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  1. My husband and teenagers wore shorts and button down shirts each night, seemed to be just fine.
  2. We just took our teenagers (13 & 18) last week and we dined in Speciality restaurants. They enjoyed it and I felt like took no longer than eating in the main dining room. If your kids do not mind having a sit down meal each night, then they would not mind this. I actually think it may be a bit quicker, you are seated right away because you have a reservation.
  3. We took our tests at midnight last night. I believe they are open 24 hours. It was super quick and easy.
  4. So happy that you made it on-board! Have a great time! I know you didn’t do a whole pre-cruise part of this blog, but would you mind writing a little about your pre-cruise communication and planning with your Genie? Not much detail, just wondering about it. I think we have the same Genie in awhile and was wondering what to expect. Have a great time!
  5. Our doctor’s office offers rapid testing, so can we go there and have the results from them? Typed and on their letterhead with all of the appropriate information (name, birthday, test type, test results, office name and location)? Or does it have to be somewhere like CVS/Walgreens or a lab only. Has anyone boarded with test results from a doctor’s office?
  6. Thanks! We will request them. It looked so pretty and I’m thinking even better at night.
  7. I saw on a video that there were outdoor tables at Chops. Has anyone sat there at dinner, is it chilly/windy? We have never been on an Oasis class ship so not sure how it is.
  8. Would love to see some pics of the suite. We are in the Oasis A1 in the spring.
  9. I just looked back at the 12-17 year olds. It was authorized in mid May and I think it was required in August. So they gave a couple of months to those in the age group to be vaccinated.
  10. Wondering about the capacity of the boat? Do you remember how many were on the tour?
  11. I realize that Labadee is an isolated portion of Haiti, but there is a vast difference between security to prevent petty crime/pick pocketing and security to prevent kidnapping/violence. I don’t feel comfortable being there in it’s current state. Not to mention there needs to be a reliable staff and with their country in chaos, that seems challenging as well.
  12. LizzyBee, Since you were in the Pfizer study too and got the placebo-can I ask a question. We obviously don’t know which my son got-but we are hopeful he got the vaccine. His arm didn’t hurt at all on the first one, hurt in his upper arm on the 2nd for about a day. Did you have any pain with either? I know we won’t know for sure, but just curious. Thanks!
  13. My understanding was quicker for enrollments than for the adults-I don’t think the procedures themselves are moving quicker.
  14. That is what they told me when he went for his 2nd shot last week. I haven’t read anything official-but I was hopeful. They said they were looking for authorization within the next few months. They said things were moving quicker than it had for adults. Now I’m not an expert-just what the study told us.
  15. My 12 year old is in the Phase 3 Pfizer vaccine trial for children 12-15. They are hopeful they the EUA will come in the next couple of months for that group. I’m sure younger children will be longer, but they said the trials are moving along well.
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