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  1. We had lobster on our 5 night Independence sailing in November.
  2. You could call again but from what I've seen is that you would need to get the refreshment package too. If thats the case, you just need to do the math. Would a Deluxe + refreshment work out better for you or a la carte plus your carry on allowance of 2 bottles of wine?
  3. Where are you from? In North America, you can reprice with a NRD however in other markets (UK, Australia) you can't without a complete rebooking and loss of some deposit.
  4. While we aren't in our room that much, we do appreciate the space to get ready. That being said with your motion sickness, location would be my top priority, mid ship on deck 6 or 7. You may want to get the patch. We still enjoy our cruise despite the occasional motion sickness. Some people will say to never get a flight before noon. However, many people get earlier flights. Just know you are taking a chance that you could miss your flight if anything goes wrong. That being said we are trying an early flight on my next cruise on Symphony too.
  5. This has prompted me to read the fine print on my policy. I had another question about my insurance so I called and asked what happens if my flight is canceled. This is a lesson learned as my assumptions were wrong and thankful for the opportunity to learn through others. I thought I'd share what I learned about my policy for education purposes. I buy my trip insurance from C&F Travel insured through USAA and so your results might be different. If my flight is delayed by 3+ hours and I miss the cruise, it is considered a "Missed Connection" (look that up in your policy). I will be reimbursed up to $500 per person to join the trip plus $200 per day for hotels, etc. If I am delayed by 6+ hours, then it is considered "Travel Delay" (once again in your policy with different amounts). Reimbursement is up to $1000 per person. The bottom line is that insurance expects me to meet the cruise at a port. However, if I am unable to get there with at least 50% of the cruise left, then and only then, will I be reimbursed the cost of the cruise. I wonder what RC would say if I tried to meet the ship at a port? What is the process for that? We also have passports so this is possible but if you traveled on birth certificates there is no way to meet the ship. Go Preds!
  6. I've said this before but thank you for blogging this for us. This is a real eye opener. I would have assumed that if my flight is cancelled, I could get the rest of the trip refunded. We do fly in the night before but not 24 hours before as taking another full day off of work/school gets to be hard. Between the Boeing Max problems and weather delays so many flights have been canceled recently that I wonder if this a way for the insurance to not pay out. I think it would be rare to have your flight cancelled and then the airline can book you immediately. My experience is that the airline (SW) can get you to your destination 2 days later if you are lucky since most of their flights are full. It makes me wonder what we would do if we had to deal with canceled flights. The Max 8 planes were grounded 2 days before our spring break cruise so I was thinking through all the possibilities in case that happened. Rent a SUV and drive one way? It would be a long miserable 16+ hour drive but we could do it. Purchase on another airline? Its spring break so many flights are flying full. I wonder if I'd have been covered. Time to break out the fine print and see what my policy says.
  7. Here is @twangster blog. He was there on Christmas day
  8. We will sail both Symphony and Navigator for short sailings this summer. I have a feeling I know where Symphony will fall in the list. I'll be interested if I'll rank Navigator higher than Independence. Here is where I'll rank my list so far. 1. Harmony 2. Independence 3. Liberty 4. Adventure 5. Brilliance
  9. We just leave our cards in a beach bag on our pool chair.
  10. Yes, it is they typical hair dryer found in a hotel. If you have long or thick hair, you should bring your own. If you do a google search for flat iron, the only results that come up on my main page are for hair.
  11. I bring a hair dryer, flat iron and curling iron every cruise and have never had it taken away.
  12. Your March 2020 on Oasis should show up soon. MTD is available to book on my on Harmony for March 2020. March 2021 is too early. I can also book some specialty and of course CoCo Cay.
  13. I've done MTD on 6+ cruises and all my MTD reservations have opened up 9+ months in advance. My 3/20 Harmony cruise has MTD already open. I've never had a problem getting the time I wanted.
  14. Royal has no exact date on when entertainment opens. It is typically somewhere between 90-120 days but my next cruise on Symphony opened up 58 days before. Just keep checking.
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