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  1. At the very least, they should refund your money. If they don't, I would dispute the charge with your credit card company.
  2. What are the scheduled times to be in Maui? All aboard tends to be about 30 minutes before the ship is scheduled to depart. Most of us recommend being back at least 2 hours before all aboard especially if doing a 3rd party excursion. They will wait or get you to the next port if it is a RC excursion but RC will NOT help you with 3rd party excursions or wait for you if you miss the ship (except to maybe get your passport if its in the safe). It is YOUR responsibility to be back on time. Guest are left all the time, just look for the videos on you tube. If your excursion is even remotely cutting it close to the all aboard time, I'd suggest you look at another.
  3. It isn't intuitive but if you go to the dining choices page first, there is a button to make all reservations for the week. I haven't changed my time on the app but it is very easy to ask the maitre'd to change the reservation or call down.
  4. We use the trip insurance from USAA. If you are a USAA member, I'd recommend it. Very easy to handle a claim when my husband couldn't join us this summer. A couple of things to note, at least with USAA, pre-existing medical or CFAR coverage, insurance must be purchased within 30 days of the deposit.
  5. No one can predict it. You may want to look at 8-10 weeks out, just past final payment. I think if you'll probably be ok assuming you aren't trying to travel for Spring/Easter Break. Also be careful if you need a room for 4 as those can sell out. As long as you aren't picky about location or room category, you probably can take a chance on it.
  6. Harmony still at $61! Not sure I'll get it at that price with 4 ports! That being said Voom has finally at a price where I'll buy it!
  7. 1. You can purchase it onboard for the remaining days of the cruise. You can't buy it for certain days only (like if you wanted it for only sea days). 2. It doesn't have to be packed but since you can't get into your rooms until 1pm then you are lugging it around the ship however you brought it on. 3. Yes mini fridges 4. Yes 5. If possible I'll rent a locker at the resort. If I'm snorkeling on a boat tour, I don't worry about it. 6. No. If you wanted them close together, you should have picked your own room. I'm surprised that you were allowed to book your sons in a GTY room by themselves. 7. Minors don't need a photo id. However, I'm team passport and bring our passports with us on longer excursions.
  8. Yes they can however it has only happened to me once. When I booked Navigator, I booked one of the new JS and it was listed as occupancy for 4. However after the AMP, the occupancy was changed to 2. So my kids reservation was moved to a JS that could hold 4. Luckily my TA caught it and changed it so both rooms were next to each other. All that being said changing rooms isn't typical. We book multiple rooms each cruise and outside that one time, we keep the rooms we booked. It isn't something I worry about.
  9. I personally would take the birth certificate. Not hard to pack. I would rather have it and not need it than be denied boarding for not having it.
  10. Welcome to the boards! 1. You will most likely have 1 dress your best evening. You don't have to be formal anymore and you will see a variety of attire. 2. I personally don't think the Key is worth it but it depends on the cost and if you can buy it for around the internet price. That being said 2 device internet would be cheaper. You could probably use whatever money you save on the Key for a specialty lunch or dinner. 3. Lots of suggestions for Cozumel if you search Matt's blog posts or the excursion board. Many people like Nachi Cocum.
  11. The wheel chairs were outside but not at their exact muster station. I'm sure someone probably scanned the card in the muster station but they let them listen near the doors. I thought it was nice to let them have a 2 minute head start over the crowd. Just ask the crew.
  12. You need to get into your cruise planner. To get to the cruise planner go to the RC site and then click on "already booked". There you will see the sales. It is better to purchase on the cruise planner since it will be higher on the ship. If you buy it on the cruise planner, you purchase it for the entire cruise. Now you can cancel it onboard if you don't feel it is needed.
  13. I used Cruise Compete once. They have other agencies bid on your booking. I wasn't crazy about the service I received. I don't need much help but the one thing I asked seemed like a huge hassle. I also use MEI. I'll get some discounts from MEI but I know other agencies offer more. The biggest reason to use them is if and when something goes wrong. My past July cruise RC moved one of my rooms (my kids room) to a different deck. It took my MEI TA and her supervisor 3 days to get to a solution they knew I'd accept. The amount of business the agency does with RC gives them some power to help their clients when they need it. I've never had a problem in 5 years but all of a sudden there were problems in 3 of my cruises and MEI helped with all of them. Hopefully, I won't need this kind of help again but it's nice to know it is there if I need it.
  14. We were on Navigator in July. We had an unusually long muster and my DD8 had to use the restroom. There were a bunch of people with wheelchairs just outside the doors. I saw they allowed those people to leave the area first to get to the elevators before the rest of us could leave.
  15. Real ID is just a minimum standard of security for IDs. Your passport is Real ID compliant. A Real ID drivers license cost depends on the state. My state just came out with Real ID on its drivers license a few months ago. It will be required to have a Real ID to fly after 1 October 2020.
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