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  1. Right now, I have a reservation at a hotel near the Port Canaveral however, I'm thinking of canceling it and booking an Airbnb. It just seems a better fit in terms of price and space. The places I'm looking in Orlando at are either north of the airport or Park Central. Many questions: Where would the ideal location be to stay in Orlando? We don't need to be near the parks but we are going to Kennedy Space Center the day after we arrive so would like to be near a highway. My college daughter is spending the first week of her Spring Break near Ft Lauderdale. What is the best way to get her to Orlando? Bus, train? How is travel to the KSC and Port Canaveral on both a Saturday and Sunday? Which rental car company is near the port?
  2. The business relies on cruise ship passengers. If they even miss getting passengers back once, their business would be ruined with all the bad reviews. Yes it is a bit stressful but email the company and ask about their policy. Also, look at many reviews to make sure you are picking a reputable company.
  3. Not Matt but we've done the waterpark cabanas. The cabanas are right off the sidewalk. It isn't restricted access. I've read other reports that the cabana attendant is willing to give an extra wristband but honestly I doubt the attendants won't be bothered by 2 extra little ones. They want to make you happy so they can get a nice tip. Plus I doubt that 8 would be in there at once. Of course, this is technically against the rules and in typical RC fashion rules could be applied differently. However, I found if you ask nice and tip well the answer is usually yes. Go to the shore excursion desk and try to pick your cabana based on where you think the little ones would like best. The ropes course is kind of in the middle of both slides. The wave pool is also popular. Once again, different ships have different rules and some allow you to pick an area and others won't. Just try and see if it works for you.
  4. Yes there are scales and they will weigh someone if they feel they are close. For the family tube slide everyone stands on that scale together.
  5. I've never purchased the Key as I never felt it was worth it. I think the longer the cruise plus the more people in the cabin, the less value is actually in it . The shows aren't packed on Liberty so seating isn't really an issue. I find that a multi-device plan to be better savings. Would you actually use the flowrider/rockwall for the 1 hour that it is open to Key members? The biggest question for you is to add up the cost of the Key to you and look at the benefits of what you'd actually use. Only you can decide if it is really worth it.
  6. Ignore the arrival time on your set sail pass. It is only a suggestion and typically not enforced. Get there around 10 am. The higher levels of loyalty board first but it is a quick process and you may wait 20 minutes.
  7. Independence teen club is similar to other teen clubs. Depending on when you go, the teen club may be split in ages. The biggest factor in any teen club is the other teens on the cruise.
  8. We always allowed my tweens limited freedom in the evening. We did get the internet package so they could text us where they would be....pool movie, arcade, etc. They weren't allowed full freedom and needed to be back in the room by a certain time. For us it worked out great and about half the time they'd be in our room anyways on their devices.
  9. I think you can but I just think it would be a nightmare bringing it onboard and keeping it until the rooms are ready without destroying any decorations. With my family, we have enough to carry on the ship that I can't imagine keeping tabs on a 3 year old, our other stuff and a cake. Personally, I'd bring just the decorations (Elsa topper) and ask your waiter to put it on a dessert with a candle.
  10. No. You can wear flip flops. You are on a mat and your feet are tucked inside the mat. I've always used the provided rock climbing shoes.
  11. I've never heard of it either. I think it could have happened a decade or so ago but not really now. Everyone going into the port area needs a reason. You need to show your id and your set sail pass to the gate to enter the port area. Workers also have to show their ID to be allowed in. The porters all know one another and are typically joking around waiting for you and your luggage. If you see a porter alone and this concerns you, don't use them.
  12. Welcome to the boards! Have a great cruise and come back to let us know what you think!
  13. Are you looking for a refund and are you before final payment date? If you booked in North America (US or Canada) and before final payment (typically 90 days), then you can get a full refund. If you are past final payment, then you could get a partial to no refund (outside of port fees). Otherwise, this will not be an issue. We've had a no show before due to a last minute cancellation and no problem from RC. We only receive port fees from the cruise line but that was all we expected and we used trip insurance to get a refund on the cruise cost.
  14. The only potential downside the the amount of Texans (no offense Texans). Texas flag flies in the promenade, limited liquor choices until international waters, and every night you'll hear "the stars at night..." At the same time, you'll get a huge NE crowd out of NJ so similar regional dynamics. That being said, we were never bothered by it. We stayed near the airport the night before not in Galveston.
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