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  1. We received our full Cruise fare refund back to our credit card today. Here are our details, hopefully it will help those still waiting. - Original sailing: April 5th, cancelled but RC - Requested refund: March 14 - RC told me it was “processed” on March 16 -Excursion refunds received on March 20 -Full fare refund posted to our credit card on April 27th. Exactly 30 business days from the “processing” date. Hope that helps.
  2. Was it 30 days from your cruise, 30 days from the refund request, 30 days from when it was processed by RC? Also 30 business days or 30 total days. I’ve been told different things from RC as many others. Just trying to gage the correct timeframe.
  3. These tests may work for flights. The likelihood that you would go from testing negative to being symptomatic on a even a 12 hour flight would be very low. A cruise is much different, testing negative before you board provides no assurance that you would not become sick over the next 7 days. Or even become an asymptotic carrier. A snapshot in time doesn’t work for the cruise industry.
  4. I requested a refund for our April 5th sailing on March 13 after RC email notifying of the cancellation of the sailing. Spoke to RC today-my refund started processing on March 16. They said to expect the refund back to my credit card by the week of April 27th (30 business days from the date of processing).
  5. I have a question-hopefully someone with much more knowledge than me would be able to answer. Does the FCC have to be applied per person only? For example-my husband and I book a cruise-cost is $4000 or $2000/person. If he has $3000 in credit and I only have $1000. Can he apply the entire $3000 to the total cruise fare or is he limited to only his per person fare and we would need to pay another $1000 out of pocket? Just trying to figure this out before I cancel. We have a suite-so the FCC will not distribute evenly and I’m finding it difficult to find an equivalent suite for a date we c
  6. Excited to hear about your cruise-I adore a Star Class Blog!
  7. If you find the soft pretzels, please let us know where. My 11 year old loves them! It will be his snack of choice when we are on in a few weeks. In the ATS 9th floor-super excited!
  8. We are on Deck 9 on Oasis just a couple of weeks after you-can’t wait to see the pictures and hopefully a video.
  9. I have the jet ski tour booked for 2-16 year olds. Do we need to bring their driver’s license with us or will their sea passes work? I would rather not bring them if it is not necessary.
  10. We are going to be on the June 26th, 2021 cruise! We are going to travel Italy for about 10 before and then head onto the cruise. We’re taking our first RC Cruise this April and then the Rhapsody will be the 2nd. Super excited to visit Greece!
  11. We are on Deck 9 ATS too on Oasis in April. Can’t wait for your review and picture!
  12. Thank you so much for your review-it was fabulous! Have a very Merry Christmas!
  13. I’m curious about this one as well if you can share. I would like to see a show, but would also like to have our seats reserved if that is possible.
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