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  1. We made our decision early but on Monday my husband's company stated that anyone who gets sick after a cruise ship vacation quarantined for a minimum of 30 days unpaid (or use your vacay time). That made our decision much more tolerable plus we are still going somewhere. Many companies in my area are having a mandatory 14 days self quarantine if you go on a cruise ship. It is so crazy right now!
  2. So sad for you but excited to read about your summer! What a tough decision.
  3. Thank you Nancy Swope at MEI travel! She cancelled my Harmony cruise and booked us a Cancun all inclusive on a Saturday! Saturday morning, I emailed her to cancel and asked her to look into Cancun or Punta Cana. She gave me 3 options before lunch and everything was finalized by dinner! Amazing job and so appreciated!
  4. We did Blue Hole and it was amazing. All the tour guides there will say to go to Blue Hole over Dunns River Falls.
  5. When I was there they allowed handheld with a wrist strap.
  6. You are absolutely right that you can be quarantined in a hotel but it is much less likely as people are coming and going all the time. If we are quarantined in a hotel room that is completely different than the perception of a cruise ship. It isn't right or fair that the perception of getting quarantined in a hotel room is bad luck but quarantined on a cruise ship would be considered poor decision making.
  7. @Baked Alaska We did the same thing and cancelled our Harmony sailing. 😪Super sad about it but the small risk of being quarantined would really impact my husband's job and I have a college kid who needs to be back at school. Just not worth it for us. MEI Travel booked us a trip to Cancun all inclusive. It will finally give us a chance to compare all inclusives to the cruise vacations.
  8. It depends on the ship. I've seen registration on Oasis class ships but I haven't needed to do registration on Freedom or Voyager classes.
  9. Are you past final payment date? If past final payment date, is she planning on being a no show? Technically, no as her room would just be a cancellation. The best thing to do is to try to swap 1 name from each reservation. You can swap the 2nd person on the reservation as long as one original person stays on the reservation. Then if your sister is on or not on the cruise, you just deal with going to guest services for extra keys. If she does go on the cruise, you can try to swap the names back but it isn't necessary if you can deal with the extra keys.
  10. The rate onboard will most likely be more unless on your sailing the pre-cruise purchases were less than expected and they may offer a "sale". That onboard "sale" may or may not be what you see for the cruise planner. $45 seems like an old price for those restaurants and the prices could change between ships and sailings. I'll be on Harmony in 2 weeks and can tell you then. Personally, I'd look at the 3 night package if you are looking at eating at least 2 restaurants. If you are vigilant, you could get the 3 night for $90-$115. I saw it once at $90 and didn't grab it and am kicking myself for it!
  11. We use the trip insurance from USAA. If you are a USAA member, check it out. We had to file a claim last year and it was very easy. A couple of things for CFAR insurance, many times you have to purchase trip insurance within 30 days of your deposit for it to take affect. With my trip insurance, you need to cancel 3 days prior to the trip (not the case with RCs insurance). It will be 75% of the trip cost that wouldn't be reimbursed (ie if airline travel can be applied to another trip that wouldn't count). Often times I don't get the CFAR insurance because the regular coverage is pretty good for what I need. However, we have 2 expensive trips coming up in the next year so I did purchase CFAR for Alaska and Greek Isles trips. Our normal Caribbean trip, the only reason to cancel would be covered (ie sick) for the policy I purchase. The cost for CFAR is pretty expensive so it is a balance. The biggest thing is to read the 40+ pages of the policy specific to your state and ask questions specific to the policy. If you have a situation that you are foreseeing as a possible reason for cancellation, call the company and ask about the coverage for your situation. So many times we assume we'll be covered and we aren't, due to the legal language to the advantage of the insurance companies.
  12. Can’t wait to be on Harmony on the 15th!
  13. I have that feeling all the time. Honestly, that is my dream cruise...a solo cruise!
  14. I love the ocean! I love stars at night! I love the all inclusive nature of a cruise ship along with different places to see and entertainment at night. Not cooking any meals help my love of cruising. 16 days I’ll be back on Harmony! Luckily I have 2 other bucket list cruises booked: Alaska this summer and Greece in 2021. My dream cruise is to the Galapagos.
  15. Thanks @AshleyDillo. That one looks good.
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