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  1. melski94


    No additional cost for any of the loungers. There will be 2 cushioned loungers in front of your bungalow and these are included in the bungalow cost. The plastic stripe lounge chairs can be added for additional seating or the attendant can put one by the water for you if you want. Those are free too.
  2. melski94


    Yes it is confusing but only book 1 bungalow and it is good for up to 8 people. You will be given a piece of paper to add in names but I never did that and it wasn't a problem upon checkin with the attendant. I've done these twice and have another booked for March. We love these bungalows with the sandy beach and sandy water bottom (no rocks). You are very close to the BBQ area and we just brought our food to the bungalows to eat. If you want to eat at the Barefoot Beach BBQ, maybe your concierge could arrange a golf cart for you.
  3. You can't pre-book Flowrider (you can pre book for private lessons or a private rental), rock wall or Adventure Ocean on any ship. I can't speak to North Star or Rip Cord as I've never done them but I thought you could reserve them on Anthem. It may be different for Ovation or those could be booked out already. I've traveled during many school holidays when the ship has been packed with kids and have never been turned away from Adventure Ocean. Day time tends to have less kids than the evening hours. Our last cruise, we had the Sky Pad which was new and that was always busy. I found going early in the cruise, or 15 minutes before it opened or the last 30 minutes had the fewest line. The last sea day, it was packed the entire time except right before opening. I think most people expect to try the ship on the last sea day and so more things are busy so I would try things earlier in the cruise. You can also try to spend one port day on the ship and the lines will be lower than a sea day but there will also be more limited hours. Do as much as possible on embarkation day as it tends to have the fewest lines and make sure you wear the proper clothing (ie closed toe shoes for rock wall). I would check out North Star and Rip Cord first as it could have had pre booking and it could be booked out but they do keep some openings for reservations onboard.
  4. We were on the same cruise!
  5. You really don't need reservations. I walked in to Independence shows 5-10 minutes early and had no problem with seats. If you are picky about a seat, then you should show up about 30 minutes early. Check previous cruise planners (tab at the top of this page) for an idea of times and shows. The headliner act will probably change but it should give you an idea of times. Here is a November Freedom compass Yes.
  6. melski94

    Can I View Shore Excursions Before Booking

    Having never done an RC excursion, I typically look at Trip Advisor and book on my own. However, I just did a google search for "Royal Caribbean Roatan shore excursions" and an RC page with their shore excursions popped up. Of course, that doesn't mean that all of them would be available for your cruise. Also, RC may cancel an excursion if it doesn't sell well so I wouldn't base my entire cruise on one excursion or even a certain port as ports can change due to weather, etc.
  7. melski94

    Royal canceled my reservation!

    I have no suggestions except ask for quite a bit of OBC for your hassle and to keep saying no until you are happy with the solution. I never understand how they can cancel your room but can't cancel the new people in your room who have only been booked in it less than 24 hours. Good luck and please come back with your outcome.
  8. Just looking at this year's schedule of June/July 4-5 night sailings, there are sailings on Mariner, Navigator, Enchantment, Grandeur and Anthem. That narrows down your choices!
  9. Navigator is also supposed to get the bells and whistles. A Freedom class is great as it is a good size but not too big and Independence is currently doing 5 night cruises. This summer Symphony is doing some 3 and 4 night cruises. I wonder if an Oasis class will continue that into 2020. I don't think you can go wrong with any Amped ship. Allure, Freedom and Explorer will be Amped in 2020 but if you can book a Amped ship prior to new features being released to the public, you can get an even better deal. Just thinking Oasis prices right now are a good deal but once they announce its new features, I believe the pricing will go up. I just did a mock booking on Harmony. You see the refundable deposit option after you fill in guest names. It said, "add refundable option for $xxx". Kind of a pain to go all the way to add in names before you see this. I would also suggest a TA as it would be easiest to book.
  10. melski94

    Keeping Track of the Kids

    We tried this for 1 day our first cruise on Brilliance. It was painful! We would constantly just miss each other. It is amazing how big even a small ship can feel when you are looking for someone. After that, we always did Voom. I typically can buy Voom for 4 for under $25 a day and it is worth it to us!
  11. melski94

    Beach bungalow

    Yes it is probably sold out as there are only 8 of them. Go to the shore excursion desk onboard and see if they might have a wait list in case of any cancellations.
  12. melski94

    My Time Dining - linking another guest

    If you can make reservations for yourself, then you are not too far out and should be able to make them for both. You may want to call.
  13. melski94

    My Time Dining - linking another guest

    Yes, it works in the cruise planner. I've done this several times as my kids are in a different stateroom and so different reservation number. Are you sure they selected MTD? If so, you may just need to call.
  14. Independence is a Freedom class ship and Adventure is a Voyager class ship. Independence has the sky pad and Playmakers. Cafe Promenade on both is open 24 hours (just got off Independence and it is listed as open 24 hours a day).
  15. melski94

    Alcohol aboard question

    After you drink your 2 bottles of wine that your brought with you upon embarkation, purchase glasses of wine or drinks a la carte. Many glasses are in the $12-$14 range. If you want the wine you brought cold, ask your stateroom attendant for an ice bucket. The stateroom attendant can get you a bottle opener too if you need it.