2-G and in doing so I woke up my little kids. Wife not happy.
  9. I piggyback off my wife who is a kick butt attorney. She files suit against the cruise lines, they pay her and then we book a nice cruise!
  10. All of my 43 years in Fort Lauderdale & def don’t get the Waffle House appeal. I will give it another try I guess.
  11. The Embassy Suites on 17th St in Fort Lauderdale might be perfect for you then.
  12. If your staying 30 minutes from Port Everglades then that’s just a whole different ballgame. If you are in the East Fort Lauderdale area then I can help. In 30 minutes down here you could be as far North as West Palm, as far South as Port of Miami and West until you’re in the Everglades.
  13. Mai Kai is a lot of fun. The place has been around forever! I don’t get the whole Waffle House thing though, I personally would rather take my chances eating out of a dumpster.
  14. Oh and if you enjoy craft beer please do not miss having a drink at Laser Wolf.
  15. If you stay on 17th Street you can’t really go wrong. Most of the hotels are at least mid range hotel level and pretty much all similar pricing. Hilton Marina is nice because if you score a high floor facing South you can see your ship in Port. Embassy Suites, Renaissance, Hyatt all in close proximity and offer the convenience of many dining options within walking distance. If your thinking “Resort” then stay at one of the resorts on Fort Lauderdale Beach. My favorites are Conrad and the W. Both pricy options (especially in Jan) with pricing for a basic room easily at $500+/night. Beach resorts give you the full Fort Lauderdale beach experience if that’s what your looking for. Dining: I can break it down into some basic picks just based on what I’m thinking at the moment and it may help you. Italian: Cafe Vico, Franco & Vinny’s Pizza Shack, Louis Bossi’s Las Olas, Cafe Martarano, Valentino’s. Steak: Mastros, Steak 954 at W hotel, Del Friscos Las Olas. Seafood: Rustic Inn (best garlic crabs on planet earth), Lobster Bar Las Olas, Even Keel, Pirate Republic on the new river (great spot w/ very interesting seafood dishes with great flavors), Billy’s Stone Crab (it’s in Hollywood and you can take the water taxi). Burgers and Sandwiches: Le Tub (voted best burger in America and you can take water taxi to Margaritaville stop and walk here), La Spadas Hoagies located In the Panera bread plaza on 17th, Henry’s Sandwich shop (great spot). B Squared Burgers and Booze (one of my favorite spots on Las Olas). Thai & Sushi: Thai Spice on Oakland Park Blvd (Awesome), Sushi Rock Las Olas, Asia Bay Las Olas. Sports Bars/Pubs/Breweries: Bo’s Pub Las Olas, Bo’s Beach, American Icon Brewery, Tarpon River Brewery, Quarterdeck on 17th Street. I have tons of options and I personally go to all these places and can say they are all great in their own way.
  16. Mexican: Chimichanga Cuban: pollo a la plancha is on point! You can’t go wrong at this place. My kids make me get takeout at least once a week.
  17. We are in season and the super bowl is in Miami this season which will have an impact on pricing across the board.
  18. I am local. Please describe what you would like regarding both hotel experience and dining and I can make recommendations.
  19. This is a 100% hell no! Stay as far away from the pool as you can. If your partner must experience the water then tell him to take a dip in the ocean!
  20. Haha! If you have screaming kids, que the tantrums and give it about 2-3 minutes and you will be ushered out of the drill and told to go stand by the exit. Works every single time.
  21. Labadee any day of the week over Falmouth. Getting 2 RC private islands in one sailing is pretty awesome. I personally wouldn’t take my family off the ship in Jamaica.
  22. Have fun & be careful. There’s lots to see & do but for good reason this island is under a State Dept Travel Advisory.
  23. If your looking for “the finer things” you picked the wrong cruise line. Royal among a host of other brands is mass market. You probably should have looked at a Regent Cruise which would have met your expectations but cost about 10x more then your standard cruise fare. I would first concentrate on who is advising you and whether they are giving you correct information. You should have joined this forum and asked all your questions prior to booking on that ship. I for one would have immediately steered you on a different course.
  24. Indoor pool? As in that awesome tiered pool in the solarium area or was there another?
  25. Important to note, it looks like they might have Axed Jamie’s Italian in favor of the new Giovannis table & kitchen.
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