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  1. I love Star Class Blogs! There can never be enough! Go for it!
  2. We are on Deck 9 on Oasis just a couple of weeks after you-can’t wait to see the pictures and hopefully a video.
  3. I have the jet ski tour booked for 2-16 year olds. Do we need to bring their driver’s license with us or will their sea passes work? I would rather not bring them if it is not necessary.
  4. We are going to be on the June 26th, 2021 cruise! We are going to travel Italy for about 10 before and then head onto the cruise. We’re taking our first RC Cruise this April and then the Rhapsody will be the 2nd. Super excited to visit Greece!
  5. We are on Deck 9 ATS too on Oasis in April. Can’t wait for your review and picture!
  6. Thank you so much for your review-it was fabulous! Have a very Merry Christmas!
  7. I’m curious about this one as well if you can share. I would like to see a show, but would also like to have our seats reserved if that is possible.
  8. Are these the beers at Playmakers? Thanks, we have been really curious about the craft beer choices onboard.
  9. Thanks! Awesome! Can’t wait to sail April 2020!
  10. We love NYC and especially eating in NYC. Here are some of our favorites: Buddakan- https://buddakannyc.com. It is expensive, but the food is so good we still talk about it. A sophisticated and very upscale experience. Ninja NYC- http://mobile.dudasite.com/site/ninjanewyork?url=http%3A%2F%2Fninjanewyork.com%2F&utm_referrer=#3031 this place is a super fun and unique experience. My boys (10 & 15) loved it. It is designed as a Japanese village and all of the servers are “Ninjas”, food is on fire, literally, they are sneaking and jumping out at you-it is super fun. If you take the family-just tell them you are going to an Japanese place-don’t give away the secret-they will be totally surprised. Here’s a pic of our experience:
  11. If you are going to the 9/11 museum, you need to get a reservation. The line for general tickets is usually VERY long. I would definitely recommend going; it is quite a moving experience. You can get tickets on-line and I think they are about $20/person. Also, you are going to NYC during the busiest time of year. Timed tickets to the museums (the Met, Natural History) would even be a must for me. The lines are outside to get in and at busy times could take 30 min to an hour to purchase tickets.
  12. I adore packing cubes! We went on a 2 week trip to Europe last year and we each had only a carry-on suitcase and a backpack. While I want to take all of the credit myself-it really is the work of the cubes. Mine our the compression kind with a zipper in the middle to make them a bit flatter. Totally recommend. These are the ones we have from Amazon: LeanTravel Compression Packing Cubes Luggage Organizers for Travel with Double Zipper - Set of 3 - Color Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BFK15TW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_GWg1Db8RXFG80
  13. I’m not there yet, but I’m always excited when I buy milk or eggs and the expiration date is close to our vacation date. 140 days for me-so quite a ways to go.
  14. Thank you so much for all of the pictures and information. My parents are on a canal cruise in January and I’ve been following along and helping them get ready for the trip. Can you tell me what your excursion would have been in Colon? They are trying to decide what to do. Thanks so much again-super interesting!
  15. I haven’t stayed in an Aft balcony before but we have 2 planned-this spring on Oasis and one in summer of 2021 on Rhapsody. I was super excited today because I got both corner Afts on the Rhapsody for our group. Thought about being side-by-side but the extra room on the balcony is totally worth the little walk down the hall to see each other.
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